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Published on April 15th, 2013 | by Heather Vaughn


Cloth Diaper Stink

Let's face it, at some point in time, your cloth diapers will stink.  It's the nature of the game; cloth diapers serve, well, one real purpose.  The good news is that cloth diaper stink can be avoided and sometimes odor is a sign you may need to change your wash routine a bit.

If your cloth diapers stink a little after being soiled, this is normal.  Washing your cloth diapers every other day prevents many stink issues before they can even start. 
If your overnight cloth diapers stink a bit more than the rest, this is also relatively normal.  The quick fix for overnight cloth diapers with an overpowering stench is to rinse them immediately in the morning.  This will prevent one diaper from stinking up your entire diaper pail.
However, if your cloth diapers smell at other times, you may need to troubleshoot a bit to resolve the issue.  The first thing to do if your cloth diapers start to smell at unusual times is to give them a little sniff after you finish your wash cycles, before drying them.  Your diapers should smell like nothing when they come out of the wash.  If they still have an odor, then you should wash them again.
Sometimes, when your little one adds new food to their diet, it changes the output, sometimes dramatically, for a few days.  You may find you need to give your cloth diapers a little extra attention for a few weeks when your little one is trying new foods.  Rinsing your diapers immediately after the change or adding an extra wash cycle when needed often correct these issues during these tricky transitions.  A bumGenius Diaper Sprayer makes rinsing quick and easy.
If you are experiencing stinky cloth diapers that are not one of these reasons, give our customer service team a call at 1-888-332-2243. There are several variables involved in getting your cloth diapers clean such as laundry detergent, water hardness, type of machine, and more.  Our experienced team knows the right questions to ask to assist you in finding a solution for your family and laundry routine.  No question is too ridiculous to ask!  We want your cloth diapering journey to be successful and we're glad to help by sharing with you a few tricks we've learned along the way in our own cloth diapering adventures!

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