Growing up with babies for over 40 years, the famous giraffe, Sophie, is a slender, flexible baby toy, ideal for squeezing, sucking and chewing. Made of 100% phthalates-free, natural rubber from the HEAVEA TREE and food paint, Sophie is not only safe for baby, but also helps to sooth their sore gums, making it the perfect teething accessory.

This one-of-a-kind teething toy features a happy noise when squeezed, which helps to stimulate baby's hearing senses, understand the link between cause and effect and is also sure to amuse them for hours to come. The distinct scent of the HEAVA TREE's natural rubber allows baby to easily identify their soon-to-be favorite teether amongst the rest of their toys. With so many features assist in baby's development while keeping them happy, Sophie the Giraffe makes the perfect, multi-functional toy for any growing little one.


  • Made of 100% natural rubber from the HEAVA TREE and food paint
  • Phthalates-free
  • Helps sooth sore gums
  • Makes a happy noise when squeezed
  • Stimulates baby’s hearing senses
  • Helps baby to understand link between cause and effect
  • Gives off a distinct scent of natural rubber from HEVEA TREE
  • Complies with U.S. safety requirements of ASTM F963
  • Ages: 12 months and up
  • Height: 7” 18 cm
  • Made in France

This is a great little product!! My two year old loves to play with Sophie as an animal in her farm and my five month old just loves to chew on her and make her squeak, he thinks it is just great to make noise!! AWESOME buy!!


We were given Sophie as a baby shower gift. My son basically ignored her for the first few months and I was disappointed because she's cute and I knew she was expensive. But as soon as he turned 6 months old, Sophie became THE TOY. He just loves to hear her squeak and to chew on her cute little hooves! This is a great teething toy.


After hearing so many great things about Sophie, I had purchased this giraffe for my baby (although not from this site) when she was 3 weeks old. Initially, I was a little disappointed in the toy for the price I paid. However, my baby loved this so much that I'm happy I did. My daughter actually smiled at this toy before she smiled at me. (She gave me my first smile 15 minutes later, but I'll admit I was a little jealous! lol) When she was old enough to hold onto toys, this was one of her favorites. It is easy to hold, and if she dropped her, she could easily pick her back up. Now that my baby is a year, she doesn't play with her as much as she used to, but does still like her.


Excellent toy: presumably safe and all natural, light, so soft to chew on, and easy for my baby to carry. She also doesn't hurt herself when she swings it around wildly. The rubber smells a little strong at first but the smell fades after a day or so. As the previous review said, I do monitor my 4 month old when she chews on it in case she stuffs a leg too far into her mouth and gags on it.


My 7 mo old twins love this toy. It's the softest plastic that I've ever felt and the easiest to sqeak as well! BUT... About 4 months ago, I found one of my twins gagging on a leg that was stuck in the back of his mouth. I don't want to alarm anyone by this but rather to inform you of a possible senario. The twins really love this toy! I gave this toy 4 out of 5 stars ONLY because of the instance.

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