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Published on December 16th, 2013 | by Brittney French


Cloth 101: How to Prep New Genius and Artist Series Cloth Diapers


Do you know what today is? It's December 16, so that means the new Genius and Artist Series print diapers have started shipping!

Since these new prints will soon be in your hands, it's important to know how to prep these diapers.

Prepping is one of the most important steps in getting your cloth diapers ready for use and ensuring maximum absorbency. Just follow these steps and your bumGenius Freetime4.0Newborn or Flip Diaper and Econobum One-Size and Newborn Covers, and Stay Dry inserts will be good to go:

  • Sort your diapers into like colors, just like you would any other laundry. 
  • Attach the laundry tabs on hook & loop diapers.
  • Once you have your diapers sorted, we recommend washing once in a cloth diaper safe detergent using a hot wash/cold rinse cycle on your machine.
  • Always remember to wash bright colored diapers like the new Artist and Genius Series, Clementine, Moonbeam, Ribbit, Zinnia Dazzle, Sassy, and Albert prints separately. Washing these diapers with like colors for the first six washes will avoid any transfer of dye to other lighter colors. After you wash these darker colored diapers with similar colors for the first few washes, you can wash with other lighter colors to avoid several loads of laundry.
  • Line dry covers.
  • Tumble dry bumGenius and Flip inserts on a low or medium heat setting. 
  • Stuff inserts into pocket style diapers like bumGenius 4.0.

For cloth diapers with natural fibers like bumGenius ElementalsFlip Day and Night Time Inserts, and EconobumChinese and Indian Prefolds, you will need to wash in hot water 3-5 times, drying between each wash to remove all the natural oils found in cotton fabric. By removing these oils, you are making the cotton more absorbent. 

For questions about washing or prepping your cloth diapers, give us a call at 1-888-332-2243.

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