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bumGenius Cloth Wipes Giveaway

In yesterday's blog post, we talked about cloth baby wipes, so today we're giving away some Cotton Babies prize packs that include bumGenius flannel baby wipes and bumGenius Bottom Cleaner. Just to make sure you have a reason to use cloth wipes, we'll also include a bumGenius 4.0 cloth diaper.

To enter today's blog giveaway, please leave a comment sharing how you store your cloth diapers when they are clean and how you organize your changing area. We'll swap some ideas and three random commenters will each receive a prize pack.

Eligible entries must be posted today, Tuesday, March 15, 2011. U.S. Residents only. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary to win. All winners will be drawn Wednesday, March 16, 2011 and notified via e-mail.

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387 Responses to bumGenius Cloth Wipes Giveaway

  1. Brittney says:

    I have small cloth shelves that have 6 sections. One section holds shoes, another for bibs and other food related items, another for towels and wash cloths, another for toiletries and wipes. And Finally on top one side holds the diapers and the other side holds the inserts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We store our cloth diapers in the top drawer of DD’s three drawer dresser which also doubles as her changing table. We have a Planet wise hanging wet bag that we hang off the end of the dresser with a 3M hook for easy clean up and our cloth wipes are in the wipe warmer that sits on the built in book shelves behind her dresser for easy access.

    aemken04 at

  3. I will stuff the clean diapers after I take them out of the dryer and fold them into a canvas bin under my changing table. I will use my white diapers for my overnights (stuffed with the doubler) and my color diapers for the day. When dirty, I place the Number 1 diapers in my wetbag that hangs on the side of my changing table. The number 2’s get sprayed with the diaper sprayer and into a plastic waste basket. I always use my Prince Lionheart Wipes Travel Warmer with the cotton wipes. But we just use water. Makes for a clean, happy baby.

  4. Chey says:

    I store my diapers in one of the plastic drawer carts. Top drawer are prefolds, second drawer are covers and BG AIOs, and third drawer is pockets. It is easy to get to and right beside the changing table. I have a 3 woven wicker baskets on the shelves on the side of my changing table. One is FULL of inserts, one has burp cloths, and one has teething strips, California Baby, nail clippers, etc. Downstairs on the pack and play changing table, I have them organized on the little organizer hanging off the side. It has wipes, inserts, pockets and extra prefolds (for when he is already wearing a cover). When I am upstairs he gets changed on his changing table, downstairs it’s the changing table on the pack and play :)

  5. Drea says:

    On the changing table I keep the changing pad, cloth wipes, and wipe solution bottle. In the drawers underneath I keep diaper covers, extra inserts, and prefolds. I also have a diaper stacker tied to the crib side near the changing table. In there I keep my pockets (pre-stuffed) and AIOs. Everything is within reach during a diaper change!

  6. Becky says:

    I store my cloth wipes dry on a shelf with a spray bottle filled with wipe solution. I store my diapers in the top two drawers of my son’s dresser :)
    rahus85 at gmail dot com

  7. I keep the prestuffed diapers in my top dresser drawer and her changing pad is on top. I have a shelf above the dresser for extras and prefolds, which I use less often. Her wipes and spray bottle are on top of the dresser!

  8. Adrianna Seward says:

    My daughter’s changing table has four square openings in the bottom and we have four bins in the changing table and one of them is full of her pre-stuffed pocket bg collections. I prestuff them after they dry on the line so that my husband and anyone else only has to put the diaper on her.

  9. Keep all the BG AIO folded and in a basket then wipes and butt spray together in another basket.

    mommygoingreen4 at yahoo dot com

  10. Kelly says:

    We have all of our prefolds in a diaper stacker next to the changing table, and all of the supplies and wipes in bins underneath. I have larger bins for AIO and covers, and smaller bins for wipes, snappis, and fleece liners.

  11. HD says:

    Have our wipes and extra inserts in the top drawer, our elementals, which we use during the day in the second drawer and our night time diapers in the last drawer. We keep our diaper potion on a floating shelf above the table which holds lotions and toys for entertaining during changing time!

  12. Heidi Lewis says:

    My husband built a shelf that fits on top of our dresser that has about 8″ tall sides (tall enough to fit 12 prefolds and 6-7 pockets/fitted) and as long and wide as a changing pad. Under that I store my diapers. Folded in thirds are the prefolds and the Bum Genius pockets stuffed next to them followed by the fitted bamboo Bum Genius. My covers are in the top drawer below. To the side of the dresser is my wet bag lined trash for everything! All right there at my finger tips!
    There is room for cloth wipes that I have never used before!

  13. Penny says:

    I keep all of my diapers in baskets under the changing table. I have one basket with my AIOs. I have another basket with my pocket diapers. A 3rd basket with covers, and then a stack of prefolds next to that. Above the changing table I have a shelf that holds wipes, lotions etc. Then I have a hanging pail on the side of the changing table for dirty dipes. Works well for us when I actually decide to put my diapers away :)

  14. jess says:

    I have a wicker basket on a nearby table that holds the AIOs and prefolds. I keep wipes and prefold covers on the changing table in a different basket. It works pretty well as long as we keep up with the laundry!

  15. Lisa says:

    We store our clean diapers in a fabric storage bin next to the changing table. I usually put the extra inserts in the dresser drawer right underneath the bin.

  16. Anonymous says:

    3+ years of cloth diapering (not the same child) I need new wipes!! My changing area is on a dresser. I use a lamby for the pad. I have a potty seat at one end (in the corner) and wipes at the other. The twins sit on the potty between changes. The diapers are stored in the top drawer. I fold and wet the wipes with plain water and store them in a disposable wipes container for use. They get used for EVERYTHING. The diaper pail is to my right since I’m right handed:) martebert(at)att(dot)net

  17. the bakks says:

    I have all of our clean, assembled diapers stored in a basket we bought in Ethiopia this summer…it’s home is under our bathroom sink, and next to our cloth wipes container :)No changing table…and I have loved it that way.

  18. Cynthia says:

    I use a dresser as my changing table. I just have the changing pad and wet (ready to use) wipes on top and diapers and rest of the wipes in the top drawer.

  19. Danie4534 says:

    My changer has two shelves underneath that I put three wicker baskets on each.. I stuff the diapers if they need stuffing or just fold them in half and stand them up in the baskets(I’ll admit- by color :) ) on the bottom shelf is all the inserts that I haven’t used!

  20. I stuff my BG’s and keep them in two places. Some in a wicker basket in the living room and some in another basket near the actual changing area in the nursery. This helps for two reasons. I can change the baby in a pinch if my toddler is sleeping since they share a room and simply because it’s a pain to run with a leaky baby when she blows out a diaper. :) The changing area is a dresser/changing table top that flips out. I have some supplies in one of the compartmentalized drawers and the essential wipes near the changing pad, but most changes take place on the couch with a travel pad under her bum. :)

  21. We keep all our diapers in bins on the shelves in our changing table – BG are on the top b/c they are the easiest for babysitters and grandparents when they come over! Flip covers and inserts are in a separate bin next to the BG, and then the other miscellaneous diapers from other brands are on the bottom shelf. Our cloth wipes are in a stack as well, next to Flip disposables and some disposable wipes for those really bad dirty diapers!
    lauraclarekelly at hotmail dot com

  22. ziemkes says:

    I keep by BG covers and inserts stacked side-by-side in a nursery basket in our playroom, where we spend the most time. I find having them where we are playing makes it very convenient for quick changes!

  23. Marlena says:

    I have all of my inserts, doublers and covers in a drawer in the dresser that is our changing table. I have all of my inserts and doublers sorted separately (hemp, cotton, microfiber). On top of my changing table, I have a basket with my cloth wipes, bottom cleaner and usually 3-4 stuffed diapers that are ready to use! Being organized really makes cloth diapering easier, especially for my husband! :)

  24. well we have shelves set up in the kids’ closet and in the living room, but generally i just dump the laundry basket of clean stuff and work out of that pile.

  25. Babshoff says:

    We store our cloth diapers in a hanging shelf in the closet. It is easy to pick between the two styles (velcro BumGenius & Fuzzibunz), pick your color & have them at eye level. The changing table (which is babies desk when he gets bigger) is next to the closet. It has a contour changing pad & little basket. The basket has wipes, lotion & a ditty bag (clippers etc). In the desk chair area is a little diaper can. Our system has stayed the same for nine months now. Pretty easy. The desk drawers have socks/bibs, pjs, onsies and pants. Everything at your fingertips.

  26. We store our clean diapers in the top drawer of the changing table/dresser, the ones that don’t fit there go in the closet in a hanging shoe organizer (we use that to also hold her shoes, socks in a bin and a few other things). On the changing table is the changing pad and the wipe container.

  27. Dana says:

    We have a changing table with 2 open shelves on it. I purchased 6 little fabric storage bins from Target and sort the diapers on the shelves in bins by type, aio’s, pre-folds, flip inserts, covers and then we have another bin that holds all of my hand-made cloth wipes. We also always have coconut oil and a spray bottle of water (for the wipes) at arms reach on the top of the changing table.

  28. Carolyn says:

    Well, my first baby is due next month, so I don’t have a changing station set up yet (soon though!), but I’m planning on her changing table/dresser having a wipes warmer with the cloth wipes pre-moistened along with possible fleece liners, cloth-diaper safe tooshie creams, etc… I can’t wait! :)

  29. HannahBG says:

    Our changing table has shelves underneath. We keep our clean cloth diapers (BumGenius 4.0 Elementals) in canvas bins on the middle shelf. On the top (where the changing table pad is), we have a smaller, compartmentalized canvas bin with the baby’s lotion, diaper ointment, pacifiers, wipes, etc. We’ve been using disposable wipes that we got at our baby showers until now (baby’s only three weeks old), but we’re interested in using cloth wipes. This would be a great way to try them out!

  30. Johanna says:

    We use a small dresser as a changing table. The left drawer holds all the inserts lined up on their side. The right drawer holds all the covers folded as well as a roll of liners and a container of dry wipes. Wipes spray is kept locked in the closet next to the changing table so my two year old doesn’t go crazy spraying everything while I’m not looking. Wet bag hangs on the bathroom door where we rinse or spray all our diapers.

  31. We are close to the expected date. My plan has been to buy my wife anything she wants and then change diapers when she tells me to using the system she comes up with.

  32. Kelli says:

    I am a basket person. Clean diapers in a basket- and another clean diaper basket in the living room because we change both places.

  33. Libby says:

    i actually use a diaper stacker! and my changing area is a little basket so I can take it wherever it’s needed!

  34. Kristine says:

    I store my clean cloth diapers and wipes in a basket in our ottoman. The ottoman top lifts up and it is the perfect place to store them out of the way. I babysit and even the his extra diapers/wipes easily fit in.

  35. Angie says:

    I’ve gone through a couple of arrangements for storage. When the little man was first born and using CDs, we used the top of the dresser in his room for a changing area, and the diapers were in drawers. Then he got a bit too big for the top of the dresser, so I moved the diapers to the top of the dresser, and we changed him on the floor. We’ve changed again, mostly because with him on the floor, he can easily run away. For the most part, he stays still on top of the dresser, so we got the changing pad out again and are using that. We also bought a ClosetMaid 2 cube organizer, hung that on the wall right next to the dresser, and are using the cubes for odds and ends, including cloth wipes, and the top for diapers.

    I use the Prince Lionheart warmer that we purchased with returns to Babies R Us from a shower. LOVE IT! We use the warm, moist wipes for many things, not just diaper cleaning. They work well for runny noses, a quick face wash, etc.

    Love my BGs!!!

  36. TeahPettit says:

    I like to stuff all my one size BG’s so they’re ready for use. I’ve used a diaper stacker for storage in the past but currently I just stack them on the second shelf of my changing table. I do my best to keep my cloth wipes ready in an old disposable wipe container with a mild mixture of water and fragrance-free baby soap. I have a trash can with a locking lid (to keep out the 2 year old) close by so as to be able to separate the diaper right after changing. My youngest is still on breastmilk only so we don’t need our diaper sprayer yet, but it is ready and waiting on the master bath toilet for easy access.

  37. I stack my “ready to use” bum genius’ and I have all my flats folded and stacked…ready to place in my flips…which are stacked right next to the flats. I have all of these in a drawer in the changing table. my wipes are on the top of the changer stacked in a wipes case with a squirt bottle next to them so i can moisten as needed :)

  38. Catherine says:

    I am not the most organized, but it works for me. I have everything in 2 reusable shopping bags, and prefolds draping on the arm of a chair. I guess organization falls to other (more important IMO) things ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. Anna says:

    I use a diaper stacker for most of my BG 4.0 stash. They end up not quite fitting, so the remainder go in the top dresser drawer along with my cloth wipes in their container and other various diapering items. The ‘sposies are in a caddy on the top. (Wish we could ditch ’em altogether, but the hubs is not on board with that!)

  40. Ruthie says:

    Dresser drawer of changing table. Right to left AIOs flip covers then stay dry inserts. Pockets are behind the first row of diapers. Cloth wipes in Tupperware next to changing pad.

  41. Ashley says:

    I put clean diapers in the top drawer of my changing table. All other diaper accessories (eg. wipes, liners, creams etc) are placed on a roll up cart with compartments, so I can easily roll it up to the changing table and have everything I need!

  42. Sarah says:

    We just moved so we are not too organized yet, but our wipes are sitting near our basket of diapers. We keep them dry and wet them with water as we use them. If we are going out I will wet a few and keep them in a small wetbag. I was so glad when we switched from sposie wipes and we have never looked back!

  43. Desiree' says:

    Still working on the nursery but I plan on stacking pockets in the diaper stacker and stashing prefolds and covers in the dresser/changing table.

  44. Jill says:

    The baby isn’t here yet, so things may change. But for now everything is set next to my bed in a basket awaiting use. We are new to cloth diapering, so I have a lot to learn and have loved all the info in the comments!

  45. Klemm Family says:

    I keep the diapers in his closet on a shelf. The squirt bottle and wipes travel throughout the house depending on where I change him.

  46. I have a hanging closet organizer, the kind that can fold in half. It has six openings total and hangs next to the changing table. I organize it by style – two openings for pocket/AIOs, one for inserts and doublers, one for covers, etc. I keep my wipes in a ziploc on the changing table (not too cute but it works) and keep the spray bottle for them in one of the openings on the organizer.

  47. Jessika S says:

    I have everything mostly on the dresser; it doubles as a changing table. Ok I have a changing pad, 2 cloth-lined baskets that fit about 12 or so diapers each. Another smaller basket for extra inserts, hemp doublers, etc. I reused the huggies wipes container for my cloth wipes so that’s also on top. And of course some toys and hand sanitizer.

    Jessika (dot) Stanton (at) gmail (dot) com

  48. jessica says:

    the first drawer of the changing table/dresser holds all the dipes and inserts. Wipes, spray, creams, are in a basket on top.

  49. Jen says:

    The bottom 2 shelves of our changing table have bins, so clean cloth diapers go in one of the bins. Wipes are next to them (disposable ones right now, but I want to switch to cloth!)

  50. Madeline says:

    I’ve got my clean dipes lined up in the top drawer of the dresser/changing table. The only other things on the changing table are my wipes warmer with cloth wipes and a basket with lotions, cream, and vitamin drops.

    madelinemiller at gmail dot com

  51. Anne says:

    The diapers are in cloth bins on the shelves of the changing table. The diapers are then sorted by how many we use in one day and there is one extra stored with the wipes, just in case the count is off!

  52. *Luckily* they are all clean right now, because our baby isn’t arriving for another couple weeks! But they are prepped and sorted in a dresser in her room and a storage container next to the pack and play in the living room. We thought we would have some upstairs and downstairs, so we are not always having to run for diapers :) Both area are organized with diapers in the top drawers for easy access and with same types of diapers together, so depending on what we think will work best we can grab!

  53. Ann Marie says:

    We’re expecting our first little one in April. I’m planning on storing about 1/2 dozen clean diapers in a cute basket on top of the changing table/dresser. The rest will be folded and lined up in the top drawer of the table. Next to the basket of diapers and changing pad will be another basket to hold all the supplies. :-) Extras will be in the cabinet on the side of the table. Then we’ll have a diaper bag for each of us, packed & ready for changes on the go. Hoping this all works!

  54. Heather says:

    We keep our diapers in a cabinet in the living room. The cabient has a door, so they aren’t out in the open. We don’t have a changing area. Well, we do, but we never use it. Our changing area is wherever the baby ends up when we change the diaper :)

  55. gkd says:

    My changing area is the top of a dresser with a set of plastic drawers next to it. Moving left to right, this is how it’s set up: changing pad; little basket with hand sanitizer, ointment, cream, liners, and odor remover spray; wipe warmer; big wicker basket with BGs, econobum covers, and a box of tissues for wiping off goop from my hands (cream or otherwise); and on top of the plastic drawers, my prefolds lying flat.

  56. Lolly says:

    I store my son’s everyday diapers (bg pockets) in a 12″ canvas box that has four compartments on top of his dresser where I do most of the diaper changing. Each compartment holds two stacks of three diapers so I can keep color families separate. For my newbie daughter her bg pockets go in a basket on her dresser, but I am hoping to find another canvas box because that works so well and holds 24 diapers perfectly. I also have a basket downstairs that I keep under the couch with 4-8 diapers for quick changes as needed. Extra inserts and diapers that we don’t use very often go in the bottom drawer and dry wipes are kept on the top of their dressers and are sprayed wet as needed.

  57. I have a bin with diapers ready for my 7 month old and another bin ready with diapers for my 2 year old. I have extra inserts in another bin. Then, a small basket with flannel wipes and wipe solution.

  58. Rachel D. says:

    I sort them after they are washed and dried, stuff them, snap, velcro, etc (put them all together). When they are all put together I arrange them in a bin I keep under my changing table. I put my wipes in an empty wipes container. Easy!

    annie8cu at yahoo dot com

  59. Cherie says:

    I have some adorable matching baskets that sit on the shelves of my changibng table. I store the diapers in one and the extra inserts in another. I keep my wipes in a wipe warmer moistened with some lovely natural wipe juice.

  60. Anonymous says:
    Francine Miranda
    I have a small dresser I bought from Ikea with bins stored on top, My prefolds go in the bins, my pockets go in the drawers of the dresser and I have this pouch thing I also got from ikea it has 6 pouches and it hangs on the wall on top of the dresser and my covers all go in there. I also keep my cloth wipes in bins ontop of the dresser.I always put everything away after its clean Im a lil Ocd about it lol

  61. Nerd Mama says:

    We keep our diapers in two fabric-lined baskets beneath the changing table, one for Flip inserts and the other for covers. Right now we only have one BG 4.0 that we use as a nighttime diaper, it gets stuffed right after washing and stuck between the baskets. We’re still using disposable wipes and those are on a cabinet next to the changing table with the diaper cream, and the diaper pail is on the other side. Bottom of the changing table stores extra wipes and the disposable diapers we keep on hand “just in case”, though at this point I’m worried that she’ll outgrow the sposies before we ever bother using them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  62. Melissa says:

    I have a long skinny basket next to my wipes on my changing table where I store the covers and a few rolled by prefolds and inserts for quick grabbing. I store snappis and the rest of my stash in a drawer. I often just dump the clean diapers in the drawer without folding them. I’m playing with the idea of hanging some twine high above the table where I can just clothes pin the covers to air out….

  63. SondraMama says:

    we live in a tight space. so, there is a bookshelf in the boys’ room. the first two shelves are filled with books & the other two are filled with diapers. the dresser that the boys share has some prefolds / flats / covers folded up into one drawer. the other drawer has inserts & the rest of the prefolds / flats.
    the wipes go in a plastic storage bin, right on top of the dresser. and the changing “area” is on the floor. =/ no room for a changing table.

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  64. Adrian says:

    mine are stored in 3 baskets, 2 for each child.

    The large canvas baskets hold the dipes and fitteds, and two woven baskets hold prefolds and burp rags. I also keep their doublers in them. They used to be rainbow organized in it as well :)

    wipes are kept wet and dry, one days worth in a flip lid rubbermaid container with water and wipe solution, and the rest in a flannel bag :)

  65. Jennifer says:

    I have a set of 3 plastic drawers. In the top drawer I keep Bum Genius 4.0’s, in the second drawer I keep my Flip covers and inserts, and in the 3rd drawer I keep the newborn inserts, plus my Econobum covers and inserts. I have an area in my bedroom and my living room where I keep necessary changing supplies. At night I toss extra BG 4.0’s on the table near the baby!

  66. After the diapers are washed, they’re re-stuffed so they’re ready to go. I keep them stored in three different open bins I got from the kids section of Ikea. They’re the perfect size for Fuzzibunz, (which lay flat), BumGenius 3.0 (which I fold in half) and the prefolds folded in half. The bins are then on the first shelf of the changing table. Super simple, super easy, and no real folding involved.

  67. cbeliso says:

    We cosleep and change diapers on the bed, so we just store the prefolds, Flips, wet bag, and wipes in a cloth bin at the side of the bed for easy access. Makes those nighttime diaper changes a cinch.

  68. Anonymous says:

    We use a changing table with baskets on the shelves to organize the diapers and inserts. With three baskets on a shelf, it’s organized by size and one size diapers. Wipes are next to the changing pad along with hand sanitizer. He is only a week old so we will see how long this system lasts!

  69. I have a cute little green basket that I fold and put all our pocket diapers into. I put it on top of the dresser by the changing table, next to the cloth wipe warmer. That way I can just reach in and grab a new one when needed and everything is in arms reach of the changing table. You can see pictures of it on my very first post on my blog.

  70. christine says:

    I use a few baskets on my changing table shelves. One for covers,one for prefolds and one for microfiber inserts. I also fold and stack my bamboo soakers beside the baskets. I am dying to get more bamboo soakers so I may need to make somemore shelf room :)oh and on the a shallow basket for wipes and one for my snappis (these are small ones)
    christine murphy

  71. Jacqueline says:

    I have two different areas that I use for changing my son. In his room I keep the clean diapers in a a drawer below the changing pad. In the other place I put the clean diapers in a basket to keep them neat and clean.

  72. I have a basic changing table with a shelf my husband made hanging overhead with cubbies in it. I store my pocket diapers snapped or velcroed close in piles on the changing table along with some extra pre-folded prefolds. The shelf overhead stores some prefolds, extra inserts, diaper covers, snappis, cloth wipes & spray bottle, etc. in the different cubbies.

    I bought some fabric cubes to store some things in once I get my baby’s dresser set up and her clothes out of the changing table.

  73. Heidi says:

    Since both my husband and I are tall, most changing tables are too short for us. We were given an old dresser that was just the right height for us, so we stained it and use it as her dresser and changing table. I keep the cloth wipes folded in half dry in a disposable wipes tub that was given to us at our baby shower. We use the peri-bottles that they gave me at the hospital to squirt the diapers with just plain water. We keep the tub and the quirt bottles on top of the dresser next to the changing pad. We wash the wipes with our diapers. Easy!

  74. T Rex Mom says:

    We keep our clean diapers in a wooden wine carton. We don’t drink wine but we have a friend who sells it. He has all these left over wooden boxes. They are wonderful. Rather than them going into the trash we put our diapers or toys into them. Plus, it keeps things smelling fresh.

    Thanks so much. jralderete at yahoo dot com

    By the way, received my Change 3 Things kit in the mail – love it. Thank you.

  75. Lori says:

    After stuffing out diapers, we store them in her top dresser drawer. I keep her wipes in a pile at her changing table.

  76. Me says:

    We store clean diapers in a big lined basket on the first shelf under the changing table. Pockets/aio go in there, and extra doublers, inserts, and covers go in another basket underneath. We would love to try out cloth wipes!

  77. lnevans says:

    I keep all of my pocket diapers (my favorite type!) and inserts in a basket on the changing table. I also have a basket of wipes. I keep all of my other diapers, liners, etc. stacked in the cabinet under my changing table.

    Unfortunately my DS is too squirmy to use the changing table anymore, so I grab what I need and change him on my bed.

  78. Jaime Cheaney says:

    We store our GroVia diapers, shells, and hemp pads in a wooden “diaper box” in our living room. I have tinkered around with using plain white washcloths (wetting them with warm water before a diaper change)to replace the regular wipes I use.

  79. Jenn from IL says:

    I have baskets on a shelf that I use to fold and store clean diapers. On trips, we use a wet/dry bag.

    Jenn R from IL

    Jenn454ss@hotmail (dot) com

  80. I have a plastic bin that the diapers are stored on. The cloth inserts for Econobums are piled in (and over) the bin. Next to the bin are the covers and the BumGenius diapers that have been put together. On the other side of the bin is usually a lint roller, since the BumGenius covers seem to collect a bit of lint while drying.

  81. Jenna says:

    i fold our flip inserts in half and have them in a basket on top of the changing table. i used to fold the covers similar to the way they come shipped, but got tired of that and now i just toss them in the top drawer of the changing table. wipes are in the top drawer too. diaper pail is in the bathroom across from baby’s room. i alternate 2 flip covers throughout the day to allow them to dry in between changes.

  82. Her changing pad is on top of her dresser. Her clean diapers are put into a drawer right in that dresser. Wipes on top. Her pail is in the half bath along with the diaper sprayer just to keep things clean and out of her room. So a wet diaper just gets dropped off in there, and a dirty diaper gets sprayed off and then put in the pail. I try to keep things organizer- I can’t stand the clutter!

  83. I pre-stuff my diapers and keep them in a big wicker basket under the changing table. I keep cloth wipes, wipe spray, and a few stuffed diapers on top of the table, as well as a few of the newborn inserts to add to my little guy’s overnight diaper.

  84. pappi says:

    I store everything underneath or on the changing table in our room, except for the occasional stray snappi I place on his temporary dresser. The wipe spray and diaper balm I keep next to the changing pad, while the other stuff are in their separate bins: his current size prefolds are in the big bin, then the smaller prefolds (for doubling) and AIOs in the medium bin, and the diaper covers and gDiaper supplies in the smaller bins. The wipes are placed on top of the disposable wipes’ case.

  85. Sarah Hull says:

    I organize my diaper changing area in my sons room by keeping all of his diapers in little baskets. I have a basket for nap-time/overnight, one for fitteds and covers, and one for pockets/AIO’s. That way my husband or I can just reach for what we need. I keep my sons cloth wipes in a little wipe warmer and the dirty diapers just go straight into the diaper pail in the laundry room. My sons changing area is on the floor now, since he outgrew the changing table length-wise a couple months ago.

    I also keep a mini-version of this downstairs- one basket has dry wipes, 2-3 diapers, a changing pad and wipe water in a little basket on a side table.

    SHull2319 at gmail dot com

  86. We change our baby on top of a dresser so the Bumgenius diapers are in the drawer right below the changing pad. Wipes are in a basket next to the changing pad.

  87. Melissa says:

    I store my CD in wicker baskets in the living room and in plastic drawers in the bedroom. I like to stuff all the pockets after I take them out of the dryer/line. My wipes go into a smaller basket until I need them.

  88. Stephanie says:

    Well the baby won’t be here until August so for now mine are in the closet waiting for the little one to come so I can start using them! I’m not sure yet where everything will be once the baby is here!

  89. Laura says:

    We are selling our house and moving, so right now my cloth diapers reside in a laundry basket (that is WAY overfilled). This way, they are mobile and can go where ever baby is and where ever we are hanging out for the day.

    I have dreams that my new house will have a huge family room with a changing area in the corner and some sort of organizational system for my diapers! :)

  90. Jenn says:

    I stuff all my diapers and trifold my prefolds and put one in each cover all ready to go. Our changing table has dresser drawers and one of them is filled with the diapers in rainbow order :) Next to the changing pad I have a basket with my cloth wipes, spray bottle, CJ’s cream, and other things like baby lotion and hand sanitizer in it. Right next to our changing table we have a kitchen sized trash can with a lid that I have a pail liner in. I keep dirty diaper there and when it’s wash day I just lift out the liner, put our spare one in and it’s good to go!
    jennifer_atchison at hotmail dot com

  91. Van says:

    our diapers are all organized by day/night and the ones we like to use most on top, but we still use disposable wipes.
    vcoday at cox dot net

  92. Jenn says:

    Changing pad on the left, wipes and a diaper on the right, extra diapers on a shelf below the changing table. We use disposable wipes now, but I would love to try some cloth ones! We’ll see how my husband feels about that…

  93. Me says:

    We have a changing Pad on top of my son’s dresser, to the right of his dresser is our diaper pail and right next to that is a set of white Yaffa blacks. O the top of the Yaffa Blocks is the wipe warmer that we keep all the cloth wipes in, on the first shelf we have all his premium prefolds tri-folded in two piles, (I’ve recently started putting a fleece liner on top of each prefold in the stack which shaves a few minutes off of having to add it when changing), on the second shelf we have a pile of regular prefolds (our back ups) and a canvas basket which holds all our covers, flips and econobums.
    We have another baby on the way and I plan on using the BG 3.0’s I purchased on a last chance sale for the new baby. Those will be kept in the top drawer of the dresser.

  94. stefanie says:

    we have our changing station set up on a sideboard built by my father years ago. in it we have all of DD’s clothing stored… her dipes and inserts etc. are stored in a cloth organizer/caddy at the end of her crib. i keep prefolds and grovia soaker pads together, inserts, doublers and hemps together, and all the pockets, covers and AIO’s together. on top of our changer is a contoured changing pad, and a basket for her cloth wipes, spray, snappis and coconut oil… when we’re traveling i sure miss it!

  95. Sarah says:

    Right now they are stored in a huge rubbermaid bin until we get our BFP. After that I plan on storing them in canvas totes under a change table.

  96. Jennifer Manley says:

    Like most here, I store my cloth diapers in the top drawer of my changing table and my wipes, hemp liners, cream and whatever else I need on top of the changing table in a basket. For me, the key is to start a routine with the diapers early. As soon as I bring the clean laundry up, I assemble the diapers and put them in the drawer so they are ready to go when I need them.

  97. Jessica says:

    I have a 3 drawer organizer that I use to store almost all of our cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories. Top drawer holds what few wipes I do have as well as diaper safe creams, snappis, hand sanitzer, wipe solution cubes, an extra pail liner, and a few bath and first aid items. Second drawer has all of the diapers we need to use and drawer 3 holds extras and what newborn diapers I have so far(i’m due may 14th). When #2 arrives drawer 2 will be for my older DD and drawer 3 will be just for my NB plus maybe some extras of DDs if there is room.

  98. we have twin girls. we store them in some open cloth storage containers nearby the changing station. the changing station we converted from just a dresser to a dresser + changing table (on top). when i’m about to change them, i grab the diapers, liners, wipes and set them up (if needed), and any clothes that i’m changing them into. once i remove the cloth diaper, i put it in the pink plastic bin the hospital gives you (that’s placed on top of the trash can), so i know to go put them in the diaper pail/wash them afterward.

  99. Chelsea says:

    I would like to say I have a better system but I don’t…. I just have my FLIP covers in a pile and inserts (folded in half) in another. I am in temporary housing so we don’t have a changing table. Right now the changing table is the guest bed…

    I have been WANTING to start using cloth wipes but haven’t yet due to cost (I know it isn’t much, but hey- I did say we were living in temporary housing). Hopefully I can start soon!

  100. LiciaLee says:

    I keep diapers in baskets on the shelves under the changing table, organized by diaper type. I prestuff all pockets and get them snapped to the right setting. Easy for daddy that way!

  101. Sarah says:

    We store ours all lined up in rectangular baskets and actually put clean wipes in the old disposable wipe tubs, they work perfect! I stick the liners, creams, spray, etc. all next to the basket and I love how everything looks all bright and cheery compared to plain old white disposables :)

  102. Anonymous says:

    As a grandma who cares for my two grandchildren, I store my diapers under the sink in our 3/4 bathroom. I store them “stuffed” and ready to go. I also use prefolds, so those are folded and the covers are stored right next to them. I also store cloth wipes under the sink also. This way I have access to water while I change their diapers. And I have a diaper sprayer installed on the toilet to wash the diapers out after. I have a changing pad on the floor(which is much safer than up on a dresser etc)as anyone changing a lot of diapers on a 13 month old and 15 month old knows how much they wiggle around!

  103. Staci says:

    I store them in my son’s changing table. We do prefolds so I have all the Econobum covers stuffed with the prefolds in the top drawer and then the extras in the drawer below. There is a bar hanging above the changing table where I let the covers dry if needed and them put another prefold in and stick it back in the top drawer. That makes it super easy for my husband to change our litle boy’s diaper.

  104. Frances says:

    I have a six shelf organizer, in wish I plan to put the pile diapers in one shelf and the cloths in the other (as soon as I get them, I’m new to this) and I have the wipes on top, in which ill put the cleaner too.

  105. jdeemarie says:

    I have a short and wide dresser from IKEA that is the perfect height for a changing table. I keep all my diapers (stuffed pocket diapers, AIOs, AI2s, and prefolds) in the middle drawer. In the bottom drawer I keep the night diapers and the baby’s clothes. One of the top drawers holds diaper covers, diaper cream, liners, and doublers. The other top drawer holds undershirts and socks. On the top of the dresser is a changing table pad (covered with a toddler size prefold) and a small basket that holds wipe spray and my pins (in a small wrapped bar of soap). Above the changing table is a shelf with hooks. I have a wipe dispenser hanging on one of the hooks and I use the remaining hooks to hang my covers to air dry betweeen changings. I have everything within easy reach so changes are quick and easy.

    Jodi Jordan
    jdeemarie @

  106. I Cloth diaper a 22 month old and 3 month old. I have a dresser as a changing table in each room. I keep their cd’s in the top drawer. I have a changing pad on top of the dressers and cloth wipes already wet in baby’s room. Dry wipes in toddler room with a spray bottle. I wish I had an area big enough to have a changing area instead of 2.

  107. Bri says:

    I store my cloth diapers in clear plastic drawers labeled (AIO/pocket/fitted) and there is a drawer for dry cloth wipes. I also have a wipe warmer with moistened wipes and a bottle for spritzing for heavy duty messes!

  108. Destiny C says:

    We use a basket tote for storing and organizing. I load it with my cloth diapers, wipes, and other random baby necessities and it’s so easy to move around the house! We don’t use a changing table, we do changes wherever is most convenient :)

  109. Carrie Roer says:

    We have a changing table in the nursery with baskets underneath for all her stuff, including her cloth diapers!

  110. Susan says:

    I have the diapers stuffed and seperated by hook and loop and snaps since my hubby feels more comfortable with velcro! They are stored in the cabinet under her dresser on the top shelf and the prefolds and flips are stored under that. I store my wipes in an empty wipes container with Buns Up solution in the spray bottle!

  111. JLibbyBoyle says:

    We have all our “put together, clean” diapers in one drawer and extra inserts in the following drawer. I use a narrow canvas crate to store wipes, water bottle, and butt paste…basically the essentials. And then I have another larger canvas crate for all other ointments, medicines, etc.

    Honestly though, it’s my husband that organizes everything!

  112. Amber says:

    I have a 4 month old and use chinese prefolds. I prefer our unbleached prefold to bleached so when they are clean, I stack them in the top drawer of her changing table with the unbleached on top and bleached on the bottom-this way, I can easily grab my favorites first. I use an angel fold tucked in cute thristie wraps.We also have a some BG3.0 that we store in the drawer or in her diaper bag to make traveling easy.

  113. I stack all my diapers on the lower shelf in my main bathroom closet. The inserts are folded up and put into a basket on the same shelf. I don’t really have a designated changing area. I have a couple of boxes in my house in different rooms. I just lay my son down to change him where ever is convenient.

  114. Rae says:

    I store mine in a lined whicker basket. I have them at the ready. Since i only have 13 storing is pretty easy. My wipes (cloth) are in the wipe warmer along with the bottle i use to spritz on to my wipe. Working great. Would love this diaper spray tho and needing more diapers so getting one of them would be a bonus too!!

  115. Amy says:

    After the BG diapers are clean and stuffed I have them neatly folded and ready to go in two baskets that fit under the area I change my baby. Beside the changing part of the table/dresser I keep the wipes. In a drawer underneath the wipes I keep the diapering essentials or any needed items that need to be within easy reach. Currently I put the used diapers in a bag outside the baby’s room but hope to make or buy a wet bag to hang on a knob nearby. My plan is then to grab that bag and put the contents in a bigger bag in the laundry room until it’s time to wash the diapers again.

  116. Anonymous says:

    My son still sleeps in our room, so while the nursery changing table is all set up, it doesnt get much use yet. I store all of his pre stuffed pocket diapers stacked in a large reusable bag, its easy to grab for quick changes and can move from room to room easily, its only temporary but it works for now :)
    Laura Bentley

  117. Mandam1018 says:

    I have a changing table with a hutch above it and all my cd go on the two selves in the hutch. My wipes get sorted into 11 wipes per stack and get stored in the cabinet above the wipes warmer until they are ready to go in the warmer.

  118. Misty says:

    I put ours in plastic drawers and have them all organized by type with scrapbooking letter stickers on the front. The wipes are in a cute jj cole container with a handle to move with you for diaper changes.

  119. Mariannita says:

    We keep our cloth diapers in a plastic box, just besides the changing table. We fold the inserts and organize them according to sizes; the flip covers fit in there as well, and the organic AIO and the BG 4.0ยดs fit nicely until we use them during the night.
    Los Angeles, CA

  120. Jess says:

    We converted a computer desk to a changing table, by buying a changing pad, a non-skid mat so it doesn’t slide around, and then put a small 3-shelf end table to the right of the desk. We roll the clean cloth diapers, and store those in the top shelf, the second shelf has a pull-out bin with the diaper covers, and the bottom shelf has a bin for burp clothes & bibs. To the left we have a garbage can with a diaper pail liner to toss the soiled diapers into. Saved us a lot of money by using furniture pieces we already owned and improvising! Cloth diaper wipes make so much sense, we just haven’t gotten to invest in them yet!

  121. I keep all my BG OS stuffed and ready for use. We are PT’ed during day, so just need BG at nap/night. The contents of my changing table are scaled way back now! :) have a cute little “31” organizer for my stuff on top of changer!

  122. lyssamay88 says:

    I haven’t started to CD yet, but I’m planning on using baskets under my changing table to store diapers in, and I want to put them together, ready to use, so they are easy to grab.

  123. We store the diaper inserts in shoe box sized open bin on the dresser we use for diaper changes. The pockets we keep in a reused Pampers box next to the inserts. The changing pad straps are hooked onto little hooks on the back of the dresser. We keep wipes, ointments/medicine and the radio on a little shelf installed over the diaper changing area.

  124. Monica says:

    I use my husband’s changing table from 1981 that has two lower shelves. I bought some fabric-covered baskets: one for pocket diapers, one for microfiber inserts and hemp doublers, one for extra wipes and fleece, and one for diaper covers and bibs. One extra basket sits to the side that has prefolds in it, I also have a wipe warmer sitting on there somewhere, too! Diaper creams, snappis, and other accessories sit in a triangle-shaped shelf to the side.

  125. Oh boy. My husband is in charge of doing diapers and we only have 12 so we’re constantly doing laundry and usually stuff as we go. I think we may need some more diapers…!!

  126. Tammy says:

    I use GB cloth diapers and I have them ready with an insert, then I place a disposable liner on top and stack them up on my changing table shelf. Any diapers that don’t fit go into a dresser drawer that is next to the table. I store my cloth wipes in a wipe warmer on top of the table along with bottom cleaner.

  127. Tammy says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  128. Mya Burgoon says:

    I use the top drawer of our dresser/changing table combo from Ikea to store our diapers and have a stack of wipes and a container of water on top of the table. We use a hands free trash can in the closet with a PUL liner for the dirties!. I love the motion sensor trash can!

  129. Beany14 says:

    Am I still eligible if I haven’t started cding yet cause my baby is due in June? I plan on cding and using cloth wipes on my lo. We have a dresser as our changing table and I plan on using the first drawer for my stash of diapers, covers, inserts, and wipes. I am soooo excited to start cding my baby!

  130. Mrs.Volks says:

    Interesting question. I haven’t given a whole lot of thought to my organization. I have a diaper drawer, which is where I store – you guessed it! – diapers. My “changing table” is actually the top of a waist-level bureau. I have a changing pad that covers about 3/4 of the top of the dresser and my supplies (wipes, lotion, etc) are on the right. Extra supplies are in a small drawer next to the larger diaper drawer. Easy-peasy.

  131. Laura says:

    I keep my diapers stuffed and in a basket on the dresser next to the changing pad.

  132. I have a home daycare, even though I am not to successful in encourage cloth for their little ones bums I can do a little part in using the cloth wipes. Plus it saves me a ton!

  133. Anonymous says:

    My sons cloth diapers are stored in a diaper hanger off his pack-n-play (which also serves as our storage bin and changing table since he sleeps in bed with us) and in a hanging shelf system we have in our closet. We use mostly the econobum sets but we also have done BumGenius which are my favorite! I want to get more, I just have to wait for a good sale as we are on a really tight budget… The BumGenius diapers are stored in a bin next to the pack-n-play. :)
    Lacee Cobble

  134. Jen says:

    I have a number of baskets in an open bookshelf within reach of my changing table – I put wipes and bum cleaner in one, night diapers (triple stuffed 4.0s) in another and the rest of my diapers in a third. Even though my night diaper basket isn’t really full, separating them out has been a huge time saver!

  135. Charla says:

    Our chainging table has 2 shelves on which we keep 4 large baskets. The top 2 baskets are for our bum genius; the bottom 2 hold cloth wipes and extra inserts and a small set of bamboo one size fitteds and covers.

  136. Michelle says:

    We keep our diapers pretty organized. Once they are all clean and dry the BG’s get stuffed the flips get an insert and everything gets packed into a basket on the changing table. We use baby wash cloths as wipes because DH doesn’t think there is a difference between cloth wipes and the wash cloths. Wipes are stored dry in a Prince Lionheart warmer on the changing table as well. My medium AIO’s and any extra soakers are in a drawer under the table. I would love to win this prize package so we can try out the BG wipes.

  137. Mandie says:

    After they are dried, I stuff my pockets and keep them in a large black storage box (made of nylon webbing)that I keep on a big bookshelf in the living room where I can grab them and go. I keep our wipes in there too.

  138. r.reyes says:

    We just store ours (with inserts) in our changing table drawer. I have my pockets pre-stuffed for nights too! That way we can just grab them and they are ready to go. Haven’t tried wipes yet, this would be a good chance too!

  139. Keri says:

    Well, mine are tucked away right now, awaiting my late-May baby:)

    I have ZERO idea how I will store them right now!!!

  140. Renee says:

    My diapers are stored in a wicker basket by my changing table. I’d like to say it stays organized, but it doesn’t. My husband and I are definitely on different pages when it comes to where things go!

  141. Mama Jane says:

    I have stuffed diapers in a large basket on the changing table shelf. A smaller basket holds extra inserts (including hemp for night), and another basket holds homemade cloth wipes. On the changing table, I have a box for wet wipes, spray, and toys to distract the small one!

  142. Jen S. says:

    Although I am a fairly organized person, I only really have enough diapers to get through about 2 1/2 days, so I do have a small plastic container for the few extra parts and pieces, but they mainly just stay in the laundry room if they’ve been dried in the dryer, or if I hang them to dry on my little fold up clothes line, they stay on there and I take them off and stuff them as needed.

  143. Rose says:

    We store my daughter’s diapers in the last drawer in her dresser :) For now they fit perfectly, but I hope to expand well into the rest of her dresser, haha… our clean diapers are all placed in a basket till I can get a chance to separate, restuff, and organize them ๐Ÿ˜€ My changing area is on the floor by the dresser, I just take whatever diaper I chose and she is set to go.

  144. crysrae says:

    I am just getting started with cloth so everything is in a basket on top of a dresser that I use as a changing table. Once the rest of my stash gets here I’m sure I’ll need better organization!

  145. Heidi says:

    I put cloth wipes in a warmer and cloth diapers in a bin on on of the changing table shelves. Everything is where I can reach it… Just a bit jumbled.

  146. I have a drawer under the crib that I put all the clean diapers in, if they get folded, lol. Sometimes they just end up staying on the bed.

  147. Rebecca says:

    I use a plastic shoe box. It is just the right size to hold about 10 stuffed BG and I keep the clothes wipes and bottom cleaner right in the box with them so I can easily move them from room to room and my husband always know where to look for them.

  148. alliecat393 says:

    I have no fancy diaper storage method! Currently I am expecting baby #2 and #1 is all out of diapers, but when she was using them I just utilized the shelf on my changing table and stacked them up. I have no plans for anything fancy this time around either, except I might put them in baskets depending on what else needs to go on the changing table shelves. I used to store my cloth wipes in a plastic disposable wipe container that I had re-purposed. They fit just right in there.

  149. Lolo says:

    I place all my clean, assembled diapers in a cloth lined basket. The basket fits neatly next to the changing pad on top of baby’s long short dresser. The diapers are organized by brand, fastening type, and then color, so I can easily select which one I would prefer to put on him. :) Extra inserts are in the top dresser drawer if we need to add them in. I want to start using cloth wipes too… just haven’t gotten there yet. I haven’t found a homemade solution that looks good yet.

  150. Amanda says:

    I have a changing table that has drawers so that’s where all my diapers go. There are also little shelves along the side and that is where wipes are placed.
    tvpg at aol dot com

  151. Rose says:

    Since I have 2 still in diapers, and when I was pregnant I wasn’t using cloth, I bought 2 matching diaper stackers on clearance and hung them above my changing table. Now that I use the Econobum cloth diapers, I fold half the diapers long-ways for my 17 mo old and short-ways for my 2 mo old, also putting my micro-fiber liner on top of the diaper to have them ready to go when I need to change a diaper, and store them in the 2 diaper stackers. Under the diaper stackers on the side of my double wide dresser/changing table, I have a box of tissues, and old empty wipes container and a diaper warmer to keep my cloth wipes ready to use. (I use the old wipes container to transport the soiled diapers to the bathroom for dumping the yucks and if I have to dunk them, the water doesn’t drip everywhere.) I also keep a stash of cloth diapers, wipes, bottom cleaner, and clothes in my bedroom in the changing table part of my Pack-n-play, so that when the older baby’s sleeping, I can change diapers without disturbing her.

  152. Triana Ord says:

    We don’t have a specific changing area, so I have a few diapers, liners and wipes in a “CD storage” basket, it’s the perfect size, that we take with us when we travel between floors. I keep my “night time” supplies on the top floor in another “CD storage” basket. The baskets make storage compact and orderly. I LOVE it!

  153. monique says:

    I have my diapers in a hanging diaper stacker and a plastic 3 stacker my wipes are in the bathroom. when the new baby come I will have them in my bedroom easier for me to get. I like a big thing to hold them in by my bed

  154. My 16 month old and my 1 month old are both in cloth diapers.I have half of his (16mo) and half of her’s (1mo) in each of their rooms.

    I don’t have any cloth wipes but would LOVE some! We go back and fourth from using normal disposable wipes to using papertowels with a homemaid wipe solution. (1cup water, 1cup baby soap, 1 cup baby oil.)

  155. About two months ago I realized that we had great counter space and cabinets in our laundry room which also has a door that opens to the bathroom. It was ideal for a changing pad and storing diapers. I have homemade cloth wipes and have been experimenting with solutions. I haven’t found anything that works really well yet and I’d love to just try the BG bottom cleaner.

  156. Cyndie says:

    I have three boxes that sit under my changing table on a shelf. I stuff all the pocket diapers ahead of time and put them in the boxes and then put the night time diapers with the wool covers. It’s easily accessible and ready to go so my DS can’t wriggle away.

  157. I am not an organised person, so our diapers are in those cloth boxes from ikea, one in the bathroom and one in his bedroom.
    Seen as he is potty training most diaper changes are on the floor, so the wipes are close by.
    Hopefully with the next one I’ll be more organised.

  158. Ashley O says:

    We have a changing table in our bathroom downstairs. I have all of our clean (and stuffed) diapers on the top shelf: one side daytime diapers, and the other night time and they are separated by the wipes. On the bottom shelf are all of our extra things… inserts, pail liners, wetbags, dry wipes, and covers. I also have a shelf on the wall next to the changing table with creams, and other goodies for the kidddos :)
    It has definitely changed and evolved as the kids got older. When my youngest was itty bitty I had a small bin that had the essentials in it. I took it all over the house with me because I changed him wherever we were. Now he is wild and into everything, so it is all safely contained in the bathroom

  159. Anonymous says:

    Well, when I’m really organized I pre-stuff all the diapers. I then store the day diapers in a basket in our family room (where we are most of the day). There is another basket that I store wipes, a changing Matt, & other essentials. I store the pre-stuffed night diapers (we have 4 that are yellow so we use those as night to remember), those are in a basket under my daughters changing table.
    -Lauren Staples

  160. angelahealy8 says:

    We have a basket on top of the changing table and I organize them by: diapers that my mom understands (they go with baby, while she babysits which are Bumgenius), Diapers my husband understands (they go on top which are diapers covers and prefolds), and then all the rest are diapers that I think are the cutest and I love the most!

  161. Melissa says:

    We use Itso bins to keep a half dozen folded diapers at hand. There is one on the shelf on the changing table in my 2yo’s room, one on the changing table downstairs, and one in our room for middle of the night changes on our newborn. Extra clean ones are usually sitting in the laundry basket because I haven’t gotten a chance to put them away, but theoretically they go in one of the dresser drawers.

  162. KuuKuu says:

    Our youngest is nine months now. So we officaly abandoned the changing table. Him doing flips on the changing table just wasnt safe anymore. So now we have a side table and have the diapers stacked nice and neat on the bottom. Wipes on the side and All the Flips are on top on display, rainbow style :)

  163. Alisha Terry says:

    I store my wipes dry in an old disposable wipe container. As far as the diapers go, we use a changing table that has two shelves underneath. We store the pocket diapers pre-stuffed and together, the BG AIO’s together, the old school prefolds all together and the covers and extra inserts go in a basket on the shelf. My daughter is almost 2 and she loves seeing the diapers and picking out which one she wants to wear. I could never have done this with my boys because they would have been constantly pulling them off the shelves. We kept them put away in a drawer or up high on a shelf that they couldn’t reach.

  164. Teesa says:

    I cleared two drawers in my own chest of drawers for clean and put together dipes and I use a changing pad on my bed that I just remove at night when we are sleeping. I am a minimalist at heart, so I don’t like having a ton of extra things lying around. It makes it super easy. The laundry basket is in the bathroom, just a couple steps away from my bedroom.

  165. kurt says:

    most of our diapers are always have way between the laundry basket and the changing table. a better system is needed, but it seems to be working for now.

  166. heather says:

    we keep ours in the changing table, dirty ones in a hanging wet bag and a few items in a basket in the living room for easy access.

  167. Beloved says:

    Well I have 2 plastic containers right by the changing table one is for my Daughter and the other my soon to be born son. I wash mine every night and just rotate them in the container around so I’m not using the same ones over and over again.

    As for the wipes I put the dry ones in and old wipes continor and have a spry bottle for them on the side.

    For the dirty ones I keep my wet bags in the laundery room and just hall the diapers over there. Its convenoint enough for me to d it that way and keeps my cerous daughter from trying to get in to it. We do have a diaper pail and liner but I don’t go through enough for that yet. Sure will once this new one comes.

    As for mine they are all pree stuffed and so it makes for an essayer way of doing things. I have to keep them up out of reach or I would have clean diaper all over my home and with it being the muddy time of year that would not be good.

  168. My changing table turns into a desk so it has an open area underneath and two bins. Our diaper pail is underneath the table and the top bin has my ds all in ones/pocket diapers. the lower bin has my prefolds and covers. there’s a dresser next to the changing table which holds a basket with my dd’s all in ones/pockets and our wipe warmer. next to that is a box which holds our dry wipes

  169. Elizabeth says:

    We keep our 3.0s stuffed and organized in the top drawer of the changing table. Easy, easy!

  170. Cindy Means says:

    I store my cloth Diapers in a bin under her bassinet. When she moves to her crib we have a shelf on the changing table for the.

  171. Big Mama says:

    well my diapers are stored in 2 places.. one place is actually right next to me… on my computer desk (the lower to shelves) these diapers are the ones I use for my oldest son (who is potty training right now) We stopped using the changing table for him so his diapers got moved… my newborn’s diapers are overflowing 1 storage bin in his room on a shelf near the changing table. My changing table is actually kind of like a box that my dad built so it sits on a dresser… and my son has so many clothes there is no room for diapers in there…. I need a new way to organize so I’m going to read these posts to get ideas!

  172. sunlilac says:

    Well we are very unorganized in our diaper area. On the plus side we always have clean cloth diapers and wipes around. Top it off with a beautiful 14 month old girl that is still nursing 4-5 times a day. I just love breastfeeding and cloth diapers.

  173. Lvogel says:

    I have a cute wicker basket they go into after I fold them and the basket is stored on top of changing table

  174. Sophia Costa says:

    My husband built a floating dresser that also doubles as a changing table. We store all the diapers in two rows on the first shelf, extra inserts, doublers, covers and wipes on the second shelf, and on top, along with the changing pad, we have the wipes case, two custom giraffe topped containers for cotton balls and q-tips that I made, and cj’s butter is always there too.

    sophiagueiros at yahoo dot com

  175. HPTeach says:

    I put all the “daytime diapers” on the shelves surrounding the changing table (our changing table is connected to the dresser/hutch). That way I can see all the wonderful colors as well as easily getting to them. Night time diapers are stored in a basket…ready for a quick night time change. I’ve been thinking of going cloth for wipes and it would be SO exciting to try them out :)

  176. Stephanie says:

    We don’t have our diapers yet and are still waiting on our dresser/changer, so I love getting to read how everyone else does it! We can’t wait to use the Flip system on our new little one in June and for one who was on the fence about cloth wipes, this giveaway sounds like a great way to try it out!

  177. I store my cloth diapers in neat stack in the cabinet that is below the changing table. Above the table on the wall is a little vintage shelf that I keep all of our bum sprays, crams and our wipes. All of our covers are in a canvas tote bag that hangs on the side of the changing table. Our changing table is actually a vintage wet sink that I’ve added a contoured pad to the top of. It looks great and is functional, just like cloth diapers :)Our diaper pail sit to the side of the table, ready to be filled.

  178. Cassie says:

    I will be using a basket to keep them in, haven’t yet found one that I like. And will store cloth wipes with them with some kind of spray or solution nearby to wet the wipes.

  179. Allison says:

    We store our cloth diapers in fabric baskets under the changing table. Our cloth wipes are in a smaller fabric basket next to the sink. We are fortunate enough to be able to fit the changing table in the bathroom.

  180. Hall Family says:

    I store my few cloth diapers in a diaper stacker that was used previously with my older daughter for disposables. I am in the process of adding more dipes to my collection and am going to get some cloth cubes to organize them in and then place them on the changing table shelves. I am also in the process of switching from disposable wipes to cloth wipes. I have a small plastic tub for the cloth wipes that I use warm water with when I need to use them. What a great way to add to my wipe collection by winning this prize!

  181. Aubrey says:

    I use the top 4 buckets of a toy organizer we got my son. 1 has diapers, 1 has inserts, 1 has wipes, and 1 has burp rags/bibs. Works great for us!
    When we’re out I just have stuffed diapers all rolled up in the diaper bag.

  182. JLJMommy says:

    We have a built in cabinet in our downstairs bathroom that is the perfect size for a changing table. I used to store my pockets pre-stuffed in a basket right next to the changing pad on this built-in changing station, but I have too many to fit in the basket. Now I pre-stuff them and line them up between the wall and the changing pad, ealiy within reach. Cloth wipes and lotion now reside in the basket.

  183. DaniG says:

    I’ve tried many different ways to organize her nursery/my bedroom since my daughter and I share a room at my family’s home while my husband finishes his last year of medical school. I use 2 stacking baskets to hold the clean diapers and store the rest of my basics (wipes, q-tips, etc) on a munchkin cart. We’ve never had a changing table, so I use a changing pad.

  184. Tianna says:

    We used to keep them in a diaper stacker in the closet, but we recently acquired some shelves to put in her closet. There are 9 cubes. cloth diapers now go in one, disposables (for night, trips, etc.) and wipes go in the one below it with her changing pad on top.

  185. Sarah says:

    I keep my BGs (the only brand I use) stuffed & folded in the top drawer of the dresser I use as a changing table. Extra inserts, doublers, etc go in the bottom drawer (because my little one likes to open the drawer and throw the contents around, and I don’t mind if those get messy). Two or three diapers pre-stuffed for nighttime get stacked on top of a small bookshelf next to the dresser that I use for extra storage. Wipes, lotion, CJ’s butter, hand sanitizer, etc. are on top of the dresser to the right of my changing pad, within easy reach. I wish I had a basket to keep them all organized, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to pay for one just for that purpose! :)

  186. Alexis says:

    My diapers are in the living room in a tote that sits in a dead space between the couch and cozy chair.

    I keep them stuffed and ready to go with spare inserts sitting underneath.

  187. Hilary says:

    We use a dresser as our changing table, so we have a changing pad, wipes warmer and a beautiful basket brimming with colorful cloth diapers. I love having them displayed so other people can see our commitment to cloth, and ask us about it. And they are so cute!

  188. Alethia says:

    I have a plastic basket that I pile all my diapers and covers on. Its quick and easy to move when I need to have it in another room, and I just pile all my clean diapers in it and they fit without being folded. All my wipes fit on the side too so everything is in one place for us.

  189. Becca says:

    At our house, I keep clean dipes in a hanging diaper stacker on our son’s crib. Overflow/doublers/wipes are in a basket on his bookshelf. Dirty dipes go into a hanging pail in our bathroom because that’s on the same floor of the house as the laundry room. :) In his room, I just change him on the floor–grab the basket of wipes/doublers and change him near the hanging diaper stacker. Downstairs I also change him on the floor, and we keep a basket of dipes and wipes under the coffee table for easy changing access. I switched to changing him on the floor when he became almost too long for the changing table/he became harder to lift during my pregnancy.

  190. Mrs. Haid says:

    Since my son was 8 months old, we haven’t been able to use the changing table. Instead, we put the changing pad down on the floor with a basket of 3-4 ready to go diapers, wipes, bottom cleaner, and GermX. The clean diapers go inside his dresser drawer, and I refresh the changing area as needed. I’ve also found that with less frequent changes, the need for organizaion is a bit less than infant time with all kinds of accessories and needs!

  191. Brandy says:

    We store our daughter’s cloth diapers in her cute monkey diaper bag that came with her bedding in her nursery. We organize items in the pack ‘n play where we spend most of our time with her downstairs in our home. Wipes are in a warmer on the couch. Would love to switch to cloth wipes!

  192. Stephanie M. says:

    I keep my clean dipes in cute fabric storage bins. I hate changing tables, so I usually change dipes anywhere on the floor with a cloth diaper underneath to catch any messes! That’s how my mom always did it!

  193. Nisha says:

    I store some diapers in our nursery (where my toddler sleeps) in a basket in his changing table, some other cloth diapers in a basket in our bedroom (where my baby sleeps) next to his changing space, and a final basket downstairs in our family room in a basket inside the pack and play where we change the boys when they are downstairs. With two kids 15 months apart we really need diapers close by at all times so we don’t leave one kid unattended! We also stuff diapers right away out of the laundry so they are stored stuffed and ready. Luckily both kids are already wearing the same size/setting of diapers so that part is easy and we don’t need to keep their diapers separate.

  194. Tracie says:

    I have all my diapers in a pretty black and white vintage print box next to the bassinet in my room, since the baby is still so little. They are organized within the box by type… flats, prefolds, AIO, pockets… and brand. Wipes are stacked on top of the changing table next to the bottom balm and spray bottle of wipe solution.

  195. Michelle Ann says:

    We generally let them hang on the drying rack, and the inserts are in the pail liner that they got washed with. When it is time to wash, we dump whatever is extra onto the extra bed in his room. If I ever do take the time to stuff them we have a roll a way 3 drawer system that I put them into. The wipes are with the inserts.

  196. Hana says:

    I store my dipes in a drawer of our changing table. Then I have a basket next to the changing pad with: cloth wipes, diaper area spray, extra wet bags and other supplies. Then our diaper pail i at the end of the changing table.

  197. Teresa Feld says:

    I store my clean diapers in fabric bins under the changing table.I have one for wipes, one for daytime diapers, one for night time diapers, and one for wet bags and extra inserts!

  198. I stuff all my clean bumGenius pocket diapers and deposit them into the large drawer next to the changing table. To be honest they’re pretty haphazard in there. But all the colors mixed together is quite a pleasant sight to see! We keep our homemade cloth wipes in the bathroom so that they are simple to moisten and are an easy stop on the way to the changing table.

  199. Lateria says:

    I plan to keep all my clean diapers in a set of four baskets that I have on the shelves of my changing table. They will be organized by day time use vs night time and preped and ready to go. In a little hanging cubby on the changing table I’ll keep my wipes spray and in the drawer will be the wipes.

  200. Karin says:

    I have a laundry basket on a chair next to my changing table. It’s divided: 2/3 is my bumGenius stash in a fabric box and next to that I throw all my nighttime fitteds. I hang my wool covers over the edge of the laundry basket to dry/air when I’m not using them. My stack of emergency prefolds is on the shelf under the changing table.

  201. We live in a really small cabin, so organization is key for us! I have 3 baskets that sit on the dresser. The first is for all pocket and all in ones (loaded and ready to go). The second basket is for prefolds and waterproof covers. The third is for snappies and extra inserts. Works well for us so far.

  202. momtolots says:

    My storage area is a cloth basket. I have the prefolds rolled up, pockets stuffed and folded, and the wipes in a baggy in the middle. We just do changes on the floor. I gave up on my changing table 4 kids ago LOL. A simple basket and the floor saves time and space for us.

  203. Lateria says:

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  204. The Morgans says:

    We keep our son’s BGs in one drawer of his dresser, which was made by a family member with the wood from a tree of our son’s Great-Grandparents’ farm. We keep our flannel wipes handy in a basket on the top of the changing table area, right next to our favorite cleaner, the Kissaluvs Lotion Potion.

  205. Steph says:

    Our changing area is on to of a dresser. we store all of the diapers in the top drawer. On top of the dresser there is a changing pad, a basket with diaper covers, and a basket of wipes. Very easy!

  206. Adrian says:

    I keep all of my cloth diapers in the top drawer of our changing table. On the top of the changing table, I keep a basket with the cloth wipes, flushable liners, and diaper cream. I have a spray bottle with water and a little baby wash and baby oil sitting next to the basket.

  207. Brenda says:

    I store my cloth diapers on my changing table. We use baskets on the shelves and each type of diaper has its own basket. On the side of the changing table I have a wipe holder and shelves for my spray, liners and creams. I have a wet bucket and a trash bucket right aside it.

  208. Anonymous says:

    I use a towel shelf like the one in the middle in the picture here:

    I bought various sized canvas storage totes from target and the dollar tree and store the diapers and extra items next to the changing table. I also have blankets and and sheets and extra diapers stored under the changing table.

    emma g.
    03elewis@msn .com

  209. erinwells says:

    I store our BG’s in our dressing table/dresser drawers, stuffed and ready for use. I can’t wait to try cloth wipes, I have an empty top drawer just waiting for them!

  210. Lori says:

    I pre-stuff my pockets and then I store them all in teh bottom drawer of my daughter’s dresser where her changing table is. I put all the wipes and accessories next to it in a 3 drawer plastic container. It works for me!

  211. Lani says:

    We store our diapers stuffed and ready to go in a drawer under the changing pad. A basket on the dresser holds wipes and other necessities, including a toy to keep little hands occupied instead of exploring. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  212. Katherine says:

    I store our cloth diapers in a changing table/dresser combo. All the drawers are dedicated to cloth diapers, disposable liners, wool, and wipes. I keep brands together and keep my newborn son’s separate from my almost 2 year old daughters. He can’t wear her OS diapers yet anyway. It works really well for us because we have a separate dresser for each of the kids’ clothes.

  213. We have a dresser turned changing table that has plenty of room for my variety of diapers. Top shelf has shallow baskets to store wipes and other diapering essentials. We organize diapers by type and store the ones less used in the bottom drawer.

  214. twinsies2 says:

    we are just now entering the world of cloth diapers and cloth wipes. we are expecting our little one to arrive in may! i am still working on our nursery, but for now i am using a 2 drawer nightstand to hold our CD’s. I am hoping to have a basket sitting at our changing area to hold clean CD’s, but will still use the night stand to hold the rest. with this basket, i will be able to carry it around the house so i won’t have to go to the nursery everytime baby needs changed!!

  215. Melanie L says:

    Our changing station is my old desk, and it doesn’t have any drawers (boo). So I have two large baskets underneath with the cloth she’s grown out of/doesn’t fit into yet, and a tall bookshelf to the right with smaller baskets. It’s organized by wipes, fitteds, AIOs/pockets, prefolds/covers, and overnight options. Have to keep it that way so that the hubby knows what’s going on. :)

  216. Pamela says:

    I neatly stack my cloth diapers in the top drawer of my changing table/dresser. Someone bought me a diaper depot, so I stack fleece liners and diaper doublers in the two spaces that would usually hold disposable diapers. On the top of the diaper depot, I put a disposable wipes container full of cloth wipes. They are folded according to this video to get a “pop-up” effect:


  217. MaryJane says:

    Our changing table has two large shelves under the actual table. On it we keep our BGs and Flips as well as our disposable Flip inserts. We also keep burp cloths, wipes, receiving blankets, and swaddlers on the shelves. Changing is a breeze because everything is so accessible!

  218. Amber Joy says:

    Well, my nightstand has been converted to our changing station. It houses a Prince Lionheart wipe warmer and wipes (borrowed from a friend), a stack of prefolds, and a stack of pocket diapers. There’s a trash can with a Blueberry pail liner next to that. Pretty simple. I would love some cloth wipes of my own – especially since my friend is pregnant again and will be needing hers back very soon!

  219. Jenny H says:

    I store all my diapers in 2 large bins on the shelf of the changing table. On the other shelf I have smaller bins of inserts and liners. Next to the changing table I have a small nightstand that houses all the small things (wipes, solution, creams, etc.). Pretty soon I’ll have to reorganize because I’m running out of room!
    Jhull at m dot Marywood dot edu

  220. Ashley says:

    I am a very organized person lol. I have rubbermaid drawers that I keep my covers, pockets, inserts, pail liners and wetbags, and accessories like snappis and pins in(all in seperate drawers. I also have plastic baskets on the changing table shelves that hold out prefolds and wipes and flat diapers.

  221. Ingrid says:

    We have a pretty casual routine: My daughter’s nightstand has a shelf on it which holds her inserts. The drawer to the nightstand holds wipes, A&D ointment, nail clippers, brush, etc. There’s a basket next to the night stand that holds her covers. There’s a small plush rug in front of the night stand that we use as a changing station. I love getting on the floor with my baby girl! Who needs a changing table? :)

  222. Amanda says:

    I have a basket on top of my daughter’s dresser where I store her wipes, lotion, antibacterial hand gel and a nice neat row of her cloth diapers. We only use BGs, so I put the snaps in the basket for use at home, I prep a few nighttime diapers (with hemp inserts) and put them in one of her dresser drawers, along with the aplix diapers (for daycare), miscellaneous inserts and my spare wet bags. I really like my system, and it’s easy for my husband to figure out, too!

  223. Rae says:

    We’ve got our stacks in the top corner of a 3×3 shelving unit. The wipe warmer is on top of the changing table/dresser. However, the coolest thing we have is our changing station box in the living room – it’s converted from a wine box and holds a wipe box, BG 3.0s, some burp cloths, a back up Boppy cover and a mini powder bottle. All the essentials for when you don’t want to go upstairs!

  224. Karen says:

    I keep my BG’s in a closet vertical organizer, distributed by type- pockets, and AIOs. I also use Flips that I keep nearby her changing table. I have a small organizer with cloth wipes, a bottle of homemade solution and some flip inserts.

    I can’t wait to try the BG wipes!

  225. Anonymous says:

    I have a wide variety of cloth diapers – that is one of my favorite things about cloth. I love trying new diapers and I love each type for different reasons. I stuff my pocket diapers and keep them on the shelf of my changing table. I keep my prefolds in a diaper hanger on the side of my table. Then I have two bins. One has all the extra inserts I have and the other has my flips and night time diapers. I store my wipes in an old disposable wipe container with some homemade wipe solution. I have to refill this about every other day.

  226. Sam says:

    We have a changing table with open shelves and a sliding drawer. We store our wipes in the sliding drawer, and our dipes in low totes on the shelves. We just use water in a spray bottle to clean my son’s bottom, and that just hangs off the side of the table. Super easy and convenient!

    My son is getting a little big for the changing table now, so I think I’ll move the totes to a book shelf soon and start changing him on the floor.

  227. Allison says:

    I am obsessed with keeping my daughter’s diapers organized! I store the clean diapers on built in shelves which are adjacent to the changing station.

    I trifold the prefolds and then fold them in half again and stack them up on one shelf.
    Fitteds go on another shelf, oranized by color. I stuff my BG AIO’s with hemp and stack them up by color as well. I also have a shelf for Flips inserts and other random inserts and doublers.

    On the changing station I have a basket with wipe warmer/cloth wipes on one side and PUL diaper covers on the other side (also arranged by color). On the wall above the basket is a little shelf where I keep all the lotions/ointments/snappies, etc. (nicely out of reach of little hands) plus a squeeze bottle of water to dampen the wipes before they go into the warmer.

    Wool and fleece longies/soakers are stored in a cubby next to the diaper shelves.

    I love the shelf system because it’s so easy to keep organized, everything is within arm’s reach and I don’t need to search for what I need. Plus, I just love looking at all the pretty diapers :)
    bapinette at

  228. Anonymous says:

    We have a changing table with open shelves and a sliding drawer. We store our wipes in the sliding drawer, and our dipes in low totes on the shelves. We just use water in a spray bottle to clean my son’s bottom, and that just hangs off the side of the table. Super easy and convenient!

    My son is getting a little big for the changing table now, so I think I’ll move the totes to a book shelf soon and start changing him on the floor.

  229. Anne says:

    We use a dresser as a changing table – so the top drawer is full of stuffed pocket diapers. I have a basket full of cloth wipes, rash treatments, and the like that I sit on top next to the changing pad.

  230. Sarah says:

    I keep all the prefolds and covers on the changing table shelf. My BG and other pockets in an ikea cloth basket on the shelf and my dresser has 2 drawers full too. I love doing diaper laundry. But not regular laundry.

  231. In our son’s room, we have repurposed a lot of furniture – we did not see the need to spend money or create more waste. We have a long dresser that we use as a dresser and changing table. On top of the dresser there is the changing pad, and the wipes with a bucket for them. I have an old bookcase that my grandfather made me when I was a kid, that is short but long. So we hung that up above the dresser. All of the prefolds are organized by type and to the left, all of the covers are also organized by type in the middle, and the BG 3.0’s are on the right hand side. That is on the bottom shelf. On the top shelf of the bookcase, we have all of the accessories and the disposable flip inserts in cute little baskets.

    We used to have everything thrown together, but that was getting way too messy. And with a second baby on the way, we have to keep it organized to fit everything. Plus, everything is within reach, so as my 10 1/2 month old decides to roll around and sit up, I don’t have to worry about juggling everything.

  232. kkrapf says:

    The toddler’s diapers are stored inside a cabinet with two shelves. There are two open bins, one with cloth wipes and one with covers (and also underwear now that she’s potty training) and two lidded rubbermaid containers, one with her prefolds and one with her bumGenius diapers.

    The baby’s diapers are stored beneath her changing table. There are two containers for prefolds, one for wipes, and one large for her bumGenius diapers.

    All prefolds are folded in half and then trifolded and stacked. Cloth wipes are neatly stacked. The bumGenius… just kinda get thrown in in a jumble of covers and inserts to be stuffed as needed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  233. Michelle G says:

    We have 2 in diapers (once again) and have 2 separate stashes. My 2.5 year old has a basket on a shelf in his closet with his diapers – all pockets are prestuffed and the stash is mostly organic AIOs and the deluxe AIOs. His diaper pail and baskets of wipes are in the bathroom, as most of his changes occur in there since we are trying to incorporate potty time with diaper changes.
    My 3 week old has a changing table with baskets underneath, and a shelf above with stacks of prefolds for the Flip covers, and we are using BG AIOs both organics and the small AIOs. I’ve learned to stuff all pockets and covers with inserts or PFs before hand to save time. We use a little bottle with wipe solution and cloth wipes for him as well, keep in a little fabric basket hanging near his changing table.
    You can find some great storage solutions at IKEA.

  234. Elizabeth says:

    I have a cute yellow fabric bin that is devoted to clean diapers. Post-wash, I fold them and my extra pail liner and store them there. We don’t have a dedicated changing table, so I tend to use our bed with a mat under my son (16 months). I just keep the bin on the floor at night and then leave it on the bed during the day so everything is in reach. I hope I win the giveaway because I want to dry using cloth wipes. I was actually on the chat last night asking questions about it!

  235. jillian says:

    We have our diapers (BG 4.0’s) stuffed and in the top drawer of the changing table. We keep our cloth wipes in the warmer on top next to the changing pad. Any extras like creams, lotions, etc are in the cabinet of the changing table in a basket. We use a hanging wet bag as our diaper pail which hangs on the door knob. It works very well for us.

  236. Anonymous says:

    I have a 3 drawer sterlite container and some fabric drawers that go with a closetmaid system. I store her pockets, bg AIOs, and covers in the sterlite drawers in her room, and I keep one of the fabric drawers downstairs full of prefolds to use during the day. I have two of the fabric drawers on the bottom shelf of her changing table with items that she can’t quite fit into yet. I hope I win! I don’t have any cloth wipes and I really want to try them!!


  237. We have always been changing table users, so we keep all baby’s stuffed BG’s stacked on the the shelf of changing table. They look so cute and add extra color to the nursery. We have a sailboat theme in his room so above the changing table hangs a boat with shelves which holds the rest of changing needs, wipes etc… We have not tried the cloth wipes yet, we were still using the disposable wipes, however, our son has recently had some issues with rash so thinking we need to give the cloth wipes a try.

  238. Anonymous says:

    Jennifer T- After our diapers are all clean I prep them so they are all ready to be worn. We organize by type of diaper, closure and color. We put them in the fabric bins and put them on the changing table shelves. In the first bin is our bg 3.0s then the bg 4.0s and then our thirsties, flip and econobum covers. In 2nd bin is flip inserts, prefolds, econbum prefolds and hemp inserts. In the 3rd bin is our flushable liners, disposable flip inserts, regular baby wipes and any creams we need for our dd. I will have to change our organization a bit since baby #2 will be here soon and will need more room. We dont have cloth wipes yet but would be very interested in trying some :)

  239. stephanie says:

    All of our clean diapers get stuffed and stacked in a bin in the living room. There is no point in organizing them by type or color as my 2 year old son picks which dipey he wants to wear at each change. Wipes and disposable Flip inserts are kept underneath the table that the bin sits on so everything is within reach for my son to help with his own changes, which is great for his growing sense of independence!

  240. Jenai says:

    Brand new to CD. Been exclusively cloth for a few days now with DS who is almost 6 weeks old. I have a good organization system for us down. After I wash, I prestuff all our bG 4.0s, fold them over, and store them in their own wicker basket under our changing table. My flips go in their own wicker basket as well and both baskets have a handy little chalkboard in front so I can label everything for DH. We don’t own cloth wipes yet (just ordered some and they’re on their way) but we’ll store those in our Prince Lionheart wipes warmer and finally get rid of the disposable wipes.

  241. Leslie says:

    I have a 3 drawer Iris unit in the closet. Top drawer fits the microfiber inserts and shells and Gerber washcloths (use warm water from sink to make a wipe wet.) The middle drawer has infant prefolds and red edged GMD and fitteds. The third contains toddler prefolds. I stuff my diapers based off need, so they are never prestuffed. Sometimes, they sit in a laundry basket.

  242. Kwak-Simon says:

    This is my second full day of using cloth, and I only have about 8 pocket diapers and a bunch of prefolds. I’m starting to build up my pocket diapers, because they are a blast and 8 is just not enough, so I’m still trying to get the hang of things. Right now, everything fits on one shelf of my changing table. I have the prefolds on one side, with the covers and snappies in a basket next to them. Then my pocket diapers pre-stuffed (night time ones double stuffed) are in the middle and organized by the brand I like (bumGenius is my night time, because it’s the best). And then comes my burp rags. I would love to get rid of my prefolds (seeing as they don’t fit very good at all), and have all pocket diapers and start using cloth wipes.

  243. Melissa M. says:

    This is such an awesome giveaway! I have been dying to try the BG wipes solution. Plus the bottle looks great for on-the-go use.

    Oh the cloth diaper organization is one of my favorite things. I have separate pink canvas bins I use. 1 for prefolds. One for covers. One for AIO’s and One for Pockets. One for inserts. And one for Misc (Snappi’s etc) Plus another to store wipes and wipe solution (homemade). I use the dry method.

    Melissa M of Maine

    melissaleemarquis at yahoo dot com

  244. Beth/Bert says:

    I store my diapers in the dresser – I have three drawers. One holds the night diapers, and the other two hold the regular diapers. My cloth wipes are in an old wipes case that I decorated.

  245. Monica says:

    I store mine in a laundry basket below my changing table, with other items in two baskets on the middle shelf. Easy-peasy!

  246. Anonymous says:

    We have had a few different systems over the 16 months we’ve been cloth diapering. We started out with a pack and play with a built in changing station. The baby never slept in the pack and play bassinet part so it was used for diaper storage. Then she outgrew that so we moved to our dresser top. One top drawer held wipes and supplies, the other held diapers. THEN we got a little nervous with her moving around so much on the dresser top that we just moved a days worth of prefolds and flip covers to a basket that we can put on the bed or the couch. All the while we’ve had a few shelves of a built in hall closet for storage of diapers we aren’t currently using. We have a dozen or two of probably every prefold size out there. It is great to be able to customize how much diaper you want inside your cover as the baby grows and absorbancy needs change.

  247. hulahannah says:

    Until I stuff them, the diapers are stored on the drying rack since I don’t put them in the dryer! Once they are dry and stuffed, they are kept on the changing table shelf.

  248. Amanda says:

    I store my cloth diapers in a diaper stacker. It works out perfectly. I do not use cloth wipes yet but would sure love to win some to try out. I organize the rest of her changing table by having small wicker baskets on the shelves.

  249. Wordsy says:

    We use a dresser from Ikea, and my diapers take up the top drawer. They are prestuffed and stored according to how much stuffing they have (NB, coubler, nighttime stuffing, etc).

    The changing pad is on top with non-skid mat underneath. We keep a spray bottle, wipes, saline & aspirator, and hand sanitizer on the top as well. And, of course, her favorite giraffe toy.

  250. EG says:

    I used to have open wire shelving next to the changing table but then the baby informed me that he can reach the shelves from his crib and thereby empty out all the wipes and dump baby powder all over everything.

    So now the open shelves with bins on it are in the closet.

  251. Laundry Lady says:

    My daughter’s changing table is on top of her dresser. The top dresser drawer stores all the diapers. Wipes, wipe spray and diaper creams go in a basket on top of the table. Covers that are waiting to be reused hang on hooks. The diapers in the top drawer are organized by kind. From right to left: Nighttime pocket diapers on the far left, then day time pockets, AIO’s, fitted diapers and then stacked prefolds. I keep changing pad covers and used back up diapers for use with diaper ointment in the back of the drawer.

  252. Anonymous says:

    I am a very organized person…sometimes it’s a bad thing! I store all my BGs (that’s all we use) stuffed and ready to go in the order they have been washed in the top drawer of my daughter’s changing table. On the top of the changing table I have a large bin that holds all of the cloth wipes, regular wipes, lotions, and spray bottle. Although I can be overly organized, it makes changing time very convenient.

  253. Baby Mama says:

    We store the clean diapers in the plastic zipper bag that the boppy pillow came it. It fits them perfectly and keeps them tidy and in one place. Of course, this is only if we are able to put them away. Most often they are unsorted/unfolded either in the dryer or in a laundry basket.

  254. Anonymous says:

    My son’s dresser is the changing table and has a cabinet attached where I store dipes. Prefolds are already folded in thirds the way I would lay them in a Flip cover. Next to those, I have a stack of microfiber inserts (as I seem to have more inserts than pockets somehow) and next to those are AIOs. On the bottom shelf I have toddler size prefolds that I use as on top of the changing pad, and miscellaneous other odds and ends. Stuffed pocket dipes never really get stored because they migrate from the day care diaper bag, to the wet bag, to the wash, and then hanging in the bathroom.

    So I’m probably not much help!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    M Tapp
    mhtapp_3 @ yahoo dot com

  255. Marissa says:

    We use a dresser as our changing table and keep all the diapers and doublers that we use each day in the top drawer with extras and flat diapers in another drawer. Wipes all just sit in the basket on top along with wipe solution and lotions, etc. — stuff we are constantly using with our little one.

  256. Becky says:

    We have twins in cloth diapers so we have to have a pretty decent sized stash. We have a changing table with two drawers. The top drawer holds prefolds and covers. The bottom drawer holds AIO and pocket diapers. We also have a caddy next to the changing table with more covers and contour diapers. We recently found out that one of the twins is allergic to commercial wipes so we are now building a stash of cloth wipes.

  257. Mommy060810 says:

    I use a sterilite drawer on the floor in the living room and store our cloth wipes in an old Huggies tub. I think its time to move to a sterilite cart though, our 1 drawer is overflowing haha

  258. Heidi says:

    I store my clean diapers in a big basket. The changing table is organized with the diapers on the bottom shelf and wipes above it on the top shelf.

  259. Morgan says:

    I bought an old dresser that doubles as my changing table. All my diapers and wipes are in the top drawer. I only use pockets, so they’re just stuffed, snapped up, and lined up real pretty (usually by color) :) I have a container of wipe solution on top of the dresser and dunk them in as needed. It works great!

  260. beccajoy says:

    I stuff my diapers and store them in canvas bins. I store the day time diapers on one side and night on the other. I have another bin that I keep wipes, wipe solution, and diaper ointment in. I love seeing my diapers all clean lined up nice and neat in a rainbow of colors! :)

  261. Tracie says:

    I use a sterilite 3-drawer storage container next to my changing table. In the top drawer I keep inserts, doublers, and covers. Middle drawer has prefolds and bottom drawer has stuffed pockets and AIOs. The wipe warmer and a few prefolds sit on top of the changing table. I keep my wipe solution, air freshener, and coconut oil (for his tushy) high on a shelf next to changing table and out of reach of my little guy.

  262. Laura says:

    After I stuff my diapers. I either leave themon the drying rack or bring them downstairs where I have two small organizers on the changing table to keep things neat.

  263. Jena says:

    My son’s clean diapers are folded in half and put in the top drawer of his changing table/dresser. I keep pockets in one line, fitteds in another, and then pre-folded flats with doublers in a stack on the far right. His wool pants are just in his regular pants clothes drawer! The wipes and spray sit on a bookshelf next to the table, ready to go! I keep snappis on the bookcase as well as some CJ’s diaper cream in case he gets a little red somewhere. Pretty simple!

    Showlove40 at hotmail dot com

  264. I bought a hanging sweater shelf from Target for like $5. I lay it horizontally across a shelf and have 4 openings. Flats go in one, large prefolds and fitted go in the next, then newborn prefolds (doublers) and covers, and finally pocket dipes in the last. Changing pads, box of cloth wipes, and spray sit on the shelf next to them.

    After a dipe is changed it either gets “dunked and swished” (poop) or straight back to the clothes line on the back porch to air out (pee).

  265. We use pre fold so I just lay them out flat in 2 stacks next to each other in the top drawer of his dresser/changing table! On top og one of the stacks I lay out they covers in a pile and some fleece inverts in another pile!!!

  266. jenhector says:

    We use a dresser as a changing table. I store my dipes in the drawers…organized by type. I use mostly tri-folded prefolds and covers with fleece liners and I try to ‘stuff’ them ahead of time. If that happens, I lay them in the very top smaller drawer so they’re all ready to go! :) On top of the dresser I have a small basket that holds my dry cloth wipes, my two little spray bottles with wipe solution, and then my cornstarch powder. My cloth wipes HAVE to be folded or, for some reason, I go nuts. :)
    Thanks for the chance!!! :)

  267. Kim says:

    I try to keep ours in the top drawer of the changing table but that doesn’t happen very often. I am going to get more organized with this because #2 is going to be here in May and having 2 in diapers I must have some organization with the changing area.

  268. Bethany says:

    I’m so embarrassed to post that I do not have mine organized at all. They are in a cardboard box in the closet and I keep a few of them on the bottom shelf of the changing table. I think I might head out to Babies R Us this weekend and buy another basket to keep them in though.

  269. Marie E. B. Stone says:

    I keep my prefolds folded in a stack and the covers/pocket diapers in a bin on one shelf of my changing table. I have a 3 yo that is almost potty trained and a 3 mo old, so the shelf is consumed with diapers. The changing table is next to my built-in vanity, so it doubles as a changing storage area. It’s where I keep my cloth wipes, lotions, diaper ointment, and diaper bin. One of these days I’ll have my vanity back, but I’m sure it will be bittersweet!

  270. Sam says:

    Right now we live in a two-story townhouse and with a wiggly, rolling 4 month old, I never want to leave her out of my sight, so her room upstairs is the main storage area. I bought a small 3 drawer-dresser that has wheels because we came from a ranch-style home and the wheels made it so easy to just roll the dresser to whichever room we were in. Now the dresser stays upstairs and I store all her inserts and doublers in the first drawer; her stuffed, OS pocket diapers in the second; and her prefolds, econobum covers and bioliners in the third drawer. This is where her official changing table is and I just leave the dresser right by the table and I can reach everything in it while keeping a hand on my squirmy little lady’s belly.

    Then, I make a diaper caddy that I bring downstairs with me. Inside I put several options for the day, but the staples are 2 econobums and their prefolds, a gDiaper with an extra snap-in liner and some gDiaper biodegradable liners. I also have my wipes and homemade wipe spray, bioliners, hand sanitizer and a waterproof mat so I can change her anywhere downstairs.

    I actually use cloth wipes, but just started so I am currently just using her old baby washcloths.

    The caddy system has worked out so nicely for me because I have everything I need right with me at all times. I also find a random emergency toy or two in the caddy that I use in case my daughter isn’t in the mood to stay still. My caddy is a little on the big side, but I liked to be prepared. I just bought a nice plastic bin from Walmart to serve as my bin, but I know some ladies use actual baskets or colorful fabric bins. It is all up to you!

    samtabulous (at) aol (dot) com

  271. Melody says:

    Our diapers are stored in a small dresser in the living room. We change on the floor, so there is a small basket under our end table with coconut oil, wipes, etc. The diaper pail is in the kitchen away from my curious 2 year old. :)

  272. Jennie says:

    We keep our changing table in the bathroom so we can be close to the diaper sprayer and the sink to wet cloth wipes. We have all of our diapers on the changing table shelves and we keep our wipes and bottom spray in a small basket on the chaging table, We just use a trash can with a pail liner as a diaper pail. We also have a shelf above the changing table to store our rash cream and all of the other little things that I want to keep out of our toddlers reach.

    Helpful hint: you can put a long peice of velcro on your changing table (or on the shelf like I did) and if you have diaper covers with hook and loop you can hang them on the strip of velcro to hang and dry out for the next diaper change!

  273. I store my cloth diapers in a diaper stacker attached to the wall above the changing table. In our bedroom, I have a basket full of them. We usually prep the diapers in our bedroom and it’s the only other place we change diapers, so the basket stays in our room. Other items on top of our changing table are a wipes warmer and a couple of canvas storage bins. Those hold everything from lotion and powder to baby barrettes. Extra containers of wipes and changing pad covers are on the shelves below the changing area along with a couple more canvas storage bins. My husband built our changing table, so we probably have more storage space than others.

  274. Jen O says:

    I use baskets! One for prefolds, one for covers, and a smaller one for cloth wipes. They’re all on the first shelf on our changing table, within easy reach. On the second shelf, I have a basket with pocket diapers and doublers for overnights.

  275. I have a changing table with 4 boxes underneath–2/child. 1 box is filled with the AIOs and covers and the other with prefolds. To my left is a rather utilitarian 2-tiered shelf with my wipes and wipes solution and sundry items.

  276. Brandi says:

    I store my clean Bum Geniuses in a lime green storage box (purchased at Target) in the changing table cabinet. The table isn’t organized in any particular way. Bum Genius Odor remover spray is in the bathroom where diapers are rinsed out and the diaper pail is located.

  277. catheirl says:

    I stuff my 4.0s once they’re dry. I keep them (sorted by color) in a basket on our changing table.

  278. tifeis says:

    I use a pocket shoe hanger on the back of the door for my AIO’s and pockets. The covers, wipes, prefolds, inserts, and nighttime diapers are in separate baskets under the changing table. Although, I will admit, the clean diapers are in a laundry basket right now. Some days, they just don’t get put away.

  279. Brittany says:

    I’m NOT a very organized person. lol so when I bring my drying rack inside with diapers on it, they tend to stay on the rack out of my toddlers reach for a while. I sit down with my pile-o-diapes and stuff them all and place them in a few neat piles on an ottoman (that is next to our couch), has become a designated diaper spot. They’ll stay there until my 20 month old daughter strays them all over the living room, or steals them for her dolls.

    And as for changing area…. a clean spot on the rug or a blanket does the trick for us. With 3 kids and 2 in diapers….NOTHING in our house stays clean OR organized!

  280. Julie says:

    I cant use my changing station so everything is stored on it i have a basket with my prefolds in it and my wipes and liners folded up next to it its convenent for us since we just change our daughter on our bed we are a little cramped for space.

  281. Stefanie says:

    I haven’t started cloth yet (baby is due any day) and have a feeling my organization system isn’t going to work as well as I think it will.

    For now, I have two long organizers with three dividers in them. I have my NB diapers in one, organized by type. NB/small pockets, NB small covers, NB small fitteds. The other holds diapering accessories, like my Snappis, pins, bottom spray, etc. Then I have two huge drawers with my NB and small prefolds in them. I also have another organizer and the bottom cubby of that is filled with covers, contours, hybrids, and fitteds that she will grow into. Then we have an over the door organizer with her OS pockets and larger AIOs/sized pockets.

  282. Leslie says:

    I am the most unorganized of them all…to save a little time, I don’t waste it stuffing and folding – I keep the shells in one basket, pads in another, and stuff them as I use them…keeps me sane! Everything else gets thrown into a drawer on under the changing table, and dirty wipes go straight into the (I know the irony here) diaper genie!

  283. Tamara says:

    Like many others, I have a changing pad on top of a dresser with the wipe warmer next to it. I stuff/fold the clean diapers and place them in the top drawer so they’re convenient. I fold the cloth wipes over each other and put them in the wipe warmer (that warms from the top) with about 1/2 cup water and a drop of tea tree and lavender oil. I can easily pull the wipes out one by one and never have had a mold problem. I only have about 15 of them, so I go through them pretty fast.

  284. I store our diapers in a cupboard in play room. Although to be honest somedays I stuff and use fresh from dryer. Mmmm, nothing better then warm, soft diaper first thing in the morning- happy baby:)

  285. We just keep them on the shelf under the changing table, though there’s a pile of ones that she doesn’t fit in yet between the changing table and the side wall. Since our condo is tiny, it’s no big deal to walk into our bedroom where the changing table is to change her.

  286. crispybata says:

    Changing pad goes on top of the dresser. All cloth diapers go into the top drawer for easy access. This includes wipe solution, wipes, Snappis, rash cream, etc. I just fold prefolds and fitted diapers in half, store them on the right side of drawer; covers in the middle; wipes solution and Snappis on the left so it goes in order. Diaper pail sits right behind me so I just turn and throw in when done. Very easy.

  287. cgregory2 says:

    I store my diapers (stuffed and ready to use) in the drawers of the changing table. The cloth wipes (and homemade wipe solution) is stored in a warmer next to the table.

  288. Brittany says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  289. Karolyn Mac says:

    We use two baskets, one on the changing table and one on the floor. This way we don’t have a gigantic pile of diapers on the changing table, just begging to be destroyed. *smile* Most of the time all the diapers are stuffed after being washed, but often we just stuff on demand. Our homemade wipes are stored in a small plastic bag, again a space saver.

  290. Ember says:

    Life seems to happen in the living room, not the nursery, so our clean folded BGs are stored in a big basket in the living room. Out in the open and easy to get to! I keep the cloth wipes in a case beside the basket. I kind of like looking at the big, colorful basket of diapers! (:

  291. Kyoung416 says:

    I find stuffing and them rolling my BGOS diapers is the easiest way for us to store in a basket on the changing area and also for packing the diaper bag. Keeping them rolled up tight (like a jellyroll) seems different from most….but it really works! Wipes are in another basket, and “extra” stuffings and inserts are kept in another:-) Three cute baskets across the table keep it nice and clean looking!

  292. jama says:

    we are a devoted BG family. we have two pink cubbies we use to store our BG’s… our changing table is our couch :) my daughter loves to play with here diapers & wipes. so we have made a game out of folding & storing them. I put the cubbies on the floor & then hand her (18 months) each diaper after i have folded it. SHE then decides which cubby to put in ! our wipes are then folded & stored in a reusable bag so they are easily accessible but kept clean from dust & allergens… when it is diaper change time, we let little miss choose her diaper!, she will go the cubbies, point to one and then i will lower it so she can pick her diaper. making her part of the process lessens the resistance we get at changing time :)

  293. TEXAUS MOMMA says:

    When I have them all stuffed they reside in two pretty wooden baskets on the top of the chest of drawers!

  294. Cristen says:

    I USED TO store my cloth dipes nicely folded on the two shelves beneath the changing table. Then DD learned to walk…and began what I call Wreaking Havoc on the changing table. Everything gets pulled off the shelves, inserts yanked out of pockets, rises unsnapped. :) So now I settle for clean diapers in any stack, pile, etc, as long as they are *near* the changing table, or in a laundry basket nearby. Diapers are always intermixed with stuffed bunnies, hair bands, various articles of (clean) clothing, and possibly a remote control or two.

    My newborn dipes for our upcoming boy are on a shelf very high up and nicely folded– so I can look at them lovingly for a few more weeks before mayhem commences yet again. :)

    cristenhyde at gmail dot com

  295. Bumama says:

    I will have Three Kids in diapers in the next month..I would love this Package!

  296. Skeedy says:

    As soon as my diapers are dry, they get stuffed, folded and usually sorted by color (yes, I am that OCD). I have a storage bin thing that was indented for toys, however, I decided that my diapers fit really nice in there, so the storage bins were re-purposed.

  297. s says:

    My husband and I have decided to start using cloth diapers with our baby (our next step in having less waste in our household), but don’t have the money saved up yet to buy them. So, I don’t have an organizational strategy yet, but it would sure help to start out with some free wipes!

  298. Robertsons says:

    Our changing table is actually an antique dresser. Top drawer has a nicely folded stack of BG wipes, my nb size bg inserts that I add for nigh time diapers and all the random things like pacis, never, thermometers, etc. Middle drawer holds my folded organized BG 3.0s and Elementals. Bottom drawer has prefolds and covers. My homemade wet bag hands either on a drawer nob or the side of the kids’ laundry basket.

  299. Sherry says:

    I store my diapers in dresser drawers. I organize by having wipes and cream on top of the dresser above the drawers. The garbage can is beside the hamper. The diapers go in the hamper and the papertowel wipes go into the garbage. I would love to switch to reusable wipes. I also have diapers, wipes, cream, and a wet bag ready to go in my diaper bag so that it isn’t a hassle when I am ready to go.

  300. Lori says:

    After my BG 4.0s are dry, stuffed and folded, I store them in the top drawer of the changing table that my FIL built for us. Wipes refills are in a slide-out drawer lower down, for when I’m running low in her wipes tub next to the changing pad. It’s wonderful that I’m able to have every well organized and stored within easy reach!

  301. Elissa says:

    I would like to say that my cloth diapers are all wonderfully organized, but sadly that’s not the case. I store mine in an old disposable diaper box in our downstairs bathroom, as most of the diaper changing takes place downstairs. We just make two stacks in the box, one of shells, and one with inserts. All of the doublers are kept in our girls room to pop in at their last change. We just change the girls on the floor of our living room, or their room instead of a changing table, as I couldn’t lift my first born up to the changing table after the second was born. Works out better for us, as I don’t having to worry about my super squirmy toddlers falling off!

  302. Kellie says:

    We just have a changing pad secured to the top of a dresser–near which we have a hanging diaper organizer nailed to the wall. We store our BGs in there, folded and stuffed and ready to go. We also keep our wipes on the top of the dresser, and everything else in the other pockets of the hanging diaper organizer. (If we change to cloth wipes, I’ll have to reorganize a little–maybe get a small basket to put in place of the current wipe container to hold cloth wipes and the spray bottle.

  303. Melissa S says:

    We are getting some baskets from IKEA to store our cloth diapers and supplies. We also got some wall pockets to store some for an easy reach. We are getting a thermos with a push pump from Target that will keep water warm for 24-48 hrs since we will be storing our wipes dry. That way we will still have warm wipes for our little guys bottom.

  304. Sarah says:

    We’re still in the process of getting the baby’s room together, but my husband’s grandfather is building us a 3-drawer dresser that we plan to use as a changing table as well. The top drawer will hold all of our cloth diapering goods for easy access when we are changing. I’m sure it will be a work in progress, but I’m really excited about it.

  305. Tara says:

    Well they are supposed to be stored under my daughters changing table, in a cute little box, but usually they just end up on the couch or on top of the changing table because there is no time to get them put away.. and we go through diapers like crazy over here!!

  306. Britni says:

    Our diapers are stored in a tall tupperware drawer set. The top holds our pockets, second drawer holds the Flips and covers. Third drawer holds the boosters and extra inserts as well as small wetbags. The bottom drawer has the diapers that don’t fit my baby anymore. The rest of my supplies are in a small wire basket on the dresser- creams, liners, snappis, and extra wipes.

  307. Patty says:

    I actually use the hanging diaper stacker that came with our crib bedding. It hangs on the side of our changing table/dresser and fits up to 18-20 folded AIO’s perfectly (and that’s the max I have clean at any given time). In one of the cubbies I have a basket that we keep our cloth wipes and kissaluvs lotion potion spray in. Then of course a hairbrush for my 13 month old girly girl. She brushes her hair while I change her diaper…not sure why she has to have her hairbrush, but it sure keeps her hands out of the way!

  308. Mama B says:

    We store our BG diapers in a laundry basket and each time we go to use one pull out all the strings or hair that got caught in the velcro tabs. Our changing station is in my daughters room. I store all the cloth wipes in the top drawer, wet bags in the second drawer (the one we are using hangs off the edge of her changing table). I may want to revamp it at some point to make it look cuter but for now it works. :)

  309. Elizabeth says:

    I was just introduced to cloth diapering this past week since my daughter’s skin is too snesitive for disposables, so we are still adjusting. We have a rubbermaid three drawer caddy next to her changing station where I store all of her covers and cloth diapers. eventually I would like to store them in lined baskets on the changing table itself.

  310. Katie says:

    I have a 3 drawer plastic storage thing that all my fluff is in… I have all my flats kite folded and then trifolded and ready to go in one drawer… with all my covers… Pockets are all stuffed, folded, and ready to go in one drawer… and all the wipes/fleece liners etc… are in another… and I change my son on the floor because he is almost 2 and doesn’t stay still long enough to be on a changing table… :c)

  311. After the cloth diapers covers and inserts are washed and dried, I stuff them and snap them to size. Then I put them in a basket. As far as changing area goes, we use the top of her dresser. We have a changing pad, wipes, and lotion on top of the dresser. In the first drawer with have her disposable diapers for when it’s time to wash or travel.

  312. Rachel says:

    I have 2 in cloth diapers right now. For my 2 year old I store my BG in a diaper stacker and have it hanging on the changing table. I store my diapers for my 8 month old in the drawer on the changing table. Extra diapers and inserts are stored on the shelf below. I store my cloth wipes in one of the plastic wipes holders. Would love some better ideas and a prize package!! :)

  313. Elizabeth says:

    I have a great little diaper organizing bag I am able to keep about a dozen or more prefold and about 5 covers, my jar of Bordeux butt paste and baby powder, wipes and spray of solution. I keep the rest of my cloth diapers in a basket in the play area for easy access. Because I rent and am not able to have a cloths line, I opted to use the wet bucket method for my diapers. I use warm water and a scoop of oxy clean in my diaper bucket. I use an all natural detergent, oxy clean and vineger in the wash for my prefolds. They smell great and are only a little stained. Once in a while I will run some bleach in the cycle to get them cleaner. I am going to be getting a drying rack for my diapers and putting it in front of the window when I dry them.

  314. Angelyn says:

    My changing station is on top of her mirrored dresser, and I store my diapers in pretty floral bins. One has all my pocket, Hybrid, and AIO diapers, and the other one has stay dry liners, extra covers, inserts, and flats. Next to the bins I have our wipe warmer and and CD safe cream. Our hanging wet bag is within arms reach too. Having everything right there makes changing a snap!

  315. AmyBeth says:

    I keep her BGs stuffed in the top drawer of her dresser/changing table. If I’m feeling motivated I put a liner in there too to make life easier on my husband! I also try to keep a few in my diaper bag so that I’m ready to go. We also have a toy, wipes (we haven’t switched to cloth wipes yet) and a nasal aspirator since we’re in the midst of some major sniffles.

  316. Hope says:

    I put my diapers in the closet in our bathroom. I really don’t have a place to store them in my daughters room, but I always just change her in the floor anyways ;)I have a plastic wipes container from some disposable wipes for my wipes, I also keep a basket with snappi’s wipes cubes/wipes bottle, fleece liners, diaper cream etc. Pockets on the top shelf(since we use those most), fitteds, prefolds, and covers on the second shelf, along with extra inserts and doublers.

  317. Crystal says:

    Our changing station is in the livingroom, blocking the fireplace. My sons diapers are sorted on the 1st shelf of the changing table. Prefolds in one stack, fitteds in one, pockets in one, and doublers stacked at the back. It’s not the most asthetically pleasing, but gets the job done.

  318. Dory says:

    I use baskets below my changing table for clothes, little baskets on a shelf above the changing stand for my wipes and small stuff, and I keep my diapers in a diaper stacker I made to hold three stacks, it is hanging on the wall within easy reach. and my covers are in another stacker on the end of the stand. The dirty diapers go in the diaper pail ( actually just a trash can with a lid:) at the end of the changing stand

  319. Elizabeth says:

    I have two in diapers. The newborns diapers are stored in the cabinet of the changing table. I use the white diapers for night time so they are to one side already double stuffed. The day time diapers are all the colored diapers to the other side. The changing pad has a pocket where I keep his hair brush, nail clippers. etc. To the side of the changing pad I have lotion and wipes. My two years old’s diapers are in his chest of drawers. The top drawer has his diapers and wipes. His pj drawer has his white double stuffed night time diapers.

  320. I have a plastic three drawer unit that I have my son’s diapers in. We use BG 3.0s so, I have the shells in one drawer, the inserts in the next drawer, and the doublers in the last drawer. I have a few cloth wipes that I store in a bin under the changing table with a spray bottle to wet them. This set up has worked great for us for more than 2 years! I can’t wait to use BG4.0s for our next child due in August!!

  321. Anna says:

    I keep my clean diapers in our the pack n play bassinet. On the bottom it has these fabric shelf things. That’s where I keep my prefolds, wipes, and covers stacked. In the bassinet part I keep my pocket diapers (stuffed with inserts), my flats, and my fleece liners.

    I don’t really have a changing station – I like to change my daughter on a mat on the floor. I use all cloth wipes and a solution from a spray bottle. I love cloth wipes because I use wipes for everything – not just for diaper changes. To wipe up a drooly baby, to wipe off hands, to clean a messy face. If I used sposie wipes we’d be going through a ton, but this way we don’t create any waste! LOVE them!

  322. mekjsk2000 says:

    I have a big plastic tote in my room that all of his diapers that are being used are kept. All of the larger sizes not in use yet are in plastic crates under his crib.

  323. Erin says:

    We keep our diapers prestuffed and stacked in the diaper drawer… when they’re clean & stuffed, that is. I think we operate out of the clean laundry basket as often as we do the diaper drawer. Homemade cloth wipes are stored wet in the wipe wsrmet

  324. Rae says:

    i stuff my BGOS pockets when they come out of the dryer. i keep them in a zippered tote bag – this keep the little ones from oulling them out and strewing them around the house, they love to play with the clean dipes. the bag is usually somewhere in the living room. i don’t have an established “changing area”. i use the couch, bed, ottoman, or floor….whatever is most convenient at the time. wipes are either in the tote bag with the dipes or on the side table in the living room. i have 2 drawers in the kids’ bedroom to store extra dipes, mostly prefolds, extra inserts, and a few kissaluvs fitteds that only get used occasionally.

  325. I store all the cloth diapering supplies on the changing table. Bottom shelf has a bucket of inserts and a basket of socks, underwear, snappies, and other miscellaneous items. Second shelf has the prefolds on one side and a plastic drawer full of pockets, covers, and AIO’s on the other side.

  326. Erica Mock says:

    I don’t use a changing table, I just change her on my bed, the floor, or the couch. I keep a stack of clean, stuffed diapers upstairs on top of her dresser and another stack downstairs in the living room, in a small cabinet/end table.

  327. conngirl25 says:

    I use a cloth bin and a drawer in the changing table for cloth diaper storage. The bin holds all my pockets. The drawer is home to AI2’s covers, preolds, and fleece liners. All my dipes get organized by brand:)

  328. My clean diaper are all stored in canvas baskets on my changing table! Everything is right at hands reach. Creams/wipes/wipe solution are all in the drawer right under the changing pad, and the shelves under the drawer are where my canvas baskets sit!

  329. Megan says:

    We have a large wicker basket that we use for our clean ones, and we fold them and stack them in piles of inserts, doublers, covers, etc. (I love cloth diapers and tend to buy them when i see cute new patterns, etc!) And then I have my cloth wipes (made by me) in a smaller basket with wipes solution in a spray bottle. It works for us!! :)

  330. Emilie says:

    Diapers (BG Elementals) go in a bin on a shelf under the changing table with the most recently washed ones on the bottom to keep the stash from wearing out at different rates. Doublers (Hemp Babies and Sbish bamboo) go in a smaller bin next to that. Diapers I rarely use (and need to sell!) go in another large bin next to that. Wipes are stacked dry on top of the changing table, with a few wipes at a time wet and in a little bowl ready for use.

    emiliedevasher at gmail dot com

  331. Genevieve says:

    Right now my cloth diapers are stored in a big bag waiting for our 4th baby to be born!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  332. says:

    I dont’ have a changing area. We just use the floor. But I keep my clean diapers in little pull out bins in my son’s room.

  333. Kayla Aimee says:

    My baby isn’t home yet so I have no idea if my system is going to stay in place or not! My changing table is a dresser my great grandfather made. I have the top drawers filled with extra diapers/wipes. I have a basket next to the changing pad with diapers/inserts and wipes. And there is a wetbag for used diapers next to the changing station.

  334. Linnea says:

    Our clean diapers go in the drawers of the changing table, organized by type. It takes the top two drawers. Our table is big enough for the pad on one side, and then the wipe wash container, wipes and lotions/snappis/creams next to it.

  335. Marie says:

    We use a soft storage unit for our diapers since our “changing station” is the floor. Our almost 10 month old is starting to walk now so a table is useless

  336. Morrigan says:

    The changing area is on top of my daughters dresser. I keep one drawer full of diapers. I have a basket on top of the dresser with wipes, spray bottle, lotions, flannel liners, etc. Clean diapers that do not fit in the drawer are kept in a shelf in her closet

  337. Miranda says:

    I stuff and fold them into one of those canvas boxes (I don’t have too many diapers). And my changing area is just a changing pad on the floor, so all my changing needs are on the floor next to the tv. =)

  338. Elizabeth says:

    I hang my bg 4.0 shells on the top bunk of the baby’s room, which does not have a mattress on it and store my inserts in a big Tupperware on top of the changing table. He is too wiggly for the changing table nowadays so he gets changed in the crib. I keep my homemade cloth wipes in a bucket by the spray bottle of wipe solution.

  339. Stephanie says:

    I have a corner changing table with shelving underneath and I store the clean BG’s in a decorative bin right next to my cloth wipes and homemade dipe solution. So glad I found this option and would never go back to disposables

  340. My clean diapers are kept in a basket beside my couch. We have never really used a changing table or anything. The basket just has her diapers and wipes and are always easily accessible for a quick change!

  341. carrieR says:

    In the diaper stacker. Wipes in a wipe container. It’s absolutely no different than with disposables.

  342. Jessie says:

    For the baby they are in the top drawer of the changing table with the bg cloth wipes in a small basket on the side of the table. I have a coffee carafe filled with hot water to wet them. The toddler’s diapers are stacked in a pile on the floor next to a basket that contains wipes. I keep these next to his bed where I change him most.

  343. Heather says:

    I keep the diapers in the top drawer of a dresser. The changing pad is on the top of that dresser. I stack all the Flip inserts in the front, with all the covers next to them, and then the wipes next to that. I then put the BGs and Elementals behind the Flips. The Flips are the every daily use diapers, so I need them close at hand. I hang the squirt bottle on the drawer pull. In the second drawer of the dresser I keep the hemp inserts, extra BG inserts, extra wetbags, etc.

    Sometimes, though, I just use everything straight out of the laundry basket. ๐Ÿ˜€

  344. Loving cloth diapering. We moved our 1 year old over a couple weeks ago and plan to do so with our newborn pretty soon. With two in cloth diapers, I have them stacked by size on the counter in our living room where we spend a bulk of our time. I also keep one or two in the bathroom for changing dirty diapers. It’s not very sophisticated, but it works for us.

  345. Shalene says:

    Our dipes are in the laundry rm closet since our changing station is on the dryer. We also use a wipes warmer and cloth wipes on a shelf above the dryer with a lg plastic trash can with a flip lid for the dirty ones.

  346. Ness says:

    I make ring slings. So I took my design and made it into a hanging diaper organizer. larger than normal, to fit my prefold’s in it. I also put numerous pockets on the outside to put snappi’s, baby legs, and any diaper cream that I may need. there is also room for covers to store or hang to dry. It is two tiered, so I can fit two size diapers in it since I have two in diapers right now. then I have some AIO’s and covers on the diaper changer, and my wipes sit on the top of the changer itself.

  347. Heather says:

    we store ours in a drawer in the changing table. we keep our cloth wipes in an old wipe container by the sink. This set up seems to work well for us.

  348. Jana says:

    I have mine on a shelf. One stack for covers, one for microfiber inserts, one for prefolds, one for hemp doublers. Depending what time of day it is, I grab the right combination and assemble a diaper. I’ve found this to be easier than pre-stuffing and trying to keep them sorted!

  349. I stuff them with a newborn liner and put them in the top drawer of her changing table so they’re ready when we need them.

  350. Amber says:

    Baby #1 isn’t here yet, but we have a dresser with a changing pad and a wipe warmer set up. Then we have all of the pre-stuffed, ready-to-go dipes in the top drawer and all of the prefolds and inserts in the next drawer down. Still building the stash though!

  351. Kate says:

    I am brand new to cloth diapering and so far just have our stash in a bin on the dresser where our changing pad is. I’m just getting used to using CDs and haven’t yet purchased any cloth wipes… so this would be amazing to win!!

  352. Mary says:

    I keep my BG dipes stuffed and ready to go in my son’s dresser. He has a dresser/changing table combo, so I try to keep it organized with a small basket containing lotion, diaper cream, bummis liners, hairbrush, etc. That and the wipe warmer are all I keep up there.

  353. Leslie says:

    I have a basket on my changing area that holds my prefolds and night time OS diapers (they are extra stuffed for overnight) I keep night time diapers separate for DH to grab easily.

    Next to my changing area i have a 3 drawer plastic cabinet. The kind they sell when it is back to college time. The top drawer has all my pockets, drawer two has extra prefolds and extra MF, and the bottom drawer has changing pad covers. I keep my wipes in the top drawer of the changing station.

  354. nichole says:

    My clean diapers are in a basket in the window in the play room, the changing table is pushed up to the window with wipes and a bottle of water :)

  355. Dauner says:

    I have a laundry basket in my room on my nightstand that holds the clean diapers, next to that is my cloth diaper safe creams and wipes, then I have a trashcan with a liner on the other side for dirty diapers.

  356. Sarah says:

    I stuff all my diapers snap them closed on the smallest top snap (just two each) and stack them in our hall bath under the sink. Next to them are wipes and my magic stick. They look all pretty, like they do on the websites, lol.

  357. Oops–and my email is peanut2507 at yahoo dot com!

  358. April says:

    I keep the clean folded diapers in a wooden laundry basket in the living room (where most diaper changes occur.)

  359. Erin Pucciarelli says:

    My clean diapers are kept in drawers in the baby’s closet. I bring a clean diaper with me to the changing area, where I have my own homemade cloth wipes and wipes solution.

  360. Our changing table is on top of a dresser, so I use the two top drawers to store the diapers. I use prefolds and flip inserts with flip and econobum covers, so I organize the inserts/prefolds by type and size in one drawer and the covers are kept in the other drawer along with a few pocket diapers that we use for overnights.

  361. Jacquelyn says:

    After cleaning and stuffing the diapers (and folding!) I place them in cloth bins on my son’s dresser. I have another bin that holds the newborn inserts to use at night. This keeps them easily accessible and my husband always knows where to go for clean diapers!

  362. we just started cloth diapers.. so we organized our diapers in a dresser along with her wipes..but since im planning` on buying more.. `im going to need to reorganize them

  363. Melissa says:

    Our changing table is a dresser I found for free on the side of the road. We cleaned it up and painted it and put a changing pad on top and voila. We actually keep baby clothes in it though. As far as diapers, all of our pockets and AIOs are kept in the bottom two drawers of a plastic drawer organizer along with our couple of fitteds and a couple of bamboo prefolds. Extra inserts and doublers go in the top drawer. Prefolds and covers (which we use most)sit right on the changing table, and flats go in one of the nooks of the changing table.

  364. I don’t own a changing table… so my night stand is where I keep all my diapers and wipes. I am a pocket person so I stuff them and put them in a rectagular basket I had so they are all ready to use. I have two huggies wipe tubs that I bought when using disposables back when baby was born, I usually have one with the wipes solution and the other holds the wipes I just washed ao they are always ready to use!

  365. Theresa says:

    I store mine on the changing table. 3 piles: Mother Ease, prefolds and Flips. I put the BGs in the hanging diaper holder on the door. Wipes are in the drawer of the changing table.

  366. Kate says:

    I have all of my BG’s stuffed and ready to go in the changing table. We bought baskets from Container Store that just fit the table. With three baskets, we have 2 filled with diapers, and one filled with wipes, solution, and other supplies.

  367. Beth says:

    My baby is not here yet, so I can’t say how I do it now… but my plan is to have a storage basket on the changing table with my diapers in it. My plan is to keep all my wipes and prestuffed diapers close by so that changing time is easy. I’m sure I’ll have to change it up a bit…but for now that is the plan.

  368. Melissa says:

    we have a dresser that i scored for $20 and refinished and added a change pad on top. all her clean bum genius diapers (all 28 of them!) are stored in the middle drawer stuffed and ready to go when she needs a new diaper! a tall cabinet stands beside it storing some wipes and a garbage bin with lid and a wet liner to store dirty diapers sits beside – pretty simple change station but it works!

  369. Jill says:

    when my cloth diapers are clean I put them in canvas bins on the shelf of the changing table (that is, once I get them stuffed/out of the laundry basket). I often put enough for a ‘diaper load’ in each basket, so once I take the last one out of the basket on the right I rotate it over to the left and move the full basket closer to my right hand. Then I put the freshly washed ones back into the left basket–this way I rotate them evenly. Sometimes I organize them by color or brand or type or closure. Sometimes they just get stuffed in there, or dropped if I’m in a real hurry. I used to keep the wipes separate, but they kept getting played with and tossed on the floor, so now they just get tossed into the basket, too! I keep a couple of wipes in the bathroom for surprise dirties! I just get the cloth really wet to do most of the work! Once the new baby comes, I’m sure my storage and routine will change, but for now, that’s what works for us!

  370. SoniaAndreia says:

    i stuff/fold/snap/velcro all the diapers and store them in canvas bins. one bin has pockets, another has aios. then another has flats and prefolds and extra liners/doublers etc. then more small bins for socks, bibs, burp rags, washcloths. and finally ANOTHER bin for wipes and my peri bottle with solution. somehow that all fits on just 2 shelves on my changing table!

  371. I just re-organized my diaper area yesterday! top shelf: flip pads and stuffed BG’s for day. shelf 2: flip covers, disposable wipes and double stuffed BG’s for night, shelf 3: prefolds and extra pads. I just recently bought cloth wipes which are by the sink to wet with warm water. I really need to try the BG bottom cleaner!

  372. April Hunt says:

    Well, I am currently pregnant and I used disposables the first time around so I am still in the process of organizing my nursery. I will probably keep all her diapers in the top drawer of the dresser that is her changing table. I have a warmer that the wipes will stay in. I actually haven’t bought any cloth wipes yet, just diapers-so this would be an amazing prize to win!

  373. Rebecca says:

    I sort all our diapers by brand and type and store them in closetmaid fabric cubes on a bookshelf next to the changing table. They are cute and organized. I have one cube for pockets, one cube for inserts/prefolds/liners/ and, one cube for disposable liners and covers! My cloth wipes are in a basket on the changing table with a peribottle to wet them.

  374. ..Jenny says:

    We use a big dresser as a changing area and have a basket on top next to the changing pad with wipes and a few Bum Genius’ and store the rest of our BG and Flips in the top drawer and separate everything out with some drawer organizers from Ikea. They sell a package of drawer organizers for $10 and the baskets are the perfect size! It was almost as if they were sized just for the flip and bum genius inserts!

  375. Well, I use to fold an put all of our diapers away on our changing table shelves, but then our youngest became mobile and the changing table was in our room. We needed the space, so it all got downgraded to a laundry basket. It works for me and there’s less time spent taking care of that part. With three children, I welcome less household duties :)

  376. AEK says:

    I stack my diapers on top of a steralite three drawer cabinet. I used to put them in the drawers but now that is full with other baby/toddler supplies! The diapers stay well in their stacks and are easily accessible that way.
    Our changing area is actually just a changing pad that we place on top of our bed. Our 22 month old is a mover so putting her on a regular table isn’t safe anymore!
    angiedkelly at gmail dot com

  377. Amanda R says:

    I keep my AIO’s and covers in a basket. Inserts I stack on the bottom shelf of the changing table.

  378. Maryn says:

    Our baby isn’t here yet, either, but for now, I have two changing stations set up on dresser tops (one upstairs, one down) with changing pads on top and diapers in the top drawer. I did buy a Prince Lionheart wipes warmer, as I think it will be easier in the beginning to have pre-moistened wipes. I have some NB size and some OS, so for now, I just have the newborn sizes loaded into the dressers.

  379. Well, the baby isn’t here yet so I can’t say what I’ll ACTUALLY do when reality hits *G* but for now everything is stacked according to type of diaper. We have different kinds (AIOs, AI2s, FLIPs, etc) since we don’t know which ones we’ll like the best plus we have some BG and bamboo newborn/xs to start with. Also, we’re debating on a wipes warmer but are questioning whether or not we’ll want to keep changing out the solution every couple of days to prevent mold so right now we have a small stack of wipes and a spray bottle. We don’t have a dresser yet so everything is in baskets on the changing table.

  380. Rosie says:

    We have cloth bins from Babies ‘R Us that fit 8-10 fitteds each, and bigger ones that fit all our prefolds. I sort them by size (two babes in diapers) and stack them accordingly under the changing table.

  381. Bethany says:

    I have two kids in diapers…one is two and close to potty trained and a one-month old who is using tons of diapers. For the two-year-old I have two diapers double-stuffed for naptime and bedtime and keep them in the top drawer of her dresser/changing table. During the day we use the flips and keep all the extra liners and an extra flip ready to go also in the top drawer. For the newborn I have one or two smaller diapers ready to go in this drawer. All the other diapers I pre-stuff and store in a bag hanging from the pack & play under the changing table in our living room. We are still using so many diapers all throughout the day so we keep them close. I also keep one or two extra ones next to my bed for night time changes for the newborn.
    I love the wipes, especially on the newborn! I only have one set and I’ve been hoping for some more, so I’d love to win some! I love that they are chemical-free for her sensitive bottom.

  382. Sarah says:

    I have a basket that I use to hold all our clean, folded dipes, but my 15mo thinks it’s so much fun to dump that basket out, so we’re usually pretty unorganized. I keep my diapering supplies in our toy room, since that’s where almost all of the diaper changes happen during the day.

  383. Tiffany says:

    I plan to store clean diapers in our changing table drawers. Cloth wipes and solution will be stored on the shelf above the drawers.

  384. Dan and Peg says:

    We are using a dresser top as the changing area. We have a changing pad,a few toys, and a set of lined baskets that hold the diapers and wipes. It’s nice to have them stacked in the baskets, ready to use at arm’s reach.

  385. Cabbage says:

    My cloth diapers are all stored in a short bureau that doubles as a changing table for my daughter. On top of the table we have the changing pad, a toy or two for distraction, and the wipes warmer and a stack of dry wipes. I love it!

  386. BeeBaker says:

    I use bGs at night so I have them stuffed and keep them in the pajama drawer. I use flips during the day so I have them in the top drawer under my changing pad near my cloth wipes and all of my flip inserts (there are lots!) are folded in a bin in the closet.

  387. I like to think that I am a pretty organized person. I store my cloth diapers in one of the drawers of my changing station and have them in the order I want to use them (brands I like the best to brands I want to use when washing the others). On top of the changing table, I have other things I will use in a basket, including wipes. I do love to reorganize a lot, so we will see if this lasts! :)

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