Compatible with Lunapads Maxi, Long, and Heavy Liners inserts, Bikini Lunapanties are suitable for daily needs with light to average flow. They can also be worn as a back up to a menstrual cup when the insert is removed. The Lunapads Bikini style is cut low on the hip with high cut legs for sensible back coverage. The elastic waist and legs are comfortable and not constricting. Changing the liner is easy with the soft, cotton bands on the fleece gusset panel.


Lunapanties are made from 95% Organic Cotton and 5% Lycra for a smooth, snug fit. The gusset is lined with 100% Organic Fleece. The liner insert is made from 2 layers of 100% organic cotton fleece.


Worn on their own without a liner insert, Lunapanties will last approximately as long (per use) as a disposable pantyliner. When worn with a liner insert Lunapanties are comparable to a disposable pad. Lunapanties are made with natural, more porous fibers and do not contain added chemicals or absorbing agents. Liner inserts can be added for additional absorbency as needed. Changing your liner before soaking through is the key to staying comfortable and dry throughout the day.

Wash and Care

Wash your Lunapanties by hand or machine in any temperature with your regular detergent. Pre-soak or rinse in cold water to avoid staining. If Lunapanties are being soaked, soaking water must be changed daily. Please do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softeners to clean Lunapanties, as this will decrease the performance of the products and is harmful to the environment.
  • Lunapads Bikini Lunapanties<br />Black - Front
  • Lunapads Bikini Lunapanties<br />Black - Back
  • Lunapads Bikini Lunapanties<br />Black - Side
  • Lunapads Bikini Lunapanties<br />Cream - Front
  • Lunapads Bikini Lunapanties<br />Magenta - Side
  • Lunapads Bikini Lunapanties

Made in Canada.


These underwear are awesome. They are so comfortable that I have to remind myself that if I wear them everyday they will wear out sooner - perfect fit and very soft. Plus I love the magenta color! They are perfect for those days when you just know you're going to get your period but it hasn't started yet. Once it does, you just slide a liner (or any cloth you want to - some cloth wipes folded up and doubled are the right size) under fabric strips at the front and back and you're all set. If you have problems with pads shifting or riding up, this is your answer. As for sizing, I wear a small in these, small in VS, and medium in Gap undies, if that's helpful for comparison. I highly recommend them!

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