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Published on January 25th, 2011 | by Heather Vaughn


Take This Job

I love my job... most days. Sure, work is work and there will be challenging days, but who wouldn't love this job? I get paid to communicate with thousands of amazing parents and grandparents on a daily basis. I read the most amazing stories, get great tips and learn something new just about every day.

Today, I thought I'd give you a chance to pretend you have my job. One of my favorite parts of this job is to ask interesting questions that give our community an opportunity to share their experiences. If you were behind the keyboard for a Facebook page that reaches more than 13,000 fans, what would you ask? You never know, if you ask a really good question, I might just post it on our Facebook page.
Want to know my other favorite part of my job? Blessing families by giving away free stuff! (Please tell me you saw that one coming.) Randomly selected winners will be selected from comments on this blog post to receive a prize pack of Cotton Babies items which could include bumGenius 4.0 cloth diapers, bum{Flip'n}Genius t-shirts, bumGenius Baby Legs, Cotton Babies cold cups or 2011 calendars.

Eligible entries must be posted today, Tuesday, January 25, 2011. U.S. Residents only. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary to win. Winners will be notified via e-mail.

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About the Author

Heather is mom to four, born within 40 months (single, twins, single). She writes transparently about her chaotic household to encourage others through the twists and turns of parenting.

358 Responses to Take This Job

  1. Dan.Eliot says:

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  2. Kristin says:

    I would ask: “What is the funniest reaction you’ve received when someone realised what a modern coth diaper is?”

  3. what did you love about your first car?

  4. KC says:

    what’s your favorite kind of cookie?

    vkc922 [at] cox [dot] net

  5. Van says:

    oops! :)

    vcoday at cox dot net

  6. Van says:

    what’s your weather like today?

  7. DaniG says:

    Having a baby is___________?

    das @ cfaith . com

  8. Callie says:

    I would ask, “Why do we let social stigmas/culture dictate how we parent, especially is public vs private?”

  9. Rebecca says:

    My husband and I had a water birth at home 5 1/2 weeks ago and welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world! He is in chiropractic school, I am a nurse. We have heard a lot of conflicting information regarding vaccinations and the increase in autism.
    If you knew there was a risk of your baby developing autism, would you still have them vaccinated?

  10. i would ask, what’s your favorite nighttime diaper for a preschooler, who still isn’t night trained?

  11. KuuKuu says:

    SO excited I will be visiting your vancouver store soon. Looking forward to my little shopping spree ;P

  12. Anonymous says:

    One thing I’d ask is this:

    Before you knew about Cottonbabies products or any of the “new” style of cloth diapers, did you consider cloth diapering the old fashioned way? Why or why not?

    I for one didnt! I didnt even know it was still an option or where you would go about getting cloth diapers. And it seemed like such a big hassle. How wrong I was. I think if more people knew how much it cost to diaper a baby from birth to potty training, and how easy to use the new cloth diaper products are, they would consider it!


  13. Anonymous says:

    I would love to hear the funny responses/questions you get when you tell others you cloth diaper. And along the same lines how do you dispell the rumors or myths others have about cloth diapering?
    Christine K

  14. Anonymous says:

    I would ask what are your favorite Mommy blogs or information web sites? And, what are the one or two items you could not live without as a parent?

    Melanie N
    my_rabbit_barn at yahoo dot com

  15. Leigh Anne B says:

    I have a few questions in mind!
    The first one is, have you had any funny mishaps with cloth diapers? My parents used cloth diapers when I was younger, 28 years ago, and accidentally flushed a few after sleepless nights! Or has a older sibling ever made a funny comment about a younger brother or sister’s cloth diaper?
    The second question would be, what advice do you have for first time moms who are planning on using cloth diapers? I am expecting my first child in July and am quite nervous about how cloth diapering will work!

    Thanks for the offer!
    Leigh Anne B

  16. Heather says:

    How has the economy effected you, and what have you done to try to turn it around (other than cloth diapering of course)?
    hatcheson @ tampabay dot rr com

  17. Madeline says:

    It might not be the most exciting idea, but I love it when people on FB ask their fans what’s on baby’s bottom right now. I learn about so many new products that way!

    madelinemiller at gmail dot com

  18. What’s the best comment you’ve heard from your family members when you first told them you were using cloth diapers?

  19. Amy Walker says:

    I would ask how many people don’t spray, spray only, or spray AND wring their diapers. AND if they only spray poopy ones. I’m a wringer and usually spray out everything…just wondering if I’m weird!

    cheapnchoosy at gmail

  20. Megan says:

    I thought of a good one!

    “Before cloth diapering, what was the dirtiest item you’ve ever tossed in the washing machine?”


  21. jenny says:

    How does your child care provider handle you using cloth diapers?

    mommygoingreen4 @ yahoo dot com

  22. Tara says:

    What have you done with the money you’ve saved by cloth diapering? Anything special?

  23. Anonymous says:

    How has cloth diapering inspired you to take further steps at protecting the Earth and your baby’s health?

  24. Sheryl says:

    How do I try cloth diapers without investing a ton of money to see if I like it??

  25. Sheryl says:

    How did you turn your husbands onto the idea of cloth diapers? I am really interested but he seems set against it cause he thinks it won’t save that much money and will be a big hassle. Any tips?

  26. dhartsock says:

    I would ask, “Have you ever converted someone to cloth?” Or “how does your hubby like cloth diapering?”

  27. I would ask… what do you think you could do in your community to promote cloth diapering (with our help)?

    See… I’d LOVE to do something, but I don’t have the resources or know-how to just jump out there. But I’d gladly get my newspaper involved, or do a booth at earth day, even… but I’d need help.

    OH YEAH… best question: Who has a cute kid that would be willing to trade free diapers for modeling services?

    I’d be in STL ASAP!

  28. I would ask “Why are you happy to be a parent today?” because I think we all need to be reminded of the really good things that happen each day when the grind can become wearing.

  29. mlnoeth says:

    What are some of your favorite childhood memories? And…are you making these kinds of memories with your kids today??

  30. JLJMommy says:

    I’d ask “What was your latest piece of fluffy mail, and why were you excited for it?”
    ktiegen at yahoo dot com

  31. Bridgett says:

    I would ask, “What does your family to do be green besides cloth diapering?”
    I would also ask, “What are you doing to help your community or a cause?”
    I just started a foundation for a rare disease my son was born with (I’m the first to start a foundation to my knowledge!!) and I’m always looking for ideas to help me grow.

  32. The Hunters says:

    do you use cloth diapers to save money or save the environment?

  33. conngirl25 says:

    I would ask what improvements you would like to see on future Bum Genius products? I also would ask what colors/patterns would you be interested in seeing?

  34. I would ask how (if) they extend their ‘green’ activities past CDing.

  35. Sonia says:

    I would ask, How would you convince parents that are both full-time employed to try CDing and to convince their child’s caregiver the same.

  36. Casey says:

    I need an eco friendly way to clean the grout in my bath tub, any suggestions? :)

  37. Christopher says:

    I would ask since the time flies by so quickly, what are your favorite ways to preserve all of the precious memories? I am big on handprints and footprints, pictures, videos, and keepsakes. I would love to hear new ideas that families out there have. I just heard today of a family having each child put their handprints on their Christmas tree skirt. I thought that was such a cute idea! So much fun to look back in the years to come on those tiny little prints while celebrating the holidays!

    cjasms at

  38. nllm says:

    How do you motivate yourself to keep up with the cloth diapering? A cool new diaper, soap, a disposable liner for laundering days?

  39. Carolyn says:

    I’d ask what the biggest challenge about cloth diapering has been for you–and how you’ve solved it (of if you have at all!).

  40. Jessica Ye says:

    I would ask: Who convinced you to start cd’ing?

  41. bnfjess says:

    How about asking, “what is your funniest diaper changing moment?” Let’s face it we all have a few stories.

  42. Ashlee says:

    Does your child have a favorite diaper? (my 20 month old does! She LOVES Free Spirit from the Artist Series :) she would wear that diaper all the time if she could!)

    For those that primarily use BumGenius or other CottonBabies diapers… What’s the reason(s) why? (e.g. recommendations from friends, family, internet, etc, trying them out, convenience, customer service)

  43. Courtney says:

    Have you put off potty training just to use your cloth longer? (I have, so I just wondered if I was alone!)

    crayhons at gmail dot com

  44. I would love to know what made people start using cloth. Especially if they previously used disposables.
    Another thing would be “reviews” of different diaper brands and baby products.
    Do you use cloth all the time, or use a combo of cloth and disposables?

  45. Catherine says:

    I would ask what cloth diapering has helped you to accomplish!

  46. Heather A. says:

    Lately I’ve been dealing with a preschooler that can’t make it to the bathroom to go #2, so I would ask for advice on how to get my 4 year old to head to the bathroom BEFORE he REALLY has to go!

    theaguilars at verizon dot net

  47. ClothinSteph says:

    I would ask ” how much do you think you have saved?” I know alot of people still save money in the long run, but after buying what could easily become TOO big of a stash, did you save as much as you intended?
    Another interesting question I would like to know is how many moms resell their stashes on second hand sites?
    As a parent, I want to know how many women thought when they had a baby it would change their life as much as they have? I know I certainly didn’t, but it’s all for the beat!

  48. Heather says:

    What have you fed your baby that later made you wish you didn’t cloth diaper?

  49. Brendacthom says:

    You do ask some great questions! I would ask, “What is your number one tip/advice for parents considering cloth diapers?”

    Just today I e-mailed a friend who is considering CD to tell her how much I love my BG’s and Cotton Babies. I feel a good brand that WORKS is so important!

  50. diana says:

    i would ask parents who didnt cloth diaper or thought it was useless. “do you know how many tons of diapers sit in landfills every year and the impact it is going to have on YOUR childs future “

  51. April says:

    Having been unexpectedly blessed with twins (and overly concerned about diapering costs), I would ask: What are the challenges of cloth diapering multiples? What are the benefits? Or, for those without multiples but who are nonetheless diapering two at once, what system/type of diapers have you found work best?


  52. I would ask if cotton diapering helped potty train your little one faster?

  53. Crystal says:

    Has anyone had better luck potty training with cloth or does it seem to depend on the demeanor of the child? What is your go to diaper and why? What made you switch to cloth and have you ever wanted to or have you ever thrown in the towel?

  54. Melissa says:

    I think I would ask, “How do you start a conversation with other parents about cloth diapering?” – or – “How do you help spread the word about modern cloth diapering?”. We used disposables on our first 3 kiddos then found how awesome modern cloth is and made the switch when #4 was born. I love it SO much better, I want to tell the world! But I also don’t want to come across as judgemental (or crazy, lol), and I also don’t want to overwhelm someone else w/ to much information.
    melissa dot shoop at gmail dot com

  55. Carey says:

    With all the challenges (and wonderful pleasures) motherhood brings, what is your remedy for keeping the stress levels down when parenting gets tricky?

  56. Meg says:

    I would ask, Who uses cloth wipes and how do you do it? And do you still use them on-the-go? I am always curious about that. I use a wipe warmer and keep them wet in a solution. On-the-go I have dry wipes and a spray. But there are so many ways to do anything cloth and some people come up with some really efficient and creative ways to do things.
    meghancunha @

  57. Charlyn says:

    I feel like there are so many people now making or trying to make their own baby food that it would help some people if they knew more about the process and how to get started.

    For those of you who make your own baby food. What are the tools and process you use? What is your best baby food recipe?

  58. Jen says:

    I would ask… What made you want to start using cloth diapers. Has it been everything you thought it would be? What are the high’s and low’s you’ve experienced?


  59. Chelsea says:

    I think I would ask Why do you enjoy cloth diapering?

  60. AEK says:

    I would ask: “How many of the diapers you own did you win in online giveaways?”

    angiedkelly at gmail dot com

  61. Chad says:

    How much money did you save cloth diapering from birth to potty training vs. using disposables?


  62. Me says:

    What are your experiences traveling with cloth?
    If you ever use paper diapers what is the reason?
    How much have you spent cloth diapering?

  63. ashley H says:

    I would ask what is your favorite print.

  64. Adrianna says:

    I would ask, if you happened to be on the idea crew of cotton babies, what kind of products to make cloth diapering easier would you like to invent?
    adryt86 at gmail dot com

  65. skgaff says:

    I would ask how people deal with all the skeptics out there. It’s amazing the number of people who are very judgmental about cloth diapering and I think that’s a legitimate issue that moms need to learn how to deal with.

  66. EmConigs says:

    What most surprised you about becoming a parent for the first time? Second time? Third? Etc.

  67. Nikki says:

    We all have that one favorite moment in our child’s life that we wish would could save. For some it’s baby’s first words, the birth or their first steps. Others it may be a well timed hug and I love you when you needed it most. So I’d ask “If you could freeze one moment in your child’s life to return to any time you wanted for a pick me up or what not, what moment would that be?”

  68. carrieR says:

    I would ask Why did you choose cloth diapering?

  69. Kendra says:

    If you were given $1,000 to spend on cloth diapers and accessories, what would you buy and why?

    I wish that would happen to me! :)

    butterfly1979_ at hotmail dot com

  70. Sara says:

    I like the suggestion of just asking random questions like “What’s for dinner?” or “how’s the weather?”

    I also would ask, “How do you explain the joys of cloth diapering to others who don’t get it?”

    sara at fred-n-sara dot org

  71. Anonymous says:

    I would ask people general questions about cloth diapering such as…
    How many diapers do you have?
    What are your favorites?
    Why did you start cloth diapering?
    Any laundering or other tips?


  72. Lisa says:

    I would ask, “When people find out you breastfeed/cloth diaper and they have a neg reaction or try to come up with excuses of why it didn’t work and you knowing the facts that it might not be true, how would you respond?”


  73. Lisa says:

    As someone who used to write content for a website before my daughter was born in Dec 08, I’ve been really impressed with the way you’ve developed the cotton babies communication. Good job!

    I’d ask “what is the funniest thing your child has said or done this week?”

  74. April Hunt says:

    I would ask people what kind of responses they get from others when they find out you are a cloth diaper family. I have already gotten some interesting ones when I tell people we are going to start cloth diapering with our second one(due in may).

    Showers at Hotmail dot com

  75. Big Mama says:

    I would ask things like what has cloth diapering changed for you? or What have you learned about since you started cloth diapering? What would be included in your dream stash?
    How many diapers do you have?
    How do you store your diapers?
    Do you tell people about cloth diapers?
    How many disposable diapers do you think you have saved on since you started cloth diapering?

  76. Talula says:

    I’d have to ask, “What is the best thing for keeping your babe’s bum happy and dry? Is there a product that works best or a method that could hellp other parents with red bums?”

  77. Katie Wick says:

    How do your children inspire you?

  78. laura says:

    (whoops my email is! ^^^^^^)

  79. laura says:

    I would ask what stores you would like to see cloth diapers in, as I am hoping that is the next big step to really get people doing it! Also I wanted to ask you Jenn, congrats on your newest store, but when will we see an East coast one?! :)

  80. Amanda says:

    We are so thankful for you! And for you creating bG 4.0 which we love so much! Thanks for all of your awesome giveaways! Will be at the Vancouver store on Saturday, hopefully getting my free bG 4.0! :)
    My questions are..
    What got you into cloth diapering?
    What were your original reasons for cloth diapering?
    What inspired you to create your own line of cloth diapers and open cotton babies?
    Do you cloth diaper all the time?

  81. SJHawk says:

    What is the one thing you wish your doctor/nurses would have told you before you took your newborn baby home from the hospital?

  82. Gina McGirr says:

    What are great ways to get grandparents and others who might watch Baby into the cloth diaper craze?! As a soon-to-be mom, I’m finding myself overwhelmed with the cloth diaper options, but very excited to to something good for Baby, our pocketbooks, and the environment! What is the best way to get others excited about cloth diapers!?

    gmarie8338 (at) gmail (dot) com

  83. Marlena says:

    I would ask what aspect of cloth diapering do you need help with. I feel as mothers we are always looking for someone to talk to about so many things, and many of us may not have anyone to talk to about cloth diapering. I know that I’m in the minority among my friends when it comes to cloth diapering. So when I have questions or concerns I really don’t have anyone to talk to about them! It’s good to share not only our successes with others but our challenges as well!

  84. Brenna says:

    If you started with disposables, why and when did you make the switch?

  85. Kindra says:

    What’s your favorite part thing about watching your spouse/ SO, be a parent. What do they do for your child that no one else can?

  86. Beeba says:

    I would ask what sites you would recommend for families on a budget to purchase cloth diapers– because that’s a question I do have.

  87. JKWright says:

    I would ask “What is your normal wash routine? and “What one product would you give to a new CDing mom that you couldn’t live without?

    kay_ristin @

  88. Shelley says:

    I would take a poll to ask if any other parenting decisions seem to “go along” with using cloth diapers? Like decisions about vaccinating, breastfeeding, childcare, etc. Do you think parents who choose cloth are more likely to choose other “natural” ways of living, or are cloth diapers independent of these decisions?

  89. I’d ask, What is the hardest part about cloth diapering while traveling? And work on solutions for that. Or a flip question, how do you make cloth diapering on the go easy?

  90. Amy says:

    Today I would love feedback on how to get my 13 month old to take longer than a 30 minute nap!!!!

  91. HD says:

    I’d have to ask “How we could better our products?” What better way to get feedback than to have a direct conduit to 13000 people who use them on a daily basis. That’s free research and creativity that helps all of us CD rents!

  92. Mrs. Haid says:

    I think I would ask a question about some of your non cloth diapering products, like the Haba toys and baby carriers. I think there are a lot less posts or queries about these… and I think the specific question I’d ask was: What was baby/child item do you think was the best value for your money? I think Ergo might win… I initially thought the cost was too much. However now, I feel like I would pay same amount if I ever lost the Ergo and needed a brand new one! I don’t feel the same way about some other baby purchases… specialty nursing items, top of the line diaper bags, etc.
    bethanyhaid at gamil dot com

  93. I’d ask: what was your greatest fear of parenting that turned out to be much easier than you thought?

  94. VP Family says:

    i would ask: when you decided to go cloth, did you get any opposition? from who? did they get over it or still give you a hard time about it?

  95. natasha sandoval says:

    I would ask what tips would you give to new cloth diapering mamas?

  96. ~Stacy~ says:

    I think I would ask
    What has the biggest influence on which brand and style diaper you purchase?
    slvidrine at yahoo dot com

  97. Clements says:

    Have you ever gotten frustrated with cloth diapering and thought about throwing in the towel and going the disposable route? If so, what made you stick with cloth?

    natclements at gmail dot com

  98. Miranda says:

    Hmm… I know we all LOVE our cloth but honestly what has your biggest cloth challenge been? I spend a lot of time telling people how great it is that I forget, as with anything, there are challenges. cinder4320 @

  99. Super Treesa says:

    My question would be for cloth diapering parents- What is your biggest challenge in cloth diapering your child/ren?

  100. Amanda R says:

    I would ask: “How did you convince your caregiver to use cloth when they’re watching your little one?”

    I’m currently having this problem. I only work 2 days a week. Family watches our LO, but they don’t want to cloth. They’re free babysitters so I don’t want to ush the issue too much!

  101. Kayley says:

    I think I would ask how we could improve their favorite product or what they would like to see next?

    kayleythomas @

  102. Stephanie M. says:

    How the heck do you care for and lanolize wool? I’m so confused!

  103. Heather says:

    Cloth diaper related, I think I would ask what is the most beneficial/important info that will help a newbie out?

    heatherandscott030709 at gmail dot com

  104. Anonymous says:

    I know my reasons for using cloth, but I would ask what were your reasons for starting with cloth, and was your partner okay with the decision.

    Kelly Kurek

  105. I’d ask how many parents have had the opportunity to change someone’s mind about cloth diapering. People still look at me like I have seven heads when I even say the words.

  106. I would ask “If money was not an issue what would you diaper stash look like? And don’t be shy!”

    I would have a stash of BGEs in every color times 2!

    Mom2_3boyzz at yahoo dot com

  107. Tami L says:

    How about something to help out the CD beginners (like me!) by asking “What’s your best piece of specific advice for a first-time cloth diaper parent?” OR something like “What’s your best come-back to someone who ridicules you for cloth diapering?” (

  108. Allison R. says:

    What do you say when friends/family/strangers/jerks say “Oh, you’re using cloth diapers for your new baby? Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts *snicker snicker*”

  109. Lauren Ali says:

    If you could combine any traits from any cloth diaper brand to form your “perfect diaper”, what would those traits be? Does your “perfect diaper” already exist?

    ellay4402 at yahoo dot com

  110. Julie says:

    I would ask what are the biggest changes you have made in yourself as a person since you became a parent?

  111. Froggzy says:

    What is your go-to diaper when your baby/toddler is being very challenging with a diaper change?

    How does your husband/significant other respond to poo filled diapers when it is their turn to change?

  112. Steph says:

    There are so many great questions already! I’m interested in why others started cloth diapering and how their families/friends view the decision.

  113. Alycia says:

    I would ask “How has using cloth diapers positively affected other areas of your life?”


  114. Erika says:

    I would ask what everyone’s favorite diapers are…because I am always looking for more great ones!

    I think I would also ask something like, what would your “perfect” diaper look like/what characteristics would it have? With so many opinions, it would be interesting!

  115. I think tip and tricks to cloth diapering would be a good question – everyday and travel. And maybe the money you have saved cloth diapering…

  116. Amanda says:

    A scary part of CDing is the dirty diapers after your child starts solids. How about ‘what is your routine for taking care of dirty diapers? And your tips for parents who haven’t been there yet ?’

  117. Lets see. I have lots of questions:

    1. Did you know you’d cloth diaper before you had your baby? What made you want to? If not, when did you decide to make the change and why.

    2. Did you start off with one type of diaper (prefolds/covers for example) and later decide you liked something different (pockets or AIOs perhaps)

    3. Have you ever loaned diapers to a disposable-diaper mom? What was her reaction?

    4. What comment do you hear most often from strangers about your cloth-diapering?

    5. Have any of your friends converted after hearing your experiences?

    6. How did members of the older generation react to your choice to cloth diaper? My mother think’s I’m nuts and that cloth is disgusting and that disposables are easier and cleaner!!! She constantly berates me for choosing cloth and has told me if I can’t afford diapers I should stop having kids (i have 1 and one on the way)!!!

    princessbodani(at gmail dot com)

  118. Priscilla says:

    Just talked about this at MOPS today–What is your favorite parenting book and why? Learned about a few today that I’ll probably buy/check out to have a closer look.

    Thanks for doing all the give-a-ways too! They are a lot of fun and a blessing to those that win, I am sure!

  119. Maegan says:

    Name one thing your child does that makes you laugh?

    If you could give one product (no money limits) to a new parent what would you give?

  120. Jessica says:

    I would ask what your all time gross-out moment so far being a parent was.

    Mine was when my 2 year old threw up down my shirt – 3 times in a row! I really can’t handle vomit very well!

  121. heff31 says:

    I would ask the husbands what they really think of cloth diapering… is it something they just got on board with to please the wife, or do they actually enjoy it like I do??
    heff31 at msn dot com

  122. Dayna W says:

    What was your very first cloth diaper? Do you still use it?


  123. I would ask the ‘audience’ what topics they would like to see discussed on the page. I would ask them what they would like to see to meet their needs.
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  124. lulu says:

    i would ask… what specific thing about cloth diapers got you to start cloth diapering

  125. fa^^bee says:

    I’d ask “What secrets/tricks help you while cloth diapering?” and “What do you like the least about cloth diapering?”

  126. Christopher says:

    Will you buy new any diapers for your next baby? If so will you buy a new brand or style or more of what you have?

  127. Mary says:

    For the breastfeeding moms out there who work: Do you ever think about ditching pumping and supplementing during the day?

  128. Michelle P says:

    I would maybe ask… When you are done with cloth diapering… What will you DO with your diapers??? Your least favorite ones?? Your FAVORITE ones??? I know that will be hard for me to answer!!!! =) =)

  129. Megan says:

    How about what’s your favorite diaper bag for organizing all your cloth goodies?

  130. I would ask, what has been the most difficult thing you’ve come up against while cloth diapering, and what did you do to get past it? Or did you use CD’s in the hospital/birthing center, and how did they react to you bringing them in? I didnt begin CD’s until my LO was about 3mo (although, I also didnt know much about them until then), and with one on the way I’m very nervously excited to use them on a newborn! Oh, another question on that note would be, what is your favorite type of cloth for a newborn? Prefolds/covers, BGs, etc?

  131. nikki says:

    I would ask if there was a safe diaper cream to use with cloth diapers.

  132. Jessica says:

    I would ask parents what their favorite and least favorite parts of cloth diapering is. Another thing I would be curious about would be how many children families have who are all in cloth diapers at the same time.

  133. Sarah Watson says:

    I would ask, “What is your baby’s favorite bouncing lap rhyme or finger play?” These little games are cultural and every family seems to have a different (and fun) one!

    sarahecannon at gmail dot com

  134. Allie says:

    If money was no object, which CD and supplies would you get?

    alliedana at gmail dot com

  135. Susan says:

    Someone just asked me this, so I’ll throw it out there:

    “Be honest, is it really hard to stay on top of cloth diapering with 2 older children in the house too? How are you not falling behind with the laundry?”

  136. dezi1986 says:

    I would ask how did you purchase your stash? All at one time, before baby was here or after, a few at a time, or did you make do with old blankets cut up in covers?

  137. Jenna says:

    what do you say to people who think you’re crazy for cloth diapering?

  138. renee says:

    wittlewun at aol dot com

  139. Elyse Anders says:

    We all had our idealistic views of parenting and how to do it before our kids were born. There were rules – I’ll NEVER be that mom. I’ll NEVER do ____. I’ll do ____ everyday. _____? HA! That won’t be a problem in my house!

    But the reality of having a baby soon eclipses our dreamy fantasy of having a baby.

    What of your pre-baby parenting rules have you broken? Do you laugh at your naivete?

  140. Mallory says:

    I think I would ask, “What is your favorite thing about being a mama? Is being a parent everything you expected it to be?”

    drranem at yahoo dot com

  141. Sarah J. says:

    This week, I’d ask Super Bowl related questions: which team are you cheering for? Did your team make it? Are you having/ attending a party? Do only watch for the commercials? :o)
    saywah_j at yahoo dot com

  142. jenn0350 says:

    I think I would ask what they love about cloth diapers-hate- and why they do it. Those are important questions to ask. Lets you know what they are looking for.

    jennifer7516 AT hotmail DOT com

  143. Meghan says:

    How has cloth diapering changed your life? Do you use different products, clothing, cleaners? And did you ever think before you had children that you would cloth diaper them? I know I didn’t… just kind of decided when I was about 6 months pregnant and have never looked back. I LOVE IT!

  144. Dana Jack says:

    I would probably ask “If you could pick a new color for us to offer for our bumgenius diaper, what would it be? I keep hoping you will ask this 😉

  145. Sara says:

    I would ask: “What is your favorite preemie newborn diaper and why?” (those moms that might unexpectedly end up having a preemie like me would love to know!)

  146. Katrina says:

    “What part of your day do you look forward to the most?”

    “What do you do on those days when everything is going wrong and you need to find a way out of the rut?”

  147. Anonymous says:

    What types of diaper rash creams can be used with BG CD?

  148. Will you keep some of your fav NB cloth diapers around for your kiddos dolls? I can’t imagine wanting to part with them totally!!

    allyson dot long at yahoo dot com

  149. Becky says:

    I would ask moms what their ideal cloth diaper would include.
    rahuss85 at gmail dot com

  150. April says:

    Who did you not expect to be against cding but ended up being dead set against it and how did you deal with that person?

    I never expected that my Dad would be so anti-cloth diapers and he isn’t the only one in my family!

  151. Craig says:

    Why does cloth diapering make you happy?

    craigandelizabeth at gmail dot com

  152. I would ask, “What is your least favorite thing about CDing?”

  153. Jenny S says:

    What is your favorite diaper and why?

    littletikes2009 @ yahoo dot com

  154. Amy B. says:

    Some questions I would ask:

    How many cloth diapers do you have, and how often do you wash?

    What detergent do you use?

    When did your baby sleep through the night, and what advice would you give to the mom of a crummy sleeper? (A selfish question!)

  155. Janice says:

    -What is your favorite mispronounced toddler word?
    -Since your baby is in cloth, do you use cloth for yourself?

  156. Sarah A.T.J. says:

    What types of clothing or brands of clothing best fit your babe’s cloth diapered bum?

  157. Jeannine says:

    I would ask about them…how many kids, mom or dad…

    mellanhead74 at

  158. jensenbean says:

    I LOVE and I love my bumgenius! Just this morning I got my baby up and changed her diaper and the bumgenius had contained all her pee overnight AND a diaper explosion!! Lets hear it for leg gussets!
    Some facebook questions:

    “Where you the first member of your immediate and extended family to cloth diaper?”
    (Both my hubby and I were cloth diapered as babies so our parents were super supportive of our decision)

    “Where should the next Cotton Babies store be?”
    (RENO NEVADA :-p)

    “CD Mommies, what do you do to help combat diaper pail odor?”

    “If someone offered you a two year supply of disposables, would you stop cloth diapering?”

  159. jdeemarie says:

    Do you think you will mourn the end of cloth diapering when your child is ready to potty-train or will you be excited that they are growing up and becoming more independent?

    jdeemarie @

  160. Jessie says:

    I would ask if anyone has been able to convince friends/family to make the switch to cloth diapers?

    Jessiehamblen (at) gmail (dot) com

  161. Lauren says:

    I think I would ask “What has been the most challenging aspect of cloth diapering your babies and how did you overcome it?” :)

  162. Elizabeth says:

    Are you a cloth diaper addict? How did your addiction develop and what do you do to control it?

  163. Justine McD. says:

    I would ask about poop tips. We’ve taken a break from cding because my daughters poo’s were making it hard for me to want to continue.
    We’ve tried liners and they bunched and moved, and make it pointless. Her poos are peanutbuttery type so they are sticky on her diapers. I really want to get back into cding but I hate dealing with the poo’s now that she’s older (Bfing poo’s were no problem)
    So my question would be “How do you handle poo diapers on a child that is 18mo+ old” (age appx. my daughter is 22mo)

  164. JLibbyBoyle says:

    What has made you almost give up cloth diapering?

    What do you do with diapers that just don’t work?

  165. Kirsten says:

    Does cuteness matter to you in cloth diapering? Or is function the main concern?

    How do you decompress from a challenging parenting day?

  166. subaruthie says:

    I would want to see feedback about when babies needed their OS snaps changed between S/M/L sizes! We started solids right when we were in between sizes, and I had to go back down to reduce blowouts!

    I’d also ask what brands of clothes moms find work best around their cloth diapers.

    And, finally, I’d ask what common baby items parents can and can’t do without. I’m trying to buy the minimum amount of baby gear to reduce clutter in my house and the need for getting rid of it later. I’m a huge fan of products that grow with my child and want to know what works for other parents.

  167. Candy says:

    I would ask…”What is your best argument/technique for trying to get non-cloth diaper users to give it a try.”

    I’ve been trying to convince by sister and brother-in-law to give it a try. I’ve told them one of the best things is never having to come up with $20 for an emergency diaper run at 10 p.m. on Sunday night :)

  168. I would ask a question to prefold users since they are often over looked in online forums. My question would be:

    What is your favorite prefold and why?
    Do you use any inserts or doublers and if so, what, when, and why do you use them?

    Thanks for asking us for help. 😉

    trishabear1970 at yahoo dot com

  169. Pamela says:

    I was having a conversation with my husband’s fraternity brother a few weeks ago. He said, “You’re a parent. You’ll appreciate this. My sister-in-law is actually going to use CLOTH diapers on her kid. Blarf.” I pulled a BG out of my diaper bag and said, “Oh. Like this?” I’d ask followers how they deal with conversations and criticism like that.


  170. Lindsey says:

    I would a “Are you a cloth diapering parent that is always trying to convince people to use cloth or are you more reserved?” I would also ask “What type of diaper did you think you would like before you started cloth and is that the type you do like?”

  171. Brooke says:

    What made you decide to cloth diaper?

    Best advice for traveling while cloth diapering?

  172. sunlilac says:

    I would ask.
    So what holds you back from cloth diapering?
    Cost (up front),Washing them,Diaper pins,Lack of family and sitter support…?

  173. Jen says:

    I would ask what’s the best piece of advice you could give a new mom, and also how’s the best way to get more of your local families into cloth diapering (I get so many people commenting on my boy’s cloth diapers and saying things like, “I would’ve loved to try that, but I didn’t know where to start!”)

  174. Gina says:

    Cotton babies has such great products but I would ask if there is an area where we aren’t meeting people’s needs. I’d want feedback to see if products need to be changed or additional products need to be considered.

  175. Sarah says:

    “What scared you most about trying cloth diapering?”
    “And what were people’s reactions when you started using cloth diapers?”

    and then, “what was the pleasant surprise of using cloth diapers/how have they improved your life?

  176. Kendyl S. says:

    I would ask “What is overnight cloth diaper solution?”

    kendylann3 at yahoo

  177. Maggie says:

    I want to know how to get people who may not “think” about their parenting choices as much to be aware of cloth diapers, especially people who are trying to save money in every other aspect of raising their kids.

  178. I would ask what Cotton Babies could do to spread the word about cloth diapers to even more people?

    I had no clue about cloth diapers when I was pregnant with my first child. Luckily, I met someone who was using hybrid g Diapers and I started researching other options online. We love our bG dipes and I think so many more moms out there would love them too…if they only knew about them!

    gorlewskifamily at gmail dot com

  179. Stephanie says:

    I would ask where moms found the most support in their areas. . . places that they went or groups to join, etc.

    I think that having great support, helps everyone when they are down and a great resource to pick you back up=)

  180. Jenn says:

    I would ask What makes your child and/or family unique? It’s so fun to see all the great things kids do and are interested in!

    jennifer_atchison at hotmail dot com

  181. jessica_0413 says:

    I would ask:
    Did you plan to cloth diaper all along, or after your baby was born did you decide to try it? Did you expect to like it and did you expect cloth diapers to be so cute?

    I know that I had a completely different picture of what cloth diapering would be and I didnt even consider cloth until my little one was about 6 weeks old. I am so so so glad I made the switch!

  182. hulagirl says:

    What do you tell your non-cloth diapering friends about cloth diapers and why they are so great/easy?

  183. Michelle says:

    I’d ask if people think they made the right decision using cloth diapers, and how they calmed any doubts that rose up.

    Thanks Cotton Babies!

  184. Rosemarie says:

    I would ask, “How many of your family and friends have begun to see the advantages of cloth diapering since you started?”

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  185. Sarah says:

    I would ask what other ways they have found to “be green”?

  186. Riggslacey says:

    What started you on cloth diapers? What was your first diaper? Do you still have it? If not, what do you use now?

    mellorlacey at yahoo dot com

  187. Lacey says:

    I would ask “Before you started using cloth diapers, what did you think you’d like best and least about them? Are those expectations still true after having used them?”

    Also, what are your favorite ways to play with your baby? What are some fun games you’ve come up with?

  188. Danielle says:

    Definetly would ask others: what is your least fav part of cloth diapering


    What is an invention you wish were around?

  189. Charla says:

    I would ask “What are your favorite recipes for picky toddlers?” because I personally really need more ideas here…

  190. Skeedy says:

    A lot of times the dads get left out…
    How do dads like cloth diapering…are they involved in the laundry process or just changing the diapers.

    I know my hubby is scared to touch the diapers in the laundry room. He doesn’t want to screw them up. LOL

  191. Tiffany says:

    I would ask “What is the one thing you found yourself saying that you never thought you would as a parent”? Last week I had to ask my 8.5 month old to quit headbutting the dog. Never thought I would say that. lol etwilkins at gmail dot com

  192. Amber says:

    As a “paper pregnant” mom to be (we’re adopting!), I would probably throw out a questions like:

    What are your favorite ways to bond with your baby?

  193. Other than yourself and hopefully your significant other, who else knows how to use your cloth diapers?

    I’m about to get started with CD, in two months when my baby arrives. I’m curious how many people have the baby’s aunts/uncles/grandparents/daycare/church nurseries on board with cloth diapering!

  194. Anonymous says:

    How about…
    Is your husband a cloth diaper supporter or not? Why?
    What is your wash routine?
    What is your favorite diaper?
    Do you do nighttime diapering successfully? How do you do it?
    Do you CD on vacation? If so, how do you do it?

  195. Rachel says:

    I would ask “If you had just one brand & type of cloth diapers in your stash, what would it be and why?”

    I love talking to other cloth diaper mamas and hearing their opinions on the different diapers…it is interesting that a diaper I love doesn’t work at all for other mamas and ones I don’t like are loved by other mamas!

    rboreing at gmail dot com

  196. tifeis says:

    I would ask how parents manage to cook and watch their kids at the same time! I have burned so many dishes because I have to pause to take care of my 6 month old. I admire those that can multi-task.

  197. Lori says:

    How many people do you know in real life that cloth diaper? Do all of your friends and family think you are crazy? :)

    loriannapage at gmail dot com

  198. I have a question… if you use fleece liners to protect your diapers from diaper cream, how do you wash them? I know it is recommended to wash them separately from the diapers but what do you wash them with? It isn’t enough to wash by themselves. I only use my cloth diaper detergent on my cloth diaper laundry so my other laundry is washed with regular detergent. Hmmm… what to do…

  199. Kristin says:

    What are the major advantages to cloth diapering?

    Have you noticed an increase in the number of people using cloth diapers?

  200. Kim says:

    What’s your wash routine?

  201. There are always the classics, “What’s on your baby’s bum?,” “How do you store your cloth diapers?,” or “Tell us about your stash.” Moms love hearing about others’ cloth diapers. :) Technical questions like, “What’s your favorite nighttime solution?” or “What’s your favorite natural pocket insert for the 4.0s?” come to mind. Okay, that last one might be something I’m just dying to know…lol! I think you do a fabulous job with your questions, and I’m absolutely certain I could not fill your shoes! Thanks for keeping us entertained and in the know! :)

  202. Erica says:

    I don’t have a question, but I would love some new 4.0 diapers to give to my friend who is having her first little girl (after 3 boys!). :)

  203. Rooh says:

    I’d ask – “Did you always cloth diaper? If not , why not? What made you start?”

    I’d also ask “Now that you DO cloth diaper, have you started doing any other ‘frugal’ things? If so, what and why?”

    I didn’t cloth diaper my first, and I only did my second when he was over a year old. Then I was hooked for my third, and will for my fourth too!

    rooh at runningoutofhands dot ca

  204. Anonymous says:

    So, you are out with some friends (who are skeptical about cloth diapers to begin with, but might be interested…..) and you are telling them how wonderful they are and how few leaks you deal with. It is time to change your baby and you realize that the dreaded leakage and ensuing mess has happened…… Poo ALL OVER…. how would you deal with that… and convert another mama over to the fun of CD’ing….?

  205. Sarah says:

    I would ask how many other mamas would call themselves addicted to cloth diapering;)

  206. sradke1024 says:

    I would ask ‘what is your favorite and least favorite part of cloth diapering? What invention could make cloth diapering easier for you?’

  207. I would ask what your favorite/most interesting response to cloth diapering in public was.

    emily.r.kelly3 at gmail dot com

  208. aperry says:

    Always have liked the question…. what do you ulove about our diapers & what can we do different/better.

    missanneperry at gmail dot com

  209. Jessica G. says:

    How many mothers have become “work at home moms” since having children? Was it with the employer you were with? Did you go into business for yourself? Do you feel working from home works well?

  210. Baby Saracco says:

    I love our cloth diaper and all the fun things come with it.

  211. I tend to find that people who cloth diaper are environmentally conscience or frugal in other matters as well. I would ask:

    In addition to cloth diapering, how do you save money and/or the environment?

    Moms come up with the best ideas and the most innovative ways to make life work. I make my own baby food in large batches but freeze it in single servings and brainstorm feeding solutions with friends. We also use only recycled paper goods – toilet paper included! It has made us conscience of what we throw away. As a family of three, we’ve been able to keep our trash to one large kitchen bag a week. Small steps, but that’s what it takes to encourage change!

  212. Baby wearing…
    What is your favorite product and why.

  213. Rachel D. says:

    I would ask, “How do you keep your diaper stash to an affordable number?”

    annie8cu at yahoo dot com

  214. Kellie Hogg says:

    As a parent considering cloth diapering, what are the MINIMUM requirements for me? Do I need my own washing machine, or can I wash CDs at the laundromat? Do I really need a specific diaper pail? Can I just use a plastic grocery bag instead of a wet bag? Do I really need a diaper sprayer?

    Those are questions I think are important–when I started out, I had no idea what I would really need. It would be nice to hear other parents create a “bare essentials” list.

  215. MelM says:

    I’d ask, “what are some of the ways you get over your ‘Mommy guilt?”

  216. Karin says:

    I loved the “indoor ideas” question, maybe a spin-off of that, like favorite games for toddlers or best art projects or most loved toys.

  217. Chris says:

    I would ask if people use cloth diapers to save money, be green or for other reasons. (or all of the above!)
    I might also ask if people started using cloth diapers after switching to other reusable items (cloth napkins, handkerchiefs, “unpaper” towels, etc.) or if cloth diapers led them to those items, or if cloth is the only reusable they use.

    cmjacobs76 at

  218. Jenn says:

    What are your favorite baby-friendly vacation spots?

  219. Melissa says:

    I would ask:
    Now that you’ve tried cloth diapering, what other changes have you made in your daily life or parenting habits because you saw what an easy change using CD was?

    And if I were the owner of a fabulous baby products company, I would be tempted to send chocolate to every mom that replied. Because I’m just like that! 😉

  220. Selena says:

    Has using cloth diapers caused you to discontinue the use of other disposable products? For example using all dishcloths instead of paper towels etc.

  221. momma3 says:

    I would ask ” how often do you do diaper laundry?” and “how do you store/organize your stash?’

  222. Shannon says:

    I would ask, “What advice would you give to a new to cloth parent who is feeling overwhelmed with all the options?”

  223. Heder Rabbit says:

    Were you always a believer in cloth diapering? I’m sure many of us, myself included, would say no. In fact, a majority of the people who find out I cloth diaper crinkle their noses and ask why I would “put myself through that.” I can’t blame them, that used to be my first reaction as well. Once I explain the wonderful perks and how the cloth diapering world has changed then their faces turn from that of disgust to curiosity. My husband even chimes in and sings the praises of how cloth diapering is less gross because it contains the mess (blow-outs are his least favorite thing ever).

    So along those lines, I think it would be interesting to hear the conversion stories of others. Why in the world did you decide to cloth diaper your baby? This would be interesting for those of us who already love the CD world and would provide some insight and inspiration to those who previously hadn’t thought they were brave enough to try.

  224. Shalene says:

    I’d ask “What do you think is the biggest reason your friends don’t use cloth diapers?”

  225. Steph says:

    I would ask “what do you wish you had known going into cloth diapering?”

    stephbrownthinks @ gmail . com

  226. Nicole says:

    I would ask why did you make the switch to cloth? what did your family/friends think of it? What was the biggest influence in your decision? How old are all of our CD mommas? (I’m interested to see if there is an age bracket)What would be your advice to a first time CD mom?

  227. Melissa says:

    I would ask if people bought their diapers new or used.

  228. Maria says:

    What was your primary motivator to switch to cloth?

  229. Maria says:

    How many cloth diapers ahve you tried? Do you have a favorite?

  230. Maria says:

    What was your very first cloth diaper?

  231. Maria says:

    Have you had to deal with wrinkled noses from friends & family about cloth?

  232. Maria says:

    What is your favorite part of cloth diapering?

  233. erythisis says:

    What crazy ways have babysitters put cloth diapers on your kid(s) instead of the right way?

    Do you think potty training from a cloth diaper is much different from potty training coming from a disposable?

    What was your biggest newbie mistake with diapering, either before or after going cloth?

    What kind of games do you play or entertainment do you provide during diaper changes?

    Do you secretly reward yourself for having survived a rough day, out of sight of both the kids AND your significant other? (hey, I wouldn’t blame anybody for wanting to keep their favorite chocolate bar to them self once in a while LOL)

    erythisis at yahoo dot com

  234. Shar says:

    I’d ask how everybody gets their significant other involved with cloth diapering. I’m curious how much help everybody else gets!

    sharmet at gmail dot com

  235. What surprised you, if anything, about cloth diapering? Knowing now what you know, would you do anything different at the beginning of you cloth diapering journey?
    Just some questions I would ask.

  236. ii says:

    Here’s what I would ask… “What is your favorite response to the “face” you get when you tell people you wash poop out of your diapers in the toilet?” For what it’s worth, I love to say, “It’s really not as bad as you might think!” To which I usually get another more animated “face”.

  237. Kim says:

    I think you’re doing pretty well, frankly. 😀 I like how you focus on positive things… because yeah, parenting is hard, but it’s also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, bar none. It’s easy to forget that when you’re having a screaming day.

  238. Meg says:

    When people hear about cloth diapers, they inevitably flash back fifty years and think of pins, rubber pants, and leaky diapers. If people mention this to you, what diaper do you parade out to demonstrate how things have changed?

  239. Jamie says:

    Where is the most unusual place you’ve had to change a diaper?

  240. Anonymous says:

    YI would want to know “What steps are you taking to leave a lasting legacy for your children?” By legacy I am not talking financial or material, but character building. “What type of person do you want your child to be and what are you doing to encourage this?” I’m learning that we are reflections of our upbringing, the good&bad.

  241. Annalisa says:

    What is the most comical response you’ve received from friends/family when they learn you cloth diaper and how do you react? I know I’ve heard some comments that make me grin.

  242. Katrina says:

    I would ask how family and friends reacted to you cloth diapering. Do they support you? Any funny experiences with cloth diapering? Such as my husband has had a couple panic moments with cloth diapers and figuring out what to do with a poopy diaper and such.

  243. April says:

    I would ask how people connect with Cottonbabies. Is it on your ipod touch while doing a late-night feeding, on the desktop computer while your toddler naps? Through RSS feeds?

  244. Lolo says:

    I have several questions I would like to ask.

    CD related:
    What is your CD wash routine?
    What do you do if you get a rash and are CDing?
    Babies come in all shapes and sizes. What brands of clothing do you find work best for what shape of baby? Including… what brands also leave enough room to fit that fluffier CD rump?

    I am really going to enjoy reading other peoples questions and responses. :)

  245. I would ask: what was your hardest parenting moment and what did you learn from it?
    I like honesty between parents – it helps us to grow! :)
    lauraclarekelly at hotmail dot com

  246. TBTorra says:

    I would ask a question about finding similar minded parents in local areas to connect with. How do you build a network of friends with similar parenting styles and values with whom you spend a great deal of time with.

    lauren.allpress at

  247. I’d ask what is your funniest story while cloth diapering…

  248. carlaboo11 says:

    hmmm I have no idea! LOL Maybe favorite color for a diaper?!?!

    carlaboo11 @

  249. Lilac says:

    I seem to notice a lot of women having trouble getting their husbands convinced to try cloth diapering, so I would ask:

    How’d you get your significant other on board the cloth diapering train?

    ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com

  250. I would ask…
    How many cloth diapers are in your stash?
    How do you spend your summers with kids?
    What family traditions are you continuing with your family? like we went to my uncles every 4th of July, and i am continuing it with my family. I always love hearing what people have to say!

  251. AprilJT says:

    I would personally like to know what diapers parents like when they have two kiddo’s who are drastically different in size. My son was in the 5th percentile and skinny. My daughter is in the 90th and very chunky. Her BumGenius 4.0 are on the highest rise just to fit around her thighs. Things fit them so different that I’ve had a hard time finding diapers that work on both of them. So I guess my question is what kind of diapers parents prefer in this situation.

  252. Anonymous says:

    what is the best way to get smells out of cloth diapers?? what products do you use??
    Erin B

  253. keea says:

    13,000 fans is great, probably the most for the field you are in.

    I liked reading about the birth stories, every single person had their OWN experience, it made no 2 answers alike. I would like to read more along those lines, “How did your pregnancy go? Was it planned or a surprise? Did you micro-manage every aspect or go-with-the-flow?”

    Also, I would find new events interesting for those not located close to the stores, “What kind of events would YOU plan for our online community to attend?”

    Kristen- designbykeea at google dot com

  254. Chad&Leanne says:

    Here’s a question I’d be curious to know the answer to:
    “What cloth diapering accessory can you NOT live without? why?”

  255. Stephanie says:

    How did you prepare your lo for a new baby?

    How did you deal with acting out over a new sibling?

    What other green commitments did cloth lead you to?

    Cute stories about kids an their cloth

    What has your child done lately that’s embarrassing?

  256. Lo says:

    I would ask:

    “How do you overcome a cloth diaper rut?”


    “How often do you get bored with your “stash” and what do you do/change to make it fun again?”

    We have all been there(for me alot) and I would love to know what other parents do during this tough(and boring) time.

  257. Klemm Family says:

    I would ask, “What would you tell a new-to-cloth Mom (tips and/or advice)?”
    skklemm at gmail dot com

  258. I would ask more questions to help mamas with their cloth, like stash size, wash routine, favorite style for different times of day or children. Also I would ask mamas who are in a place of ease and success with cloth diapering to share the ups and downs of their journey and how they got to a place of success. I know there are many who are struggling with finding the right diaper, wash routine, etc. and it would be super helpful for everyone to share all their trial and error stories!

    Birth stories would be awesome too. :)

  259. Leia says:

    What’s your favorite one liner for the “What do you do with the poop?” question?

  260. AdaKat says:

    I haven’t met a lot of people in my area that cloth diaper or babywear. I’ve actually been asked if I consider myself a “crunchy” Mom. I don’t. I jokingly say I’m semi-crunchy. The things I do for my kids that may be “diferent” are done because I know it’s good for them, even though it may not be easier.
    “What are the (“different”) things you do for your child because you know it’s good for them?”

    Since it’s not always easier, many parents have ways of doing things to help simplify other parts of their life.

    “What do you do as a parent to make things a little easier on yourself?”

    adakatt at yahoo dot com

  261. Lolly says:

    I’d ask what would be your dream diaper? (A certain type of insert, diaper style and closure combo.)

    princesslolly18 at hotmail dot com

  262. HunterD says:

    I’d ask:
    “What do you plan to do with your cloth diapers when all of your little ones are out of them?”

    “Would you support an initiative that helped either low-income needy families or shelters (either for the homeless or abused families) afford cloth diapers? Which group do you think might need the help the most?”

    I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with mine, but I have a few years before that happens.

  263. Amanda says:

    I would ask, “What is the most exciting thing about being a parent?”

    What is the least exciting thing about being a parent?”

  264. Kelly says:

    I would ask what do you wish you were told before you became a parents and or/ what was your biggest parenting challenge? Kelly Smith

  265. Anonymous says:

    I would ask about wash routines too! I would also ask:
    * If you could go back to the day your baby was born, would you do anything differently? What & why?
    * What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome as a parent?
    * What is your “can’t-live-without” cloth diaper accessory?
    * What can we do to increase the use of cloth diapers?
    * Are there any times you use disposibles? Why?


  266. Adrian says:

    I would ask “What or who inspired you to take the “natural” route and cloth diaper? Or, looking back, what would you have done different?

  267. Amanda D says:

    As a new mom, I would love access to other parents to get ideas and suggestions for parenting things. Since my 4 month old is becoming so alert and interested in the world I would love to know- what kind of activities, games, and songs do you share with your infant?

  268. Michelle says:

    Q: Have you inspired any other family or friends to cloth diaper?

    A: I convinced my younger sister to go to cloth when her baby is born this July.

  269. Amber Mae says:

    I would ask
    “How do you help get grandparents and other caregivers on board with using cloth diapers when they are watching your child?”

  270. Stephanie J says:

    Some of the questions I would ask regarding cloth diapering.
    What changed would you like to see to the cloth diaper industry? Do you have any creative ideas to cost effectively promote cloth diapers in the same way disposables do? What has been your greatest joy about cloth diapering? How does it make you feel to be a cloth diapering parent?

  271. Meeghan says:

    What is your biggest challenge using cloth diapers? What is your best cloth diaper experience?

    meeghan dot rayner at sbcglobal dot net

  272. I’d ask: How do you deal with friends and family who are anti-cloth? How do you show them that cloth diapering is really a great thing?

  273. Honey says:

    I would ask “What or who made you decide to go cloth?” I used disposables for my 1st, having no one I knew using cloth and no clue how easy it was. So glad I switched to cloth and now I’m talking with all the new moms I know about it being an option – especially since it was never one I considered at first!

    khwoods at gmail dot com

  274. Anonymous says:

    I would ask “when or why did you make the decision to go with cloth diapers?”

    Ashley L
    billnash @ hotmail . com

  275. Anonymous says:

    I love hearing what people do for overnight solutions. I’d probably ask what their nighttime diaper looks like. Also, do you stuff your pocket diapers with something other than the inserts it came with for daytime?

    Also, I think it would be neat to ask what people have spent (and saved) in using cloth. Maybe having some neat calculator that lets you input baby’s age, how many diapers used per day, how much disposables would have cost vs. how much you’ve spent on cloth. I’d love to see the results!

    Monica 7.11.2009 at gmail dot com

  276. Mandam1018 says:

    I would ask “what are your parenting secrets?” By that I mean, what little secrets do you have that make parenting easier. Tricks to get kids to sleep, tricks to get kids to eat better, et cetera. I am always in need of help on many topics and love to hear what other parents are doing that is working for them.

    mandam1018 at yahoo dot com

  277. Mom of FIVE says:

    I would ask. “Simply put what is your hands down motto to dealing with skeptics/people who are rude to you about cloth diapering/the idea of cloth diapering?”

    For me…Kindness always overcomes. A positive attitude in the face of adversity will always show strength.

    qnaneslon at gvtel dot com

    You certainly need strength when people can be so rude about parenting choices.

  278. Casey says:

    “If you could give one piece of advice to a new mom that would get her through the first 5 yrs of parenting, what would you say?”

  279. I would ask what made you decide you cloth diaper?

  280. Mama Jane says:

    How were you introduced to the CD world?

    My best friend from college did all the research when she was pregnant with #1, and I’ve benefited from it — even borrowed her diapers at first!

  281. Shannon says:

    How do you react to a possible blow-out diaper (or full o’ poo)? What products (or combinations) do you use to hold *everything* in?

    shannon.raye at

  282. Jenn says:

    I would ask “what do you think the most important thing for someone who is just starting to cloth diaper to know?”

    kilmerjj at msn dot com

  283. I’d ask:

    How did you first become interested in CDing? What made you decide to try it?

    What was your biggest reservation about using CD before you started? How has reality compared to your expectations?

    peanut2507 at yahoo dot com

  284. Jennifer says:

    I would ask “What was the reason that you began cloth diapering?” I know we started for cost and because our son had horrible rashes in disposable.

    jennifer dot gartside at yahoo dot com

  285. jessica says:

    I’ve always wondered why we dont see any cloth diaper commercials…is it b/c the cost of the advertisement is just too much for cloth diapering companies? I think bumGenius should have a commercial. :) Maybe ask about ideas for a commercial or other types of advertising.

  286. Olivia says:

    I like hearing parents brag about their LOs, so I would ask “What was the last thing your Little One did that made you puff up with pride?” or “what is the funniest thing a kid has ever said to you?” I can already tell you what my answers would be, and they are amusing. :)

    olivia at jrhdesign dot com

  287. Teresa Feld says:

    There are so many questions I would ask!

    “How do you spread the word of cloth diapers to new parents?”

    “What one Cotton Babies product couldn’t you live without?”

    “Where should we open our next Cotton Babies store?”

    TMercurio62285 at yahoo dot com

  288. Ashley R says:

    I would ask how many cloth diapers do you have in your stash/per child?
    What is your favorite color of diaper?
    What other uses do you have for your microfiber inserts?

  289. LIZ says:

    Possible Facebook Post Questions….

    “Do you think you’d use cloth diapers if you didn’t have access to the internet?”

    “How can more mothers be reached – regarding the benefits and savings associated with using cloth?”

    “Why do you love being a mom?”

    “What was your favorite family dinner, served when you were young?”

    “Are you going on vacation this summer?”

    ps – I love my job… but wish that I could find a more even balance between being a mother and a full-time worker bee.

    makingsomethinggood (at) hotmail (dot) com

  290. rachel says:
    CUBirth stories are all unique and different and often not what we expect. I always enjoy hearing them.
    So I would ask, tell us about your birth story, how did it compare to what you expected?

  291. Katie says:

    I think today I’d be asking for washing tips. My covers all have stains on the outside. :(
    But otherwise I think I would like to know how others families, especially mothers/ mil reacted when they decided to go with cloth diapers.

    Klc8281 at

  292. Sillybeans says:

    I’d ask “how do you wash your diapers?”

    There are so many different ways to do it, but a lot of mamas need help with stinkies, stains etc.

  293. Jillian says:

    I heard from many people prior to our son being born that we would quit cloth diapering (and breastfeeding for that matter) before one month was up. I was so frustrated by other people’s reaction to my choice. It was, after all, my choice right? My question would be “When facing negativity regarding your parenting choices or style, what keeps you from allowing the negativity to sink in?” I went into the cotton babies store on vacation and never felt more secure in my choice thanks to the wonderful staff there. When things got iffy in the first few months, I called and got the help and positivity I needed to keep me going. Thanks for helping me do what I feel is best for my baby!

  294. Kenneth says:

    Why did you start cloth diapering? What pushed you to make that initial investment?

    kewthompson at gmail dot com

  295. Hmmm…I would if anyone has ever considered wet-nursing another baby? I would only ask that because I’m considering it for a baby due in the early Spring that I may be adopting even though my youngest will just be 1. (It’s a very long story, but I’m happy to have him if that is Gods will!)
    Cortney Hitchcock

  296. Jennie says:

    I would ask ” What is one thing you never thought you would have to say until you had kids?”

    I never thought I would have to say “We don’t eat our poop!”

  297. Amber Joy says:

    I wonder if people continue their cloth routines when they’re sick… We’ve had the flu in our house for going on two weeks now, and most of those days I’ve just had enough energy to go to the bathroom and back to bed. My husband bought disposables for both of our babies, and I really don’t know what I would have done without them!

  298. MadHug says:

    I would ask “What do you plan to do with your cloth diapers when you children no longer need them anymore?

  299. I would ask readers, “What’s the craziest response you’ve gotten from friends or family when you told them you were going to cloth diaper?” I know people look at me 10 kinds of sideways when I tell them that, and they, of course, have no idea its practically as easy as using disposables these days. :)

  300. Anna says:

    I would ask what kind of obstacles everyone has fun into with sensitive skin and what detergent worked best for them.

  301. Jana says:

    I was thinking you were going to say “Take this job….” and shove it! So along those lines, I would ask those moms (or dads) who decided to quit their jobs to be SAHM/SAHD, what was our #1 reason for quitting?

  302. Cloth Mommy says:

    I love my job too…And yes it has to do with cloth diapers.

    Annette Robertson

    annettem922 at yahoo dot com

  303. Ashley, this is what works for my boys (19 months and 3 months) it’s all organic, and made by a super sweet WAHM, her wipe bits are pretty amazing too :)

  304. Hana Joy says:

    What were the most important factors in the decision of where to send your children to school?

  305. Lori says:

    I would ask “What would keep you from cloth diapering full time?”
    There are so many reasons to cloth diaper, and it’s so easy to do…even while traveling! We traveled to Arizona and to Iowa in December from our home in northern Texas. Both destinations required two days on the road. I met so many people along the way to share the cloth diapering experience with, and they were all amazed that we were able to use them full time!

  306. Kim says:

    Did you have good support from your family? I not does it feel good to prove them wrong?

  307. Kayleigh says:

    I think I would ask “What is the most interesting experiance you have had with cloth diapering?”

  308. Cherie Mohr says:

    Im so happy that you love your job, so often you hear of so many people complaining of their job, it is so refreshing to hear someone really like there job. I love the blogs as well, its so great to see whats going on in the cloth diaper world. Thank you for your hardwork and dedication.

  309. Laura says:

    I would ask, what is your favorite Cotton Babies product and why?

    I have a ton more!!! :)

  310. I would ask, “What is your most interesting cloth diaper experience?” Because I’ve definitely had quite a few! A few that made me laugh, a few that made me cry, and then there’s those you can’t even describe!

  311. Angelyn says:

    I would ask: “What has most changed about you since being a parent?”

  312. I’d ask: “What’s the number one reason you cloth diaper: environment, money, baby’s health, cute factor, others??”

    Can’t wait to see some more questions! I’m already thinking more about everything this morning.

  313. Keri says:

    What has your little one done or said recently that made you laugh or put a smile on your face?

  314. Sarah says:

    I’d ask what are some other things you do as a parent that you feel are saving money or helping the environment? I’d assume a lot of people that are fans of cotton babies already cloth diaper.

    I’d LOVE some new 4.0s!!!

  315. Paula says:

    I would ask:

    Did cloth diapering change any other facets of your life or parenting style?

    Did it introduce you to new people or parenting resources?

  316. Rachel G says:

    I think I would ask “What is the most challenging thing about using cloth diapers?”
    armywife2120 at yahoo dot com

  317. ShortyRobs says:

    Jenn, you do an amazing job- your customer service cannot be beat and it feels like family more than just business when I buy products from you.

    Anyway, some questions I would ask:
    “If you could give away a cloth diapers package to anyone you know, who would it be and why? Who deserves to be blessed with some cloth?”
    “If you could design the perfect cloth diaper , what features would you include?”

    “Has cloth diapering led you to consider any other eco-endeavors with your family?”

  318. Kate says:

    I would ask if you feel like you’re “going it alone”, or do you know other local parents who CD their kiddos.

    blondiekate73 at gmail dot com

  319. I would ask “How many people were told by others that they would never stick to cloth?”

    MANY people told me this because since THEY couldn’t do it 20 years ago it means I can’t do it today.

    I showed them… :) :) :)

    I would also love to know how many people brought cloth to the hospital and if they have any pointers on how to do it successfully!

    kaleidoscopejane at yahoo dot com

  320. Tiffany says:

    Did you always have a love for cloth diapers? Were you a cloth diapered baby?

  321. Melissa says:

    I would ask, “What are the most interesting questions you’ve been asked about cloth diapering?” I get all kinds of questions from friends and acquaintances.

  322. beccajoy says:

    I would ask how easy or difficult was for moms to get their husband or significant other on board with cloth diapering? Did it take some convincing or did they convince you?

  323. Libby says:

    What did you imagine yourself doing at this point in your life when you were a high school senior? And is it similar to where you are now?

    thanks for the chance!

    libby dot bloom dot hunt at gmail dot com

  324. Kittie'sMom says:

    How has cloth diapering made you grow as a person?
    kay.lockhart (at) gmail (dot) com

  325. Sally Duren says:

    I’ve always wondered….

    Have you ever been tempted to quit cloth diapering? If so, what tempted you and how did you decide to keep it up?

    There have been a couple times when I’ve been ready to toss in the towel, especially in the beginning. I’m SO glad I decided to keep on CDing.

  326. Lindsey says:

    I would ask… “Have you had anyone totally opposed to cloth confront you about your choice?” What do you say to them?

    lindseygalvez at gmail dot com

  327. Ashley says:

    My question…
    I would love to know what others are using for diaper cream. I’ve had a go to cream for a while now, but my little guy is teething, and the rash is UNREAL!! My old cream isn’t cutting it anymore, and I have been trying some new ones.
    What CD safe creams do you use for a sensitive bottom?

  328. How about…what has been the most surprisingly rewarding aspect of being a parent?

    and on the flip side..

    what has been the most surprisingly challenging aspect of being a parent?

  329. Amanda Mize says:

    What’s information would you give a care giver (daycare babysitters ect) to get them on board with cloth diapering while your child is in their care?

    mize (dot) amanda (at) gamil (dot) com

  330. amartin030 says:

    Favorite recipe??

  331. Jamie says:

    “How do you handle cloth diapering when you’re on the road?”

    I know that wet bags are a hot item, but what about the blow out diapers? Who really wants to be toting around a wet bag with a blow out mess in it?

    Okay that was more than one question 😉

  332. April says:

    You ask a lot of great questions. i think I would ask if you’ve ever thought of a great diapering idea and then see that it has just been marketed by another company. This is what seems to happen to me, I think of something great, just a little too late. Another question might be what is the best deal you have ever gotten on new cloth diapers? Everyone likes a deal, right?

  333. JLo says:

    I think I would ask ‘what was your biggest hesitation (if any) in starting cloth diapering?’ I think it’s important for you to know what is holding people back.

    For me it was a combination of the initial investment and fear of things like stink and running the laundry all day long. Both turned out to be nowhere near as bad as I expected!

  334. Anonymous says:

    I would want to know the reasoning for why people choose to cloth diaper, the lower overall cost, environmental, or personal choices etc. I think knowing why people cloth diaper would be be good to know to reach more people and get more to try it.

    emma g.

  335. teriannek says:

    I don’t know if my questions posted so I’ll try again. Please disregard if the last one posted…

    -What surprised you most about cloth diapering?
    -What is much easier than you expected about CD?
    -Have any of your friends converted to cloth after seeing how easy it really is?
    -What little secrets about cloth have you learned along the way?

    trob4 at hotmail dot com

  336. What is (or has been) your biggest parenting challenge? If it’s past tense you could ask how they overcame it. Snowski824 at aol dot com

  337. BeeBaker says:

    I would ask, “What has surprised you most about cloth diapering?”

  338. Holly says:

    I would ask ‘How often do you have yoo change your babies cloth diapers?” As someone new to CDing, I feel like I’ve been asking everyone this question.

  339. Sarah says:

    I am interested to know who others react to negative criticism about using cloth diapers. We haven’t told many people that we are using cloth diapers, mainly because I don’t want to deal with their reactions.

  340. carO__ says:

    I would ask a two sided question: What is your least favorite part of cloth diapering and what about cloth diapering makes that worth it?

    My answer: Loading them into the washer BUT I know that the two minuet process is well worth the money saved, the waste reduced, and the joy it brings to see my baby in cloth!

  341. Beth says:

    What was the one thing that made you decide to use cloth diapers? What is the hardest part of using cloth diapers? How do you explain using cloth diapers to family and friends? Any tricks for using cloth diapers with daycares and babysitters? What cloth diaper items would you like to see in the future? My email is

  342. HannahBG says:

    I would ask what motivated parents to cloth diaper. We have lots of reasons we chose to go this route, but our biggest motivation/affirmation was that many of our friends have done/are doing it and love it. It’s encouraging to us as new parents-to-be to have that support system in place. :~)

  343. lgibson says:


  344. Laundry Lady says:

    One question I don’t see asked often is “If you use any bumGenius product, how could it be improved?” I love most bumGenius products but since each user is different it might be helpful to see if there are areas for improvement that might help a large number of people. I assume that the availability of snaps on bumGenius 4.0 is at least partly related to requests from consumers.

  345. Jill says:

    I’d ask, how many have taken cloth diapers to the hospital with you, and how did you manage it? Did someone take them home to wash, or did you just buy enough to go ‘around’? How did the doctors/nurses react and did you confront the hospital before hand, or just show up with them as a done deal?

  346. Nisha says:

    I would ask what you plan to do with cloth diapers after the kids are potty trained? (save for make believe, use as cleaning rags, donate/give away, sell, etc??)

  347. I’d ask what they think the most challenging part of cloth diapering is.

    I think it is always interesting to hear what part is “hard” for people. For my husband it is removing the inserts from a poopy diaper! For me it is not getting addicted to buying cloth diapers! 😉

    My email is

  348. Victoria says:

    How much money have you saved with the cloth diapers? What ”tricks” have you learned since being a parent?

  349. Rebecca says:

    If you stick to cloth diaper questions, I would ask “At what age did your baby go from newborn to small diapers, small to medium diapers, etc…??” My LO just went from small to medium at 3.5 months!! *sniff, sniff*

  350. Jen says:

    To help people new to cloth diapering or thinking about using Cotton Babies brand of cloth diapers, I would ask, “If you use Bumgenius 4.0s why do you like them?”. You could do this periodically with each specific diaper you sell. I always love hearing why people like a certain diaper.

  351. blhawkins says:

    I’d ask…”What are you thankful for, including sometime specifically about parenting, today?”

  352. cdr2009 says:

    I’d ask “What makes you happy about being a parent?”. I feel like this would get a lot of good answers, probably including reasons why parents choose to cloth diaper their babies.

  353. Carrie Roer says:

    Since most of the typical what’s your favorite diaper, etc. have probably been asked quite often, I’d go completely off-topic and ask about other parenting or family things. Anything from “what’s for dinner?” to “do you have any vacations planned this year?” to “what’s the temperature outside this morning?”

  354. Emmy says:

    I think I would ask “What is your favorite part about using our products?” or “What is your favorite part about cloth diapering?”.

    On the reverse side, for a more interesting perspective “What is your least favorite part about cloth diapering?”

    I could see getting some interesting answers, and maybe getting some good ideas on making things easier for CDing parents.

    (Blazespirit @

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