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Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap CLosure- Ocean

Easy to use and easy on the wallet, Thirsties Duo Wraps have an adjustable rise the allows a great fit twice as long. Two sizes will last from birth to potty training!

Completely waterproof yet breathable, pliable and comfortable for even the most delicate skin. Thirsties Duo Wraps' leg gussets provide advanced leak protection and the bindings are soft against baby's skin. Want to have fewer covers in your stash? The inside of Thirsties Duo Wraps can be wiped clean between uses.

Thirsties Duo Wrap - Newborn


  • Adjustable rise for extended use to suit your growing baby
  • Two sizes will fit from birth to potty
  • Leg gussets provide superior protection against leaks
  • Pair with basic Prefold Cloth Diapers and save $2000 over disposables!

Care - Machine wash warm or hot. Dry in dryer or hang to dry.

Content - 100% polyester w/ urethane coating.  FREE of PVC, phthalates, lead, and latex


  • Size One: 6-18 lbs (3-8 kg) 0-9 months
  • Size Two: 18-40 lbs (8-18 kg) 9-36+ months

Made in the USA


Thirsties duo wraps are my favorite covers to use with prefolded diapers! We also have Flips covers, but I prefer Thirsties because of the double gussets (which contain nearly everything) and the elastics on Thirsties seem to stay stretchy longer than Flips. Based on my experience the Thirsties have done a better job at containing messy poos than Flips. I disagree with another reviewer that complained that the gussets did not contain the mess (when apparently the diaper was too large and the gussets didn't fit snugly -- fit is important!!). Furthermore, I disagree with another reviewer who complained about Thirsties not having a front flap; a front flap is completely unnecessary with prefolds, granted that you get a good fit with the diaper cover. Thirsties covers are a better product than Flips in my opinion.


My very favorite diaper cover EVER. I have tried 4 different kinds of covers: rumparooz, bummis, happy heinies, and thirsties duo wrap snap. I favor my thirsties over all the others. I love that I can adjust the size, and use them for both my 11 month old and 2 yr old, I love the double gussets that hold in any mess either babe can dish out, and they fit both my chunky monkey and skinny toddler extremely well. I wish I would've known they would be the best at the beginning, would have saved me some money to just get a bunch of these!


Just got this diaper today. I have a size 2 duo with Aplix which is okay, but I don't like the fit as well as the Flip with snaps. I was hoping the size 1 would work for my newborn but was disappointed to find that the front flap was snapped down! Not very useful to avoid front leaks! I'm hopeful that the gussets will prevent leakage around the legs but the reviews are mixed. The size seems appropriate for the weight range indicated. Fully extended, it's about the same size as the Prorap small size and should work with my yellow edge GMD prefolds. They do seem to fill it out completely, so again I'm a little worried about the lack of front flap.


I bought a size 1 Thirsties Duo wrap snap as well as a size 2 (hook and loop) I have used both of them maybe 3-5 times. The first time I used either the elastic on legs detached!!!! on BOTH of them! :( such a disappointment. Now they are absolutely useless since poop can leak out. I will NEVER buy Thirsties again....


I ordered this cover to compare it to them Econobum cover. I read some good reviews on it because of the double leg gussets. The cover works just fine on my daughter but in my opinion it is no better than the Econobum cover. I love the Econobum cover, but I thought the double gussets would make the Thirsties cover just a little better. However, the outer gussets do not make contact with my daughters legs, so essentially it really is no different than the Econobum. I do love that this cover comes is different colors, but I don't like that its not a true OS cover. I just prefer white diapers but I might get some colors for spring and summer. Overall this is a great cover but I would rather pay $4 less for the Econobum cover.

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