Looking for an eco-friendly, cost-efficient, yet effective alternative to disposable dryer sheets? We’ve got JUST the thing! purECOsheet Reusable Chemical-Free Dryer Sheets embrace all the advantages of traditional dryer sheets without the dangerous chemicals or cost. Not only do they eliminate static, but also naturally keep fabrics fresh and soft without leaving the chemical residue on your laundry, perfect for those with sensitive skin!


  • Eliminate static
  • Soft & Natural
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • Perfume, dye and chemical free


  • Simply toss them in the dryer with your everyday laundry, as you would with any other traditional dryer sheet.
  • Wash after the first three loads and every three months after that.
  • One set of dryer sheets will provide an entire year of chemical-free laundry for most families.

These work really well. Still a little static but not too bad. If you like scented sheets, add a couple drops of essential oil. I would also recommend buying 2 sets as it's like socks; I lost one already! Also, you wouldn't have to dig through the clean clothes right away to put it in your next load.

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