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Published on November 17th, 2011 | by Heather Vaughn


Support Diaper Action Week

This week, November 14-18, is Diaper Action Week. Our friends at Help A Mother Out are coordinating this grassroots effort to raise awareness and gather petition signatures in support of the "DIAPER" Act. As part of a broader coalition, HAMO is supporting this legislative effort spearheaded and sponsored by Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut. The DIAPER act will amend the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 1990. With no new appropriations required, the DIAPER Act is simply a change in the wording of the Grant Act that will allow subsidized childcare facilities to use some of their funds for diapering supplies (disposable or cloth), should they choose to serve their clients that way.

Recently, Jenn Labit shared why she feels The DIAPER Act (HR 3134) is so important for families in need:
The DIAPER Act (HR 3134) would provide diapers to families using subsidized childcare, enabling both parents to work and bring home income that would improve their family’s standard of living. Food is expensive. Diapers are expensive. Childcare providers require that you provide diapers for your baby. It’s difficult to work, even when childcare is free, if you can’t afford to buy diapers for your baby to use during the day.

... We have been writing for several years now about how low income families simply don’t have reasonable access to diapers. We know how badly the babies in these communities need diapers. As a single company though, Cotton Babies can’t possibly “fix” all of the needs the babies have in those areas. Laws governing WIC don’t allow the support of anything but nutrition services. Food stamps work in grocery stores and don’t work on diapers.
We support the DIAPER Act because it includes financing for the purchase of and laundering of cloth diapers. It also helps with the purchase of disposable diapers, enabling families without washing facilities to have access to clean, safe diapers for their baby.

Learn more about the DIAPER Act on the Help A Mother Out website. On this page you can show your support for the DIAPER Act by signing the online petition.

After you sign the petition, share the links with your friends via e-mail or social media. If you tweet, please use the #DiaperAct hashtag to call attention to this social campaign.

You can also read more of Jenn's thoughts on the DIAPER Act in the full post on

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4 Responses to Support Diaper Action Week

  1. sumit kumar says:

    baby diapers are necessary for baby in todays life.many online baby sites give diapers at low cost..
    online baby toys

  2. Akit says:

    baby Diapers act are really helpful .Today each and every parents can’t afford the diaper’s of their child due to having much costly .Thus Government must pass this act in keeping the mind for child care of poor peoples .

  3. Mandylea82 says:

    Let me re-iterate on this. I sounded pretty grumpy above!

    I don’t have a problem with just allowing more flexibility in the spending of already awarded grant money (though I doubt many providers would be willing to spend it in this manner…..sadly enough).

    I simply disagree with asking/requiring the government to perform all of our charitable responsibilities for us……diapers included.

  4. Mandylea82 says:

    Is this just a re-wording that would allow daycare providers to use grant money to pay for diapers for the children while they are in their care?

    I simply can’t support an act that requires our already overburdened government funds to be put toward diapers. Sorry, but I can’t support you on this one.

    If you know someone who needs diapers, help them personally. Get a group together in your local community to help parents that need it. Donate your used diapers or the less-favored of your stash instead of selling them.

    Setting up a government-run diaper program is just opening what could have been a good thing up to abuse and financial mis-management. The horribly run programs already in place demonstrates that nicely.

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