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Published on September 19th, 2013 | by Brittney French


Thursday Giveaway: The Best Things in Life are Free

It's true. The best things in life really are free.

100GiftCertYour baby's soft giggle, your little one's first word, and your toddler's first steps are all priceless moments that could not be replaced with any monetary amount.

Sometimes, it's the little things in life that are worth more than a million or even a hundred bucks.

But speaking of bucks, we want to give someone a few extra dollars to spend at Cotton Babies.

For this weeks giveaway, ONE lucky person will win a $100 Gift Certificate, which means you can spend those bucks on anything at Cotton Babies!

To enter, simply tell us in the comment section below what you'd buy if you had a million dollars!

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Eligible entries must be posted no later than midnight Eastern time, Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013. U.S. residents only. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary to win. Winners will be drawn after the close of the contest and notified via email. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability. 

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About the Author

Brittney is a social media coordinator for Cotton Babies. She has three sisters, loves pizza and enjoys listening to obscure bands no one has heard of. Outside of posting on the Cotton Babies Facebook page, she babysits a few cloth diaper-wearing kids and cheers for her favorite sports team.

219 Responses to Thursday Giveaway: The Best Things in Life are Free

  1. Maddie Balduf says:

    If I won a million dollars I would buy a nice car buy my daughter grandparents out so they coulld retire and enjoy the rest of their lives along with my sisters I’d pay for their bills. I’d buy some cloth diapers a house int he country and plentiful of land to garden on and raise cows and chicjens that can roam free. Last but not least I go around and get homeless people back on their feet, rehab, small apartment, what they really needed. Oh and I’d take my family ona vacation.

  2. Salena Perkins says:

    I would pay off all my bills, buy a huge stash of cloth diapers, find a cure for lupus for my mom, and buy a home for my family.

  3. robyn g says:

    A million dollars… Build the house of my mothers dreams, and set up a bank account to pay property tax for it for a few years. College funds for my kids. Pay off our house. And diapers. Lots of diapers.

  4. I have no idea what I would buy, but maybe new vehicles. Ours all need a lot of repairs.

  5. Lily Ivey says:

    I would pay off all debt, buy a nicer house, decent vehicles, start college funds for my girls, and retire!

  6. Sarah Jane says:

    A house in the country and chickens.

  7. Amber says:

    i’d pay off our house and cars and put my kids through college.

  8. Breanne says:

    A house

  9. megan beaver says:

    A house first.

  10. Hana Boccella says:

    If I had 1 million dollars I would buy a home and a nice suv for my family. I would also put a lot into savings for my two daughters. After I made sure my family wad taken care of I would definitely use some money for a nice vacation one with the family and one for mom and dad only :)

  11. Andrea H says:

    Pay off debt, family vacation, & invest! Oh, & lots of cloth diapers & woven wraps! 😉

  12. casey says:

    a house with lots of land!

  13. Jenny B says:

    As I was doing a diaper change last night, I was just thinking about an organization that my mom’s friend works with – it’s home that helps pregnant teenage girls who are homeless and have family to help them out. I was thinking it’d be useful for them to have a stash of cloth diapers for the girls that live there, to use for their babies. So if I had a million dollars, after I did all of the default stuff (pay off bills/mortgage, vacation for the kids, more diapers, etc), I’d probably take a wad of cash and buy a huge crap load of cloth diapers & wipes and children’s clothing and formula and donate it to the home.

    I’d also get myself an industrial sized freezer and fill it with those Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars, because those things are awesome. I loved being pregnant because I could eat an entire box of them in one sitting and not feel guilty because, hey, cravings.

    • Jenny B says:

      *have NO family to help them out.

      Sorry, typo. I started thinking about those ice cream bars and was too distracted to properly proof-read my comment before posting. :(

  14. Bridget Palkow says:

    I would buy as many acres as I could and have it become protected land for the animals.

  15. Kristin says:

    I’d pay off our mortgage and give everyone around me wonderful Christmas presents!

  16. Hydee says:

    I would certainly buy a house. pay off car and buy a second. Cloth diapers!!! Invest. There is so much to do!!

  17. Jessie says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would buy a house in the mountains

  18. Sara says:

    With a milion bucks?! The husband and I have already discussed paying off debt so that I could be a SAHM. We would then get a car seat that rear-faces with a larger weight limit, an ergo, other baby items. We would update all our family’s cell phones, probably get a used car and SUV, then save.

  19. Janice says:

    I would buy a new house and farm closer to where my husband works. I would want a house big enough to host guests and volunteers with his organization.

  20. Lisa H. says:

    I would pay off the house, take a vacation, and start college funds for my daughters.

  21. Kara C. says:

    Pay off school loan, start college funds, buy a house, donate to our favorite charities!

  22. Charity says:

    I would pay off my school loans…and probably buy more diapers, haha!

  23. TAMI says:

    Bibles to share Christ. :)

  24. Susan Miller says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would buy a house. I would make sure my baby had the best cloth diaper stash in the world, and that he had everything he could possibly need. I would go back to college and get a better degree, and I would set aside money for him to go to college as well. I would take my little man to Disney World and watch his have a blast. Whatever was left I would split between charities & my savings account for emergencies.

  25. Patricia B says:

    I would pay off my house, my car and my student loans. then I would buy my husband the truck he wants, and then set up bank accounts for my boys so that when they are old enough they will have some money. with what is left I would work things out so my husband and I could live comfortably. hey a girl can dream :)

  26. Danielle D says:

    I would buy a home and set up savings accounts for retirement as well as for our babies.

  27. Denaysa Sisemore says:

    With a million dollars I would set up 2 great college funds for my kids, and then earmark the rest for a family vacation every year.

  28. Andrea Penner says:

    I would move to an acreage and build a nice (but modest) house, buy a new vehicle, travel to Australia, set aside some university funds for our children, and then give the rest to charity. I wouldn’t want our lives to change too much!

  29. Michaele says:

    A house, first! Hah

  30. Caitlin Butler says:

    I would pay off all of my debt and take my family on a nice vacation!

  31. K. Clark says:

    I would pay off all my student loans and buy one of every one of your items!

  32. Janis Bowles says:

    A very nice home for my family

  33. actuallykristen says:

    a beach house! and maybe some more cloth diapers. Can’t have too many haha

  34. Beth K says:

    I feel unoriginal after reading others’ comments, but I do think I’d buy a lovely house with that kind of windfall. I’d certainly plan to donate part, but you asked what I’d buy!

  35. Kate says:

    I would help endow my favorite educational nonprofit so they could keep doing good work for many years to come!

  36. Lai L says:

    If I have one million dollars, I will pay off all of my debts, set up account for my babies’ college fund and take a nice vacation around the world.

  37. krystyl says:

    Hmm… Probably start an NGO animal rescue

  38. Julie says:

    I would get the heck out of this God-forsaken area, move back to my beloved mountain home and put my husband, myself and my oldest daughter at home through school. I don’t know if it would quite be enough but it would be a nice start.

  39. Stephanie says:

    It’s hard to even comprehend a million dollars. I would first pay off our debt (student loans) and then would support the teen center where my husband and sister-in-law work. There are so many at-risk kids in our city, who just need someone to help them “find their feet”. It would be amazing to see what (almost) a million dollars could to do to support this city!

  40. Laura Jacobson says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would move to a smaller home and buy my sister and her austistic son one right next door to me, and on the other side of me…I would buy my sons family one. My sons family had to move back home with me due to loss of a job…and I am so blessed to see my grandson grow everyday! I would love to have us all close by so we can see each other often and help each other out!

  41. Tyler Reavis says:

    If I had $1mil, I would pay off our debt, buy a whole new wardrobe, go on a really nice vacation, & put the rest into savings. :) I’m sure we’d make a few more big purchases…maybe a new truck.

  42. Lynette Anne says:

    I could almost buy myself out of my college education! Lol! Oy student loans!

  43. Rachel says:

    I’d buy a trip around the world and adopt some kids.

  44. Melissa Ray says:

    I’d pay off our student loans, buy a bigger house with a decent yard for our children, and take off work until the youngest is in school.

  45. Kayla says:

    i would pay off our debt and buy a new home

  46. Sara P says:

    I’d redo my yucky bathroom, start my little one’s college fund, and save the rest!

  47. Sarah J says:

    I would buy a much bigger home and pay off my debts.

  48. Vivian Sun says:

    Put away money for my kids’ college funds. Buy a slightly bigger house with a bigger backyard. Buy a larger car. The rest goes into an investment or savings account for emergencies.

  49. Jessica Long says:

    I would pay of my student loan (very small)
    Get my husbands teeth and my teeth fixed
    I would buy this house I like that is for sale up the street
    put some money into the charity Org that I am involved in
    and buy disney annual passes

  50. Leela R says:

    I would buy a house in a nice neighborhood, become a SAHM, and save some for my sons college education.

  51. Amy D. says:

    I would buy a small farm!

  52. Amber Timm says:

    I would buy a new house! We have outgrown ours! And make sure my kids get a great education :)

  53. Rachel R. says:

    Buy a new house, fund college savings accounts, and ensure that our families would be financial stable.

  54. Larksana says:

    Pay of student loans and take children on a long vacation as well as give to some of my favorite charities.

  55. Steph H says:

    I would spoil myself and everyone I love and of course donate as well.

  56. Kristen T says:

    Buy a home and go on an epic vacation with all of my loved ones :)

  57. Kristen T says:

    buy a home and go on an epic vacation with all my loved ones :)

  58. Aaron P. says:

    Pay off our bills first, but new cars, so we can get car seats in and out easy!

  59. Jana says:

    If I had a million dollars I would first pay of all out debt, then pay off my immediate families debt, then make some investments, put some in savings, make sure to set aside enough to pay for our kids college, I would donate to some charities, I would remodel our house, I would buy a Mustang, and travel with my family. :-)

  60. Jennifer H says:

    A new home and fully fund our retirement funds

  61. Jamie Johnson says:

    I like to say I’d do something practical like pay bills or invest but I’m sure I’d blow most of it on books 😉

  62. Douglas F. says:

    If I had a million dollars I would buy my wife a new wedding ring as her push gift. She lost her ring about a year ago and times have been too tough for us to really replace it. I would then buy a new car for my wife so that I wouldn’t have to worry about driving around in an old one with the baby. I would also pay off all of our loans and debt.

    Then I would buy her all the cloth diapers she wants and then take a class to learn how to use them :)

  63. amy says:

    id buy a home and finance a new business for my husband and i.

  64. Ashley F says:

    I’d pay off debt, buy a house with some land and run a small animal rescue.

  65. Renee says:

    I would buy a house big enough to fit all the children we have and want to have, put my kiddies in a better school, and cars would be nice too :)

  66. Katie S says:

    A Million dollars?! I’d buy a nice home. Probably 4 bedrooms with a big yard or on a big property. I’d take a vacation with my husband!! I’ve never travelled outside of the United States so I’d take a trip to Europe. I’d make sure my parents and my husband’s parents are cared for as they age.

  67. Michelle Lee says:

    I’d buy a home and invest for the future.

  68. Charlee Alexander says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would be a stay at home mom! My mother had to work when I was a child and I wanted more than anything for her to be home everyday when I got home from school. And I would pay for my parents to take a trip, since they are so awesome!

  69. Laurie says:

    I’d pay off all our debt, tithe to our church, invest some, and sponsor a lot of Compassion children and support a lot of missionaries!

  70. Betina says:

    I would buy a house, pay off my school loans and hire a good babysitter so the hubs and I could go out on a weekly date night!

  71. Ashley says:

    I would pay my parents’ medical expenses and put some money aside for future medical expenses for them then, put some in an account for my children to go to college, then the rest in to our house fund. I would also like a newer car, but the current one still “works” so I guess just pay for repairs on the current one.

  72. kelly urban says:

    I’d buy a new car for me, hunting land for my husband, build a bigger house and pay off our debts/loans.

  73. Mary says:

    an early retirement

  74. Julie says:

    I’d pay off our home, fix it up, and save for college. I’d donate some, have some fun money, and invest the rest for retirement.

  75. Maia G says:

    A house (I already have the floor plan printed!) with a fantastic pool, and a bugaboo stroller :)

  76. Claiborne says:

    I would buy a house and a trip around the world.

  77. Bernetta Otto says:

    I would pay off our house. I would then go on a nice vacation with my family.

  78. Molly says:

    I’d pay off our house.
    Stock the college fund.
    Buy new, reliable, efficient cars.
    Save the rest for future travel.

  79. Maegan W. says:

    If i had a million dollars I would buy a nice house out in the country, pay off the bills and save what is left over for my kids and family.

  80. Angela Heffner says:

    If I had a million dollars I’d open up a brick and mortar baby shop specializing in cloth diapers and baby carriers!!

  81. Kathryn Swift says:

    I would buy a working farm….we would love to grow ALL of our own food.

  82. Valerie S says:

    Pay off the mortgage first of course, but there would definitely be some sports equipment and orchid purchases too!

  83. Danielle F says:

    A house and a maid!

  84. sarah kozlen says:

    beach house and a boat!

  85. Rebecca T says:

    I would buy a new house, then live as eco-friendly as possible.

  86. Desarae Smith says:

    If I had a million dollars I would pay off all of my student loan debt, purchase a house on acreage and learn to grow and raise our own food. Plus is fed my growing addiction to cloth diapers!

  87. Jenn LW says:

    if i had a million dollars I’d pay off all of our debt and take a trip around the world.

  88. Katie says:

    I would pay off our home, take our families to Europe, put money aside for the girls’ college and buy some bum genius elemental s (of course!)

  89. Hannah Brown says:

    I’d move to some acreage and buy a couple horses! :)

  90. Jill S says:

    pay off the mortgage (car, truck, tractor, mower, student loans)…. and then build college funds and invest/save/have fun with the rest..

  91. Julia says:

    I would get a new home with a large yard.

  92. Peppin says:

    I think I’d pay off our mortgage first and then get a new car and some solar panels.

  93. coley r says:

    id love to have a house!!

  94. Joanna says:

    I would buy a minivan and save for gas for it. :) I would also try to start a service for new moms in my school’s neighborhood (where I work) to educate them about early brain development and what they can do to start preparing their babies for school and life right from birth.

  95. Jessica Hughes says:

    I would see to it that my mom would never have to work again!

  96. Jenny says:

    If I had a million dollars I would:

    1) pay off all of our bills
    2) buy our FIRST house – one w/ room for the kids to grow, and an inlaw setup for my grandmother
    3) pay off my Gram’s bills
    4) set up savings accounts for all of my children with $50,000 each
    5) buy a new vehicle for my husband – he’s been driving our POS car for years without complaint
    6) pay off bills for my parents
    7) pay off my parents’ mortgage
    8) go on the honeymoon we never did
    9) renew our vows & have the wedding we never had (we eloped)
    10) put the rest in a savings account for the future

  97. Sarah Cedeno says:

    I would buy a home with a second bathroom! lol 5 people & 1 potty is not cool 😉 I’d also pay off our debt, take a Disney vacation & save anything else.

  98. Bri Sherman says:

    1 million dollars??? That’s a tough one. Right now, I would probably buy my dream house as well as buy a nice house for my parents. I would put the rest in savings. :)

  99. Melanie Makin says:

    If I had a million dollars I’d build a tree fort in our yard. If I had a million dollars. . . you could help, it wouldn’t be that hard.

  100. Ashley Barnhardt says:

    Pay off our house, get more diapers for my lo (bg elementals) and save for lo college

  101. Talia says:

    I’d pay off student loans: mine and my husband’s, my brother’s, and my sister-in-law’s. I’d earmark a bunch for my kids’ educations. THEN, I’d build an awesome house on a big piece of land, with a custom greenhouse in the back for my husband. Thanks for letting me dream! =)

  102. Trisha W. says:

    Well, if I had to buy something with it (and not give any away charitably) I would probably buy college education for my seven children.

  103. Nicole S says:

    a million dollars? i’d pay off our student loans. :(

  104. Kayla P. says:

    If I had a million dollars I’d upgrade all our car seats to britax ones.

  105. Bianca says:

    There’s only one correct answer. Cloth diapers.

  106. Laura says:

    A new home most certainly!

  107. Elizabeth W says:

    If I had a million dollars I’d probably build my dream eco-friendly home. And then I’d put anything left into savings for college for my 2 kids.

  108. Liz C. says:

    I would buy an energy efficient home (solar power, wind power, geothermal) on a piece of land big enough to have a mini homestead. I would also like to travel!

  109. Mary S says:

    I would give half of it away to charity and the other half would be to pay off our apartment building, debt, and to buy a house (and many cloth diapers).

  110. Sarah says:

    A self sustaining farm :)

  111. christine k says:

    I’d pay off all debts (loans, credit cards, house, etc) and buy us a nice house where we want to live (not where we currently are)

  112. Jenna G. says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would use it to help
    build a cottonbabies location closer to my house – in Illinois!!!

  113. Erika Harlis says:

    I would get a new car, and then try to limit how much more is spent and be able to have both me and hubby home from working for a little to spend time with the baby.

  114. Brooke Powell says:

    I would pay off mine & my husband’s school debt, donate more than half to needy & buy more cloth diapers!

  115. Shannon says:

    If I had a million dollars – I’d buy more diapers! And put some money away for the babies to go to college.

  116. Sophy Thou-Kunysz says:

    If I had a million dollars I would buy a house, put my husband through law school, college fund for my daughter, buy more cloth diapers, donate to charity.

  117. Rachael says:

    Lots of top quality baby stuff! And some postpartum clothes that actually fit!

  118. Cindy Hernandez says:

    First of all if I had a million dollars I would buy a big stash of cloth diapers. Then I would buy a big house, a nice car, a vacation home in Hawaii. I would also buy each family member a house, give to charity and make sure I had money for my kids college tuition set aside :)

  119. Libby C says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would pay off all my debts, put away money for my family’s future, and redo my kitchen. And probably take a looooooooong vacation. :)

  120. Renee F says:

    What would i buy .. Ill tell ya the first thing i would buy – a wetbag in glimmer .. Then land – enough for me and my children to raise animals and crops so we werent store dependent !

  121. Chelsea Meeuwsen says:

    If I had a million dollars I would probably plan a vacation, followed up by upgrading my car and buying a house… Then the rest would be put away toward my retirement.

  122. Allison E says:

    The world!!! lol JK! idk what I’d buy.

  123. Abigail Z. says:

    Land lots of land.

  124. Norma E says:

    A new house

  125. Jennifer H says:

    If I had a million dollars I would buy a nice ranch, some horses, pay some good workers to help me with the farm. Enjoy my piece of land and raise my family with my wife.

  126. Kalsie Adams says:

    I would most likely pay of debt, student loans etc. take a nice vacation and then save the rest. Might sound boring but it is true 😉

  127. Anna says:

    I’d buy a house, prepaid college for my son, and tons of diapers!!

  128. I’d pay off our school loans. Buy a new car. And then…I have no idea! I haven’t thought about spending money on anything else since graduation!

  129. jenna says:

    With a million dollars I would pay off my car, buy a brand new mini van, buy a house, and of course have the biggest and best cloth diaper stash ever.

  130. First thing would be to get caught up on our bills and pay the lil bit we owe on our house. We would probably use the rest to repay my hubby’s parents for helping us out so much for the years. That would be the rewarding part! I hate being in debt

  131. Annie Cernohous says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would buy a large RV! Pay off all debts, help my parents and siblings with theirs, and pack up all the little ones and travel the country while homeschooling. No better way to teach geography and history than to show them places in person! :)

  132. Melinda A says:

    I’d pay off our house and buy a car so we don’t have to borrow one from parents.

  133. Jen Pinkett-Kristine says:

    I would buy new cars for the hubby and me, everything I need for the new baby and remodel our home

  134. Heidi says:

    A large price of property!

  135. Jeannette Mills says:

    I would pay off my mortgage, give to ministries I believe in, and with what’s left, but cloth diapers, baby clothing, and momma clothing :)) — OH, and a diaper sprayer and a spraypal!!

  136. coreena says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would pay off my house, my mom’s house and all of my sibling’s houses as well!

  137. Sarah Hayes says:

    I would buy anything that my daughter may need and some fun things for her to have

  138. Julie Ghrist says:

    I would buy a new house

  139. Laura B says:

    With a million bucks I’d first pay off my astronomical school loans as well as all credit card debts and my parents mortgage. With what was left I’d put it towards a house of our own! A girl can dream :)

  140. Andrea G says:

    BG 4.0’s :) Pay off the house, and help someone else in need!

  141. Jessica says:

    I’d probably end up giving most of it away! My husband and I both work with at-risk, street-involved or homeless youth… And there is so much good that could be done in our city with that much money!

  142. Jennifer S. says:

    If I had a million dollars, I’d buy a new car and take a dream vacation to somewhere tropical or to Europe! I’d probably do something smart with the money too, like saving or investing, and share some with my family. I wouldn’t know what to do with all that money!

  143. Sarah says:

    With a million dollars… I would buy the addition to our house.

  144. Laura Fulks says:

    I’d pay off our house, maybe buy a minivan… And probably just save the rest! :)

  145. Jutta P. says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would send my husband back to school so he could get any job he wanted.

  146. Katrina says:

    If I had a million bucks I would buy my house and cars. Then I would put the rest away for a rainy or use it to retire early to enjoy future grandkids.

  147. Darcy Soto says:

    Would really love to win this to beef up the stash!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  148. Holly says:

    A house!

  149. Victoria Rayes says:

    If I won a million dollars, the first thing I would do with it is tithe ten percent. I’d then pay off our mortgage and car, give some to our parents, give to charity, and save the rest. Oh, and buy more cloth diapers of course! 😉

  150. Ellen Frederick says:

    Wow, I am really not sure what I would buy with a million dollars! I’d probably use it on multiple things.

  151. Sarah G. says:

    I would purchase a lot of land to build a house on and start a large garden.

  152. Alexis Bertch says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would pay off debt (house, student loans, credit cards), buy a bigger house and a new minivan. That’s stuff I really need to do. I would also help my family who are struggling.

  153. Patricia F. says:

    ~If i had a million dollars I’d buy a house and an R.V. then take family on a nice vacation..Oh and of course buy more cloth diapers!!

  154. Sarah B says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would buy my husband an airplane.

  155. Tara says:

    If I had a million dollars I would upgrade to a slightly larger home, put money aside for my children’s education, and travel with my family. The remaining money I would invest in our future.

  156. Lianne R says:

    If I had a million dollars, I’d buy a mountain!

  157. Marissa Dettmer says:

    I would pay off all my debt, buy a 2014 Honda Odyssey with a built in Vacuum, and buy more cloth diapers!

  158. Jennifer Gibbs says:

    If I had a million dollars I would pay off my house first. LIving debt free would be a huge relief. Then I would set aside enough money so LO could go to college. I would help out my family and pay off their debt, as much as I could. Of course I would go on a little shopping spree…get a full stash of cloth diapers so I don’t have to wash every day, get LO some cute new clothes, maybe a few new outfits for myself. LO is still very young and I’d love for him to see the world. We would definitely take trips every summer. I’d like to save most of the money – never know what could happen in today’s economy.

  159. Meaghan Boyer says:

    If I had $1 Million I would pay off my school loans, buy a new car and house, and set money aside for savings.

  160. Amie Blandford says:

    With a million bucks, I’d pay off our house, get a new car, and help out a few of my favorite charities. Then I’d convert some more mamas to cloth diapering so I could set them up with cute fluff(my last is almost out of diapers!)

  161. Kel. says:

    I would buy all the cloth diapers I would ever need. Save lots for college for the kids and retirement!

  162. Kelley H. says:

    If I had a million dollars I would: complete my stash of fluff :) buy a new car, fix up our house, buy a top of the line crazy expensive car seat and lots of other stuff!

  163. Kylie says:

    Pay off our mortgage, buy a really nice mini-van, take the kids to Disney World, and hoard the rest :)

  164. Kimberlie says:

    I’d buy 1 of every print bG 4.0 and Freetime, a House in the Country for post Military retirement, and a new car for hubby.

  165. JenniferLeibstein says:

    a house, and a car. and more cloth diapers!

  166. Katie F says:

    I would buy a house and a car. (We’re currently a one car family and it’s manual, which I can’t drive.)

  167. Jenny McClamroch says:

    A new car, a new house, a new wardrobe!

  168. Nisa says:

    give my 10% at least, pay off my mortgage, invest in my childs future, and give give give. and maybe selfishly i would get a newer van/suv for our fam.

  169. Carrie Dinges says:

    I would buy the house of my dreams a new van and college tuition for my kids

  170. Kristin says:

    If I had a million dollars….I would pay off student loans, buy a house, and tithe 20%.

  171. Rachel Legoute says:

    If I had one million dollars…

    If I had to pick ONE thing that I would buy if I had a million dollars, I think I would have to say a home. I can’t imagine spending that much money on one home, so I’d probably buy a home here in the States and one close to the city where my husband grew up overseas…

    But even that wouldn’t be enough to use up one million dollars…so I would probably think create and endowment or investment fund so that the money made from it could be invested into the charities with which I work, and I could actually be the person giving money to the causes that I love so much, instead of always having to ask others to give to them.

    I’d also probably buy some more of the new elemental diapers. I think I love them.

  172. Tracy says:

    I would pay off my mortgage and my parents mortgage and then give the rest to charity. Oh, and maybe buy some diaper, too :)

  173. Chelsea says:

    I’d buy a new wardrobe, new makeup, and decorations/furnishings for the house we moved into 6 months ago.

  174. Tess says:

    If I had a million dollars the first thing I would do would be to pay off our house so that I could be a stay at home mom.

  175. Sara Swanson says:

    a new house and adopt a child

  176. Amanda says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would donate a good portion of it to some local charities in my local town. I would then pay off my school loans, buy a new car, buy some cloth diapers to add to my supply, and invest some money.

  177. Rebecca says:

    I would start by buying a house (as we having been living in an apartment). Whatever was left would take much prayer to determine the best use for it at the time.

  178. Nichole Smith says:

    If I had a million dollars I would put it towards all six of my children’s college education.

  179. Vicki Hall says:

    I would buy a new house in the country.

  180. Jennifer says:

    If I had a million dollars I would pay off all our debts, buy lots of bumgenius diapers (I would love to have all the colors and prints), and put the rest towards retirement and college funds.

  181. Kristin Ruggieri says:

    If i had a million dollars i would hire a maid! I hate house cleaning. As far as what i would buy… i think we would just pay off our mortgage and other loans. A nice shopping spree where i could hire people who have some fashion sense would be nice too! I have absolutely no idea about what is fashionable!

  182. Lily d says:

    I’d pay off debt and buy a little cottage in the French countryside.

  183. Melissa C. says:

    Sadly, that would almost buy us a 3 bedroom home here in Los Angeles! Hopefully also a nice vacation every year.

  184. Laura Krenik says:

    I would buy a house- not too big, just something with character that I could make really nice.

  185. hayley s says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would buy my dream house!

  186. Tamara Sz says:

    I think I’d give some away first, to further God’s work around the world. Then I’d buy a house (we rent now), and put away the rest for my kiddos and retirement!

  187. Amber says:

    I would pay off my house and buy more cloth diapers for starters of course! Our small stash of 15 freetimes isn’t really enough…

  188. Caitlin C. says:

    If I had a million dollars I would first invest it and then use the interest to pay of debt first, put away for baby’s college fund and FINALLY travel the world.

  189. Jennine G-L says:

    If I had a million dollars I would buy a new house and a new car and help my parents finish getting their house the way they want it.

  190. Erin Ritter says:

    If I had a million dollars I would save a ton of it and I would buy a Toyota Prius!

  191. Brandi M says:

    With a million dollars one could buy anything really but I would go a different route. Being a stay at home mom things are tight most of the time and this makes my husbands role as the money maker hard. To make his life easier I would start my spending by paying off every debt we had then get rid of the junky car he drives to save us money ( while leave a new car behind for me and the kids to keep us safe) and buy him a newer car. Then I would pay someone to finish his household honey to do list so he no longer has to have that over his head. I would live the “greener” lifestyle I have always dreamed of but couldn’t afford, by buying more cloth diapers and making our home more energy efficient. Finally I would donate to others so they may suffer less and live life more fully.

  192. If I had a million dollars (after sharing it with my parents and in-laws), I would purchase a lot more land for our farm. There is nothing better than having room to roam and reflect in privacy. Plus, my husband enjoys farming, so it would be a win-win!

  193. Katie says:

    If I had a million, I’d be a stay-at-home mom:)

  194. Lyss Tayler says:

    If I had a million dollars I would buy the complete BG rainbow including artist prints and the baseball diaper I would also buy hemp inserts for my heavy wetter. And with the rest I would buy a house in Florida and a car. And then save the rest for just in case money

  195. Mary says:

    If I had a million dollars, I’d buy the most beautiful, glorious cloth diaper stash! Or…a house for my family…lol

  196. Kristy Feldhousen-Giles says:

    A nice house!

  197. Cheri Poggensee says:

    I would go on a shopping spree @ CottonBabies

  198. Ally says:

    If I had a million dollars I would build my dream home and buy a new car!!!

  199. Jennifer says:

    i’d pay off all my student loans and buy a piece of property and hand build a tiny home . and one for my mom. oh and lots of cloth diapers and wool… and then use there rest to be a sneaky philanthropist. ive always wanted to do that.

  200. Audrey says:

    With a million dollars, I would would first pay off all our debt (not fun, but necessary). Some would be saved for a college fund for the little one, retirement fund for us, donations to nonprofits, and the rest used to travel to The Galápagos Islands!

  201. Tara F says:

    An early retirement for my husband :)

  202. Nina says:

    First off I would tithe 10% of it and then pay off debt. I would buy a house and pay off both my in laws and parents mortgages. I would give money to my old youth pastor who is now a missionary in brazil who provides water filters to the people on the amazon. We would adopt a child and put money aside for all of our kiddos for school, weddings, and anything else that could come. Would put money in a high interested savings. Yea I have NEVER thought about this….lol!!

  203. Maria says:

    I know, I’m a pessimist, but a million dollars isn’t much after taxes. :-p I’d pay off all of our debt including out mortgage, and look for a house closer to my husband’s job so he could spend more time with us and less time driving!

  204. Heather Ward says:

    I would hire a ull time nanny and go back in the military, then buy a house, and pay off my parents’ and inlaws houses.

  205. Carolyn says:

    I would buy a vacation home

  206. Karina says:

    I’d pay off debt and buy a farm.

  207. gwen lepennec says:

    If I had a million dollars, I’d place it so that my son has no trouble living in his future, no matter what happens to me.

  208. Sarah says:

    If I had a million dollars, I’d probably do something practical like buy some rental property to keep the money churning…and then bless a bunch of people with it!

  209. Hannah says:

    If I had a million dollars…I’d pay off my house, invest some, bank some, start a business, and donate a lot to charity…the main goal being to use the investments and business to make a profit, enabling me to continuously donate to charity and provide for my family.

  210. ashhintze says:

    With a million dollars I’d buy a new house , car, pay off some debts and save for my boys’ college. :-)

  211. Rebecca Annastas says:

    I would invest the majority quickly so I could work out our finances to become a stay at home mom and have another baby.

  212. Becky says:

    I would definitely set aside some for my kids’ college education, maybe buy a few necessities, and give a lot away to help support missions and Compassion International.

  213. Erin D says:

    A house!

  214. Jen B says:

    A college education for all of my children, an amazing home and someone to clean it!

  215. Pamela Palmer says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would buy homes for my family members and warm clothes and food for all of the needy babies!

  216. Brianna C says:

    I would pay off all my debt, buy my husband a hot rod, and pay off my parents’ debt. :)

  217. Holly Steffen says:

    If I had a million dollars, I would build my dream house– a modest, efficient bungalow. I would save some so I could travel the world and help deliver babies in third world countries when all my babies have left the nest.

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