Andrew has worn a number of different brands of Chinese prefolds. My favorite Chinese prefolds are the diapers that we chose to sell here. These prefolds are the most absorbent and most durable diapers that I could find. They quilt up nicely when washed several times on hot, the stitching doesn't fray, they dried completely with one cycle in the dryer and my son can go two to three hours between diaper changes without soaking the diaper.

I've tried them all -- European prefolds, ComPly prefolds, Babies Textile prefolds, gauze prefolds, cheap Walmart prefolds, regular Gerber prefolds and Gerber DSQ prefolds. Absolutely none of them could stand up to these diaper service quality Chinese prefolds. Our prefolds are soft, durable, absorbent, and just trim enough. The workmanship is quality and the manufacturer stands behind the diapers.

These diapers are diaper service quality (DSQ).  If you are looking for a simple workhorse diapering solution, these are your diapers!

You will need a fastener or a good diaper cover for these diapers. Prefolds can be fastened with pins or with a Snappi. But you don't have to use either! Check out our selection of diaper covers for a great fastener-free solution!

If you will be diapering a newborn, consider using ProRaps Classics in the newborn size. That diaper cover works well over the infant or preemie sized prefold and it has an umbilical scoop in the front -- an important feature that helps prevent umbilical infections. After your baby's umbilical cord stump falls off, we recommend Econobum and Flip diaper covers. Econobum and Flip diaper covers are made by Cotton Babies and are covered by our 30 day money back guarantee as well as our one year warranty.

If you are looking for burp cloths, you need the REGULAR 4x6x4 ply Chinese prefold cloth diapers with WHITE stitching. The regular sized prefold is also perfect for babies who are too small for premium sized prefolds but need more absorbency than the infant prefolds offer.

Chinese Prefold sizes available:

  • Infant 4x6x4 (newborn to 15 lbs).  WHITE stitching.
  • Regular 4x6x4 (15-30 lbs). WHITE stitching. Measures 14.5" x 21" before washing
  • Premium Unbleached 4x8x4 (15-30 lbs). BLUE stitching. Measures 13.5"x18" after shrinking
  • Premium Bleached 4x8x4 (15-30 lbs). BLUE stitching. Measures 14.5" x18.5" before washing
  • Toddler 4x8x4. GREEN stitching, Bleached. 16.5 x 21.5 before washing

Wondering if you should go with Indian prefolds or Chinese prefolds?

Indian prefolds benefits:  

  • Softer cotton - these are probably made of gauze cotton
  • Unbleached diapers wash up quicker (3 washes)
  • More absorbent
  • Indian prefolds drawbacks: May wear out faster than the Chinese prefolds. Lighter weight thread is used when sewing the ends of the diapers so the thread may wear out faster than the fabric does.

Chinese prefolds benefits:

  • Heavier duty stitching - these are probably made of twill
  • Due to being made of a heavier-weight fabric and stitched with a thicker thread, these prefolds will probably stay nice longer than the Indian prefolds.
  • Chinese prefolds drawbacks: May pill up more than the Indian prefolds. These diapers are still soft but they are definitely rougher than the Indian prefolds (when washed and dried in the same load) It takes 7-10 hot wash cycles to make an unbleached Chinese prefold usable and absorbent. More information on washing Chinese prefold cloth diapers can be found in our Resources section.

clotheez is a popular premium overseas Indian prefold. I needed more but didn't want to buy a big stash for free shipping. I bought these​ instead. Doesn't disappoint. They didn't have premium unbleached just regular. These are still good. 6 ply is soft. Reviews say it didn't have good longevity but it's just for one kid.


These are good and absorb well. Fully shrunk dimensions are: For the regular white/bleached it's 12.5 X 18. For the premium white/bleached it's 12.5 X 18.5 (but of course these are thicker at the middle, being 4X8X4). For the premium unbleached it's 13 X 15.5. Yes, that's right. The unbleached is way shorter than the bleached. I don't get the sense of it, but I do like the shorter one because it fits my big chubby 10 month old babies well while not being so overly long (I don't like to fold down), and the little extra width is good too.


I ordered 16 of the regular bleached prefolds for my 18 month old - (about 25 pounds and 32 in.) I researched for months to find a good quality but inexpensive prefold to use with my econobum covers. These work great. I have to fold down in the front because they are long, but that just adds absorbancy. I have been using them for a few months and they are the first ones I reach for. They are softer than my cheaper prefolds that I have to double for the same absorbancy. I am able to snappi them easily. They are about 12in. x 17in. After 3 prep washes I had 3 or 4 diapers that had seams coming out at the ends. They are still usable and I will sew them to keep the fraying down. That is the reason for 4 out of 5.


I've used these diapers for about 2 years and they are falling apart. They are soft and absorbent, but if you are planning on using prefolds for more than one child I'd go with a more expensive option.


These prefolds wash up nicely and become very soft upon prepping, I would say the absorbancy is good and I use them to stuff my BG pockets and so far so good! No leaks and no stinks like I get with microfiber inserts.

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