Enjoy a care-free trip to the beach or pool with your little one in this Freestyle Swim Diaper by Blueberry. Its' elastic waist and thigh bands are designed to prevent an accidental leaking, while the double-sided snap openings allow for a quick and easy clean up. This reusable diaper is perfect for a day in the water with your little one, WITHOUT any messy disruptions! 


  • Double-side snap openings
  • Elastic waist & thigh bands 

Waist 14" - 20"
15" - 22"
16" - 24"
9" - 12"
10" - 14"
11" - 16"
Rise 17"
Weight 10-20 lb
18-28 lb
26-40 lb
Small: 10-20 lbs Medium: 18-28 lbs Large: 26-40 lbs

Great swim diaper;). Easy to get on and off. Bought two L for my "little" 30 lb one year old boy. Perfect. After a couple days in the pool with a disposable that swells up so huge and heavy ... This was a delight. In truth we just got them. So have not yet had " a mess to contain" but I am confident they will be just fine. Nice construction, beautiful gussets on legs. Wish I had bought them sooner. I put these under my little guys swimming trunks but they would be fine on their own too. Thank you Cotton Babies!

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