Pouch riders for your Pocket Diapers! These are either six layers of absorbent hemp/cotton jersey that are only 1/8 of an inch thick (Joey-Bunz) or four layers of luxurious hemp/cotton fleece (Joey-Bunz Premium). Designed especially for use with Fuzzi Bunz, but work great with all other pocket diapers, like bumGenius. Intended to be trim, absorbent and easy to use since there's no folding. Use one Joey-Bunz for daytime, two for nighttime, or three for a super-soaker and still have a trim fit. Gently contoured to be comfortable for baby.


Joey-Bunz also make GREAT doublers or use them by themselves in a snug fitting wrap

BabyKicks Hemparoo® Joey-Bunz Premium Pouch riders for your Pocket Diapers! Now you can enjoy the trim, absorbent and easy to use Joey-Bunz with 4 layers of the most luxuriously soft 55% natural hemp / 45% certified organic cotton fleece! These are only 1/8; of an inch thick, and re-engineered to allow for even faster drying.

Even better yet, you can fold the Premium Joey-Bunz in order to have protection where you need it most. If you are a fan of the trusted Hemp Jersey Joey-Bunz you will love the new premium version!

Dimensions are as follows:
Small - 13½” long, 6” at the widest part of hourglass shape and 4 ½” at the center
Medium - 15 ¼ ” long, 6” at the widest part of hourglass shape and 4 ½” at the center
Large - 17 ½” long, 6” at the widest part of hourglass shape and 4 ½” at the center

Please note a) these are pre-washed measurements and you can expect some shrinking and b) dimensions may vary slightly since all BabyKicks products are sewn individually


I just purchased these last week and am very happy I did, these are fabulous inserts for my 4.0's, so absorbent and worth the money!


boy, i cant figure out why all the great 5 star reviews! i bought these based on all the raving reviews and have found them to be useless. they do absolutely nothing for us. my son is a heavy wetter and these do not absorb better than anything else does, and for the price, its a total rip-off! not to mention that when they are wet they feel about as comfortable as a piece of cardboard. one thing good that i can say about them is that they do not get stinky.


This is a great insert. I primarily use it to boost my night-time diapers and I love that it is made from natural fibers. I love that it is safe against my baby's skin and that you can fold the pieces in different ways to boost absorbency where needed.


I purchased the large size for my 2 year old, who just started potty training, to wear with her Flip Training underpants during nap time and bed time. These inserts work fabulously and absorbed everything while she slept. She woke up rested with a dry bottom and no leaks!


Love these! I ordered some to try and I was sad that I didn't just order more to begin with. At 4 months, my little guy was totally soaking through the newborn and regular inserts that came with our BG 4.0s. We co-sleep and when he woke up at night to eat I really didn't want to get up and change his diaper too. I put two of these (one plus the second one folded in half in the front where he needs it most) in for night time and it will last us from around 10 pm til 6 pr 7 am. No rash. No leaks. His skin is even dry to the touch when I change him! We got the large ones and they fit perfectly in the BG 4.0s. I love how slim they are and I'm impressed with the absorbency. I will definitely be switching all our inserts to these. Worth every penny!

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