Are you a pregnant mama with a sensitive nose and a itchy belly? Looking for the perfect natural herbal stretch mark oil? This luxurious Natural Stretch Oil blend will help relieve the stomach itch and ease emerging stretch marks. Plant-based oils are infused with the healing herbal goodness of organic Calendula and organic Jojoba oil. Light and easily absorbable with a delicate scent that won’t aggravate morning sickness.


  • 120 ml (4 fl.oz.)
  • 100% naturally made with plant-based oils
  • No parabens or artificial fragrances
  • Won’t aggravate morning sickness
  • Toxin-free

I am happy to see that Cotton Babies is stocking this item now and I hope that the larger size in the pump bottle will be available in the future. During my pregnancy I had the most horribly itchy skin. One of the few things that soothed that skin was this oil. While I am not noramally a fan of floral scents the floaral scent of this is light enough it did not bother my allergies, and it did not make my nausea worse either. I also have very sensetive skin and I have never reacted to this oil once. It is also a great oil for putting in the bath after pregnancy. also for those who are concerned all the products in the earth mama angel baby line receive a 0 in the Skin Deep cosmetics safety database which is the best score a company can be given.

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