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Published on June 4th, 2014 | by Brittney French


Thursday Giveaway: A Good Reason to go Organic

It's time to go natural! But don't get too excited here. We're talking about natural cloth diapers.

For some families, organic products simply work better. And whether it's health reasons or personal preference, there is an organic option when it comes to cloth diapers.

The bumGenius Elemental is an award winning all-in-one style cloth diaper with luxuriously soft, 100% organic cotton inside. It features an ultra trim fit without compromising performance, greater customization, and faster drying times. BumGenius Elementals are the ideal option for heavy wetters or babies who are sensitive to synthetic fibers.

This week, you have a chance to can go au naturel. Three lucky winners will receive a bumGenius Elemental in the color of their choice!

To enter, just tell us why you want to use natural products like cloth diapers.

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Eligible entries must be posted no later than midnight Eastern time, Wednesday, June 11, 2014. U.S. residents only. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary to win. Winners will be drawn after the close of the contest and notified via email. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability. All prizes must be claimed within 30 days of end of giveaway.

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Brittney is a social media coordinator for Cotton Babies. She has three sisters, loves pizza and enjoys listening to obscure bands no one has heard of. Outside of posting on the Cotton Babies Facebook page, she babysits a few cloth diaper-wearing kids and cheers for her favorite sports team.

149 Responses to Thursday Giveaway: A Good Reason to go Organic

  1. Ashley S says:

    I love saving money and honestly I just think it’s fun.

  2. Jen T says:

    It’s gentle on my baby, safe, and economical to cloth diaper!

  3. Erin says:

    I use cloth diapers b/c I want my baby to be comfortable.

  4. Beth Ann says:

    They’re comfortable, easier on the eyes, and I don’t have to worry about them splitting open and hurting my child.

    I remember before I got pregnant the first time, I would get red and irritated down there whenever I would wear a menstrual pad because of the chemicals. I remember thinking I wish there was a better way to do this. I would hate to put something like that against my babies skin where it would literally burn her skin. No thank you. I’m so glad I discovered cloth diapers. They are way way way more reliable than disposables.

  5. Tara Cockrill says:

    Having 2 under two cloth diapers is going to be a cost effective switch for us and anything I can do to keep something my children are exposed to going all natural is always a plus!

  6. leah wall says:

    I prefer to use natural products to set a good example of responsible stewardship, to love the future generations, and (in this case) to reuse saves our resources so they are freed up for other things.

  7. Alexandra Pitcher says:

    I love that I’m keeping chemicals away from my son.

  8. katherine says:

    I prefer cloth diapers and other natural products because they’re better for my baby’s skin AND better for the earth

  9. Lauren says:

    this is my 4th child in cloth and I love them…..I would love organic ones though!

  10. Anne Perry says:

    how do I subscribe to your blog?? The link is broken.

  11. Shanna M says:

    I swear, the more you read about things, the more they find things that cause cancer. The more natural the product the less my family’s chances are. Call me paranoid, but I”m ok with that.

  12. Rachel says:

    Cloth diapers are gentler on my baby’s sensitive skin!

  13. Elizabeth Molina says:

    I’ve never used cloth diapers before, but I’m def. going to give them a try. I love the whole idea of reusing! I have one child in diapers and I am currently expecting. Can’t wait!

  14. Emily says:

    To save $$$

  15. Shannon E says:

    Thanks for the chance! Good luck to everyone!

  16. Jutta P. says:

    I love that I can know they are safe for my whole family!

  17. Tracy Dennison says:

    We started doing the more natural way b/c my middle daughter has very sensitive skin. It took off from there!

  18. Julie says:

    Cottonbabies gift certificates are on my registry so I can purchase Elementals for our first little punkin, due in August. Like others who’ve commented, sensitive skin is an issue for my family, so I want to make sure the diapers our baby wears are as gentle and chemical-free as possible!

  19. Jenny Krout says:

    I like to minimize our exposure to chemicals as much as possible.

  20. Julie Mills says:

    I want to do my part to help the environment!

  21. Amanda Felton says:

    I like to use natural products like cloth diapers because it is better for the environment, healthier for my family, and easier on the pocketbook.

  22. Jennifer Nutter says:

    I prefer natural products as its *safer* then products filled with unnecessary chemicals. This goes great with the saying *less is more* 😀

  23. Rachel says:

    All those chemicals in disposables against the skin are scary!

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  25. jennifer laur says:

    i love using natural products because i take comfort knowing i am doing what i can to help the environment

  26. Sarah C says:

    Im interested in saving money! Also they look so comfy for my baby!

  27. Jessica T says:

    We love cloth at our house because of the piles of trash it keeps out of landfills!!

  28. Sara P. says:

    We loved no chemicals on our little girl’s skin, no buying diapers, but when we realized they also work better we were thrilled. Cloth has been great for our family.

  29. Shalaina says:

    We use natural products for our children because I feel that the closer you are to nature the better. Specifically cloth diapers because of the savings and the smaller environmental impact.

  30. amanda w says:

    I prefer to use cloth diapers because I would like to leave some of the planet for my children!

  31. kat says:

    Mainly to save money and cut down on household waste.

  32. Jackie M. says:

    I like the idea of not filling up the landfill with disposables.

  33. Melissa Bowers says:

    I prefer to use natural products because I think they contribute to better lifelong health.

  34. Lily Ivey says:

    I like cloth diapers because I know I’m not contributing even more to the landfill situation.

  35. Tiffany says:

    I love the BG Elemental! I love the natural fibers! They treat my babies soft skin right!

  36. Jessica says:

    They’re better for my baby and they are saving the earth

  37. Amanda says:

    natural products prevent a lot of unwanted reactions such as diaper rash and blowouts

  38. Mary W says:

    I initially wanted to save money. As we still only have one child right now, I don’t know that we have done that as we have tried to figure out what we like best, works with our water, and fits our big kid. Now I am so glad that we did bc she always get diaper rash if she wear disposables for a full day. At this point we are pretty basic; we prefer prefolds and flats to AIO or pockets bc my girl has always gone through a lot of diapers each day (10+). She complains if there is anything in her diaper! Our favorite AIO or pocket diaper is our single BumGenius; we just can’t afford to have a full stash of therm. We would be so excited to add another one!

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  40. N Bear says:

    Natural products are better for the environment AND for our health.

  41. Karen says:

    I prefer to use natural products to reduce the amount of chemicals my baby is exposed to.

  42. Erica Andrus says:

    I like using natural ingredients because I am an earthy girl!

  43. Anne Perry says:

    better for the bottom and mother earth.

  44. Rebecca T says:

    I want to preserve the earth for my daughter and her generation.

  45. Zach Leibel says:

    To me “natural” means it’s the way God intended, that’s all.

  46. Katie s says:

    Save money and save the world!

  47. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I don’t want to contribute any more disposables to the landfills!

  48. Rachel F says:

    Knowing exactly what I’m putting on my family’s skin/putting into their bodies is important to me to reduce the amount of chemicals and other not so good things out there. Choosing natural foods and products has also made me more conscientious of my surroundings and helping the planet.

  49. stephanie moss says:

    I dont like to put any chemicals or toxins on my body or my familys if I can avoid it. While going natural/organic doesnt rule everything out, i feel much more safe with these type of products

  50. Aurora P says:

    I’m really concern about the environment.

  51. Brittney Gossard says:

    Better for us, better for the environment!

  52. Melissa C. says:

    natural products are better for my allergy and eczema prone son

  53. Veronica Bohan says:

    my baby has sensitive skin

  54. Amy Hall says:

    healthier, cheaper, better for environment

  55. LAura A says:

    I love using cloth because i could not stand seeing bags full of disposable diapers.

  56. Jennifer says:

    I like natural products because they are safer and I have a lot of allergies. The more natural the better!

  57. Andrea says:

    I like to remove as many chemicals as possible from our house and food, so cloth diapers help!

  58. Mandy W says:

    I am trying to rid our house of non natural products…getting rid of disposables was the first step. Going with elementals is the next.

  59. Kristie says:

    so many reasons, but I suppose mostly to help the environment. I hate throwing things away.

  60. Talia says:

    I prefer to use natural products to limit our exposure to questionable chemicals.

  61. Michelle T says:

    I want to use natural products because for the most part they are cheaper AND healthier.

  62. Erin M says:

    Because it’s better for the environment and my baby.

  63. Leela R says:

    I prefer natural products for the health of my family.

  64. Bri Sherman says:

    I want the healthiest, most affordable option for me and my family!

  65. Sarah Griffin says:

    When I first started to use cloth, it was to save money. Now it has become so much more to me. It means a lot knowing that the chemicals are not harming my babies. I have started using more natural products lately as well.

  66. Lara Clinton says:

    Honestly, they are cheaper in the long run and that’s my main reason :)

  67. Meg O says:

    They are better for the environment and in the long run they cost less than buying disposable diapers.

  68. Nicole says:

    I like natural products because it helps me to feel like I am providing the best I can for my daughter, plus she has sensitive skin so natural products tend to cause a lot less irritation.

  69. Sarah Hayes says:

    so I dont have to worry about chemicals and I know they are so much better for my LO

  70. Kim says:

    Natural products are better for baby’s skin and the environment.

  71. Cheri P says:

    The selections are cute and b/c you inevitably save money.

  72. heather says:

    I want to do the best for my family as I can.

  73. Erin B. says:

    I love using things like cloth because it saves money and is better for my baby!

  74. christine k says:

    I don’t like chemicals against my baby’s skin!

  75. Tessa says:

    I use cloth to avoid exposing my baby to the harsh chemicals in disposables & avoid spending a ton of money every month on diapers.

  76. Marina Casas says:

    because i know that not only am i doing good for the enviroment but its the best for baby not having any chemicals on her body!

  77. Sheridan says:

    I love natural products because of my daughters sensitive skin

  78. Stephanie says:

    We want to live a responsible and sustainable life and teach our children to do the same!

  79. michelle says:

    Because it is better for her skin and our finances.

  80. April Myers says:

    It’s a no brainer: better for baby, better for the Earth, better for everyone.

  81. Autumn says:

    We use cloth to do our part in reducing waste. It’s also an added bonus that they feel so much softer and natural against my babies delicate skin. They never get any rashes!

  82. Catie says:

    We have a family history of sensitive skin so we try to stay as close to natural as possible! Bonus points that we’re saving the environment. :)

  83. Mary S says:

    Cloth diapers are better for the environment and my baby (and my wallet), and they are so much cuter than disposables!

  84. Lauren B says:

    They are better for both the environment and our budget!

  85. Shea says:

    I love BG diapers!!!!

  86. Alli K says:

    I like to be eco friendly! We use cloth napkins, reusable shopping bags, along with our cloth diapers, just to name a few!

  87. Suzanne L says:


  88. Rebecca A says:

    I use natural products because it is cost affective and it feels good to do something that has less impact on the planet.

  89. Theresa G says:

    I have sensitive skin and unfortunately both of my babies are worse than me. Have to do what’s best for them!

  90. Christina Park says:

    love the idea of not throwing so much into our landfills…
    loving the earth for the future of our kids.

  91. Jennifer says:

    because they dont get the stinkies like microfiber does!!! especially with our hard well water!

  92. TABATHA says:

    We used cloth diapers originally because I was concerned about all the chemicals baby was exposed to. Now I’ve become more and more concerned about the environment so I’m even more committed to them.

  93. Julie Ghrist says:

    I feel like natural products are safer and healthier for my children and my family

  94. Nisa says:

    Because I want to do the best for my family that I can. And to me, being all natural as much as possible is doing this.

  95. Letha Adams says:

    I choose to use natural products for my family to keep them happy and healthy and limit our environmental footprint.

  96. ryan says:

    I use natural products like CD’s on my baby because its better for hear and the earth.

  97. megan b says:

    I want my child t olive a long and healthy life and that is why I try to be as natural as possible. There are too many chemicals in today’s foods and health products like soap and diapers.

  98. Kellie says:

    Elementals are my favorite cloth diaper! My daughter has such sensitive skin, and I love the organic cotton on her. We adore the organic flip inserts for nighttime too!

  99. Cecilia b says:

    I use them because my baby deserves the best, especially when it comes to their tender tushies.

  100. Jodi Howell says:

    I like to keep as many chemicals away from my kids as possible. That means food, cleaners, and the things in our clothes. I can’t afford all the wonderful organics, but what I can I do.

  101. Melissa M says:

    Better for baby’s skin and health!

  102. Megan S says:

    I’m really excited about using cloth diapers because our family has extremely sensitive skin and I love the idea of not having the awful chemicals in disposable diapers on my child’s skin.

  103. Caitlin says:

    I like natural products because I can identify everything in them.

  104. Sarah O. says:

    I love the money savings – and just knowing that landfills are smaller because of these actions is really cool.

  105. Amber Hotchkiss says:

    natural products are the best, the less rashes and nasty chemicals that children come across the healthier they are!

  106. Leah CW says:

    I prefer to use natural products because they’re better for my family’s health and for the environment! The added bonus with natural diapers is that they absorb better 😀

  107. Meredith F says:

    LOVE how well natural fiber cloth diapers clean in the wash! Love natural fibers against baby’s skin, too!

  108. Amie M says:

    I like to reduce my impact on the planet, and the impact on my bank account, which are so often aligned.

  109. Kira says:

    They’re better for baby and better for the environment :)

  110. Loretta says:

    Natural products reduce waste, and tend to be better quality so the cost less in the long run, even if the initial cost is higher.

  111. Ashley H says:

    I love organic diapers and diapering products. No need to worry about harsh chemicals that pollute the planet and irritate baby’s sensitive skin!

  112. Allison says:

    I like to use natural fibers because they are best for my baby’s skin!

  113. Veronica Lively says:

    I started cloth diapering when my son who’s now five back when he was a baby. I initially started to help my family save money on not buying disposable diapers every week. Now with my daughter I continued cloth diapering of course to save but also because the prints and colors are so cute.

  114. kristen regenold says:

    I don’t like to add anything unnecessary to anything in life – and that includes diapers!

  115. Asha says:

    I think a body is important. I’m trying to keep it as toxin free as possible.

  116. Becky Elkins says:

    I would Love To Go Organic For My Baby And To Help Environment

  117. Trisha W. says:

    I like natural products because they are healthier for my family. We chose cloth diapers years ago because we couldn’t afford to use disposables on a full time basis.

  118. Liz F says:

    I hate the idea of filling the landfill with diapers that will never break down.

  119. brandy says:

    I prefer for my kids to come in contact with less chemicals that may cause cancer, as well as cause their eczema to flair up

  120. Emily Nielsen says:

    I love using cloth diapers for many reasons…saves money, better for the environment (less waste), and definitely safe for my babies!

  121. Valerie S says:

    There are such good modern options it just seems wrong not to :)

  122. Ashley says:

    Because I don’t want to question what I’m putting on the most important people in my world.

  123. Audrey G. says:

    I like using natural products because they are healthier for my family and I can use them and feel good about my choices.

  124. Susana says:

    Natural fibers have less issues overall! My LO has sensitive skin and gets rashes with synthetics. I’m glad I invested in mostly natural organic fibers :)

  125. Micaela says:

    I love knowing what’s going onto and into my baby. I try to avoid as many additives and man made products as I reasonably can, and natural diapers are a great way to do that!

  126. AlexisB says:

    I like to use organic things because it’s better for my family and better for the environment!

  127. Katie F says:

    I like using natural products (like cloth diapers) because there are no surprise ingredients.

  128. Shannon Jones says:

    I use natural products because I know they are healthier for my family.

  129. Sharon Roche says:

    I love that I’m not exposing my child to strange chemicals, and that more disposable diapers aren’t headed for a landfill!

  130. Candyce says:

    I love using natural things that aren’t full of chemicals or highly processed. It just makes more sense to me.

  131. Audreana D says:

    I like to use natural products because I feel like it might make a difference. Someone’s got to save the planet right? And I feel that it’s what’s best for my baby. :)

  132. Mandy Brown says:

    Because they’re so cute, easy, cheap & good for the planet! What’s not to love?

  133. Candace Schouviller says:

    I like using natural products because they save me time, stress and money.

  134. Nicole says:

    I like knowing what exactly is touching my baby’s bottom!

  135. Nicole says:

    Less chemicals on my daughters skin

  136. Sarah says:

    I love Organic products because they are better for my baby. She has very sensitive skin being so fair and we have just had a better overall experience using organic products.

  137. Brittany Bischoff says:

    I prefer to use natural products on my baby because of my baby’s sensitive skin. I’ve also read about babies having sensitivity to synthetic fibers so I just avoided those all together.

  138. Felicia W. says:

    We cloth diaper because it saves money.

  139. jana says:

    I prefer natural products bc it doesn’t cause issues such as skin allergies.

  140. Nicole says:

    I want to use natural products like
    Cloth diapers to reduce my family’s waste impact and because they are much much cuter :-)

  141. Tara says:

    I prefer keeping as many chemicals as possible away from my family and there is less waste!

  142. Sophia says:

    I love my fluff! I have been using 4.0’s & flips for 3 yrs. my oldest had no issue at all with the 4.0’s. My 9 month old has a sensitivity to synthetic materials. So cotton prefolds in the flips are what I use. My cuter/favorite diapers are the 4.0’s. So I have to use what I have. He gets plain flip covers with the exception of the Jules. I do love my fluf butt & can see how much I saved by using cloth. So it is definitely worth it.

  143. Amber GS says:

    Better for baby’s delicate skin, better for the environment. Better for me as I’m sensitive to chemicals.

  144. Beckie says:

    We use cloth diapers to avoid the waste of disposables!

  145. Amber McAllister says:

    It is so nice not to have to buy and throw away the same products all of the time!

  146. Heidi G says:

    I love not having chemicals touching my baby’s boday and that I can not add tons of garbage to the landfills.

  147. Ambyr A says:

    I LOVE cloth diapers (and other natural/reusable) items because it’s BAD to waste and it’s GOOD to use as many chemical free products as possible.

  148. Arielle says:

    Natural products are so much better for the environment and limiting the chemical exposure for my two girls!!

  149. Rachael K says:

    My family has a history of very sensitive skin, so the more natural the better!

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