Look for our unique butterfly closure system to ensure that you are getting genuine Cotton Babies™ brand cloth diapers

  • Includes 1 diaper cover. Insert sold separately.
  • Compatible with 3 hybrid insert types:
    stay‐dry, organic or disposable.
  • Use over disposable diapers to help contain leaks.
  • Stretch‐to‐fit tabs create flexible, comfortable fit.
  • Contour inner holds insert in place.
  • Gentle leg elastic prevents leaks.
  • Waterproof cover.  Wipe clean and reuse.

Diapers for any baby

Flip one‐size cloth diaper covers are compatible with three insert types and allow for a customized fit. They make cloth diapering on the go as simple as one, two, three!

Oeko‐Tex Standard 100 certification indicates that bumGenius diapers have been stringently tested and are free from harmful or problematic substances.

Cloth Diaper in Three Easy Steps

  1. Choose the best insert for your needs: stay&dashdry, organic or disposable.
  2. Toss the used insert in your diaper pail.
  3. Wipe cover clean and reuse.

Learn more about cloth diapering with our Cloth 101 education page, and download our washing instructions.

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Internationally patented: www.cottonbabies.com/patents
Fair wage and safe labor standards apply.
*Fit is approximate and may vary depending on size & shape of your baby.
Covers are manufactured in the USA or Egypt.
Microfiber inserts are made in China.
bumGenius, Flip & Econobum are brands created by Cotton Babies, Inc.

As a nanny to an only cloth diaper family I learned to love these quite quickly that when I got pregnant I was blessed that they handed down their collection to me! Now, I am expecting baby number two and plan to keep cloth diapering my two children! I love the FLIP brand because they are so easy to use. With our first baby, we had 7 covers and 40 inserts! Found out you do not need that many inserts for one child! With that being said, we just put in to order 7 more covers for baby number two! For on the go, FLIP diapers seem to be the best cloth diapering option for us. A cover (unless soiled by a BM explosion) can last 2-3 diaper changes! And washing the inserts and covers is a breeze! I would definitely recommend these to any friend/family member! At night we use the BumGenius Elementals - also sold by Cotton Babies. We have 6 of these for each boy. We find that these worked best for us when our first started sleeping through the night.


Love these diapers! Easy to use and fit our 2 month old very well. So far we have had no issues with leaks. Easy clean up and the covers dry very quickly. Very happy with our purchase.


After using a new flip cover for just two months the velcro started fraying and the seam stitches started coming out exposing the elastic. The company would not replace the defective product because it had been purchased more than a year before, which is a reasonable policy, but didn't change the fact that the diaper had only actually been used for a couple months and was falling apart. That is less eco friendly than a disposable and is very pathetic. I have used covers of another brand that still look perfect and have had a ton of use. I have another flip cover that hasn't had the same problems and has been cared for EXACTLY the same way. So at best the quality of FLIP covers is inconsistent and cannot be counted on to last. All the company did was suggest I buy a repair kit, which was more costly than the defective diaper itself.


We have used Flips since my baby's umbilical cord fell off, when he was about 3 weeks and 8-9 pounds. He will turn one year in two days, and we just moved up to the largest rise setting (he is 22 pounds now). I fully expect to use these until he potty trains. They have fit great and held up well with repeated washings. In fact, at 8 months, we ordered 2 more covers for day care and compared them to the ones we had been using- you could barely tell which were new and which we used! Maybe a very slight stretching at the gussets, if you really were looking- but they still work just fine. Initially, we doubled the stay dry inserts at night. Around 4 months of age, my baby began wetting so much that he leaked at night. Now we double with a hemp insert and have had no leaks due to saturation. We have had some leaks due to fit as he has grown, but the issue was resolved by adjusting the rise or tightness at the waist. We exclusively cloth diaper and have 10 covers (had only 8 covers until baby was 8 months old and that would have been sufficient but I wanted more so my day care provider would have a clean cover for every change), 30 stay dry inserts (which is more than plenty- probably could've bought 24), and 4 hemp inserts in our stash. I've had no issues with the inserts bunching or moving around- just lay them in there and you're set. Do be sure that no part of the insert pokes out the leg hole (see my photo of month one- that probably ended in a leak!). Also make sure to always have the microfiber side down as my mother-in-law once put it in upside down and my son developed a rash quickly. We tend to wash every other day but can go every three days if needed. Initially, we had to wash every other day and sometimes every day because we ran out of covers when my baby was younger used to poop more frequently. When they are really little, the cover pretty much always needs washed if baby poops (until my baby started solids, when I could spray or shake the poop off). Sometimes it needs washed because the stretchy tabs are saturated with urine after an overnight usage. With all that washing (I do a prewash with half detergent, wash with Charlie's Soap on hot, and extra rinse in my front loader), the diapers and inserts look like the day I bought them. I do always line dry the covers (they dry super fast) and use a half cup of bleach on the inserts about once a month to get rid of stains and funk. I will also add that we used the disposable inserts on a weekend out of town. They were great! A little pricier than non-premium disposables (when we used sposies with our first two kids, we purchased them from Costco at around twenty four cents each). I changed diapers every 2 hours in the flip disposable insert, too, which was somewhat more frequent than a regular disposable. I haven't tried just a disposable insert alone at night- I don't think it would hold up without leaking. When traveling, we brought the hemp inserts and used them under the stay dry insert overnight. I have used the disposable inserts underneath a stay dry insert overnight when my hemp inserts weren't dry enough to use (they take forever to dry once washed), and that worked great. I have found cloth diapering to be much easier than expected. I EBF the first 6 months, so I just tossed all diapers in a dry pail without prerinsing. They always came out clean from the wash. When we started solid foods at 6 months, I used the shower head to spray the poopy diapers off into the toilet, wring out, and drop in the pail. By 8 months, my baby was at a point where I just shake the poop off in the toilet, no spraying needed. We tried those flushable liners, but they gave my baby a terrible rash. Cloth diapering has been an adventure, requiring a little problem solving as baby has grown and changed, but has definitely been economical and resulted in much less waste. I calculated that we broke even on our investment after using the diapers, inserts, wipes, 2 diaper pail liners, and wet/dry bag for the diaper bag for four months. Now it's like we diaper for free, aside from a little extra on the water bill. I haven't tried any other cloth diaper because the flips were a great price and have worked well for our situation. I hope that my review helps you decide if they will be a good fit for you!


I love the Flip diapering system! They fit very well, hold in leaks very well, and are very durable. I get more than just one diaper change out of it unlike the pocket diaper. The only things that may be a negative are that they aren't the easiest diaper to diaper-on-the-go. Trying to do a Flip diaper away from home gets my hands messy. And also when my baby was a newborn it didn't contain the breastmilk poop very well. But now at age 2, it is one of my favorite diapers to use on her!

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