Earnest Efforts has been creating child-safe rattles for over twenty years. They are a safe, all-natural alternative to plastic toys for babies, and a wonderful worry stone or musical instrument for all ages.

These unique rattles are handmade from remnant woods of Oregon. They are filled with copper bbs, hand-sanded and finished with Clapham's all-natural bees wax. No stains are used. No living trees are ever cut for our artwork.

These rattles are lead & phthalate free!

Finishes shown clock-wise from top: Cherry, Maple, Madrone, Myrtle, Walnut


Our son loves this rattle! He loves to teethe it and shake it. It is so simple, yet he likes it over his more flashy toys! :)


This is a fantastic rattle. Smooth and simple, non-toxic finish, lightweight. My baby grabbed it and chewed on it all the time, choosing it over other, more colorful toys consistently. I highly recommend it.

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