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TL Care Dappi Nylon Pants (4 Pack)

by TL Care

Dappi Nylon Pants (4 Pack)
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These white nylon diaper covers are the perfect diaper cover for the economically-minded parent. I have used these extensively with my son and have been extremely pleased with their durability, breathability and waterproofness.

  • Newborn fits up to 13 pounds
  • Small fits 14-19 pounds
  • Medium fits 20-25 pounds
  • Large fits 26-31 pounds
  • Toddler fits 32-35 pounds

Breathable, machine washable, hang to dry. 2 diaper covers per package.

Made in China.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
Reviewed by Joanna on Sunday 25 August, 2013
Cotton Babies Verified Purchase

I ordered these in the newborn size. I have them as backups in case all my Thirsties get pooped on. :) The Dappis didn't fit right at first because the leg holes were a little too big, but she grew quickly. She was born tiny at 6 lb 14 oz, and the Dappis fit by the time she was three or four weeks old. I also have them in medium for my 26-pound toddler who is potty trained but needs some backup at night. They work if she has jus t a tiny accident, but of course panties are not meant to absorb huge amounts of pee, so they leak if she releases the cracken. I have had no leaks when using them with diapers. If they get pooped on, they're a little tricky to get off without smearing, but it can be done.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]
Reviewed by Danita on Friday 31 May, 2013
Cotton Babies Verified Purchase

I have mixed feelings about these diaper covers. They are great insofar as preventing wicking and containing messes, and I can rotate 2 throughout a day by having one air out and dry off while my daughter is wearing the other. My major issue is with the sizing, which seems to be a recurring problem among other reviews, although my complaint is about a different aspect. My daughter is in the 40th percentile across the board, so she's not a strangely sized or proportioned baby. I had her in the newborn size at 9 pounds, and the waist and leg elastics both left red marks on her skin. I put her in the smalls to see if she was just too big, but then had the same problem with the waist while having too much extra room in the legs. After getting several of the econobum snap covers, I really wish I'd just gone for those in the first place! I don't see myself using the Dappis except as an extreme backup until I can afford a few more of the econobums.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]
Reviewed by Catherine on Friday 28 December, 2012

I am giving these covers a middle-of-the-line review because of size issues. As for the durability of the covers themselves, I do like them and they hold up well. I use them as backup covers when my others are in the wash and always carry them in my diaper bag when I am out and about in case I need a cover. When my baby finally grew into the sizes and the leg holes fit nicely around the leg they have worked great, rarely any leaks, and they dry very quickly which is nice. So they would get a full 5 star rating for quality and durability. I'd give them a 1-2 star for fit. I read different reviews on these before purchasing them and some said the sizes were accurate, others said the sizes weren't and I really think it comes down to luck and what you end up with in your packages. I bought one of every size, newborn, small, medium, and large and the newborn size did not fit my newborn, in fact the newborn ones were actually 2 different sizes, one was larger than the size smalls, the other was barely smaller in size than the small ones I had ordered, so they did not fit my little one until she hit about 15 pounds, and the package and tags on the covers both said newborn. I haven't gotten around to using the larges yet, and not sure if I will ever even need them, they are gigantic, they are larger than the underwear I wear and given that my little one is a skinny girl, I don't think they would ever stay up on her. But the small and medium sized ones seem like they will fit the poundage range listed. Like I said above, love the covers they do their job well and are easy to use, downside is that the sizing is not great and I really think that just comes down to luck and what you end up with. I wish they would come out with a premie size that might actually fit newborns.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Reviewed by Natasha on Tuesday 20 November, 2012
Cotton Babies Verified Purchase

I just received these yesterday and I can say without a doubt that they are wonderful! They do make a bit of noise when my daughter runs around but nothing like the disposables sound like. Most of all, These are truly leakproof. I had her wear one as soon as I received them and they only whicked slightly around the leg just once when the diaper was touching the spandex leg of the cover. As far as over night is concerned, I love this cover because we woke up with a dry bed and dry clothes. I wish I would have gone with these rather than PUL a long time ago. I wish Dappy made these in a wrap style cover.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Reviewed by Amanda on Thursday 13 September, 2012
Cotton Babies Verified Purchase

These really really work! They are almost leak free 99.999 % of the time! I have used quite a few of these, To save money, make your own Ritas Rump pocket diapers with flannel, purchase a snappi or two and use these. They work, and they are cheap! I also buy these and use them to waterproof my cloth pads!