bumGenius Freetime

{ all‐in‐one cloth diaper }

Diaper your baby in one easy step. Our one-piece, one‐size design features adjustable absorbency and a stay‐dry inner lining. Less time diapering equals more free time for you.

Look for our unique butterfly closure system to ensure that you are getting genuine Cotton Babies™ brand cloth diapers

Oeko‐Tex Standard 100 certification indicates that bumGenius diapers have been stringently tested and are free from harmful or problematic substances.

  • Stay‐dry interior is super soft and wicks moisture away from delicate skin
  • Overlap semi-attached stay-dry inserts to adjust absorbency
  • Extra layer of microfiber sewn into shell
  • Waterproof outer cover prevents leaks
  • Accessible, replaceable, gentle elastic
  • Durable plastic snaps
  • 3x3 snap down design adjusts the sizing to fit small, medium and large sizes (approximately 8‐35+ pounds)
  • Trim, snug and comfortable stretchy tabs provide a custom fit

Cloth diapering made even easier!

bumGenius Freetime All‐In‐One One‐Size Cloth Diapers feature our patented butterfly closure system to provide a comfortable, trim fit. This simple design makes cloth diapering as easy as using disposables. Our "no‐stuff" system with semi‐attached, stay dry inserts is an ideal solution for families with a child in day‐care or family members resistant to cloth diapers!

Buy Diapers Once

bumGenius One‐Size Cloth Diapers fit most babies from 8 to 35+ pounds. Using the snaps on the front of the diaper, adjust the size if needed, put the diaper on your baby, wash, dry and re‐use. No extra steps. No stuffing. No cover required.

Only the Best for Your Baby

The soft, waterproof outer fabric keeps the diaper trim on your newborn and toddler. Soft, sueded inner fabric gently wicks moisture away from your baby's skin. Super stretchy, gentle leg and back elastic with rolled out casings keeps in the yuk and help to keep red marks away.

Using bumGenius is as easy as 1, 2, 3

bumGenius cloth diapers are as easy to use as disposable diapers. Watch the video for a brief introduction, learn more about cloth diapering with our Cloth 101 education page, and download our washing instructions.

Product Warranty

bumGenius, Flip and Econobum products carry the best warranty in the industry. Read more about the warranty details.

Feel confident in your purchase!

The Cotton Babies Satisfaction Guarantee gives you 30 days to evaluate your purchase of most bumGenius, Flip or Econobum products. Read more about the satisfaction guarantee.

U.S. Pat. 7,629,501; 8,777,915; 8,062,276; 8,518,007.
Other U.S. and International patents pending.
Designed by a mom.
Covers are manufactured in the USA.
Microfiber inserts are made in China.
bumGenius, Flip & Econobum are brands created by Cotton Babies, Inc.

We have been using Freetimes for over two years and they are by far my favorite brand/type of diapers we own. We have never had a blow out and leaks are very rare (only when we hadn't changed the baby often enough). The elastics are still in great condition too. I highly recommend Freetimes due to ease of use alone.


I love the freetimes! So easy to use and no stuffing involved! By far my favorite bumgenius style.


Freetimes are awesome diapers! I love how trim it looks and we have never had a leak in it. My only issue is that it is more difficult than other diapers to clean poop off because there are 2 flaps and then poop gets stuck in threading around the flaps. I would say this is good for EBF babies or toddlers with more solid poops. This diaper is definitely the most trim AIO I've tried!


We are new to cloth diapers and decided to start by trying several different brands!!! These are the only ones that didn't leak!!! My son wears them around the clock and have yet to have a leak even at night! We now only use this brand and style!! Love the switch to cloth diapers!!!


I have used almost every type of diaper from prefolds to now the freetimes. I most recently was using Flips handed down to me after they went through my SILs 2 kids. Since I am having a 5th I decided to invest in some easy to use AIO diapers for my 2 yo and new baby when the time comes. For reference my 2 yo is 36" tall and 35 lbs (he's built like a linebacker, lol). I am really happy with these diapers. I just didn't want to mess with pockets - stuffing gets OLD. I sold all my pockets in favor of Flips at this point, for a reason. These Freetimes just couldn't be easier. I have snaps - because I have found that no matter what H&L wears out after laundering. The fit is great - at 2 my son is on the largest rise setting; on the waist 3 snaps in is a bit snug, so 2 snaps in is what we are using, but he still has plenty of room to grow. No leaks - and this kid pees through sposies in a size 6. At night I am adding 2 small hemp inserts up front. Cleaning #2 is a breeze - the only think a little easier would be a pocket (but after 4 kids I am a pro at this point). I just fold it in half inside out while over the toilet then spray each side's flap while holding the top (waist area front and back). If it gets under the flaps, I just fold the flaps over the top each way and spray each side (this is rare). It is so worth not stuffing 40 diapers every laundry day. I like the trim fit under clothes - almost like a sposie. I do think I will need a newborn stash to get the new baby through until these fit. All in all, I am happy with these diapers and I am glad I made the investment in making my life easier.