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Check the Status of your Return
A return merchandise authorization number (RMA) and receipt is REQUIRED for ALL returns and exchanges. A number will be automatically emailed to your email address after you fill out the form below.
Your RMA number MUST be written on the outside of your package or your package may be refused.
If you are returning a defective cloth diapering product to Cotton Babies, the item must be clean, stain-free and dry before you ship it. Returns not meeting this requirement upon arrival will be returned to sender.
Please make sure that you are familiar with our return and exchange policy before generating your return authorization number and mailing your package. If you have any questions, please email us at Thanks!

  1. Diapers must be in a clean and non-stinky condition for return processing. If the diapers are in an unacceptable condition, they will be returned to you.
  2. If you are sending bumGenius diapers, please be sure that your diapers are within the warranty period before mailing.
  3. All products being returned or exchanged must be accompanied by a receipt.