They make using cloth diapers even easier!  Bio-soft liners are flushable diaper liners that make clean-up a breeze – this product is the perfect compromise between convenience and cloth diapers. No more rinsing poopy diapers in the toilet! Bio-soft liners absorb the solid waste - and then you simply discard the soiled liner in the toilet and flush away the mess. They are non-irritating and ever so soft and comfortable against baby's sensitive skin.

Our new Bio-soft liners are made of a non woven material with no binder, and will biodegrade very quickly (within 8 days in a sewage treatment system or 20 days in a septic tank). They are 100% viscose rayon, a cellulosic fiber derived from natural sources, and are made to our specifications in England.


  • 100 sheets per roll
  • 2 sizes:  Small: 5 x 12 inches, Large: 7.5 x 12 inches

Please note that the flushing of any biodegradable diaper liner may cause blockage in old or damaged drains and in sensitive septic systems. Please discard pee soaked liners in the garbage and to let the soiled liners soak a few minutes in the toilet before flushing just so that they absorb water and break down a bit before they are released into the system.

Made in the UK


These are so great to have to use for the "more-solid" poo's. A blessing to have during the "peanut butter" poo's. It doesn't catch all but helps tremendously. I haven't had any problems of clogging in our toilet.


I purchased these to use as a barrier while using a diaper rash cream. I was very disappointed by how they bunched up inside the diaper and the cream got onto the prefold anyway. The only thing impressive about this liner is its ability to clog a toilet with only the poo from an EBF preemie on it. The hubs had to use a snake to get it out of the toilet. Very disappointed. I'm now trying the bumGenius stay dry liners.


I bought these to use at nap time with my 2 1/2 y.o., because that's when he tends to go #2. I was getting really tired of cleaning my cloth inserts, so I thought I'd try these. I love them, they work great and the cloth diaper is SO much easier to clean now, it barely gets dirty. I don't know how well these would work with the newborn poo situation, but for us there are a life saver because I was starting to hate cloth diapering there for a bit, but now we're back!!


I do use these for my 7 month old son and have been using them for about 4 months now. I use the large size in bumgenius 4.0 one size pocket diapers. They catch the majority of the poo (his is somewhat explosive all the time TMI i know). I do still have to rinse the sides where the elastic is the majority of the time but it's always just a little bit of poo and only takes a second to do it. I don't flush them just because I didn't even want to chance having my toilet clogged but I also use disposable wipes so I just throw it in a plastic grocery bag with the used wipes and toss that in my trash can outside. terrible for the environment I know but I CD to save money not the earth lol. Anyway its worth the purchase if you don't want to dunk your diapers or invest in a diaper sprayer. 1 package will last us 2 to 3 months because I dont use them in every diaper. He poops around the same time every day so I only use them at that time.


Great product! These great little liners do the job and I often rinse and reuse the ones that have only been peed on several times. Works good for solid poo and the in between poo. Occasionally, all the poo doesn't stay in the liner area and I have to rinse part of the diaper but it is MUCH better then before when I had to rinse the whole thing! Great product and great price, totally worth it! On a side note, my daughter has not started crawling or walking yet, so I am not sure how the liner will do when she is more mobile. I can see it might get wadded up with lots of walking/crawling but that would be true for all liners like this.

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