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Surviving The Holidays
December 1, 2010 6:06 am | by

Last week was the official start of the holiday season. After all the shopping, menu planning, gift planning and schedule making, I’m already exhausted and I imagine you are too. As parents, we often want to create magic holiday memories like those we see on a 30 second television commercial. The problem is, my children are much younger, not returning from college and if I smelled coffee brewing before my husband and I awoke, that would be a major red flag at our house. So how do parents of young children survive the holidays? All the organizational gurus chant “Simplify!

Happy Tuesday!
November 30, 2010 11:08 am | by

Happy Tuesday Cotton Babies fans! While you are waiting for the mail carrier to deliver your packages from last week’s sales, we thought we’d spread a little holiday cheer with some random giveaways. We have a variety of prizes we’re giving away today, including our Cotton Babies 2011 calendar: Random winners will be selected from comments on this blog post, tweets on Twitter using the #cottonbabies hashtag, or comments on our Facebook page. Eligible entries must be posted today, November 30, 2010. U.S. Residents only. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary to win. Winners will be announced throughout

Black Friday Deals!
November 25, 2010 8:39 pm | by

Black Friday – more deals to be posted on Saturday!
November 25, 2010 8:37 pm | by

Cotton Babies Black Friday Deals!
November 25, 2010 11:47 am | by

Black Friday. Simple. Fun. Easy to shop. Cotton Babies Black Friday deals are cloth diaper grab bags with guaranteed savings of 30-35% over regular retail prices. We can’t disclose brands, but we can guarantee a really good deal. These limited availability offers end Sunday at midnight or while supplies last. Please shop early to guarantee your deal.   Five fun cloth diaper grab bags at amazing prices. Starting at only $9.95 .Guaranteed savings of 30-35%. No limit. While supplies last.   MilkDaze Camis are 60% off – only $11.60! No limit. While supplies last.   Other deals available here and

Christmas with Econobum (and thanksgiving day deals too)
November 25, 2010 12:25 am | by

(thanksgiving day deals included at the bottom of this blog post) With the money saved by not purchasing disposable diapers, cloth diapers can help provide a family you know with better food. This year, our theme for Christmas is “Trim a Tree. Trim a Budget. Give Cloth Diapers.” You can change a family’s life (and how well they are able to feed their children) by giving them cloth diapers.   Kimberly Clark has been airing commercials recently about their “Every Little Bottom” campaign. They now know what we already knew… many families are choosing between diapers and groceries. While I’m

How To: Turkey Dinner for the Holidays
November 23, 2010 6:00 am | by

As we were discussing what to post on the blog around Thanksgiving, we started laughing in the office about how many of us have completely failed at trying to have a turkey dinner. Most of us have had at least one spectacular failure… many of the others had just never tried. My assistant, Rita, has previously offered to share her mother’s recipe for a successful Thanksgiving Day with me and I’d foolishly declined… thinking I’d be just fine. Unfortunately, last year’s Thanksgiving was a total train wreck. At 4pm (lunch was supposed to be at 2), I was near tears

Maybe you’re a bully and you don’t even know it.
November 17, 2010 8:57 pm | by

We were discussing the issue of internet bullying at breakfast the other day and a friend mentioned to me that it’s almost like women are using their words as fists. We advocate for our children who are dealing with bullies at school and then call it “free speech” when we use our blog or our Facebook page to bully people through subtle language choices. Subtleties are often lost on the socially unskilled. If that’s you, it’s ok. You don’t have comment on or even like this post. However, please read and use this post a guide for what not to

Is motherhood a prison?
November 16, 2010 2:38 pm | by

The Wall Street Journal just published an opinion piece on attachment parenting & cloth diapers in their Saturday edition. The headline – “Spend every moment with your child? Make your own baby food and use cloth diapers? Erica Jong wonders how motherhood became such a prison for modern women.“ The author is clearly talented. Her article was deftly written to stab a knife in the heart of those who have wielded other equally venomous attacks in her direction.She eloquently attacked the parenting style, but I wish she had identified the real issue before writing a sadly misdirected article to be

West St. Louis County Store Opens Tomorrow!
November 12, 2010 5:24 pm | by

The day you (and we) have been waiting for has finally arrived! We’re pleased to announce our third Cotton Babies retail location will open it’s doors at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning, Tuesday, November 16. You can find our West County (St. Louis) location near the intersection of Highway 141 and Clayton Roads, near Whole Foods, in the Town and Country Crossing Shopping Center. To celebrate the opening of our West County and Vancouver stores, we’re working hard to bring you some fantastic grand opening festivities in early 2011. More details will be posted here on the blog and on our