Econobum: Full Kit 3 Diaper Covers 12 Prefolds 1 WetBag
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Product Description
Econobum baby
Econobum - Simple, very affordable
Econobum prefold
Why econobum?
Simple and affordable.  Econobum Cloth Diapers are a cloth diaper solution for every budget, allowing you to affordably diaper your baby from birth to potty training.
Interested in helping a needy family?
You can purchase this Econobum kit as a donation (see the options above). Cotton Babies is partnering with a St. Louis based organization to be sure that donated diapers end up the hands of families who truly need them and will use them. Better yet, every box of diapers you donate is matched by Cotton Babies... so your purchase is actually helping two families!

Each Econobum Full Kit includes
3 one-size covers and 12 one-size prefolds.

Econobum features:
• A waterproof shell, so no extra cover is needed.
• Form fitting elastic to prevent leaks.
• Easy to use snaps.
• One-size prefold easily adjusts from small to large to grow with your baby.
• No stuffing involved just lay prefold in cover and go!
• Patent pending 3x3 adjustable snap system to fit most babies from birth to potty training.
Washing Instructions
Wash hot, line dry cover, tumble dry prefold. No laundry additives or softeners.
Prior to first use, prefolds must be washed 3-5 times in hot water with a small amount of detergent to ensure maximum absorbency.
Fabric Content
Cover: 100% Laminated Polyester
Prefold: 100% Unbleached Cotton
Package Includes:
12 one-size prefolds made of 6 layers of unbleached 100% cotton
3 one-size covers (Available in White only)
Econobum cover features form fitting elsastic, waterproof shell, and adjustable waste snaps
Econobum prefold is easily adjustable
Econobum is one-size to fit most babies 7-35 lbs
^We can ship this product without the box you see in the photo. This cuts down on waste, saves on shipping and helps us keep our costs lower (so we can continue to offer you low prices).
*U.S. and International patents pending.
**Fit is approximate and may vary depending on size and shape of your baby.
Designed by a mom and conscientiously manufactured in Egypt (cover) and Pakistan (prefold).
bumGenius, Flip & Econobum are brands created by Cotton Babies, Inc.
Product Reviews
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Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]
Reviewed by Maranda on Saturday 19 July, 2014
Cotton Babies Verified Purchase

The prefolds cannot be used with the covers provided in the way they are designed to be used. When you trifold them in the econobum covers, they slide around a lot. There are no flaps to contain the prefold, therefore they often stick out of the cover and get baby's clothes wet. Since they don't trifold well, I tried to use them as a normal prefold with pins or snappis, but they really weren't wide enough for my older son. They are about the width of an infant prefold, but are considerably longer. I eventually had to sew my own pockets out of old flannel sheets to put the trifolded diaper in and then used the econobum cover. This worked ok. I recently got them back out to try on my 7-week son (who is large for his age). I trifolded shortways and put them in a flip cover (which I love!!) but they are too bulky for a small baby. It was way too wide between his legs. Overall, I think the Econobum package was a good idea, but it really does not work from birth to potty learning as advertised. In my opinion, one would be better off investing in Flip covers and Chinese prefolds of various sizes. It really would not cost much more.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Reviewed by Deanna on Tuesday 27 May, 2014

We have been using BumGenius 4.0's and Freetimes for 2.5 years now. We needed more diapers to help with having 2 in diapers. I cannot believe I didn't buy these sooner! I actually think I like them better than our other more expensive diapers and I definitely LOVE them more than Flips (which we sold). These are so simple and I love the cotton inserts. They are a little more bulky on our little girl (13ish lbs) than our other diapers but they are much more absorbent than the 4.0's and are our go-to diaper now. You don't need a snappi or anything for the prefold. Just fold it in thirds and lay it in the cover! I feel like the cover is less likely to get poop on it than the Flip cover. If you are hesitant to try them because they are cheap so they probably are not good you are in good company. It took me over two years to get over that fear! Best diapers we own. Thanks cotton babies for a great product!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Reviewed by Chelsea on Wednesday 26 February, 2014

I received this as a present to try on my daughter who is 19 months now. The cover is very thin, but durable. It has an easy to wash inside and it is very stretchy. I wish it came in Aplix, but only the newborn size does. The prefolds are easy to prep. My daughter sleeps for 12+ hrs a night, so i use a prefold plus an insert like a babykick brand. That gets her through the night with no leaks. I pad fold the prefold and it works great.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Reviewed by sylvia on Tuesday 18 February, 2014
Cotton Babies Verified Purchase

I have been using the econobum prefolds with the econobum and flip covers for the last nine months. They have held up perfectly. No leaks, ever! At night I couple a new born flip with the econobum prefold and no leaks. I love these diapers and you can not beat the price.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
Reviewed by Angela on Monday 11 November, 2013
Cotton Babies Verified Purchase

Well, I've been using these for a month now and have to say they have their ups and downs. I wish the side snaps were up and down instead of right next to each other. This makes the top of the diaper kind of scrunch up. Also the elastic around the legs needs to be a bit better. If you don't get them on just right around the legs they will leak. Also the free wetbag is already ruined, which is ok, as you could barely get the pee smell out of it without some serious cleaning, and I wash everything everyday. I am better off using a ziploc bag. The upsides are the system was quite cheap and I have not had to buy disposables at all. I do have to double up at night or they will not make it through, but my son doesn't seem to mind the bulk when he's passed out. All in all for the price it is a good system. I may try to incorporate some other brand covers to my collection if I can find a good deal. I just really don't want to spend a lot of money on diapers simce my son is already 14 months, plus the reason I switched to cloth was to save all the money we were throwing away on disposables. Hope my reviews help others who are thinking about purchasing this system.

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