"This product is amazing. Held so much pee, kept my son dry, and the poop came off of this doubler so very easy. I used this in between my son's tush and the prefold to keep him dry. Looks like I'll be buy more of these on payday. Must have!!" ~ Felicia

bumGenius Stay-Dry Doublers provide a layer of moisture wicking protection while adding aborbency. To boost the absorbency of your baby’s diaper, just lay the doubler inside the diaper with the soft, stay-dry surface next to your baby’s skin. Do not stuff inside a pocket diaper, this may cause your diaper to leak.


  • Made from 1 layer of stay-dry fleece and 2 layers of microfiber terry
  • 2 packages (6 liners per package)
  • The Stay-Dry Doubler measures 12 x 5.5 inches

I just received these in the mail yesterday morning and already started using it by the night. I am amazed at how well they kept through the night. I coupled this item with the newborn inserts for bedtime. She slept through the night and woke up only for feedings. I ended up changing her for my own peace of mind. She didn't complain at all. My only wish is that they would be as long as the bumGenius one size inserts. Thank you!


I use the doublers with my Indian cloth diapers. Iíve got to say I love these pads! It wicks the pee right away from my babyís skin. Iíve not had a problem with diaper rash Ė like with his disposables. Also, if he poops it slides right off into the toilet. I didnít have to scrape it off or anything. When I get the money Iím going to buy a few more packs.


I got these to use with prefolds, they keep the bummy dry while also adding a little extra umph of absorbancy. I really like them, they absorb quite a bit, but aren't bulky.


I don't understand all the not so good reviews on this product. I love this product! We use them on my 2 yr old niece over night and during the day when we go on outings. Never had a leak! they keep her super dry, to the point where you have to take he diaper off lift up the stay dry to see if she's wet. I will be getting more of these! I highly recomend them!


These worked a few times and then I started to have major repelling issues. My DD would wake up from a nap soaked. I don't get it! I've stripped them and they still don't work. Super disappointing. They're the only thing in my cloth collection that does this. So weird.

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