These tiny diapers are perfect for tiny babies. The perfect gift for brand new moms, includes 12 super soft organic cotton prefolds and two perfect-fitting Bummis newborn wraps. Perfect for a whole day of diapering a new baby. Many cloth "one-size" cloth diapers are too large for those first precious weeks, but this newborn pack ensures you can cloth diaper from day one. This combination of prefold insert and wrap is an affordable and effective 2-piece diaper that really fits and really works for tiny newborns, preemies and multiples.


  • Fits babies from 5-9 lbs (2.25-4.25 kg)
  • Great gift for a new mom
  • Includes 12 organic cotton refolds and two Bummis newborn wraps
  • Folding and washing instructions are included

I bought this Newborn pack to diaper my 7 lb baby girl, beacuse my one size covers seemed too big. And I have to say I am very satisfied! The covers fit great. The little notch, even accomodated her belly button just fine. The only draw back, was that the prefolds really are not absorbant enough. They worked well, at first before my milk really came in. However after that point, they didn't really absorb enough. ALso I noticed, that many of the prefolds, the center section, overlapped into the sides making them a little hard to fold. I had previously purchased the infant sized indian cotton prefolds, to be used to reduce the bulk, in my regular prefolds, and they do fit under these covers too. I have been using them for over night. My Baby likes to lay on her side, and the Bummi newborns didn't absorb, the urine leaked out the side. So I am going to be trying the the indian prefolds in their premie size, for during the day. I also liked the covers so much, I orded an aditional one, beacuse I think three covers works the best. One on baby, one clean and one in the wash. :) This would make a great baby shower gift! But I would offer to prewash them, beacuse who wants to prep diapers when you have a newborn!


I love the covers for a newborn. Although the covers are very small. My little newborn was 5lb 15oz and fit him perfectly. I cannot imagine them fitting a 9 lb'er but I will have to wait and see. The prefolds did not hold enough and we got leaks almost every time we used them. I would recommend getting the cover and one of the 6 packs of the organic prefolds and no more. I will not use these prefolds for diapers, they have become great small burp rags. I would recommend the Imagine smart fit prefolds or the best bottoms stay dry insert in small for a great fitting insert to put in these tiny covers. I give 5 for the cover and 1 for the 3 overall.

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