"Excellent product and a great value! We use these with all of our prefolds and fitted diapers. His diapers can be soaked, but his skin stays dry. These are a must for keeping skin dry and avoiding rash." ~ Shayla

bumGenius Stay-Dry Liners wick moisture away from your baby’s tender skin and into the absorbent cloth diaper below. They add a soft, breathable surface to any diaper and help prevent diaper rash. Solids slide off liners easily, making clean-up faster. Liners may also be used to protect diapers from being damaged by creams and ointments.


  • Includes 6 Stay-Dry Liners
  • Made from 1 layer of stay-dry fleece
  • The Stay-Dry Liner measures 12 x 5.5 inches

I was having a lot of problems with diaper rash with my newborn twins (cotton prefolds with Flip covers), and none of the creams were working. Poor babies! I decided to try a pack of these, and after just one night of using them the rashes were clearly on the mend! That morning I went back online and bought enough liners to put one in each diaper. My boys are now 4 months old and haven't had a rash since! They make rinsing the diapers a little easier as well, since most of the poo is caught by the liner. Most of the time just the liner needs rinsing and it's a little easier to handle over the toilet than the big diapers.


I absolutely LOVE these! I have about 2 dozen, which holds me over for about three days (I wash diapers every two, but I like the extra just in case). When we started solids her poo began to stain everything (especially the carrots) and frankly I just don't like that. And since we live in an apartment, we don't get to sun them often and have to live with the stains. So the liners are a great remedy that can be bleached, and they provide an additional absorbent. Great for one who gets a diaper rash at the drop of a hat! You can also use these when baby is on special diaper cream or antibiotics. Also, they have a great price.


Great product!! They wash and dry so fast. Easy to use and keep the bum very dry and rash free.


I really really LOVE these liners. It makes everything for me easier. I bought 4 packs of these for my diapers to use full time. I decided to buy these because I just love using prefolds and flats on my son who is only 2 months old, but his skin was getting really irritated because of the wetness. I love my pocket diapers, my AIO's, and my fitteds but it was a hassle rising them off and making sure they wash right so they don't stain. I was constantly having to sun out my diapers too. I breast feed full time and my diapers were still staining. I thought disposable liners was stupid and thought I might as well buy disposable diapers so I now use these BG liners for all my diapers. Barely any poop gets on the diapers and my baby stays dry all the time even the whole night. No more skin irritation and no more rashes. While his prefolds and flats get soaked, his bum still stays dry. And they are sooooo easy to wash. They rinse off easy and wash great. They don't stain. I am going to be purchasing 2 more packs.


I originally got these to use as a barrrier for diaper cream but now use them all the time to catch poo. It's much easier to rinse poo from the liner than directly off the diaper. The only issue I have is the above description states these are 16x5.5 inches. They are not. These measure 12x5.5 inches. For that mistatement I am deducting one star.

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