Lunapads washable cloth pads are soft, breathable and absorbent - a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to disposable pads. The Maxi Pad & Insert set features a leak-resistant core and is adjustable to accommodate light, moderate or heavy menstrual flow. Increase the absorbency of the Pad by adding an Insert. Swap out the Insert for a fresh one as needed, to keep dry and comfortable.

Lunapads Maxi Pad & Insert are both 10” long and 2.5” wide when snapped. Additional inserts can be purchased (see Lunapads Maxi Insert Booster Pack).


  • 100% cotton flannel base
  • Polyurethane laminate lining topped with 100% cotton fleece
  • Insert 100% cotton fleece
  • Machine wash and dry
  • No added chemical adhesives or fragrance
  • Made in Canada
  • Reusable menstrual products save you money!

These were my first experience with cloth pads and I love them! They are super comfortable, stay in place perfectly and it's nice to be able to switch out the liner throughout the day so I don't have to carry around as much or have as much to wash. These are great for medium to light days. I'm adding to my stash of these to support heavy days. I highly recommend, especially if you are trying cloth pads out for the first time.


I bought the Lunapads starter kit (which is not longer available I guess) and I only used for back up so changing just the liner was fine for me but if I were using them solo I would much rather a one piece product. also if you don't use a liner with the pads with the ric rac (part that holds the liner) is kinda rubbing so you much use a liner. Also I found the liners with wings didn't lay very flat in the holder because the wings got in the way and bunched. Do Not recommend!

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