Naturally effective and wonderfully efficient, Kissaluvs diaper lotion spray makes diaper changes a breeze.

A Great Alternative to "Wet" Wipes! Diaper Lotion Potion is an ideal accessory to a cloth diapering mom's diaper bag.

  • All natural ingredients
  • Ultra-convenient … no messy creams or ointments
  • Conveniently sprays onto baby’s bottom
  • Soothes minor rashes and skin irritations
  • Moisturizes baby’s delicate skin
  • Keeps your hands clean
  • Brings a smile to baby’s face while keeping their little bottom clean
  • Rinses cleanly from baby’s skin and cloth diapers
  • Smells great, with a touch of lavender oil
  • Concentrate makes refills easy and cost-effective
  • Just spray onto baby’s bottom to soothe minor rashes and skin irritations, or to clean and refresh
  • 4 fluid ounces
  • Spray top

Ingredients - Witch hazel, jojoba oil infused with chamomile, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil, and Cosmocil CQ (gentle preservative)

Instructions - Shake well. Spray on baby's bottom or wipe. Wipe off ... or not. Couldn't be easier! Diaper Lotion Potion is for use on unbroken skin. For significant rashes or broken skin, you may want to use a heavier barrier cream with no alcohol or witch hazel for baby's comfort.

Other uses: You will find a myriad of other uses for this gentle, effective spray. A quick spritz soothes minor cuts and skin irritations (e.g., sunburns, insect bites). Diaper Lotion Potion makes a wonderful, moisturizing pick-me-up spray for mom, too.


I've used this product for 4 years and 2 boys. I use it as a rash spray when they have a little redness and irritation. I personally had some irritation from being really sicck and used it and it stung BAD for a minute and then numbed everything and healed (sorry for TMI but I like to try the products I use on my kids and was really sore so I figured why not). My second son sometimes squeels when I spray this on him and now I know why-it's kind of like the feeling of washing a cut. I give this 5 stars for the fact that it works and works well when my boys have been a little irritated-if there's an actual rash you need something stronger for sure.


My husband and I LOVE this product. It has an oily base so we have no trouble using it as a spray on my sons bottom. It cleans the sticky poop right off. We dont mind the smell. I tried cal. baby diaper wash but it was too harsh and we hated that smell. I think this product is a winner


Personally, I love the smell of this stuff. However, I don't find the spray-on strategy to be very effective at getting poop off. I've learned that I prefer to use pre-wetted cloth wipes, and this stuff is not economical for that use.


I did not purchase this from Cotton Babies but rather from a local cloth diapering store. I really like this product. It has a nice smell and I find that it soothes any irritation my daughter may have. I will definitely be buying more.


Love it! Smells great, works well to freshen and clean a little bottom. You obviously need to have wet your wipes with water also before you use the spray.

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