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Made in USA or Egypt.

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Cloth Diaper in Three Easy Steps

  1. Choose the best insert for your needs: stay&dashdry, organic or disposable.
  2. Toss the used insert in your diaper pail.
  3. Wipe cover clean and reuse.

Learn more about cloth diapering with our Cloth 101 education page, and download our washing instructions.


I loved the diaper! It's actually a little bigger than the Flip snap diaper, so more for 6 month or older baby. Velcro is much easier to use but my baby tends to take off by himself when he's not wearing pants, he can't do that with the snap cover. I also unstitched the Velcro on the back side of diaper... I believe it would bother baby's back. I just Velcro it together when washing. Over all great diaper cover for great price!!!!

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