Simplisse gives you and your baby the optimal feeding experience. The Gia Nursing Pillow has a patented non-flat design which positions your baby at an incline, to aid in digestion and reduce reflux and other feeding problems. Its wide flat surface prevents baby from rolling down. The nursing pillow can also be used to teach prop baby upright before he or she can sit up on his or her own. The quilted 100% cotton shell is anti-bacterial and stain resistant. Easy to care for, can be machine washed and dried. Easy on/off covers are available to protect your Gia Nursing Pillow.


Made in China.


I feel kinda Jipped, the only reason I selected this product over others was because it was supposedly made in America. Upon receiving shipment I found out differently.


I received this pillow as a gift before my third son was born. Noah is 8 weeks today and this pillow has been AWESOME! I took it to the hospital when I had him and have been using it since. He is my 3rd boy with reflux and I really think this pillow has helped with his because it keeps him on more of an incline when he nurses. Not only do we have reflux issues, but I have always produced too much milk with all 3 of my babies and have a very strong let down. When I nurse without the pillow he chokes and gags a lot and I think it is because he isn't inclined and can't swallow as efficiently in relation to how fast the milk is coming. He also likes to use it for tummy time. Due to the reflux, it is hard to do much tummy time, but by using this pillow that is thicker than the boppy, he is able to be in a more upright position and seems to tolerate playing for longer periods of time. As a developmental therapist- this makes me happy because I know how important it is for him to have tummy time in order to develop and strengthen his neck and trunk muscles. I wish I had this with my other two sons.

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