Diaper Donks - Chilly Willy
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Product Description
Cloth Diaper by Diaper Donks


  • Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper 
  • One size fits most 14-35+lbs 
  • Contoured Double Layer Snake Style Soaker 
  • Bamboo Fleece Topped with Matching Cotton Velour 
  • Snap in Contoured Booster 
  • Bamboo Fleece Topped with Matching Cotton Velour 

Fabric Content:

  • Outer: Cotton knit
  • Hidden Layer: polyester fleece
  • Inner: Cotton Velour

Use and Care:

Hybrids are not waterproof and will require a cover for extended use.

About Diaper Donks

Diaper Donks was born around the same time as my son, Rhett. I wanted an alternative to disposable diapers because I was blown away by the amount of waste they produced. Once I began exploring other options, I began to see the popularity of cloth diapers and witness how many families actually used them. Since I've always had a passion for art, design, crafts, sewing and fashion, I decided to take my sewing background and make a few diapers. Soon after, my mom, who's also a professional sewer, helped me create more product and now we make homemade eco-friendly cloth diapers.
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