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Published on January 2nd, 2014 | by Brittney French


Thursday Giveaway: Start the New Year Right

It's 2014, which means it's a time for a fresh start.EcoDay200x200

Most people typically begin the new year by coming up with a few resolutions, but the fate of actually keeping those goals is usually bleak.

So, what are your resolutions? Do you want to use more cloth diapers? Are you trying to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle in 2014? If so, we want to make sure you stick to it and accomplish your dreams!

For this week's giveaway, TWO people will win an Econobum Full Kit and a pack of bumGenius Flannel Wipes, allowing you to have enough cloth diapers to work on your New Year's resolutions.

To enter, just tell us some of your plans for 2014. Bonus entries are also available.

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Eligible entries must be posted no later than midnight Eastern time, Wednesday, January 8, 2014. U.S. residents only. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary to win. Winners will be drawn after the close of the contest and notified via email. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability.

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About the Author

Brittney is a social media coordinator for Cotton Babies. She has three sisters, loves pizza and enjoys listening to obscure bands no one has heard of. Outside of posting on the Cotton Babies Facebook page, she babysits a few cloth diaper-wearing kids and cheers for her favorite sports team.

175 Responses to Thursday Giveaway: Start the New Year Right

  1. We are planning to start our own business in the spring, so hopefully make that a success.

  2. Michelle S says:

    My husband and I are trying to lose a combined total of 100 pounds!

  3. Ashlie says:

    To have this baby!

  4. Alison Jorgensen says:

    I hope to become a mommy & cloth diaper! :)

  5. actuallykristen says:

    losing the last bit of baby weight

  6. Shana English says:

    Get married and get pregnant!

  7. I have lots of plans this year! I am having a baby in April so, I have a major To-Do list to complete before that, and I have lots of other personal goals, like trying to eat veggies as at least 50% of my diet.

  8. Andrea says:

    Get pregnant!

  9. Keara B. says:

    Having another baby! And cloth diapering this one, too. :)

  10. Aurora P says:

    Get pregnant!

  11. Bonnie R says:

    my plans for 2014 is land that perfect job :)

  12. Amanda Selenke says:

    finish my 1st year of nursing school!

  13. Melissa Kidder says:

    I would like to start cloth diapering my 22 month old and the new baby when it arrives in 2014!

  14. Marsha C says:

    I plan to learn how to sew and knit!

  15. Carissa Joslyn says:

    Get my license. :) I was in a bad car accident in 2010 where a woman texting and drive hit us & almost killed my son. Haven’t driven since!

    (I thought I entered this already, but it says i haven’t, so sorry if this is done twice! )

  16. Cassandra Kelton says:

    I plan to get myself and my family healthy in 2014. We all have some issues with autoimmune reactions to foods and myself and fiancé are overweight. We are going to get into real food and exercise together.

  17. Rachel says:

    I’m hoping to lose a little weight and then gain it back when I get pregnant;)

  18. Elisabeth says:

    My plans for the year is to enjoy watching my family grow.

  19. R. Abraham says:

    I will be teaching, finishing my Masters in teaching, and raising my son (8 months old right now).

  20. Megan says:

    New baby on the way, and starting my cloth diapering adventures!

  21. Jutta P. says:

    I am excited to welcome baby #3 into our home in April!

  22. Amy says:

    hoping to take the littles to Disney this year! :)

  23. Vicki H says:

    My plans are for family to eat healthier and exercise more.

  24. Meagan Hart says:

    To keep up with the housework all year long.

  25. Amanda H says:

    In 2014, I plan to do a better job of keeping my house picked up!

  26. Stephanie Olmsted says:

    A few of my plans for 2014. Baby arrives anytime now, due date Feb 3. My husband starts getting ready to lok for job since he is retiring from navy this year.

  27. Jenni says:

    To buy new Cotton babies diapers 😉 oh and to rejoin Roller Derby 😉

  28. Beth Ann says:

    Have another baby! :)

  29. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I plan to enjoy 2014 with my 2 year old little girl and our new baby boy :) (Hopefully get the baby weight off too lol)

  30. Cindy Ray says:

    My goals are to get organized, lose weight, and get pregnant with our last baby!!

  31. jennay green says:

    i really want to become a home owner in 2014

  32. Wendy Mastin says:

    I want to spend more time with my grandson who lives in Philadelphia

  33. We are expecting our third in 2014 and are going to cloth diaper this time around! I am excited to start and have this eco-friendly baby off to a great start!

  34. Charlotte R says:

    Planning to have a kid :-)

  35. Jenni Jones says:

    No plans for 2014, besides enjoying our family and watching it grow!

  36. Laurel Everaert says:

    Plans for 2014? Be the best mom and wife I can be. If that happens I’ve had a great year!

  37. Sharayah says:

    Hopefully have another baby. We’re trying for number 2!

  38. Brittany Pham says:

    My 2014 resolution is to just enjoy my baby (5 months old) and not worry about how messy the house is or all the other things that take a backseat to having a little baby around.

  39. Emilie Proctor says:

    I plan on having a baby this month! I also plan to get back into shape and work on some property that my husband and I plan to build a house on!

  40. Carl W says:

    Plan to hopefully travel to Europe in 2014

  41. Lisa H. says:

    I plan on focusing on my daughters. I want to give them a fun, memorable year!

  42. Rebecca says:

    To enter the world of motherhood – I want to slow down and savour every moment.

  43. Carissa Joslyn says:

    To try to get my license ( I was in a bad car accident in 2010 when my son was a baby) I have PTSD from it, a girl texting and driving hit us while parked, broke my sons car seat and all. Never drove since.

  44. Charity B says:

    My plans for 2014: Have a healthy baby boy. :)

  45. Katie F says:

    To have a baby April/May. :) We’re also moving once (possibly twice). So we’ll be busy this year!

  46. Trisha W. says:

    I’m hoping my nighttime bedwetters stay dry.

  47. Stacy F. says:

    My husband will be gone for the first half of the year….. my plans are to stay afloat……, do well in my classes, start cloth diapering, and to take our little one out as much as possible ! :)

  48. Cara says:

    my plans are to loose weight!

  49. gabby dunai says:

    Graduating college!!!! :)

  50. Trish McKenna says:

    Have baby #3!

  51. Kayla stutler says:

    My plans for 2014 are to graduate nursing school and make it to my goal of breastfeeding for one year

  52. Jamie Johnson says:

    In 2014 we are looking forward to bringing home baby #5 :-)

  53. Tricia Maze says:

    My plans for 2014 include having this baby, giving cloth diapering and breastfeeding the best try possible, and enjoying the new life I am about to start. =)

  54. stephanie says:

    I am actually embarking on cloth diapers this year! Very excited, but also nervous.

  55. Elizabeth Bergman says:

    I would love to do mofre things to help the environment

  56. Sharon says:

    I plan to use cloth more and disposable less, win some cloth, eat healthier, budget better.

  57. kelly says:

    Spend it with my daughter and husband.

  58. stephanie terry says:

    Plans for 2014, be more frugal, and help educate people about cloth, natural parenting and more!!

  59. Barb H says:

    I am having my fourth child and also becoming a grandmother approx. 4 weeks after I’m due! Going to be a BUSY Spring!

  60. Raina Hood says:

    Give my babies a better life.

  61. Kerri says:

    Plan A is to have a happy, healthy baby.

  62. Katie L. says:

    I plan to have this baby!

  63. One Southern Girl says:

    Get my certificate in food pharmacology… and read more books!

  64. Love these diapers, need more for my new baby coming in June

  65. sharon b says:

    work on potty training which seems impossible since my two year old won’t go near a potty

  66. Michelle H says:

    My plans are to birth an adorable baby in May, and have a memorable summer building an addition to our house.

  67. Jay Dee says:

    My plans are to try and be the best mother I can be to my new baby.

  68. Jen Nutter says:

    My plans for 2014, are to stay non smoking and to have a successful year in breastfeeding. Wish me luck!

  69. We are trying for our first baby, so hopefully we will get a positive soon :)

  70. Holli G. says:

    My main goal is to take care of my family.

  71. Kortney Picker says:

    I am having a baby in February :) But it feels like she is coming sooner than that!

  72. Melanie says:

    My plans are to deliver my second in early March and take the rest of the year as it comes (hopefully taking advantage of the Summer weather to lose the baby weight)!

  73. Danielle D says:

    Being able to be as healthy as possible!

  74. emily verner says:

    We are expecting baby number two early February and plan to go full cloth with this one! We were late bloomers clothing with our first, starting around 10 months. We have larger sized Apple Cheeks but no small diapers for a wee babe. This would be a perfect way to jumpstart our collection!

  75. Danielle Stephens says:

    Take a family vacation with the money we are saving using cloth!

  76. Jennifer says:

    I want to get more organized this year.

  77. Joelle S. says:

    To have a baby and be a momma! Due in just a few weeks. I really can’t think beyond that to plan right now! :-)

  78. Mary says:

    Raising my boys

  79. Katie S says:

    My plans for 2014 are: get pregnant again, lol. And potty train our little man. Other than that, be happy and enjoy life!

  80. Rebecca T says:

    Having a baby any day now, so 2014 will be a busy and exciting year!

  81. Nettie Larson says:

    Starting college and getting married!

  82. Jennifer says:

    to have a nice gentle birth and spend lots of time with my babies!

  83. Christy F says:

    To give birth and meet my baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Taylor Schell says:

    my biggest and most important plan is moving into my moms upstairs apartment with my family! we will have more space, cheaper rent and be close to gramma! can’t wait

  85. christine k says:

    find a job

  86. Elisa says:

    My goal is to simply enjoy life!

  87. Ashley F says:

    I had plans to start going back to vet tech school, but I broke my foot on New Year’s Day. So, my plan now is to heal up and start school in the fall.

  88. Christiana says:

    my plan for 2014 is to have a baby :)

  89. Sam C says:

    My plans for 2014 are to have my household live a much healthier lifestyle and be more active! Other than that we just plan to enjoy every moment of our two little ones growing up!

  90. Denise Anderson says:

    I intend to go see my grandbabies this year.

  91. lisa gonzalez says:

    We plan on traveling more. We have 2 vacations scheduled before april. Im so excited to have so much family time planned.

  92. Jennifer (robbins) A. says:

    Our plans for 2014, are to start trying to have a baby! :)

  93. Jeannette says:

    To grow closer to my husband and God, and to have our 3rd baby :) …A lot to look forward to!

  94. Joy T says:

    To give birth to a healthy baby girl and keep my family out of the hospital!

  95. Michelle Lee says:

    We plan to travel out of the country this year to visit relatives. With a 1 year old and 2 year old, that should be fun lol!

  96. Beki Lozano says:

    to try and cloth diaper and lose weight!!!

  97. Melanie M. says:

    I plan on having a baby girl in April!

  98. jessica fletcher says:

    To start cloth diapering once i get my stash to last me a day!

  99. Kelley H. says:

    Have lots more family time!

  100. Liz Speicher says:

    First time mom due March 6 and currently reading everything I can about cloth diapering! I sure wish people were more open to the idea. It seems like every time I tell someone we are going to use cloth, I feel lke I then have to spend ten minutes defending my choice!

  101. Mackenzie Burton says:

    I plan on helping one family a year start into Cloth Diapers, more if we are able. I have done this last year as well, so far I have bought a full supply of diapers for 4 families. If I did win diapers I would take a look at them but most likely pass them on to a family willing and in need to use cloth diapers, because I have many and my husband would possibly put me in an asylum if I get more… LOL!

  102. Lindsay Coffman says:

    To get involved in a Moms group!

  103. Jenna G. says:

    Buy more cloth diapers!!!

  104. Sarah Hayes says:

    i plan to get into shape and enjoy being with my daughter every second that i can

  105. Natalie Ellis-Fisher says:

    My 2014 plan is to parent in a more natural, earth-friendly way….including CLOTH DIAPERING! :)

  106. Heidi Rouse says:

    Potty Train!

  107. amanda says:

    Could use some more cloth diapers :)

  108. Connie says:

    I plan on reaching my goal to be a stay at home mom and finally get my photography business running.

  109. Marieke S says:

    I plan to have a baby (due 2/18)! I’ll be using cloth dipes and wipes, breastfeeding, and learning to be the best mom I can be. <3

  110. Melissa C. says:

    my plan for 2014 is to welcome baby girl to our family :-)

  111. Nicole d says:

    I would like to start eating cleaner friendlier food again this yr

  112. Jamie says:

    My plans for 2014 is to get into an exercise routine and keep it up.

  113. Leanna says:

    Live more simply: first order of business involves DECLUTTERING and learning to live with less.

  114. Julie Ghrist says:

    Hopefully to add another member to our family. :)

  115. Danielle Reed says:

    My resolution for 2014 is to try to find a way to keep my diapers from leaking at night. Leaking has become a nightmare at my house, and I’m very frustrated.

  116. Ashley Despain says:

    Currently, the only plans I have for 2014 is enjoy being with my husband and daughter! :)

  117. Krystal M says:

    Have a healthy baby in january!

  118. Mary S. says:

    We’re hoping to have another baby in 2014!

  119. Lyss Tayler says:

    My plans for 2014 is to get a good job so I can better support my daughter and buy cloth diapers lol. I also plan on moving some time this year :)

  120. Michelle says:

    The family resolution is to produce more of our own food this year. We will start in January by tapping maples and planning our garden layout.

  121. Becky Ann says:

    Enjoy in being a stay at home mom and watching our first child as he grows up & turns one in June!

  122. Sarah Burke says:

    Hi! This New Year brigs a family resolution :) we are going to cut back on as much waste as possible. We have been cloth diapering our son for 7 months now, he has never worn a disposable diaper, ever! We are going to begin using cloth wipes, something I’ve wanted to do for awhile but haven’t started. Additionally, we’ve started working to grow vegetables in a small greenhouse that we will use for baby food and are going to start to buy his clothing used instead of new, consignment sales have always been a prt of our lives but now I’d like to opt out of buying new clothing so that we can reuse clothing. It’s all about being environmentally friendly, I’d like to teach my little guy that it’s possible to live without constantly spending and be earth friendly while we’re at it! Time to put that money into his college saving fund :) we would love the opportunity to try out this brand from the giveaway as well as being to curse cloth wipes. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  123. Katrina says:

    We plan on being more active and learning to enjoy our kids as they grow and change so fast.

  124. Cathy says:

    I plan to have my 2nd baby in a couple months and would love to take a short summer vacay with my family somewhere.

  125. Brandy Flatford says:

    I will be welcoming my baby girl in April, using cloth diapers, being active, and enjoying my little girl

  126. Rene says:

    Plans for newyear: Give birt to a healthy first baby in Feb and ONLY use cloth with the help of BumGenius

  127. Madelyn McCamey says:

    My plans are to focus on family this year. I also hope to travel.

  128. Adriana Mendiola says:

    I have many plans for 2014 but one of them is to say good bye to disposable diapers and to start cloth diapering full time.

  129. Tracee says:

    Keep a resolution. Lol

  130. Birdie P says:

    We are expecting twin girls in March and hope to use cloth diapers exclusively. Winning this would definitely be a great start! We love cotton babies!

  131. Marissa Dettmer says:

    Just be the best me I can be!

  132. Kristin S. says:

    In 2014, diaper related, I hope to get my daycare to use cloth wipes!

  133. Lisa D says:

    My new year’s resolution this year is to give birth! I’m expecting our first child :-) My plans this year are just to survive the first year of parenting, while hopefully starting my cloth diapering journey!

  134. Teresa Beeler says:

    I plan to get into better financial shape this year! And, cloth diapers and wipes are definitely a part of what will make that happen!

  135. Aurora h says:

    My plans are to have my second child in late march and love life as a happy mother :-)

  136. kristen f. says:

    2014 for me is having baby #4 and I hope to be more optimistic and patient :)

  137. Heather Cansler says:

    My plans are to continue to homeschool, try to be a better wife and mother, and try to improve my walk with Christ. I’m hoping we get pregnant again this year, too.

  138. Cassie says:

    Our 2014 plans include organizing and removing clutter from our house. We are 100% cloth diapering and will start using cloth wipes very soon. (I was given a ton of disposable ones when our little one was first born, so once those are used up, well start.)

  139. Jill says:

    try to be happier!

  140. Erika says:

    In 2014 I will potty train my daughter, but it’s still months away so more cloth diapers are a good thing!

  141. Melissa M says:

    Plans for 2014: having my first baby in a few weeks and then learning all about CDs!

  142. riannemarjielle says:

    I plan to go back to work once my baby turns 1 this coming May.

  143. Marissa B says:

    I’m planning a lot of family time this year. With the loss of my brother and the birth of my first child, I feel like now more than ever I should focus on spending time with the people I love.

  144. Melanie says:

    I love CottonBabies!

  145. Rebecca A. says:

    This year I plan to look for a piece of land for my family to eventually build a home on and live in the country. Cloth diapering has really made me look for greener ways to live and take care of the planet.

  146. Elizabeth B says:

    This year my husband and i plan to take a vacation for just the 2 of us and leave the 4 kids at home with auntie.

  147. Carolyn says:

    Our major plan for 2014 is planning to send our hearing impaired 2 year old to a mainstream preschool when she turns 3 in August. Then her sister will follow when she turns 1 in September. They grow up so fast!

  148. Michaele Howard says:

    To hopefully start TTC for number 2

  149. Jessica rodenbaugh says:

    This year my hubby and I celebrate 10 years of marriage and my LO will turn 2. Lots to celebrate this year!

  150. Kaylee says:

    I’m having my first baby, a girl, by the end of this month so this year my plans are to become a great mommy to my little one!

  151. Cristy says:

    Have a baby!

  152. Johnny Miller says:

    We hope to have a better, safer, & healthier year.

  153. Weng Rodriguez says:

    May 2014 allow me and my baby to broaden our modern cloth diapering experience – to include Flip, Econobum and Bum Genius.

  154. Kelli says:

    With 2013 ending horribly with the death of my father, my husband and I are looking for a fresh start in buying our first home to raise our two little in and call our own.

  155. Julie C says:

    My biggest plan for 2014 is giving birth to our first child! Everything else seems pretty insignificant as we await her arrival, any day now.

  156. Jamie says:

    My plans for 2014 is to buy our first house.

  157. Allyssa says:

    having baby #2 and diapering in cottonbabies products from birth

  158. Lacey J says:

    No big plans this year, last year we moved home and had our third and last baby, so this year were just enjoying all the good things in our lives :)

  159. Traci says:

    My only plan for 2014 at the moment is to have baby number two who is due any day :)

  160. Amanda L says:

    I would love to win! My plans for 2014 are to love my 4 kids and spend less time worrying about things that aren’t as important as them and my husband.

  161. Sarah Hamer says:

    One of my goals for 2014 include starting to cloth diaper my third baby. We’ve always done disposable, but I know better now & want to do what’s right for my baby & the environment.

  162. Katelyn Schweitzer says:

    This year I plan to finish the first part of my degree, and add another baby to our family!

  163. Nicole says:

    I am resolving to build our cloth diaper stash. And to continue to sing their praises. :)

  164. desarae says:

    My plans are to live a healthier lifestyle!

  165. Whitney Fraissinet says:

    My families biggest plan for 2014 is becoming more green.

  166. Mary Janeny Regala says:

    I am due to give birth this second week of January and my husband and I plans to stick to natural parenting as much as we can including cloth diapering, breastfeeding and baby wearing. We would love to try the econobum cloth diapering system and this contest just gave us an opportunity to do so. Hope we win!:)

  167. Cynthia Tellez says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to continue pursuing my pre-nursing education while becoming a mother of three, working full-time and surviving it all!

  168. Jessie Hanks says:

    Find employment!

  169. amy says:

    I plan to win a contest. Fingers crossed!

  170. Brittany Bischoff says:

    I have many goals for 2014 which include running in at least one 5K, being on the Dean’s List when I continue my education this fall, and get at least one computer programming certificate. :)

  171. Mackenna says:

    Getting back into shape and losing the last bit of baby weight.

  172. jilliann m says:

    my plan is adjusting to life with two kids rather than just one. due in march!

  173. Cathy m says:

    to simplify, organize and spend quality time with loved ones

  174. Jessica Hughes says:

    I plan to enjoy my babies! We’re also military and will be moving soon, but don’t know where. I’m sure it will be an adventure!

  175. Catherine BW says:

    Plan to keep opening boxes from our move and getting rid of stuff

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