Econobum Trial Pack

1 diaper cover and 3 prefolds

Simple and affordable. Econobum Cloth Diapers are a cloth diaper solution for every budget, allowing you to affordably diaper your baby from birth to potty training.

Oeko‐Tex Standard 100 certification indicates that bumGenius diapers have been stringently tested and are free from harmful or problematic substances.

  • Reliable and affordable for families on a budget.
  • 3x3 Snap down design adjusts the sizing to fit small, medium and large (approximately 8-35+ pounds).
  • Gentle elastic prevents leakage.
  • Cover is waterproof.
  • Adjustable waist snaps for a customized fit.
  • Unbleached cotton prefold adjusts small to large.


One-Size Cover

3x3 snap down design adjusts the sizing to fit small, medium and large sizes (approximately 8-35+ lbs)

Econobum One-Size Cloth Diaper Covers will fit perfectly over fitted cloth diapers, Chinese Prefolds, Indian Prefolds or the new One-Size Econobum Prefolds.

  • High quality materials go into every single product created by Cotton Babies. Econobum is made with the same great waterproof fabric, snaps and elastic used in products like bumGenius and the Flip Diapering System.
  • Do you have several children in diapers? Econobum is perfect for you! The adjustable cover will fit multiple babies.
  • Econobum prefolds are 100% unbleached cotton. They wash up and dry in a snap.
  • Worried about cost? Econobum combines high quality, conscientious manufacturing and intelligent design (ie: great fit) for an amazing, low priced, ethically-made product. You won't find that anywhere else.

Choosing A More Natural Option Has Never Been So Easy

Econobum cloth diapers are as easy to use as disposable diapers. Learn more about cloth diapering with our Cloth 101 education page, and download our washing instructions.

Product Warranty

bumGenius, Flip and Econobum products carry the best warranty in the industry. Read more about the warranty details.

Feel confident in your purchase!

The Cotton Babies Satisfaction Guarantee gives you 30 days to evaluate your purchase of most bumGenius, Flip or Econobum products. Read more about the satisfaction guarantee.

Designed by a mom.
Covers are made in Egypt and USA, Prefolds made in Pakistan. Fair wage and safe labor standards apply.
*Fit is approximate and may vary depending on size & shape of your baby.
bumGenius, Flip & Econobum are brands created by Cotton Babies, Inc.

I was given a few of these as baby shower gifts and was skeptical at first. I hadn't even considered cloth diapering. Honestly i didn't even realize anyone still did that anymore. Those diaper covers turned out to be a blessing because a month after my husband and I were part of a mass layoff at the company we worked at. Money became very tight and I did some research and decided to go all in with cloth diapering. I'm so glad I did! The econobum is primarily what my stash consisted of and they never let me down. No leaks. Ever. I had some pocket diapers given to me and these were by far my favorites because when they were soiled I just had to change out the insert and maybe take a wipe to them and I was good to go. I could use the same cover the whole day. Except for in the case of a blowout which rarely ever happened. These are so well fitted with a bit of stretch. They hug all the right places. I am so impressed with these. The adjustable sizing is awesome. They got my son through potty training. They are easy to wash. Hand or machine wash. Line dry. They are very quick drying. My only complaint is that they don't come in prints. Of course that is probably why they are priced so well.

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