SURFACES - Cleans and restores a brilliant shine to: hardwood, tile, marble, bamboo, vinyl, laminate and other sealed floors.

DIRECTIONS - Great for cleaning daily spills or the entire floor. Squirt directly from bottle to floor, then mop. May also be used with dry mops, such as microfiber or terry cloth mops.

SCENT - Naturally scented using only essential oils of citrus & mint. Kick the bucket.

YOU'LL BE SIMPLY FLOORED! Clean the entire floor or small spills with just a squirt and a mop. Wipe and fineto - no rinsing required! Safe for all floors. Other cleaners leave a grimy and damaging chemical film on floors.

32oz of CLEAN IN EACH BOTTLE! Cleans without any residue and can actually remove the dull haze left on by those other lackluster cleaners. 5 second rule. We all know it, most of us eat off the floor. Our toddlers and pets actually lick it at times. Don't clean your floors with chemicals that are toxic and harmful to you and your family (and to the chocolate chip cookie). Asthma and Allergies. No need for you or your kids to suffer due to chemical cleaning fumes. Breathe easy, Better Life Products are all-natural and made with only essential oils which means no irritation. Ahhhhh.


Best floor cleaner, green or not, it's more effective than anything else I've tried. Gets dried baby food off in nothing flat. Great that it doesn't need rinsing for LO to immediately crawl on cleaned floor, too. Literally threw out other products and won't use anything else on my hardwood and stone tile.

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