The Puj Tub is the easiest bath tub ever! Made from a soft foam that folds and conforms to almost any sink, the Puj Tub cradles and protects the baby during bath time. Hang or store the tub flat anywhere you would like...even on the back of your door and out of sight!


  • Cradles and comforts baby
  • Hangs flat for easy and convenient storage
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Fits in standard-sized bathroom sinks
  • Works with pedestal and countertop bathroom sinks

I really like this tub! My little girl is 2 weeks old, and she has absolutely no neck control right now. With this tub tucked into our sink, she fits really easily, with her neck and back well supported and up out of the water. We also like that it's quick and easy to drain out the soapy water when you're ready to refill it with clear water--we just push down one of the bottom corners until all the water drains out. The fold that's created at the bottom of the tub once installed in the sink makes it easy to run the new water to check the temperature before we move the faucet back over into the tub. We do have a tall faucet, though, so I'm not sure this would work for everyone. The flat shape is very convenient for storing (right now it just tucks into the back of our towel rack in the bathroom) and for traveling (we live overseas, so we love that it fits conveniently into a suitcase or a shipping box). We have a pretty small sink, so the tub creates a small, snug space for the baby to securely rest. We'll probably move this into the kitchen sink once she's a little bit older and needs more space. I only wish that the tub fit into square sinks just as well as it fits into our oval sink.


I really like the idea behind this tub. I tried a bulky baby tub, a mesh style, foam teddy bear etc. and quickly learned they were a waste of space and a huge hassle. I found a simple towel worked best. I would roll up the end of a towel to make a pillow, fill the tub with 1.5-2" of water and lay the child on the warm towel to prevent slipping. Babies were in heaven; they loved to stretch and splash in the water. Five kids later I came across the Puj Tub (it's fun to say isn't it?) and thought it would be helpful. It is! I wish I'd had it years ago. No more leaning over the tub! I use the Puj for most of the babies' baths. I still like to let them splash sometimes {wink}. It's quick to set up. I can do it one handed if needed which is nice with 5 mo twins. The child sits comfortably in it. I hang it to dry on a suction cup hook inside my shower, so it's out of the way. The only thing I don't like is the fact the magnets don't always stay together while using it. This doesn't really change functionality, but is annoying. I've also used the Puj as a comfy place to put baby while I'm applying makeup or whatever (always within arms reach of course). I recommend the Puj Tub.

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