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Organic Cloth Diapers

The organic cotton and natural fiber diapering industry has grown extensively in the last few years. Today, Cotton Babies stocks a wide variety of products made with hemp and organic cotton. Our own organic or made with organic products are available as part of the Hemp Babies, bumGenius, and the Flip product families.

Made of organic cotton and natural hemp, Hemp Babies products provide the ultimate in natural fiber absorbency (8 times the absorbency of cotton and the trimness of a disposable)! Because our products are made of hemp fleece, Hemp Babies™ products are superior in absorbency to many other popular brands and they keep getting more absorbent as you wash them!

Used as an extremely trim prefold diaper or as an insert in a pocket diaper, Hemp Babies Little Weeds and Bigger Weeds are uniquely designed to provide maximum absorbency, quick drying time and a great fit for a wide variety of babies. Both inserts can be folded to fit a variety of cloth diaper covers or pocket diapers.

Remember, less bulk makes for a happier (lighter) baby. More absorbency keeps that baby dry longer.  
Hemp Babies Diaper Doublers add that extra 'kick' that a cotton prefold or a microfiber insert needs to make it through a nap.

bumGenius Elemental One-Size Cloth Diapers provide an all-in-one product with a waterproof outer layer, ease of use from a one-piece design, durable snap closures, and a soft organic cotton inner.

The Flip Hybrid Diapering System offers optional organic cotton inserts applicable for overnight use or daytime use. We also make an organic cotton insert designed for use in our Flip Potty Trainers.