A fun way to fasten a diaper!
Boingo Baby Illustration

The Boingo is a innovative fastener that is simple and cute! No old fashioned pins needed! Just hook on one side of the diaper, pull and grip, and you're done!

Boingo Fasteners grip on the sides of the diaper and does not need a cover, because of its patent pending curved grips.

Boingo stays put and does not pull off during play. The curved grips also help prevent accidental injurys like poked fingers and scratches.

Plus they are BPA, Lead and PVC free so you can be sure they are safe for your baby and the environment.

Comes 2 per package. View demo.

Available Colors:
Made in Taiwan.

We LOVE these. We started off with snappis but could never quite get the hang of them. I saw these and ordered a pair and wouldn't even think of using pins or a snappi again! You do have to practice a little to get the tension right but it doesn't have that big of a learning curve :)


I love these. We've been using them for a few weeks now with chinese prefolds, and they catch and stay hooked very well. There is a little bit of a learning curve involved in making sure they are holding the diaper tight enough to stay hooked (they're tension based) but not so tight that they make your baby uncomfortable. Once you've used them a few times, it gets pretty easy to tell whether they're holding the diaper firmly enough or not, and they take two seconds to adjust if it's needed. Everyone who's watched me change my daughter thinks they're a great concept.


I purchased these about 6 weeks ago after being greatly disappointed in the Snappis. The Boingos have a cute design, but rely on continuous tension to stay secured. They fall off regularly, and after careful inspection, found one "tooth" on each of 2 of the 4 Boingos (that had not been opened yet) was bent oddly. After needing to force the Boingo's teeth into the cloth, (I am using flat folds) the teeth have broken easily. If the teeth were made of metal instead of super cheap plastic, I would have rated higher for durability. Alas, I'm going to have to get creative, since Boingos, Snappis, and pins (too sharp with a kicking infant) are just not working well enough. (P.S. I also tried cutting a Snappi so that the middle (crotch) claw and one side claw was left and then pulled straight to mimic a Boingo, but this idea required too much tension and they slipped off easily.)


I purchased two sets of these in September of 2012 to go with my prefolds. I use daily. As of last week I have had one from each set go bad (the spikes on the end have broken off completely from one end of each). So, I have been using the remaining one from each set together...which works just fine. Other than the fact that I wish they were a little more durable (a set hasn't lasted me 6 months), I LOVE these! I haven't even touched the Snappi I purchased at the same time because these work so well. They are easy to use and seem to be comfortable for my little man. I recently purchased my 3rd set for continued use with my prefolds. I would recommend to a friend...knowing that they will not last forever, so don't expect them to.


These are great! I use them on my girl with prefolds, and they do a great job holding the diaper on with or without a cover. My girl likes them too and I have to rescue them from her when I change her diaper. She gets up after I get the prefold on her and checks herself out in the mirror. lol I only have one pair right now, and I will be buying more just to have different colors and because baby number three will be using them when he/she gets here in the summer. I prefer these over Snappis because they can be used for all sizes of babies. The non-stretchiness doesn't bother me, I just pull the prefold a little tighter to get a good fit. Snappis don't fit my girl anymore, but I'll be holding onto them for baby number three, because I can see how a Snappi might work better for a newborn because they are one piece. I like how the Boingo hooks are made, I can use them on my flatfolds and prefolds without worrying about them poking my girl. They have snagged the fabric a little when I was just pulled them off, but I'm not worried about it since these are diapers. Overall, loving these!

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