Providing a safe and secure environment, similar to that inside a mother's womb. Recommended by physicians and midwives as one of the best ways to bathe your newborn baby.

Age: 0-6 months.


This is the best baby bath ever! I wish I would have had one of these with my other 3 kids when they were babies. My little guy molds perfectly in it and he actually enjoys his bath. I feel much safer with this design than the normal baby baths too. I don't want my little guy to grow out of it. I wish they had one that would fit a baby beyond 6 months!!!


OMG! This is amazing!! We used it for the first time tonight and my (Crabby!) 3 week old loved it. They don't tell you this in the description, but there is a removable white contoured pad that sits in the bottom of the pod so it's more comfy on Baby's bum than it appears. It takes such a small amount of water and the water stays warm forever. I'm so happy to have found a way to bathe a baby without tears that doesn't involve me in the tub, too! Not to mention how soothing it is. As soon as I put him in he stopped fussing. From that point on he was so calm and relaxed. I'm very impressed and highly recommend. I only wish I would've known about this when my older kids were babies!

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