Yeah, I laughed too!

... but when I started really looking at the Booby Tubes design, I realized that it really is ingenious and something that I wished that I had when we brought Andrew home and again when I developed mastitis when he was eight weeks old.

The creation of these little beauties was conceived by real live nursing women who wanted a cold pack to help prevent breast engorgement and a hot/moist pack to help ease the symptoms of mastitis. Their unique design allows them to comfortably fit inside your bra and to deliver either hot or cold compresses to your breasts.

Booby Tubes are a natural, safe, gel-free breast pack made with a 100% organic cotton shell and filled with all-natural flax seed. Use warm or cold, depending on your nursing needs. Store Booby Tubes in the freezer and wear them inside your bra between feedings to help:

  • Reduce the swelling and tenderness of engorgement
  • Comfort breasts during weaning
  • When heated, Booby Tubes safely deliver warm, moist heat to tender breasts
  • Mama’s unique gel-free construction was designed with extra care to help reduce the risk of burns.

About 5 minutes before each feeding, warm them in the microwave (or conventional oven) for approximately 20-40 seconds to:

  • Encourage milk flow
  • Maintain open milk ducts to prevent clogged ducts
  • Promote let-down
  • Comfort the symptoms of infection or mastitis

And you’ll be as pleased as Mama is to know they are made in the USA in a fair trade factory.


A nursing essential! I wished I had 2 pairs after my son was born. Instead I used a rice sock as my heat pack and the Booby Tubes as my cold. 5 minutes before nursing I heat up the rice sock to encourage let-down. After nursing I got the Booby Tubes out of the freezer, wore them until they lost the cool, then popped them in the freezer for the next round. These were like heaven to my swollen and chewed on breasts!


these are a MUST!! they are so easy to store in the freezer and heat up quickly. they have gotten me through many painful nights.


i really love these because you don't have too wash off the goo like the one time use cold gel pads. it is also great too not have too worry about your child playing with them while nursing, they are all natural and have a great design. you can wrap them in a tight circle for hot spot pain or open them up a bit (like in the pic) for all over breast relife.


I bought these to east the pain of weaning. I used them like ice packs. For me, they didn't stay cool enough long enough. They did fit well, and with the next baby I will try to heat them to ease the pain of engorgement. I was a 42DD at engorgement, and a 40D at weaning. The tubes were a little small for me but still worked!!


I LOVE these. I put these on the day I came home from the hospital with my Lana nursing pads and I was in heaven. I was able to relieve my engorgement and prevent mastits, naturally! I would like to hug who invented them.

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