Baby Bits are tiny bits of soap made from essential oils and plant derived ingredients to create a sweet smelling, all-natural cleansing solution.  Mild enough for sensitive skin and so easy to use.  Simply fill a bottle with 8 oz. of hot tap water, drop in a Baby Bits cube and shake until dissolved.  Spray on a reusable cloth and wipe clean.  There's no need to rinse and skin will be simply refreshed, smooth and soft.  

A great way to begin making your own wipes solution which will save you money!  A Baby Bits Box has 40+ cubes - that's a potential to wet a reusable cloth with cleansing solution 1,000 times!  

This versatile cleansing solution is great for:

  • Every diaper change
  • Wipe clean sticky fingers, face and hands
  • Freshen up on the go - spray directly onto your face
  • Clean up quick on camping trips, day trips and picnics
  • Use in the tub - one cube in your bath water creates a mild, good-smelling soak