Sustainablebabyish / Sloomb knit wool longies are a fun way to cover up a fitted or a prefold cloth diaper while maintaining a breathable bottom for your baby.  Made of 93% wool and 7% lycra, no additional diaper cover is required. 

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, wool makes an amazing cloth diaper cover because it's fuzzy fibers wick moisture to the inner core of the fiber leaving the outer of the fiber feeling dry.  The loose knit fabric allows air to flow freely between the diaper and your baby's skin.  Longies are great for fall and winter-wear.  Sustainablebabyish is one of the highest quality wool suppliers in the cloth diaper industry and we're proud to have them as part of our product family.

content: 93% wool | 7% lycra.
care: hand wash, lanolize, lay flat to dry – do not machine wash.
öko-tex certified wool yarns & dye, made in a socially and environmentally responsible knit house in China.


I ordered these from the Sustainablebabyish web site about two week ago after find them on this site but not the size and color I was looking for,after they arrived I washed and lanolized them first thing. Very easy and they took on the lanolin pretty fast, the dry time is long about 2 full days laying flat near a wood stove but most wool is like that. These are so Awsome! No leaks even at night with just a fitted with an extra cotton babies doubler for 12 hours of sleep! They are super super soft not like wool at all. The colors are so nice too and they say wont fade! I wish I could buy another pair! I bought the large and they are big on my 28-29lbs son and the length is long on him too he is 35 inches but you can just fold the cuff up and its fine! I LOVE These as a cover over a fitted or perfold also great as an extra cover insted of pants over a pocket or Aio! These are totaly worth the price!

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