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Free Cloth Diaper Week: Camping Out
September 8, 2010 2:07 pm | by

Congratulations to Krystal Ewers, our random winner of two free Flip cloth diaper covers and a pack of disposable inserts. She responded on our Facebook page: “I live in St Helen Michigan and I think someone should open a store! LOL or wlmart could start selling them” A new Chick Fil A is opening in our area and people are already camped out to be first in line. Our final question of the day: What would you or have you camped out for? As always, we’ll choose a random winner from all Facebook, Twitter and blog responses in an hour.

Free Cloth Diaper Week: Where Do You Live?
September 8, 2010 11:48 am | by

Our random winner of 3 Limited Edition color trim Econonbum clothdiaper covers is Holly Muth Kurozawa. She responded on our Facebook page: “dark chocolate, and escobar chocolate from Mexico is THE BEST!!!” Our next question, for a chance to win two free Flip cloth diaper covers and a pack of disposable inserts. What city do you live in? What local store should carry our bumGenius products? We’ll choose a random winner from all Facebook, Twitter and blog responses in an hour.

Free Cloth Diaper Week: Chocolate
September 8, 2010 11:44 am | by

Congratulations to Erin Rugg Ketchum, winner of 6 free bumGenius Elemental cloth diapers! She responded on our Facebook page: “We shop @Meijer. They have good produce and are a local company so we love and support them. =)” Our next prize is 3 limited edition color trim @econobum #clothdiaper covers! What is your favorite type of #chocolate? White, milk or dark? Do you have a favorite brand? We’ll choose a random winner from all Facebook, Twitter and blog responses in an hour.

Free Cloth Diaper Week: Groceries
September 8, 2010 10:51 am | by

It’s day two of Free Cloth Diaper Week. Yesterday’s winner of the Flip Stay Dry diaper was Sarah Ann Tielke. She said her most indispensable baby product was: “My husband! And my camera. My daughter is due this Saturday but so far these two have been lifesavers! My husband has been so supportive and helpful and my camera helps me document everything!” We’re continuing the fun today. Same rules as yesterday, we’ll post a question here on the blog, on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll give you an hour to respond. One random winner will be selected from the responses to

Free Cloth Diaper Week: Favorite Baby Products
September 7, 2010 4:35 pm | by

Congratulations to Beccajoy, our random winner of a BumGenius 4.0. She left her response here on the blog: “beccajoy said… Just yesterday I poured my son a glass of milk and then I could not find the lid for the milk jug anywhere. I finally figured out I had put the lid in the cabinet with the glasses. Total mommy brain!”   Remember, we’re selecting randomly from Facebook, Twitter, & our blog. If you leave a comment here on the blog, be sure we are able to see your e-mail address in some way so that if you are chosen

The new Flip Disposable Inserts just arrived in our warehouse!
August 31, 2010 5:57 pm | by
Amber Teething Necklaces

We had an awesome day today… I love it when we can start off a blog post like that…. We’ve been getting piles of new things in lately. If you want to stay on top of everything new, be sure that you’re a fan of Cotton Babies on Facebook. I’m posting our micro-updates there to avoid sending a million emails out. Everyone here has been practically holding their breath for when the fresh, new Flip Disposable Inserts would get to our warehouses. When I pulled into the parking lot this morning, I was delighted to see that a container was

Love The Neighborhood – a project of Service International
August 2, 2010 5:58 pm | by

I’m going to start out this blog post by telling you that we don’t often talk about things like this. I’m not exactly a “stick it out there so you can tell us we are doing a good job” kind of person. I know, the PR people are all shaking their heads in dismay. It’s not exactly the best promotional strategy. But it’s me. It’s my heart, it’s our company, we don’t like to talk about it and there you go. Disclaimer over. Have you ever wondered how you could make a significant impact on your local community using cloth

Cotton Babies $1 diaper sale at the Cotton Babies retail store in St. Louis!
July 16, 2010 3:02 pm | by

Two exciting events make for one great Saturday at the Cotton Babies retail store! If you’re in St. Louis you need to come by the Cotton Babies store tomorrow morning, Saturday July 17th at 9 a.m. for the bumGenius well-loved diapers for just $1… no catches, no fine print! This sale is a favorite of many so arrive early because the line forms quickly and when the $1 diapers are gone, they’re gone! The Details The well-loved bumGenius diapers (a.k.a. used… and in some cases extremely used) are available at the retail store ONLY. We have plenty of well-loved bumGenius

bumGenius goes to the Today Show!
July 6, 2010 2:03 pm | by

On Thursday morning at 6am, a crowd of cloth diapering parents and their babies (wearing cloth diapers of course) is going to convene on Rockefeller Plaza with the goal of making cloth diapers talked about in every living room across America. The cloth diaper movement has always been fueled by moms, bloggers, tweeters and responsible parents everywhere.Cloth diaper companies can’t hold a candle to the advertising budgets of the disposable giants, but we do know something about viral marketing and about how to get a culture talking about using cloth diapers and being responsible with their child’s future. Last week,

Want brighter colors or prints? Wondering why more pastels? Read this!
June 30, 2010 5:16 pm | by

Hi everyone. Wow, what a day we had yesterday. It was amazing to watch the visitor count on the website climb (hours before the video posted to YouTube), sad to watch the server melt under the load and thrilling to watch the order count climb as retailers and customers ordered tens of thousands of diapers yesterday. A truly jaw dropping day from my vantage point. I had no idea that our users could respond in such a strong way in such a short period of time. You are amazing and the combined power of the cloth diapering community is nothing