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The Legend of the Orange Leaf Blower

orange leaf blower

Do you remember the infamous Orange Leaf Blower? If so, thank you for being a long time customer. You’re awesome and we love you. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, we love you too and hey, you’re still pretty cool.

Way back in the day, somewhere around 2003, I was testing out various shopping cart options and needed to create test products so see how everything worked. Normal is boring, so I created various random things, one of which was an Orange Leaf Blower. Leaf Blower Rehab was also available of course, because all  that blow can really mess you up. These products were setup in a test product group and when I was done playing around, I disabled the group and didn’t think much about it. 

Some time later, someone figured out they could change the product ID in the URL and try to find “hidden” products that were setup, but not moved to a “live” group yet (new prints anyone?). This was a pretty big bug in the system. Logically, if you disable the group, the products in the group should also be disabled. If not, that’s like closing the door to the pantry, but the kids can still reach right in and snag the box of cookies. This is how someone stumbled upon the Orange Leaf Blower product that was still “online” and it’s been a running joke since. Unfortunately someone actually deleted the test products at some point, otherwise I would re-post them here.

Long live the Orange Leaf Blower!

- Jimmy


I will be selling a specially priced bG4 White Seconds diaper here on Monday, 11/20/2017 at 2:30pm CST as a test of the inventory control system. By definition, they will sell out very quickly! 

[Update 1:40pm] - I will raise the stakes and doodle on the diaper too! 

[Update 2:40pm] - Sold out. Thank you for testing out the system!


If you miss out because they sold out too fast. That's a bummer. I feel your pain. You had the gazelle in your clutches but, squirrel, it got away. Canned yams just aren't the same, but there is a difference between yams and sweet potatoes. "Yams" gets used interchangeably, so if you want to relive the days of yore with canned yams, read the label and double check. They are most likely sweet potato imposters. Store bought eggnog isn't really eggnog either. Read the ingredients, then read a recipe for making it at home. It tastes so much better homemade.

Speaking of homemade and Thanksgiving and eating. Here's a Jimmy recipe secret you can use to impress everyone - homemade cranberry sauce. 

  1. One (1) bag of fresh cranberries
  2. 3/4 cup water*
  3. One (1) cup sugar*

In a pot on the stove, add the sugar to the water, stir around and bring to a boil. This will create a simple syrup. *add more sugar to make it sweeter. More water = thinner sauce. 

Wash off the cranberries and add to boiling simple syrup. They will heat up and pop. So fun. Stir constantly so they don't stick or burn to the bottom of the pot.

If you like smooth cranberry sauce, like from the can, use an immersion blender to smooth out the bits. You could also put it in a regular blender. 

Pour into a bowl and refrigerate, then try not to eat it all.

Thank you for helping out with the server test!