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Published on August 22nd, 2013 | by Brittney French


Thursday Giveaway: You’re raising a genius!

As a parent, you’re constantly monitoring your child’s every move. It’s natural.BG4-2T

Your baby said a two-syllable word? Good thing you had your smartphone nearby to record that precious moment. Your little one drew a miniature Mona Lisa on the wall? Hello, Instagram! Capture your baby’s artistic skills at a young age! Just make sure you snap a pic before running to grab a Better Life cleaner from the cabinet. Your 11-month-old took two steps in the living room? Tweet the play-by-play! Your toddler has grown from cloth diapers to training pants? Post it on Facebook, where, if you’re like me, you enjoy posting major life events to your timeline.

Each day, your kids are growing and continuously learning new things. And, as much as you’d like, you won’t be able to experience every little thing your child will accomplish.

If you miss your baby giggling in the other room or humming a song during nap time, don’t fret.  Just know that you are raising a genius because your child is learning about the world – on their own.

For this week’s giveaway, we want to know how you're raising a genius and give you everything you need to tell the world (outside of social media).  Three people will win a bumGenius 4.0 cloth diaper in a Genius Series print of their choice (Albert, Lovelace, Irwin, Maathai) and an “I’m a Genius Travel Mug.”

To enter, share one of your baby’s recent milestones in the comments section below.  Bonus entries are also available.

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Eligible entries must be posted no later than midnight Eastern time, Tuesday, August 27, 2013. U.S. residents only. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary to win. Winners will be drawn after the close of the contest and notified via email. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability. 

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About the Author

Brittney is a social media coordinator for Cotton Babies. She has three sisters, loves pizza and enjoys listening to obscure bands no one has heard of. Outside of posting on the Cotton Babies Facebook page, she babysits a few cloth diaper-wearing kids and cheers for her favorite sports team.

205 Responses to Thursday Giveaway: You’re raising a genius!

  1. Brooke Dollevoet says:

    My son started sitting up today :) all by himself.

  2. emily says:

    My son rolled over just a couple days ago!

  3. Brittanni says:

    My son, recently began walking at 19 months. Slow but steady wins the race! He took his time but since he’s started he’s just great at it. Super proud mama.

  4. Jane Macy-Painter says:

    My 12 month old is *this* close to standing by herself. And this week she tried lemonade for the first time, and loved it!

  5. Janice says:

    My current “baby” is 6 and just read Charlotte’s Web all by himself! He is so excited about being a big brother soon!

  6. Katie says:

    We’ve started signing (ASL) with our little one – she doesn’t quite have the motor skills yet, but she will soon!

  7. Sarah Jane says:

    She’s pooping on the potty more often than accidents. :)

  8. Jessica says:

    My son is giving us his first smiles. We also thought he had started to laugh but turned out to be the hiccups :)

  9. Diane says:

    My 3 month old has started smiling for the camera. He’s also working on growing in his first tooth!

  10. katie ashley says:

    My 4 month old is rolling back to tummy and tummy to back.

  11. Danielle says:

    At the moment we are TTC, so our little one’s biggest milestone will be taking his/her first breath!

  12. Hannah Peterson says:

    just cut his first tooth yesterday!!!

  13. christine k says:

    My 8w old is pushing up with her chest off the ground now (and full of coos and smiles!)

  14. Nichole says:

    My 4 month old is trying to crawl. .. Oh no! :)

  15. Cabrina says:

    My daughter just recently started saying her name!

  16. Jutta P. says:

    My 8.5 month old just started crawling.
    My 2.5 yr old just started making up her own stories!

  17. Amanda Wagner says:

    My son David has his first tooth and is just starting to try solids at 5 months!

  18. Brittany says:

    My 4 year old daughter can write all of her letters, knows the sound each one makes and quizzes me on them on a regular basis, and my son should be making his big entrance into the world any day now!

  19. Malia Dinneweth says:

    My little man, although not crawling, has learned to get wherever he wants to go. Whether it be rolling, inch worming or pulling himself to things, he gets there. Thank goodness for bum genius’ awesome fit so he’s not losing his diaper as he scoots everywhere!

  20. Anne says:

    My newest little just gave us her first smile a few days ago, and my older daughter used her potty last night!

  21. Lily Ivey says:

    My baby is starting to put together two word sentences.

  22. Melissa M says:

    After months of getting stuck on her arm while trying to roll back to belly, I went into the kitchen with my 8month old laying on her back in the living room and came back to find her on her belly! We were so excited that she finally made it over but sad that I missed it. By to worry, she did it several more times for us over the weekend!

  23. Yrenia says:

    My LO is now feeding herself with her spoon and uh…. helping herself to mommy’s boobies! Her favorite thing is to alligator roll while nursing!!! Poor me, poor boobies :)

  24. Melissa Sparling says:

    My youngest is 6 weeks and is holding his head up like a pro and laughs and giggles.

    I know this is not really relevant cause she is already potty trained but I am a very proud mama because at 3 my daughter knows her planets and which one is which. Glad I have this little genius to help with her brother.

  25. Katrina says:

    She is starting to really be social and is getting ready to sit up on her own.

  26. Vicki Hall says:

    Our 8 month old just started crawling.

  27. Danielle Bowers says:

    The next baby isn’t born yet, so being born will be the next milestone. :)
    At this point each week is a milestone in itself as it means baby will be more developed.

  28. Kristin says:

    Baby just started to grasp!

  29. Lacey J says:

    My daughter just learned to jump :)

  30. Sophy Thou-Kunysz says:

    My 6 month old is starting to recognize herself and me in the mirror and enjoys it (mostly like to look at herself, I can’t blame her she is pretty cute).

  31. Sara says:

    My little one just laughed for the first time!

  32. Leslie G says:

    She is starting to use sentences.

  33. Vanessa Coker says:

    Counting to 5 :)

  34. Julie Ghrist says:


  35. Jenna G. says:

    My 21 month old is learning all about babies! Her little brother or sister is due any day now!

  36. Shavanah says:

    After 12 months of napping in my arms, my daughter took her first nap on her own yesterday. It’s a bittersweet milestone for us :’)

  37. Christina says:

    First steps!!!

  38. Paula Rollo says:

    learning a new word!

  39. Kristen Fortine says:

    He just started walking at 14 months!

  40. Rachel says:

    No baby yet but I’m so excited to track my baby’s milestones!

  41. Renee H. says:

    He started pulling himself up today :'(

  42. Sheena says:

    My 16 month old has mastered moving kitchen chairs to climb up them and onto the kitchen pub hight table. I am not overly excited about this but he sure is!

  43. Jennifer says:

    he just turned one… and our youngest made it through the first trimester!

  44. Lauren says:

    My little guy is a mover and a shaker! He has now started to tuck his feet under him in preparation to crawl…which makes his cloth diapered tush stick up in the air…too cute!

  45. Jennifer McClaflin says:

    We walked!

  46. Valerie S says:

    Last night he slept for a 6 hr stretch for the first time!!!

  47. Holly says:

    He’s just started saying “Hi mama!” and “Hi dada!”

  48. shnnon says:

    My 5 month old either rolled from his tummy to his back yesterday, or he just tipped over. We aren’t sure but we cheered for him anyway:)

  49. Rachel R. says:

    I’m still pregnant with my first, so my little guy’s most recent milestone was sucking his thumb on ultrasound.

  50. Annie Cernohous says:

    My youngest daughter has just begun trying to jump! She’s 15 months. :)

  51. Tiffany K says:

    all 4 molars are in!

  52. Chanda says:

    My almost 5 month old baby girl has just started to crawl. She’ll do a couple “crawls” and then stop and laugh. I can’t believe it. She started sitting up on her own at 4 months though.

  53. Nicole says:

    Baby girl can sit on her own at 5 months!

  54. Elizabeth says:

    My daughter said her first word, “hi!”

  55. Amber says:

    My 12 month old is walking along furniture and learning lots of new words!

  56. Melissa S says:

    My 3.5 month old is sleeping 10 hours at night and reaching for his toes!

  57. Jessie Hanks says:

    My 6 month old is now sitting with hardly any support! I’m SUCH a proud mama!

  58. Rachel R says:

    My 2yr old boy is daytime potty trained and my little girl is still in utero happily doing flips.

  59. Shelley C says:

    He’s getting his first top tooth! That makes three total.

  60. Torie Schrick says:

    My baby has just rolled over from his belly to his back!

  61. Monica says:

    My baby started pulling himself up to a standing position!

  62. Tenley says:

    It hasnt happen yet but im guessing with in the next week or two it will be birth!!!

  63. Angela says:

    My baby girl is getting 2 teeth and still being such a sweet little angel:)

  64. Jessica says:

    My son is 2 weeks old and getting big fast, my daughter is 2 1/2 and is my helper

  65. Marietta Mayo says:

    Our 8 week old will lift her head and smile at us like she is the happiest baby on Earth. She does this even while we are changing her bumgenius 😉 I find it adorable!

  66. Tracy Burris says:

    My two month old is starting to mimic my talking, so we’ll cuddle together and I’ll talk to him and when he starts making noises, I copy him exactly and we’ll go back and forth and during this time he’ll smile or have a serious face or laugh. =D

  67. Michelle Mong says:

    My 2 year old is transitioning from trainers to regular underwear and my 6 month old is cutting her third tooth!

  68. Nisa says:

    he’s getting his canines, and making us wait on pins and needles for him to finally take the first steps, or run like crazy.

  69. AlannaB says:

    Well…he isn’t quite a baby, since he is 3, but he is starting to sound out letters of the alphabet and trying to read :-)

  70. Cheri P. says:

    My 11.5 month old is learning to use his small motor skills by eating cereal with his fingers. It took him a couple trys but now he eats them all by himself.

  71. allie wiley says:

    My little one started laughing and reaching for the toys on her mobile.

  72. Sadie McNutt says:

    My three year old is learning her letters really well, along with how to write them…my almost two year old is practicing with safety scissors and starting to learn how to use the potty. The one in my belly is growing like crazy and learning how to kick very well!!!

  73. Kristie says:

    my 2.5 year old is back to putting himself to sleep after needing lots of help after the birth of our second. Such an important skill for all!

  74. Kate says:

    Pulling up to standing and then holding on with just one hand!

  75. Grace says:

    My 13 month old can ask for more in English AND Norwegian. :)

  76. Allison E says:

    My 17 month old in the last month got her first teeth! All 4 at once!

  77. Michelle Lee says:

    Baby girl just started crawling!

  78. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    My 2 year old learned how to pedal her tricycle. And my unborn baby reached 37 weeks= full term!!

  79. Valerie says:

    Teeth!! At 3.5 months! Yikes!

  80. Ellen says:

    My 6.5 month old is now holding his own bottle!

  81. Angie says:

    Our youngest is starting to sit up without support! She is anxious to chase after her older sister!

  82. Iris says:

    My baby can point to all her different body parts when I ask her where things are in Vietnamese!

  83. sarah says:

    Smiling! :)

  84. Sarah says:

    My little Seattle is almost 8 months and is already taking small steps!!! And he recognizes the color red!

  85. Sarah Hayes says:

    I guess just her talking a lot and understanding even more

  86. Kate says:

    2 teeth at 4 months!

  87. Talia says:

    Not sure if it qualifies as a milestone, but my son learned how to jump!

  88. Amy Lumley says:

    My almost 6 month old was left with the babysitter for the first time today :)

  89. Marylynn says:

    Two days ago my 10 week old daughter discovered her hand–I found her holding her fist up and staring at it!

  90. katie says:

    My little guy has been working on jumping. He’s stand there and bobs up and down going hop hop, Occasionally his feet do leave the floor.

  91. Tami L says:

    My not quite 10 month old took 2 steps numerous times last weekend! And my 28 month old is potty trained!

  92. Kristin says:

    At 6 months pulling herself up on EVERYTHING!!! Lol

  93. Tara says:

    My 5 year old put together a states puzzle all by himself.

  94. Erica says:

    My little guy (13 months) knows that a duck says “quack” and a cow says “moo”!

  95. Cindy Stone says:

    My baby has started smiling in response. She is a sweet 6 weeks old! And growing like a weed ;-)!

  96. Michelle Johnson says:

    My son is feeding himself his little veggies and cut up fruit. He’s making quite a mess, but loving meal times!

  97. Bridget says:

    more awake time, smiling and cooing!

  98. jen says:

    Our 14mo old has finally started signing back to us! It’s so nice to know what he wants vs guessing. :)

  99. Linnea says:

    My little one just learned to crawl and is on his way to walking!

  100. Catherine BW says:

    Mine started to coo recently

  101. Aimee P. says:

    My LO is starting to crawl

  102. Hillary Busch says:

    She started to fall asleep on her own roll over, & doscovered her love of water. :-)

  103. Katie L says:

    Our daughter is 9 months old, and she has recently started pulling up and cruising all over the place :D. She also started babbling this week!

  104. We just hear him laugh for the first time!

  105. Sara Galloway says:

    Sad milestone… our 4 month old is sick for the first time today. He has a double ear infection. The pediatrician said to keep him comfortable by letting him hang in his diaper with his blanket. So grateful he wears cloth! They look so cute on and their comfy and soft against his skin!

  106. Jayme says:

    Baby girl can roll over now! And we’re working on sitting up. I can’t believe how big she is getting!

  107. Heather says:

    My baby finally said papa! He said mama first, of course, but hearing him say papa was so precious :)

  108. Shelly says:

    My 6 month old just started rolling all over the place to get around but he has been standing (putting weight and holding on to things) since 3 months old. I may have an early walker on my hands…not ready for that!

  109. Hannah Solbach says:

    Latest milestone? Climbing. On EVERYTHING. It’s so fun to watch her too. She throws one leg up in the air onto whatever she climbing on, the scrabbles and pulls herself up after it. TOO cute.

  110. Sarah O. says:

    My sweet baby is crawling!!!

  111. Leela R. says:

    My baby’s most recent milestone is that he can now sit up unsupported for an extended period of time! Yeah for self play! Next up, crawling…so close :)

  112. Kasie E. says:

    My little one has started crawling and it getting all over the place these days!

  113. says:

    MY little guy turned 8weeks old yesterday and started giggling, acting ticklish and rolled from tummy to back (left and right) at least 10x :) thanks for the giveaway :)

  114. Kate says:

    My daughter’s mastering eating with a fork. Every meal takes twice as long, but she’s so proud when she actually gets the food to her mouth!

  115. Shawna says:

    My ten month old is standing all by himself and my three year old is getting really good on his new scooter. :)

  116. Amanda says:

    My baby made it through brunch in an actual restaurant without getting grumpy! Is that a milestone? I miss him sticking his tongue out at me when he’s hungry but I love his smiles, which came after. It seems that for each milestone he reaches he grows out of something else. I am torn between wanting him to stay my baby forever and joyfully watching as he learns and grows and becomes more and more engaged with the world around him.

  117. Ashley F says:

    My 16 month old peed on the potty; though I am sure we will still be in diapers for quite a while.

  118. Jenna Neill says:

    My 3 year old just “read” a book!
    and my 1 year old is now putting together sentences!

  119. mary says:

    walking walking walking!

  120. Katie S says:

    My baby’s most recent milestones are learning to shake his head “No” and do the sign-language for “Dog”. He is 13 months. Not walking yet though! We’re still waiting on that one!

  121. Lindsey says:

    My almost 14 month old says 7 words and recently learned how to blow (like blow out a candle or blow on her food). :)

  122. Lauren says:

    My little guy just learned to say “bye bye”

  123. Rebecca says:

    My three year old just started at a preschool 2 days a week this week and my 10 week old just noticed his hands for the first time this past week. They grow so fast! :-)

  124. Bethany says:

    My 4 mo alternates between rolling from tummy to back and deciding that he’d rather cry until I flip him after all. He also enjoys illustrating his own “Mozart effect”–when I play the violin, he makes the funniest faces and occasionally tries to “sing” along!

  125. Jodi J says:

    My “baby” has proved that she’s really becoming more of a toddler as she learned how to climb up on the dining room chairs and from there onto the table.

  126. Jessica says:

    Going down stairs on his own and getting off the couch without falling!

  127. Deedee says:

    Our little lady has started standing on her own, it took by breath away the first time she did it!

  128. Heidi says:

    My little guy has just mastered the art of climbing. He can’t walk on his own yet, but, boy, is he a little monkey!

  129. Kristin Ruggieri says:

    My son has loves to do flips. On the floor, off the couch, etc. He will be 2 next month! We love to post updates on facebook to keep the long distance friends and relatives informed!

  130. Sarah says:

    Baby pulled himself from a sit to a stand for the first time yesterday

  131. Rachel says:

    My 7 week old is lifting his head up and looking around when he is laying on his tummy.

  132. Sarah B says:

    I’m at 35 weeks! 5 more to go until I get to meet my little guy!

  133. Holley says:

    Repeating most words that we say and starting to run!!! LOOK OUT!

  134. Stephanie says:

    My baby has just recently pulled to stand, and is sooo close to crawling! (She’s already scooting all over the place.) :)

  135. Marissa Dettmer says:

    Today’s milestone is our little girl is 4 weeks old, working on head control and smiles and surviving her two older brothers!

  136. Katherine says:

    My boy can pull himself to stand, and walks along the edge of the table!

  137. Jonina says:

    My 51/2 month old started sitting up and last week rolling over :)

  138. Jenna says:

    My almost 4 month old started rolling over yesterday!!

  139. Emily says:

    Making some different noises!

  140. Riley Bird says:

    My 2yr old’s most recent milestone is being about 90% potty trained and I don’t know if its considered a milestone or not, but she is learning to deal with her frustration by stopping & taking “deep breaths”. She’ll say, “I take a breath!” And cover her face until she calms down :) my 6 month old is starting to get up on all fours and rock! So crawling will be happening soon!

  141. Jennifer Hughes says:

    My seven month old recently started army crawling…everywhere & fast!

  142. rachael bolin says:

    Genius you say? Heck yes!!!! 😉

  143. Danielle says:

    My 9 month old recently learned how to dance and it is the cutest thing ever! He pulls himself up on the coffee table, balanced himself on it with his belly, and then raised both arms in the air while bouncing up and down. Adorable.

  144. Kaelyn M says:

    My baby recently started running!

  145. Lara says:

    Lifting her head during tummy time!

  146. Sherrah Behrens says:

    My 20 month old is learning to count…he still mostly just yells out random numbers, but whenever we go somewhere he likes to count the things we see.

  147. Amy B says:

    My youngest son’s latest milestone is consistently eating with a spoon and fork.

  148. Sarah says:

    My littlest one is army crawling faster everyday! And my oldest is sleeping in a big boy bed! :)

  149. Tessa says:

    My sweet baby has still not made his or her appearance yet! I am not due for a couple months. The biggest milestone now that my baby has made is reaching thirty weeks today and kicking more and more everyday! So excited to use BumGenius on our baby!

  150. Angel says:

    My 14 month old used his baby sign language to tell us he wanted to read his Bible. So proud!

  151. Joy says:

    My seven month old just started pulling up and my six year old just started doing head stands

  152. Sarah C says:

    his most recent milestone is adding 3 new signs to his baby sign usage: please, thank you, & cat :)

  153. Adrianne says:

    After only 3 months in the United States, my 2 year old is speaking with many English words!

  154. Sarah says:

    My little guy pulled himself up using the table.

  155. Kara Y says:

    My daughter is 2 and just said the word “beautiful” for the first time when she saw her favorite color in the sunset (pink). My son is still “inside” until November and he just started using my womb as a trampoline to do his flips in…it can be rather painful :)

  156. Jillian says:

    Our 8 month old just started pulling up and cruising around the room – excited for him, not so excited for me! Ha!

  157. Jodie A says:

    Rolling is our big milestone. And a big thing for us is he hit the growth chart! The joys of a preemie. :)

  158. Lindsey says:

    My 14 month old daughter surprised us by threading cheerios on an uncooked spaghetti strand – talk about fine motor skills!

  159. Karen M says:

    My little guy has had 10 new teeth come in within the last two weeks! Hooray for amber teething necklaces!

  160. Maggie says:

    My little guy just said his first word other than “Mama” or “Dada”—“BALL!”

  161. Amanda W says:

    my almost 3yr old is down to only diapers at nap and night! woo hoo ! my 19month old has finally figured out how to run like his brother he has been trying so hard to get those steps faster :) biggest milestone is still about 2wks away when we welcome the newest member to our family.

  162. Carmen h. says:

    Just took a few steps a week ago!

  163. Kendal says:

    He is suddenly into full sentences!!!

  164. Laura Fulks says:

    My “baby” who is 18 months old, has started climbing on everything! Learning lots of new words too. My unborn baby has started kicking all the time,which is so amazing.

  165. jackie says:

    she got her first tooth!!!!

  166. April says:

    climbing stairs!

  167. Jeanne Brooks says:

    Smiling. I got my first toothless gummy smile yesterday!!

  168. Kelley says:

    My LO just turned a year old this past week and is officially walking completely on his own!

  169. Eva Lepe says:

    My 13 months old is starting to dance!

  170. Amanda P says:

    I finally took a dive and let my 1 year old daughter feed herself this morning. Needless to say it was a yogurt mess, but she had a blast and can maneuver the spoon pretty well… Some yogurt actually made it to her mouth :)

  171. Alicia says:

    My 3 month old just started sucking on her toes. May not make her a genius, but it sure is cute! =)

  172. ElizabethW says:

    My 18 month old slept through the night three nights in a row. We may have something here…. a routine! :)

  173. Shannon says:

    Our most recent milestone is eating solids and she’s almost sitting up unassisted, but not there yet.

  174. Jill S says:

    My newly minted 2 year old got a big girl bed and is down to one diaper at night (and doesn’t need it most of the time).

  175. Didi says:

    My baby is 33 weeks gestation today! Only a couple (hopefully not much more) months and our baby girl is here :)

  176. Kristyn E. says:

    She rolls over in both directions at 4 months! She’s hitting all milestones on time or early so far, which is awesome because she was 4 weeks premature!

  177. being born will be her first milestone, lol. My other babies are 4 and 6. Would love to win this as we are looking to use cloth this time!

  178. April Deamond says:

    My 10 month old recently (yesterday!) pulled up on the bath tub!

  179. Paulina Jones says:

    I’ve been wanting the Irwin!!

  180. Katie L says:

    she is going 3 hours during the night now without feeding

  181. Melissa says:

    We are walking!

  182. Meg says:


  183. Sarah says:

    My little baby is due Nov 14th, so our latest milestone is kicking up a storm so dad can feel him, too! :)

  184. Jamie says:

    My big girl has started taking a couple steps by herself!! And my little man started kindergarten!!

  185. rosemary says:

    i’m 33 weeks pregnant, so a big milestone is that she recently began to open her eyes in utero :)

  186. Amanda Wagner-pelkey says:

    The Wild Thing inhabiting my home, Lux, took 3 steps the other day, at 8 1/2 months old! He has since decided that crawling works best for him.

  187. Remy says:

    My babies most recent milestone… well I’m 25 weeks with my first baby – a boy! He weighs around a pound and a half now <3 He kicks like crazy, and his eyes may be opening around now :) So many amazing things happening every day it seems with little mister!

  188. Rebecca says:

    My toddler has just added truck and car sounds to his vocabulary. So cute!

  189. Danielle Cappellini says:

    Swimming! :) My 16m old graduates from her aquatic survival course tomorrow! So proud of her

  190. Emma says:

    Our most recent milestones are starting 4th grade and preK, being fully potty trained and smiling!

  191. Alisha Call says:

    My 8.5-month old is now standing like a champ!! Even taking a few steps while holding on to something! Let the games begin! =)

  192. Erin says:

    My son’s latest milestone was rolling over! We are raising our kids to go at their own pace and think outside the box :)

  193. Jen B says:

    My daughter’s most recent accomplished is day-time potty trained! She’s nowhere near night time trained so I still need my BG!

  194. Elizabeth Yeager says:

    Most recent milestone is cruising. And opening cabinets, and drawers, and tossing things. :)

  195. emma says:

    My 8 month old son is crawling!

  196. Laura says:

    My baby napped in his crib for the first time this week – a milestone at our house!

  197. Jessica T. says:

    Awesome! I don’t know if I’d choose the Lovelace print or the Maathai print though! 😀

  198. Hannah says:

    My little one is beginning to build her vocabulary. It’s so fun to see her learn new words and how to better communicate.

  199. Becky says:

    My 11 week old little guy slept through the night for 8 hours last night!!!

  200. Melinda A says:

    My baby girl started standing on her own!

  201. JenniferLeibstein says:

    Is carrying around a little stool and using it to climb on the couch and coffee table a milestone? Cause she started doing it. She’ll be 1 in two weeks . . .

  202. Audrey says:

    My baby recently reached the 6lb mark. He’s still in utero so not much else to report! :-)

  203. Cassie says:

    My little guy rolled over yesterday! Whoo hoo!

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