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Cotton Babies Cloth Diapers - Choosing a Diaper Fastener Snappi vs. Diaper Pins

Choosing A Diaper Fastener
You have many choices when looking into diaper fasteners.  When we started cloth diapering, we were using diaper service and turned to pins and diaper pants.  We quickly realized that we had options in diaper fasteners (and in diaper covers).

Diaper Pins
Diaper Pins are usually made of metal and having a plastic or metal head, a diaper pin has a sharp end that is used to pierce through two layers of fabric to secure them together. Tried and true. This was what your mom probably used. Doesn't wear out often. Risk of poking baby. Sometimes its difficult to push a pin through the fabric. Tough to use when diapering a wiggly toddler or baby.

A diaper or a diaper cover can be made with hook and loop. This secures the diaper onto your baby. It is very fast and easy to use. It can also wear out over time and can cause snags on other items when being washed.

A cloth diaper or diaper cover can also be made with snap closures. Like hook & loop, snap closures are very simple to use and snaps rarely wear out. They are not quite as adjustable as hook and look. Snaps also take more time to 'snap' which can be an issue when diapering a wiggly toddler or baby.

For families who choose to use prefolds and cloth diaper covers, Snappis are our best selling diaper accessory. The Snappi is a T-shaped plastic device with plastic hooks on each end used to grab and hold the material. Snappis are fast and convenient to use, but like pins, it can get lost. The manufacturer recommends that a Snappi is replaced every six months.