Protect your little one from dangerous hazards around the home with Kidco’s Household Protection Package. From kitchen appliances to electrical outlets, this baby-proofing duo has your baby’s protection covered.

Stove Knob Stop:  Kidco's Stove Knob Stop keeps your little one from mischief while acting as momma’s little helper in the kitchen. The slide lock action prevents children from turning on burner, but easily allows adults to disengage when desired. Don’t worry about leaving a mark on your furniture. The featured adhesive mount keeps the knob stop secure, but removes without a mark when you’re ready.


  • Slide lock action
  • Adhesive mount
  • Prevents little ones from turning on stove burners
  • Easy for adults to unlock when needed


Universal Outlet Cover:  Keep baby safe from curiosity with Kidco’s Universal Outlet Cover. Compatible with both standard and decorative style outlets, this baby-proofing tool automatically conceals the outlet holes once the plug is removed, preventing baby from poking little fingers or objects into the electrical hazard.


  • Compatible with standard and decorative style outlets
  • Automatically conceals the outlet holes once the plug is removed
  • Protects baby from injuries

I thought these were a great alternative to the covers that fit over the whole knob. Unfortunately they'd been on my stove for less than a couple weeks when they began to pop off every time I turned the stove on. This obviously rendered them useless as a safety item. I called the company, kidco, and they were super nice and offered a replacement but did admit that perhaps the adhesive wasn't able to hold up to the heat and humidity. Pretty disappointing.

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