Why Wool?

Wool is an amazing fiber. It is naturally anti-bacterial, absorbs up to 30% of its weight, breathable, and surprisingly easy to care for. Woollybottoms products make use of old sweaters and are made into a new product. Each piece of wool is hand picked for softness and carefully inspected and cleaned.

  • Color received will be based on inventory
  • Cleverly made from recycled wool
  • Fabrics are hand picked with baby in mind
  • Stretchy fabric grows with your baby
  • Arrives washed, lanolized, and ready to wear
  • Can be worn alone as well as under clothing
  • Each item is handmade and unique
What is a Woollybottoms Hybrid?

A Woollybottoms Hybrid is a combination of recycled and new wool. The body of the soaker is made from high quality recycled wool and the trim is made from a stretchy hand dyed merino wool interlock. This style offers the best overall fit, unique style, and comfort for babies. They are trim enough to be worn under clothing or fashionable enough to be worn alone.

Wooly Bottom Soaker Hybrid Size Chart

Like others, this was the first experience with wool. I decided to try it based on diaper rashes. My baby is currently 9.5 weeks and I've been using it for about a month. So far, so good. He sleeps in it for about 8-10 hours without leaks, redness, or a single rash. I also have a Disana wool cover. I like this one better for overnights because it's snugger and the tightness seems to aid in controlling the bf'ing poo better. It is very thick, so I believe it's best to be used overnights instead of during the day.


I just bought my second and third of these diaper covers in Large. I have tried EVERYTHING for my tummy sleeping, heavy wetting, 18 month old boy. This cover with a fitted/contour underneath is the only combo that ensures no leaking. He pees straight out the top of pockets and disposables! I have yet to be disappointed with the look of these diapers. Normally it would bother me to not be able to pick the colors but honestly I have been pleased with all 3 color schemes I have received. I order 2 gender neutral and one boy and they are all so cute! As for the bulkiness, I actually don't find these to be bad at all. I think they are a little less bulky than the triple stuff pockets we had been using especially with my home-made contours underneath. Another post talks about the larges being to big but I disagree. They are a little on the long side the but waist and legs are perfect for my little guy (28lb and 35") and I prefer the extra length to ensure growing room. He definitely would not have been able to continue wearing the medium much longer. If you are thinking about trying wool these are a must! They are less expensive than other brands, made of recycled material, and so so so cute!!


LOVE LOVE this wool soaker! This is my first one and though it was a bit bulky when my little one was born (7lbs) it still fit and works fantastic. NO leaks, haven't seen how it holds for a full night as my 5wk old only sleeps 2-4 hrs stretches, but his dipes are always soaked and he still hasn't leaked out to his clothes using this soaker. Wish you could pick specific colors when ordering but otherwise I would order again in a heartbeat.


This was the very first wool I've ever used and I am loving it. It came ready for me to use AND was cute. I'm now nighttime cloth diapering and no leaks w/ a big wetter. Plus it's recycled. Will definitely order another.


I have 2 of these guys and I love them! The large does seem too big though. My LO is a big girl but this is like it just swallows her! I do like the rise on it however! The large has a nice high rise that works great for her! My 2yo little boy also has one and it still seems too big for him. When I got them they were ready to use. I put my lo's in it for the night. The next day they were still nice and dry though their fitteds were wet! I'm for sure getting more for my stash!! The price isn't half bad either!! I will be sure to order the next size down though

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