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Published on November 25th, 2010 | by Jennifer Labit


Christmas with Econobum (and thanksgiving day deals too)

With the money saved by not purchasing disposable diapers, cloth diapers can help provide a family you know with better food. This year, our theme for Christmas is "Trim a Tree. Trim a Budget. Give Cloth Diapers." You can change a family's life (and how well they are able to feed their children) by giving them cloth diapers.
Kimberly Clark has been airing commercials recently about their "Every Little Bottom" campaign. They now know what we already knew... many families are choosing between diapers and groceries. While I'm glad to see Kimberly Clark responding to that family's need, it would have been more appropriate to focus their investment in a reusable product like Econobum. Reusable diapers would enable that family to continue feeding their children... long after the diaper banks dry up and the promotion is over. At it's best, the "Every Little Bottom" campaign is promoting and reinforcing a cultural dependence on disposable diapers, at the basest, most inexcusable level... in families who are choosing between diapers and food. How does this make you feel?
When my husband and I started Cotton Babies eight years ago, we already realized we could not afford to buy both diapers and groceries. Our baby was wearing prefolds and diaper covers given to us by a friend. Every week, our grocery budget was $30 plus the WIC check bought our milk, beans, tuna, carrots, baby cereal and a few other essentials. We chose to use cloth diapers simply because we couldn't afford to use disposables.

A few years later, we went to our first JPMA trade show with the bumGenius 1.0 One-Size Cloth Diapers pictured at the right. (Babies who wore those diapers are now starting kindergarten!) We showed up with five folding tables, hundreds of diapers, business cards and a really big sign. We always had a crowd around our tables, but I'll never forget the afternoon that I looked up and saw "Proctor & Gamble" nametags. Two men in suits were standing there listening to my presentation. When I finished, I watched them walk away laughing. One said, loudly enough for me to overhear, "You've got to be kidding!"
I wasn't kidding. Today, based on retailer reports, bumGenius is the #1 selling cloth diaper in North America. We have manufactured and sold many millions of diapers. Together, our brands may have single-handedly prevented the use and disposal of nearly 1 billion disposable diapers.
While bumGenius is one of my proudest accomplishments, I've always been acutely aware it was very difficult for many families to make the investment necessary to purchase bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diapers. So, last year, we developed Econobum, a brand designed to reach out to lower income families who couldn't afford to buy our more expensive brands. We made sure the products were high quality and packaged them in an affordable manner. For $11.95, you can purchase three one-size prefolds and a one-size diaper cover. For $48.95, you can purchasetwelve one-size prefolds, 3 one-size diaper covers and a reusable wet bag. You'll be doing laundry every day or every other day... but it's enough. If you do your wash in a laundromat, four of the Econobum Full Kit boxes would provide your family with enough cloth diapers to make it through an entire week of diapering... for under $200. In other cloth diaper brands, the same number of reusable diaper changes could cost upwards of $800-$1500. Econobum actually enables families to diaper a baby for much less than disposable diapers and significantly less than any other cloth diaper brand on the market.
This summer, we had the opportunity to distribute 800 Econobum Kits to a needy neighborhood in north St. Louis. Those Econobum Kits could save that neighborhood over $1.6 million in diaper expenditures over the next two years. Our diapers were a tiny part of a major event called "Love The Neighborhood" coordinated by Service International and Pastor Jeff Perry from St. Louis Family Church. "Love the Neighborhood" impacted many, many St. Louis families by providing school supplies, backpacks, clothing and shoes to thousands of neighborhood children.
A few months later, I flew to Michigan to be part of another event coordinated by Molly Ging atThe Little Seedling. There, we distributed Econobum Kits to grateful WIC families.
These are two relatively small events. When you think through what this could mean on a larger scale, a reusable product like Econobum has the potential to have a major impact on low income families... at a micro-level like they did for my own family eight years ago, at a neighborhood level like we saw in North St. Louis and at a community and state level, reaching across the nation and saving our country billions each year. The first savings is realized at the family level, but later, your community actually sees a savings too because you're throwing away less trash. One family doesn't make a huge difference... but what if every low income family in your community switched to Econobum?
Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."
Buy Econobum for someone you know. If you don't already know a family that needs cloth diapers, starting today, whenever you purchase Econobum from Cotton Babies, you can now select to have the product donated on your behalf to a needy family. We will be working with our local food banks, pregnancy clinics and shelters to provide education and ensure the diapers get in the hands of the right people. Every box of donated Econobum Full Kits could conservatively provide a family with an additional $10, $20 or even $30 in their weekly grocery budget.
Trim a tree. Trim a budget. Buy diapers to give today.... and thank you for participating in change that can have such an important impact on our country.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Jennifer Labit, Owner
P.S. As our way of saying thank you for being a Cotton Babies customer, every purchase over $30 on Thanksgiving Day qualifies for a free package of bumGenius Flannel Baby Wipes (an $11.95 value) or a free pair of bumGenius Baby Legs (an $11.95) value. One code per order. You must add the product to your cart and use the code "FREEBABYLEGS" or "FREEBABYWIPES to get the discount during checkout. As always, every single order ships free.
Additionally, we have some fun Thanksgiving Day Giveaways!! Three random people willbe chosen from comments on this blog post, tweets on Twitter using the #cottonbabies hashtag,or comments on our Facebook page to receive a free Ergo Baby Carrier (valued at $105). Eligible entries must be posted on Thanksgiving Day. U.S. Residents only. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary to win. Winners will be announced on Black Friday.
P.P.S. We have some great Black Friday Deals coming on Friday! Those deals will be posted on the blog at 12:01am on Friday. See links on the right side of this page for how to follow our blog so you're first to hear!
Please share the deals with your friends through Facebook by "liking" this post. Thanks!

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About the Author

Jenn is the founder of Cotton Babies & creator of bumGenius, Flip, and Econobum, worldwide leading cloth diaper brands. She has four children (Andrew, Oscar, Elsie and Louis) and holds an MBA from Washington University. When she's not working full time, she enjoys teaching business leaders how to implement sustainable economic & social change.

265 Responses to Christmas with Econobum (and thanksgiving day deals too)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey I found this website from another mother that I was talking to. She told me how your company help low income family. Well I’m a mother of 3, 2 still in dipers. It’s hard for me to buy dipers with the set income I have and I was woundering if your company could help me by supporting me with cloth dipers for my 2 little ones? Anything would be more than helpful. you can reach me on my e-mail
    P.S. I would love to hear from you and your company!

  2. Yeah! Well done Cotton Babies. We used bumGenius with our daughter and cloth diapered our girl from birth to potty training.

    However, as I read over some comments I am saddened by the lack of understanding about the realities of those families who are homeless and living in conditions that make cloth diapers not viable and the resulting comments about diaper banks. Issues with federal sponsored or accredited childcare that insist on disposable, require we must work with where the families in need are now. For some that can be cloth, for others, unfortunately disposable is the way to go. For those who are disparaging of the Diaper Banks, please work with them and related groups ( -perhaps on making diapers (cloth or disposable) covered by some federal support AND changing daycare/laundry rules to be more welcoming to cloth. These are issues that several diaper banks I know of are trying to work on. Find out whether your local childcare that accepts DES will work with cloth, and if not why not. Work from there.

    ps. I know my local Diaper Bank, Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona is open to new cloth diaper donations (but the more desperate need is still for disposable)

    pps. My post regarding cloth and disposable featuring bumGenius one size

  3. We are a family who adopted two adorable twin girls to keep them out of the foster care system or worse, and I just want to thank you. Because of your dedication to providing diapers for families on a small budget, I am able to cloth diaper my twins and do it well–no leaks, adorable covers, and still provide those little extras that would not have been possible with disposables. I can not thank you enough, and I want you to know that I tell everyone about this product–we are one family changed by this, and I know there are a LOT more of us out there! We have groceries BECAUSE of your Econobums!~Bless you!

  4. And this is why my cloth diaper business goes directly to Cotton Babies now! You guys are a great company!

  5. bekah says:

    I love supporting Cotton Babies. Even though my husband is in school and money is tight (which would be why we started cloth diapering) I know that when I buy something from Cotton Babies I am supporting a company that I am proud to support.

  6. Sarah says:

    Having been a cloth wearing baby it was the natural choice for my little one 30 years on. Obviously cloth nappies have come on leaps and bounds since terry towelling squares but the principle has stayed the same…
    Baby friendly, Purse friendly and Planet friendly, why would anyone use disposables?
    Love BGs, thank you for creating such a fantastic product!

  7. Colleen says:

    Good for you helping these families!

  8. Erin says:

    Cotton Babies is awesome! So great how you give back to the community! Keep up the good work!

  9. Thanks for the great deals available and great service as always!

  10. brooke says:

    I wonder if the people at P&G (i.e. pampers) realizes the profit lost as a result of BumGenius! Stickin’ it to the man and helping the environment…keep up the good work Cotton Babies.

  11. LF says:

    Glad to hear you’re working in North City, keep up the good work. fingerlm at gmail dot com

  12. Analee says:

    Looking forward to getting my order:)

  13. Erica says:

    This is an awesome opportunity to bless another family! So glad you put it this way and gave us the chance to make a difference ;o)

  14. Kim says:

    I love your diapers and the community outreach you do

  15. Lindsay says:

    I love the idea of giving cloth instead of disposables! It makes so much more sense! I just wish that everyone was more open to cloth!! Thank you for making such amazing diapers and helping so many families in need! Cotton Babies is awesome!!! As a low income family, we have saved so much money by using cloth!!

  16. Kim says:

    Thank you for sharing your story…it was gave me some great food for thought about how cloth diapering could help families in need. I plan bring up the idea of a cd donation program at our next Missions committee meeting at church. It could be a real supplement to our food bank program! Please keep us informed about how we can help in our own communities. You truly do have a wonderful product line…BG diapers have been a main staple in our stash for years.

  17. Sarah says:

    I continue to be impressed with all you do and have done! Your company is such an inspiration to so many, I am sure. We love our bumgenius and flip diapers above any others we’ve used and have reccomended them to several of our friends and family. What you are doing to help lower income families or families in need is a wonderful thing. May we all be so inclined to help those less fortunate than ourselves! Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Nikki says:

    We love our BumGenius 3.0 and 4.0s and are proud to support a company that gives back to the community. Thanks for all you do!

  19. Robertsons says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Thank you for giving back to the community. I have been spreading the word about cloth diapering every chance I get. Hopefully more people will catch on :)

  21. Shoshana says:

    I wish more people would be willing to try cloth! I know people who struggle to buy sposies, but they still would never consider cloth. They think it’s too hard, too much work or maybe they have to use coin op laundry and it’s not worth the hassle. I would give gifts of reusable diapers if I thought they would get used!

  22. Melissa says:

    That is wonderful that you donate the econobums!! Disposables put a pinch on everyone’s budget!

  23. Amanda C. says:

    Bravo! Thanks for helping needy families and spreading the word about cloth diapering! 😉

  24. Wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. Lorri says:

    Cottonbabies, you are amazing. Great blog post and I’ll be sure to shop to get your Thanksgiving bonus!

  26. austinmomtr says:

    With two in diapers I got a couple of econobum covers at aseconds sale to add to my pockets. I love them and am so thankful for an affordable option. I also like supporting a company that is socially conscious.

  27. Love Cotton Babies! Thank you so much and happy thanksgiving!

  28. Heather says:

    Such an awesome idea! I love your diapers and am thankful that you have made cloth diapering so much easier. Happy Thanksgiving.


  29. Tracy says:

    Love the idea of buying diaper packs for families in need!

  30. Stephanie says:

    I think it is fantastic that you are giving a gift that keeps on giving!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I think it is fantastic that you are giving a gift that keeps on giving!

  32. Lelia says:

    I admit that while I like you on FB and I’m on your email list, I don’t regularly read your blog. I’m glad I did today, though. Your generosity and love for cloth speaks volumes. I deeply admire you work.

  33. liz says:

    Every time I see that commercial, I tell my husband, “It would be more helpful to give them cloth diapers!” The main reason we use cloth is to save money. I’ve gotten nearly all of our diapers used because that’s all I could afford, but if I were just starting to cloth diaper now, I would definitely go with Econobum!

  34. Anna says:

    That’s great! That would be incredible if WIC could offer econobums!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I’ve thought the same thing about that commercial to help families with diapers. I always yell at the TV, “Give them cloth!” Kind goes with the whole, “If you give a man fish….” thing. Anyway, just wanted to say that this post totally put a smile on my face. I started CDing because money was so tight for us when we were expecting our first child that I didn’t ever want to have to choose between groceries and diapers. I don’t want that for other families either. A donation of an Econbum kit is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

    Love your product and your company. May you continue to be blessed in all that you do.


    mhtapp_3 at yahoo dot com

  36. Anonymous says:

    love your products. great job. love to see companies “give back”.

  37. Lisa Weil says:

    Thanks for all that you do at cottonbabies!

  38. Jenn says:

    I’d love to win! Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! :)
    jennifer_atchison at hotmail dot com

  39. Erin Patrick says:

    Great post!! Thanks! Hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving

  40. I’m not sure if you know, but you have changed the way I parent. Dramatically. Thanks for making me more aware-of everything

  41. I love the bum genius and ease of using it! Thankful for a relaiable and economical place to shop too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  42. Noel says:

    We’ve been using BG since we saw them at a Green Festival in 2007. I am passionate about Cloth Diapering. It makes me feel empowered. I will never understand why people are more willing to trust a billion dollar corporation than their own resources to care for their children.

  43. Mister C says:

    We love our BG 3.0. We have been using them for over a year now!!!!

  44. Erin says:

    What a great idea! I will definitely be donating when I make my next purchase. We’re cloth diapering with our second and I love it. Only wish we would have with our first.

  45. Megan says:

    What a wonderful post to read on Thanksgiving day! I love cotton babies and am so thankful for your products and for what your company stands for. Thanks for being the change!

  46. Joclyn S says:

    HAppy Thanksgiving!!!! We love our BG 3.0’s and 4.0’s and Econobums, and Flips!

  47. Amanda W says:

    We love supporting local businesses, especially those that return their good fortune to others in need. While our own family budget is tight we make a consious decision to buy fewer, more thoughtful gifts of high quality than an abundance of junk that we really don’t need. We definitely feel that cloth diapers and all of the other tempting Cotton Babies products are worth the investment and because we are only able to afford a few luxury items we cherish those particular items all the more. I hope you’re able to enjoy some family time amidst all the many (and exciting) projects you have going. Happy Thanksgiving!

  48. I don’t know how we’d make ends meet without our cloth diapers. I am so thankful for those first diapers(bumgenius 3.0s!) my mom bought for us two years ago when we were expecting our first child. They changed not only our outlook on the money situation when faced with the arrival of our daughter, but our own outlook on sustainable solutions to raising children in general! We love Cotton Babies and everything they do!

  49. outlawtj84 says:

    What a wonderful way to give to families in need! My own family is struggling daily to make ends meet… Well, really, we haven’t made ends meet in years. But we are surviving. How wonderful to know that companies like you are trying to help in a truly positive way. :)

    Also, I have been dreaming of an Ergo alllll year. What a miracle winning this would be!

  50. Miss Sarah says:

    Thank you for being the type of company that I feel GREAT supporting! Every family deserves to have a sustainable, healthy, and cost effective way to diaper their baby…and you are making that happen!

  51. jennytinnin says:

    Love you guys and the help that you provide for the low income families. My family personally struggles. I thank God everyday for cloth diapers, they have really saved my budget. Without them we would definetly be doing without some important needs. We currently have two in diapers. I never have to scramble for the coupons to be able to buy diapers. Thanks again.

  52. melissa says:

    What a wonderful idea! Cottonbabies is the best place to buy diapers. Can’t beat free shipping!!!

  53. Traci W says:

    I felt the same way when I saw the every little bottom commerical, Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  54. Leia says:

    Econobum diapers are saving my family money everyday! I love showing them off to family, and showing them how great cloth diapers really are. Especially the pretty flip covers I have! Thank you for helping me care for my family!

  55. Jessie says:

    Thanks for all that ya’ll do as a company that cares! We love your products, and I hope ya’ll are having a great Thanksgiving.

    I’ve been wanting and Ergo for our baby #3 (due in january). It’s not in our budget right now, but it sure would be wonderful to win one! :)

  56. Megan says:

    this is SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Something as simple as spending $50 on a family in need, could them save them THOUSANDS in the end! This is so touching.. It might not seem like a lot, but you are WORKING WONDERS!! I actually cried reading this! Anything to better ourselves, children and the world! You are AMAZING!!!!!

  57. Craig says:

    Thank you Jenn I am so tired of seeing that diaper commerial. Every time I see it I say “there money would go further if the used cloth” to which my responds “I know!”.

  58. Maren says:

    I really appreciate the lower priced cloth diapers you offer as it has helped our family to save money, and we have been able to share this resource with other families hoping to save money and we truly can stand behind this quality product and know that it is cost-saving. Thanks!

  59. Susanne says:

    How wonderful it is that we can help those in need by making smart environmental choices! We love your 4.0s and the elemental!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  60. Rebecca says:

    What a wonderful idea. We are going to buy a box of econobums for some family members who are having a really hard time right now. It’s great when you can buy enough cloth diapers so cheaply.
    Thanks for all you do.

  61. Great post! Thank you for giving back so much!

  62. Kitrina says:

    Honestly, I wish I knew about econobum when I first started cloth diapering, it wasn’t until recently that I got 2 econubum covers, and realized how good of quality they are for the price that you pay, it would have definitely saved be a couple hundred dollars :p

    Thanks for giving options to anyone who wants to cloth diaper!!

  63. Rachel says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for such great deals!!

  64. Kate says:

    Thank you for the post! Just ordered our first set of Flips covers (and some free Baby Legs) :)

  65. Alisa says:

    We love cottonbabies and all that they do to help others!

  66. great post! dreams come true and from that great companies like yours are born. I still use my 1.0! I just refreshed a few of them and they are just like new- so you produce a great product- Thank you for keeping my babies bum healthy!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  67. Sarah says:

    What a wonderful post and a great campaign! Happy Thanksgiving!

  68. Erin says:

    Thank you for this post — just the perspective I needed. You have really come a long way in such a short amount of time!

  69. You are right. Change starts with one person and then snowballs. I love your products and am thrilled to find that you are reaching out to those in need.

  70. Kayla says:

    What a wonderful post! It was nice to hear your story and how far you’ve come. Also nice to know that you donate to needy families!

  71. Diaper Dad says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Your post really put a smile on my face. Thank you for being so giving!
    I love the Gandhi quote. It is so much more appropriate considering his tireless efforts in advocating a work at home movement to fabricate their own clothes and become self sufficient. Check out his first vision of the Indian flag with a very special spinning wheel.

  72. K says:

    Thanks for sharing this early chapter of the BG story! Happy Thanksgiving!

  73. Janice says:

    I love your products and find your personal story inspiring. We have a refugee family in our church that just had a baby and I am going to suggest we purchase some Econobums for them.

  74. jacqueline says:

    I am a first time grandmother and have been fortunate enough to buy your diapers for my daughter to use. We all love them, and I am so pleased that she uses cloth diapers, only better ones, then she wore as a baby!

  75. Erika says:

    Thank you cotton babies for all of your great deals!!!! I love BG all in ones. They are so great for my twins.

  76. Brittany says:

    Great post! Cloth diapering has saved us so much! And I’ve been just dying to get my hands on an ergo! :)

  77. Ashley says:

    I had no idea what a small investment could be made by choosing econobum. Aside from WAHMS, you’re the first big diaper company to make cloth affordable and that is so awesome in this economy. I’m totally inspired to donate, thank you!

  78. Chad&Leanne says:

    LOVE what Cotton Babies has done for the CD community, and those in need! Keep up the great work!!!

  79. Emily says:

    Love this! What an awesome idea! We fell into cloth as a necessity as well. My first child was allergic to disposable diapers with the exception of the very expensive chemical free diapers. We were spending over $150 A MONTH on diapers and it was killing our budget. Cloth diapers started out as something that I had to do and now it is something I LOVE to do.

  80. Defianlty agree what a great way to start helping needy families. Keep up the good work!

  81. anniem514 says:

    This is really awesome. Besides the fact that you are from my hometown (St. Louis), this is another reason why I like to support Cotton Babies!

  82. April G says:

    Thanks for being such a great company! I not only love my BG diapers, but I love the company who makes them! It’s great to support a company who believes in helping those less fortunate! Thank you for all you do!

  83. jamie says:

    This is wonderful. I love having businesses to shop with that not only operate with moral standards, but go above and beyond to use their companies to for good.

  84. This is wonderful, thanks for helping people who “can’t afford it” get into cloth diapering. I know that our family has actually saved money over what we would have spent on disposables, not to mention the money saved by not destroying our planet.

  85. Meg says:

    I loved this post. It is so neat to hear about how your company has made an impact.

  86. tavin's mama says:

    THANK YOU FOR GIVING CLOTH DIAPERING OPPORTUNITIES TO FAMILIES IN NEED!! i see the huggies diaper drives everywhere and it is so frustrating… these people should be cloth diapering (as should everyone)!! BG is our only diaper system, and we’ve used it since our only-child was born. i would love to help more families enjoy the BG experience.

  87. Jackie says:

    Yet another reason I love CB! Happy Thanksgiving!

  88. Nanette C. says:

    Thats such a great way to help families! You guys are aweseome!

  89. Jen says:

    thanks so much for your post. BG were the first diaper and we used and our love has just grown over the past 2 years. thank you so much for what you do. Helping out other families is the most rewarding thing a person can do. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  90. Elizabeth says:

    My extended family often picks a charity to contribute to during the holidays. I’m going to propose cloth diapers this year, and share this blog post with everybody. There is so much potential, on so many levels, to change the world in a positive way through the simple, loving act of cloth-diapering our children. My 7-month old baby girl is cloth-diapered, and I can’t imagine any other way. Thank you so much for your vision, your determination, your awesome products, and your outreach to families in need!

  91. t says:

    This post made me cry. So thankful you are doing this!

  92. Thank you for giving back!

  93. Becca says:

    An amazing company and wonderful diapers!

  94. jessica says:

    Great idea! I cannot wait to start cloth diapering!

  95. Elaina says:

    Thanks for giving back to the community. What a great idea!

  96. ainmemphis says:

    What a great idea! Can’t wait to see what deals you post!

  97. Skooks says:

    What a great post. Thank you for all you are doing to help families in need.

  98. Naked says:

    How wonderful that you donated to needy families! What a great thing to do!

    I used the 1.0’s on my now 5 year old. I’m using 3.0’s now! I have always loved your diapers and will continue to love them! :)

  99. ATBurton says:

    Can’t get enough of your BumGenius diapers!!! My family and I work overseas and were so thoroughly blessed last year to receive your grant for cloth diapers because of that. It was such a huge blessing financially (we are volunteers for a Christian organization) but also as a confirmation for the work we do. Thank you for your support. We leave in a week to go back to Central Asia and when I needed to stock up on Cloth Diapers for your little one, I got more BumGenius’ from you to add to my stash. Thanks again for your generosity, your commitment to quality and your encouragement.

  100. What you are doing is truly amazing. Cloth diapering is one of the best things a parent can do for their babies. Thank you for being such a blessing!

  101. carlaboo11 says:

    happy thanksgiving!!!

  102. I wish I was going to be around on Friday! Can not wait to see what great deals you have to offer.

  103. dena says:

    Pretty amazing, and ditto to what everyone else said!!…

  104. Vanessa says:

    What a great post to read! Thank you for making these excellent diapers and for being willing to give back! We appreciate it!

    jewelsntreasures (at) yahoo (dot) com

  105. Rosana says:

    That is great that you were able to give out all those cloth diapers to help needy families! Keep up the good work! We love your products!

  106. Diana says:

    That’s an amazing idea.

  107. Cait says:

    Thanks for the post! I love reading about how cloth diapers can change the world, one baby’s bum at a time :)

  108. Anonymous says:

    would there be a way to donate used cloth diapers? or just new i know mamny moms look at h4em as an investment, but i know i would be willing to donate them when im done.

  109. Laurie says:

    What an inspiring post! As a Michigander, I’m glad you have done work in Michigan; I’ve seen firsthand how the crisis in the auto industry has affected so many families. Thank you!

  110. Lindsey says:

    We love our bumGenius diapers! I feel so good putting my baby in them. Thank you for what you do!

  111. Ashley says:

    You are simply amazing, and I am so glad to support your business! We are one of the families who has grown with the bumGenius! brand, starting with 1.0’s the year they were introducted to the market. Just last month, we purchased a dozen of your wonderful 4.0’s for our fourth child. We’ve owned every version of these wonderful diapers, and we have never stopped being impressed with their craftsmanship and your customer service!

  112. Teresa says:

    I think more low-income famililes should be made aware of cloth diapers. It is such a huge cost savings and it really could help out thier family budget. The main reason why we started to look into using cloth diapers for our daughter was because it can be so much cheaper than disposables (we then learned of the many other benefits). Cloth diapers should be used by more people, I just think many people are misinformed about them :(

  113. Stephanie says:

    Amazing! you are a wonderful company to help families in need. I WILL be ordering econobum for a family this season! THANK YOU for being so thoughtful and caring of others!

  114. Leasa says:

    It is so great to hear they way you are helping out. We have a local diaper bank here in Chicago Bundle of Joy who is collecting disposables for families in need but perhaps it could be set up to collect cloth as well? Thanks for all you do.
    Leasa –

  115. Kirtlan Krew says:

    Such an amazing story. So glad that there is the chance to donate to lower income families! I would love to open a store in town…and have many more ideas! Hope I can someday do that

  116. I never thought I’d have to choose between diapers and groceries, but everything changed when I decided to stay home with my kids. It was the best decision I ever made, but it has led to a lot of other more difficult decisions. But I have an amazing support group of family and friends who have all been where I am. One of them gave me several BumGenius diapers, and another one pointed me to your website. I am so thankful to have that support, and I know there are so many moms and families out there that don’t have anyone. I think it’s wonderful that you’re giving back, and I hope to do the same thing for other moms like me someday.

  117. Megan says:

    This is one more reason I am happy we are a bum genius loving family. Thanks for all the good work you do.

  118. Eden's Baby says:

    Thank you for all the work you have been doing. I get so frustrated when a low income family contacts me for help. When I suggest they use cloth diapers and that they can cloth from birth to potty training for less than $100 they don’t care. I’m hoping to be able to change that soon. We are trying to get into the local WIC offices and do more work with a local home for pregnant teens. We would love your help down here in San Antonio, we have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the country!

    – Brooke Matherne
    Eden’s Baby

  119. Mommy_Lung says:

    What a great story! I’m proud to say that I am a cloth diapering mommy! Thank you for all you do!

  120. Rebecca says:

    What a great program! We love cottonbabies in our house! Happy Thanksgiving!

  121. Kara says:

    I love my cloth diapers! We are traveling with then now and it’s so easy. Our little girl is almost 2 months old and looks so cute in them too!

  122. SAPsMaMa says:

    You’ve come a long way! :) Happy Thanksgiving!
    mphin278 at yahoo dot com

  123. Heidi says:

    I had no idea how involved & giving you are! Thank you so much for your kind & generous soul!!! This just made me love Bumgenius 1000 times more!!! Happy Holidays! :)

  124. Mama Elijah says:

    We have defnitely found cloth diapering to be a money-saver!

  125. Elizabeth says:

    These are some exciting ideas!

  126. Pez624 says:

    We are purchasing the rest of our BG diapers this holiday season, I am so excited!!

  127. Megan says:

    What a great thing you all are doing! Loving our little one in cloth diapers!!!

  128. Laura Benigno says:

    I love that you now have the option to donate diapers! Spread the love, and the cost savings! Keep up the great work. We love our Bumgenius diapers!

  129. Steeler_Chic says:

    That’s so wonderful that you are reaching out to families in need!! If more people would CD, it would save the planet and save their grocery budget!! We love your diapers…I love my BG 3.0’s and I also have econobum and flip =)

  130. the Rew Crew says:

    Your story is amazing–thanks so much for all you do! I just started cloth diapering my third child, and what amazed me was how easy it is to cloth diaper a newborn. I’d like to start a movement to encourage cloth diapering of infants/newborns for people who are hesitant. Something to show them that the easiest time to use cloth is when the babes are young.

    Most of my cloth diapering friends use disposables more and more as their kids enter toddlerhood (life gets more busy, you are on the road more, etc), but we would all see financial and environmental savings if we at least clothed during those first few months.

  131. Stephanie J says:

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow. I am hoping my new artist series will be here by then!

  132. mummasinJH says:

    Will be looking forward to the sales! Bumgenius diapers are amazing!

  133. In addition to all the benefits for baby, cloth diapering came on my radar as a money saving solution. Thanks to cloth diapering our newborn we are able to use all the money that would be going towards disposable diapers and put it towards other important baby and child must haves. Thank you thank you thank you!

  134. phroggie says:

    awesome! i wish you could come out and do something with our local head start here in marble falls. even if just the center used cloth diapers, that would be money they could save to use on opening new classrooms or improving playgrounds. thank you guys for being so awesome!

  135. Lyndsey says:

    This is fantastic. Thank you for giving back! Spreading the word about cloth diapers is a passion of mine and hope to be able to help families in need in our area.

  136. Erin Wilson says:

    I am soooo happy to hear this! I feel like these commercials are a great beginning of awareness but it seems so silly to me to tell people how hard it is to afford diapers and buying more will help….Why can’t they see the big picture? i feel so proud to use cloth diapers and almost brag to anyone I meet because I believe awareness is the beginning and the most important thing we can do! Thanks so much for everything BumGenius does, you have made out lives and doing whats right so much easier!

  137. ricajean_02 says:

    I love your products and love that you are able and willing to help those in need :) I only wish so many people weren’t afraid to try cloth. I have to admit two years ago when we decided to make the change to cloth when our second child was born I was a little nervous I wouldn’t like it. But two years and another baby later I now have two children in cloth and will never go back! I love your 4.0 so I gave my 3.0 to my friend who had been wanting to start but didn’t have the money to and she loves it as well! LOVE LOVE LOVE your products and am thankful for all you do for your customers thank you!

  138. Anna says:

    I am so happy to support a company such as this. Thanks for all that you do!

  139. Anonymous says:

    As a Momma of two in diapers on a very tight budget, I can fully appreciate everything you are saying. I think what you are doing is awesome – keep up the good work!

  140. Miriam says:

    Love your diapers and all the work you’re doing! Wish I had started CDing with my first, but we have definitely saved a lot of $$ using BumGenius with this one.

  141. Vertical15 says:

    After reading this post, I’m even more proud of using our stash of BGs, FLIPs and Econobums. We too had to make choices between diapers and food before starting to cloth diaper using prefolds and plastic pants that were freecycled to us but as we scraped the money together to build our stash to what it is today I can now keep both my 2 who are in diapers in cloth full time and we are so thankful for that.
    I’m a proud Cottom Babies customer!

  142. averpen29 says:

    This is such a wonderful thing! I am using bumgenius with our 5th and last baby now and i wish I would have known about them sooner! It has saved us money and helped us through difficult economic times…one of our children is autistic and the other is a heart patient so we have had to put off everything for their care. We got tot he point where we didn’t know how we were going to eat the next week when a friend of mine let me borrow her all in ones because her baby had outgrown them. It has saved us finacially and this year, instead of a ton of toys from us, friends, and family we are asking that she receive a cloth diaper in med or large sizes. It is the perfect gift for her as she already has all the toys she’ll ever need from hand me downs…

  143. Bethany says:

    Thank you for all that you do. Bum Genius is our favorite brand by far for me, my husband, and our sitter. Happy Thanksgiving!

  144. what a great post! I recently shipped 15 bumgenius OS to someone that needed a little extra help….we have been blessed in life and I’ve been lucky here and there so we have diapers to spare.

    I just think your company is awesome. While I have many new cloth diaper loves, Bumgenius was always my first. :)

    Keep up the good work!

  145. ABC says:

    Although my first baby is only 18 months old, I have been following and oooing and aaahhhing over the BumGenius line for years and was quite impressed with your company when the Flip and Econobum came out….and now the BumGenius 4.0. Keep up the good work, great products, and great customer service. On this Thanksgiving Day, thank you for all you do!

  146. What a great post to read on Thanksgiving morning!

  147. ShortyRobs says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your vulnerability in your story! Your company is amazing! I am thankful for you and your products!

  148. Lisa H says:

    I agree that cloth is a better option for low income. Unfortuntely many people think cloth is too difficult, unsafe (pins), or just as expensive due to water/detergent usage. We all need to do a better job of spreading the truth! You guys are doing a great job!
    huz513 at husebova dot com

  149. Deveny says:

    What a great story! Perfect for Thanksgiving! :) One of the big reasons my husband and I chose cloth diapering was the cost so we could use our starting-out incomes most effectively. We are fortunate enough to both have steady jobs and love that you are so supportive of families who are not so lucky. Another reason you are a great company!

  150. Vita Wright says:

    I love this. I wish I’d known about Econobum when my friend was pregnant. I would have definitely bought her a box or two. She is doing great now but she could have certainly have used cloth with her children and save a lot of money. I love your story and it endears me to the company even more. Keep up the good work!
    Vita Wright

  151. Thank you for offering sales and free shipping. That helps families trying to save money too. I really appreciate it!

  152. Dana BP says:

    I think its great that you are helping “give back” by making low costing cloth diapers. It really enables people to get into being green without having to spend a fortune! Thank you and happy Thanksgiving to all!

  153. Me says:

    I love Bumgenius and love sharing my experience with anyone who asks!! It has changed our lives. Not to mention, my baby has the cutest bootie this side of the Mason Dixon line!!

  154. Phenomenal. Thank you for providing a wonderful alternative to all the “diaper drives” in the news as of late. I’m going to talk to my husband about making this part of our end of the year giving – to donate an Econobums kit to a family who needs it. I get all excited about cloth diaper sales, but really we don’t need any more – we have all that we need and then some. So thank you for a reminder that tis the season to be giving…

  155. Catherine says:

    Thank you Jen! I know this sounds crazy, but I would love having the option to forgo babylegs or wipes to donate how much it costs cottonbabies to send them to me. I dunno just an idea. You all rock. Thank you for all you do!

  156. Stephaine says:

    What a wonderful way to give back! I know diapers are a major expense for families and this is a gift that is reusable! FANTASTIC!

  157. Amy A. says:

    I had no idea you built your company out of so little. It makes me so happy for you and your family to have come such a long way. You have an amazing story to share! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  158. We use Econobums! And a few All in Ones… I am trying to encourage my sis to use them too!

  159. Pam says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. It’s wonderful that you giving to those in need this year.

  160. Stephanie says:

    We received two Econobum kits as a gift. It was a great way to save money and we are now hoping to buy 1-2 pocket dipes, or AIOs a month to build our stash. We wouldn’t be able to afford it if we were buying sposies. Thank you!

  161. Chefconnie says:

    God Bless you. My son in law is in the military and on a very limited income. My daughter is expecting in January and she received a prefold at her breastfeeding class. She is very excited to cloth diaper because it will save them money.

  162. Jennifer L says:

    I love this. This is something I can and absolutely will get behond. What a way to change a family’s life! Give them something they can use for all of their children and then find other uses once their kids are out of diapers. Love it. Thank you Cotton Babies!

  163. Bree Edwards says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! What a wonderful blog post and I’m so happy to support a company like Cotton Babies by having your products in my home.

  164. Jessica says:

    When I saw the commercials about the diaper banks and families in need, I thought the same thing as you guys did! What a fabulous idea. I too use cloth b/c I cannot afford the cost of ‘sposies.

  165. TheYatzecks says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Loved Reading this post!

  166. The Shindels says:

    I’m thankful for what Cotton Babies has done for our family. You’ve taught us about cloth diapers and supported us using them. Switching to cloth is one of the many changes we’ve made so that I can stay home with my children. Thank you for the memories I now get to make with my precious blessings.

  167. Danielle G. says:

    Thank you for creating such a great product (all of them actually!)…it’s helpful to many families to be able to save so much $$$!

  168. Tiffany says:

    What a wonderful article. One of the the things I love about bg is that there are so many options in a variety of price ranges. There is truly an option for those with the smallest cloth budget and the largest!

  169. S. says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Beautiful way to start my day.

  170. I really enjoyed reading this blog. My husband and I have twin girls that are now 3 and we were the family that had to choose between food and diapers because we were using disposables. It was really a learning experience and I knew as soon as I found out I was pregnant with our third daugher we needed to look into cloth. That was a year ago and I have not spent any money on diapers or wipes for a year and it is freeing! Thank you again for your products. We love our FLIP diapers!

  171. Katieburst says:

    WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Thanks for the blog!

  172. SamSanow says:

    This is wonderful! Fantastic! Thank you for sharing your story!

  173. Jessi says:

    Every time I have seen those sposie diaper campaigns, I thought that cloth would go so much further than sposies ever could for those in need. I think its great that you all are doing this! :)

  174. Sunshine says:

    What you are doing is wonderful! I wish more people would cloth diaper, both to save themselves money and lessen our dependence on disposables and petroleum products. I wish I had the extra money in my budget to donate. But my “extra” Christmas money is going to a needy child via the Salvation Army.

  175. Julian says:

    Thank you so much for your dedication and understanding to helping families in need.

  176. MyerGirl says:

    Seems like such a simple choice- more food, less diaper rash, less waste, more babies! Thanks econobum! We are financially able to buy whatever cloth diapers we wanted to invest in (not because were wealthy, but because we felt it to be a worthy use of saving) and we chose econobum to include in the mix not only for the savings, but because its and awesome product!

  177. Wish that there was some way we could legislate that those on food stamps or other support could get support in purchasing cloth diapers as well!

  178. Love BumGenius. Was once a skeptic and now I’m busy converting others. Being somewhat passionate about helping the planet (and my pocketbook) – I love everything cloth diapers stand for in this day and age. The goodwill is now the gravy on top.

  179. Lindsey Angle ( says:

    Your products are amazing and your generosity warms the heart. I am thankful for your contribution to my little family and to society at large. Happy Thanksgiving!

  180. Meredith says:

    What a wonderful story and inspiration. We love our Bum Genius diapers and will continue to use them with future children. It is amazing to see how your great ideas have blossomed and grown! Thanks for the opportunity to give the gift of diapers to others.

  181. Amber Joy says:

    I LOVE this idea. What a great way to reach out to the community! I’m going to send this to my friend who is a social worker with the refugees in town – she’ll know whose hands these need to be in!

  182. Macy says:

    I just told my Husband that this year I didn’t want to do the angel tree- I am pregnant with my first and I wanted to do something baby related- now I know what I can do- donate cloth diapers!

  183. Nicole says:

    I think that it is amazing that you are able to use your success to help families in need! Happy Thanksgiving!

  184. Bev Johnston says:

    I love to support a company that is doing their part to help others! Keep up the great work!

  185. Sarah MP says:

    Great post! KC is local and they doo some wonderful things in the community. It takes time for corporations to catch on but do you really want another competitor? Anyways, happy thanksgiving!

  186. lizz1009 says:

    What a fantastic post!

  187. Melissa says:

    We have a family friend that used to work for Pampers. He diapered his children and other families for free as one of his perks. One day we visited their house while I was pregnant. He said too bad he didn’t work for Pampers anymore and I said it doesn’t matter cause I plan to cloth diaper and he laughed in my face and said ill give you a week! You wont last. 18 months later I still use cloth and bgs are my main diapers. I have another on the way and I don’t have to buy disposable diapers because I already made my initial investment. Thank you for having such great products!!!!

  188. Jessica says:

    Thank you for caring and having the strength and energy to keep going and spreading the word. I do know that I was one of those people that were totally against cloth diapering until my SIL shared the product with us and I got to see it first hand. At that point we too were about ready to choose between diapers and food!

    Thank you greatly!

  189. I’m glad you didn’t let those P&G guys discourage you! I love cottonbabies!!

  190. megpie says:

    What a wonderful way to give back! Thanks for sharing!

  191. Jami says:

    I know you all have made a major impact on my family and I am thankful for you and your company today!

  192. Lisa says:

    Your company is amazing! Thank you for all you do.

  193. Lindsey says:

    I love the fact that your company has a wide range of diapers for different budgets and needs! I love Cotton Babies and am proud to say my first cloth diaper purchase was a BG 3.0!
    lindseygalvez at gmail dot com

  194. micdarz says:

    Great post…and I love my flip diapers

  195. Kim Edwards says:

    Lots of food for thought on THANXGIVING! I was and still know low-income families who could benefit from this concept. Thanx for posting.

  196. Tiffany says:

    This is an awesome thing to do for needy families. Thank you!

  197. Heather says:

    I love that you are trying to get cloth diapers in the hands of those who need them. I’ve seen the Huggies ad and found it laughable. What are they going to do when that one pack of diapers runs out? Keep up the good work!

  198. Annaliza says:

    This is so wonderful. Great job!

  199. Gillian says:

    I love getting more of the history of bumGenius. It makes me love mine even more!

  200. Monika says:

    What a wonderful blog post. I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  201. Jill says:

    Thank you so much for donating to those in need. More than one blogger I’ve come across agrees with you (and me). We’re frustrated at these diaper banks that just make it that much harder for the women later on. I recently saw an African children’s choir, they promote their orphanage by traveling. Their promotional video shows babies (most of them orphaned by HIV/AIDS) in disposable diapers. They’re all cared for in one house. I’m not sure why they are wasting their money on disposables. They have appropriate laundry facilities (all the kids are in clean, nice clothes). It seems silly to me when they could be helping MORE children with the money they save every year on diapers. I wanted to send the group a message, but wasn’t sure how. I think all of us WANT to do something, but we don’t know what to do. I’m going to share this post to my facebook page. Maybe some of my friends will see the light.

  202. steph says:

    I love this idea! We are long time bum genius loving family w/ baby number 3 wearing them now ( i started using them just prior to the 2.0s being released!). I love that you guys are giving back and making an affordable option.

    I do have two questions for you. I am very involved in the Junior League and we have done diaper drives in the past for our local Center for Family Resources and I have inquired about cloth. The reasons I have been given that we don’t give cloth are these:

    1. The education- if no one teaches them how to use them/care for them then they just go to waste and aren’t used (also most of these children are in some sort of goverment daycare during the day that won’t accept cloth)


    2. Most of the families we help have no where to wash them and no money to spend on the extra laundering of them

    How can we help bridge this gap? Do you do any kind of educational seminar when you donate to these communities to make sure the parents know what to do with them and how to care for them.

    i know how much I read about cloth before getting started. i can’t imagine as a new mom being handed some prefolds and a cover and knowing what to do with them w/o anyones help.

    I hope that doesn’t come off as negative b/c I really do think you are doing a great thing. These are just the challenges I have run into while trying to donate cloth before.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  203. KuuKuu says:

    it is great to hear that you are giving to such great charities. Like a few people have said, I am one of those people that would have benefited from the kindness of that program.
    I wish you guys were around ten years ago when I had my first, I am so happy you are hear now. We are a Flip System household and LOVE IT!! I have posted every few months on the Flips and hope I have convinced some one to buy them. Because at first I thought there was no way, but you proved me wrong and they are the best wraps EVER!! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  204. Karoleana says:

    We decided to do cloth diapers for the first time with our 5th baby (due any day now). I am also potty training my 2 year old and 3 year old. The people at the Cotton babies store in Vancouver have been SO wonderful in helping navigate the miriade of options and finding great solutions for my toddlers and new baby coming soon. Thanks Cotton Babies for great products, a great company I feel good in purchasing from and awesome staff!

  205. Carissa J says:

    Great post! I wish I could convince my friends to use cloth!

  206. ChristyB says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Cotton Babies!

  207. Heather says:

    So thankful for so many things! It’s been an amazing yeear and wanted to say thanks for making my babes bum happy and Eco-friendly!

  208. shawna3878 says:

    I saw the commercials for every little bottom by Huggies and thought how cloth diapers would serve a family in need better. A disposable only lasts for a few hours while cloth can last for years and then be passed on. With today’s washing machines care is very simple and easy. We love our flips and elementals here.

  209. lisa says:

    to God be the glory for your giving spirit and your fabulous product!

  210. bcfox26 says:

    Wonderful post. Keep up the generous spirit!

  211. Tina Deanette Gower says:

    I love bumGenius cloth diapers! My all time favorite diapers! Thanks Cotton Babies!

  212. Jessie Sharon says:

    I never thought I’d be so thankful for cloth diapers! I love them and recommend them to everyone I know. Just ordered my first diaper sprayer the other day – can’t wait to try it out! Again, I can’t believe I’m so excited for cleaning diapers… but it looks like a cool gadget!

  213. Nathania says:

    I am glad that you are very persevered and did not give up. Your strength in keeping on with your idea is able to help many families and babies. Thank you very much for helping out those WIC families in St. Louis! It’s amazing the impact of just a few….it encourages me to know that people do make a difference in others’ lives.
    -nathania and family

  214. Brooke says:

    Wow – Very interesting. BG has come a long ways!

  215. Tammy says:

    Oh how we love cotton babies, and now we have yet another reason. My husband and I often talk about the money low income families could save if they switched to a system like econobums, if only cds were seen as a viable alternative by the mainstream… *sigh*… someday! Thanks cotton babies for giving back!!

    Ps. Elementals ROCK!!!

  216. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful thing BG are! Your site just ate my post, but I’ll shorten this one to say that the ease of CDing has turned even my hubby into an advocate – and he was so scared of cloth 18 mos ago! We love BG and spread the word whenever we can.
    della330 [at]

  217. So glad to support this company! I researched CDing extensively while expecting my first and chose BG one-size 3.0s. Never could have imagined how happy I would be with CDing! I have turned on 5 of my friends who had babies after me to CDing and they love it!

  218. Kory says:

    In the spirit of thanksgiving, I am VERY grateful for cottonbabies and the amazing bumgenius organic/elememtal diapers! (they were the organic when we bought ours). I love that I am able to have organic cotton next to my babies bum and still have the functionality of a bumgenius diaper! The one size is amazing and we get complimemts on our diapers all the time, hehe. I am also thankful knowing that I can buy these amazing diapers knowing that I am supporting a company with great people behind it and great values, so thank you for that! I am excited to use our diapers on the next baby too (due this summer). Thanks and thanks again!

  219. Brittany H says:

    I am always in awe of amazing women such as yourself and my friend Nicole (founder of babylegs) and how you are able to take your ideas and make them soar. You are able to create success and share the benefits with those in need. I am so grateful for your diapers and the benefits they have brought to our family. I am thankful for your example in making a difference in this world. Keep spreading the love.

  220. Laura Webber says:

    I was in tears reading this entry! This is EXACTLY why I only support Cotton Babies for our cloth diapering needs! Keep on spreading God’s love!!!

  221. simplymerry says:

    That is an amazing story. And cloth diapers have definitely helped our finances – thank you for pioneering, and for maintaining such high quality products.

  222. Laurie says:

    I really enjoyed reading through what you have been up to. I didn’t know Econobums even existed now as it has been quite a while since I purchased our cloth (which is still in use by our youngest).

    Such a super way to help make a difference in others lives and impact not only the finances but also the environment. I love the “pay it forward” effect. A gift I had not thought of for Christmas to bless those in need.

  223. Laura says:

    That is so awesome of you for helping others in need and to help all of us (really:) find a wonderful alternative to disposables. I only wish I had started using cloth with my 3 other kids as they were all in diapers at the same time for a short period. I could barely afford the cheapest diapers from Wal-Mart.

  224. Patti says:

    Thank you for sharing the story behind bumgenius. I do love your products!

  225. Carmen says:

    Cloth has saved us many, many times. Especially the $1 “well loved” BGs at the local sale you’ve had a couple times. Those paid for themselves so quickly!

  226. momtchr says:

    I am so excited that my grandbaby ill be in cloth diapers as were all my babies. My grandbaby will even be able to use some of the same diapers and covers!

  227. Corinna says:

    What a great way to help those less fortunate.

  228. Nisha says:

    Thank you! Loved reading your “story” and so thankful for your diapers!

  229. Colleen M says:

    I hope that your generosity with cloth diapers helps to promote cloth diapers and make people realize how their budgets can benefit by using them. I am so happy to see how far cloth diapering has come in the last few years. We have stores such as Cotton Babies to thank for more accessibility. I’m thrilled that you have opened a store in my city of Vancouver, WA!

  230. This is a really great program. For those who don’t have a washer and dryer and can’t afford to go to the laundromat, I highly recommend the Wonder Wash. It’s under $50 and does an amazingly good job of getting the diapers clean. That and a spin dryer and drying rack do a great job and our laundry is very cheap to do. I love changing people’s minds about what cloth diapering is all about. I’m not even a “crunchy” person but I just think they’re such a good idea!

  231. Momma K9 says:

    What a great story! I have been so happy with my BG diapers and with cotton babies customer service. You guys rock! This just adds to how awesome you are. We give families in need all kinds of stuff but it is so nice to hear we can help give them something really good for their baby. I would hate for anyone to not be able to try cd’s because of the up front cost!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  232. Rebekah W says:

    That is wonderful! I am so glad! Thank you for all you do!

  233. Star Girl says:

    What a wonderful way to be thankful today.

  234. Anna says:

    Great post – keep up the good work!

  235. nichole says:

    This is awesome! I spent months slowly buying my stash from the seconds sales you hold. I knew that in the long run it would save us money even with the upfront expense. Now 18mobths later, it was the best decision! I wish there had been flip and econobum back then! Now I am scraping together some cash to get a starter set for my cousin that could use the benefit even more than we did. I wanted to get her some flips to start out and lend her my small by then there will be our next cousin who is expecting next spring :) thanks bumgenius! Well done! Nichole Lobdell

  236. Melody says:

    What an inspiring post! I’m so glad that you didn’t let anyone discourage you from continuing with your great product. Giving the gift of cloth diapers is something to be commended for as well. After reading this, I think I’m even more satisfied and proud to be a supporter of your business.

  237. kalynte3 says:

    My brother and sister-in-law are preparing to adopt their second. Adoption is very expensive, so money is tight. Using cottonbabies seconds sales and craigslist, I’ve been able to purchase a decent stash for them for roughly $150. As for me, I have a full stash of BG onesize (they have been used through 2 kids and #3 is on the way), but still LOVE econobum covers. They dry fast and fit well. Thanks!!

  238. Rachel says:

    While I LOVE my bumgenius diapers and using cloth, I do think that the P&G program to give disposables does have its place. Cloth diapers are great if you have a washer and dryer. If you do not have a vehicle and no option of public transportation, I can see where going to the laundry-mat 2 to 3 times a week to wash diapers could become more expensive than disposables. One load in the washer could cost $1.50-$2.50, and then you have to wash them again in hot. On washing alone you could spend @ $9-15 a week and that’s hanging them to dry. Factor in transportation costs and dryer costs as well as all the time spent at the laundry-mat, sometimes cloth isn’t the economical choice.

    While it is the best choice for my family, I know it’s not the best choice for everyone.

    I love that you are donating diapers to those who need them. I have some diapers that I do not use and have been trying to figure out who I could give them to.

  239. hil says:

    I’m even happier to live in St. Louis and have a Cotton Baby having heard your story. Good for you!

  240. T says:

    What a great way to spread the word about all the benefits of cloth diapers!

  241. dawn says:

    Awesome!! :) I love cloth diapers and only diapered my youngest child in BG one size. I’ll be doing the same for baby #3 that’s due tomorrow!!!

  242. Jessica Ye says:

    I love the giving spirit you have at Cotton Babies. I have some missionary friends that benefit from the Diaper Grant program, and that has been a huge blessing to them.

  243. Dr.Mom says:

    I am so grateful I turned to cloth diapers when our son was 6 months. Another parent of twins shared them with me and I was instantly hooked when she gave us 3 of her diapers to use. I went and bought two sets of bumgenius aio diapers for my son in medium and large and they lasted to potty training. I then made sure to pass my diapers along to 2 other moms who had just had babies and I knew were struggling just trying to pay for hospital bills let alone diapers. We were gifted 3 BG diapers to start our stash and we were blessed enough to be able to buy all the diapers we needed plus some right away for our son, and so I felt it was only right to pass on my diapers to another family who really needed them to pay it forward. BG diapers last forever as long as they are cared for and I am glad to say we are in the works of bringing a new bumgenius baby to the world to use the new elementals! 3 years ago it was perfect size AIO diapers, diapers have changed so much in such a short time thanks to bumgenius and now we have elementals!

  244. Lacey Hoyer says:

    Thank goodness for you and your husband and the incredible products you created. I hope to see your cloth diapers on the shelves of regular stores like Fred Meyer and Costco one day soon, alongside the disposables, and lots more babies with sweet fluffy bums. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  245. Kirsten says:

    I love cottonbabies sales! BumGenius are our absolutely favorite diaper!

  246. Kelisa Eades says:

    I love this. As a military family, I think cloth diapers are fantastic. There are two programs that the military has for new families, the new parent support program and the navy relief society. I was having a home visit from one of the lovely ladies of the new parent support program and we talked about cloth diapering and she asked if I would like to talk to new parents about cloth diapering as part of their baby bootcamp. I told her I would love to so she talked to the lady whom runs it and she said she’d love to have me come do this. So once a month armed with my stash, whatever knowledge I can dig up and my bum{flip’n}genius shirt, I get to talk with new parents about the option of cloth diapering, which greatly excites me(and I am not one for public speaking).

  247. aboysmommy says:

    I think you are amazing also! I am a single mom and have no income coming in as I finish up my degree. I started cloth diapering when my son was 7 months old (he is now about to turn 1), and I would NEVER go back to sposies. My first cloth was a big box of econobums, and I still use them when we are at home! I think you so much for coming up with something so affordable for those struggling to make ends meet. My diapers have certainly been paid for with what I would have paid for in sposies by now. I most definitely intend on donating cloth diapers as I can afford to in the future. People NEED to see how easy and affordable this option is! Thank you!

  248. JLJMommy says:

    Wonderful post, wonderful cause, wonderful company! Proud to be a bumGenius owner. Keep up the great work!

  249. Kelli says:

    It’s true about the trash! Everyone said we would need a bigger trash can once the baby arrived. To this day between cloth and recycling we only set trash out every other week. Imagine if every family made the switch to cloth and had a similar reduction in waste. This world would be a better place before we realized it.
    I intend to gift cloth to everyone I know with babies in diapers. I’ve converted 4 of my sceptical friends already by gifting BumGenius. I just wish we could educate everyone. Thank you for such great products!

  250. I think cloth diapers would be a great thing to give to needy families, diapers are expensive! I love the feeling I get every time I see my cloth diapers drying on the line, knowing that I get to use them again and that they don’t have to be thrown away just because of a little pee.

  251. Jenny says:

    How fantastic! I am so touched. I really love the opportunity to donate through your site. Thank you for being the change!

  252. liz says:

    Lovin’ what you’re doin’ – keep it up!!

  253. So impressed by your poise and desire to spread the word on cloth diapering. LOVE this post!

  254. Jess says:

    What a wonderful way to help families!!

  255. Danielle says:

    I love what you guys do! Cloth diaper has definitely been a blessing with baby #2 who was a surprise to us! I love not having to worry about going out and buying diapers every week. Instead I just have to wash them and then diaper him. My great grandma even commented on his cute little green flip diapered bottom.

  256. job says:

    Econobum… What a wonderful idea! I love this creative, practical way of making a difference. Leave it to a mom to look at a problem practically, and come up with a solutions that all the suits at those big companies “can’t believe.”

  257. As always, incredibly impressed with you, Jenn, and Cotton Babies Company!! Every blog post just makes me more proud that my baby has bum genius on his heiny!
    While I’ll admit that we never had to make the choice between cloth or groceries, using cloth diapers has enabled us to give money in places we wouldn’t have been able to had we gone the disposable route.
    And for that, I’m thankful!

  258. Joan says:

    I had no idea you were giving diapers to charities, but it’s wonderful to hear. I consider myself a cloth diapering enthusiast/evangelist. What better way is there to put my money where my mouth is than to actually give cloth diapers to someone who could really use them, but can’t afford them? Thank you for this opportunity – what an inspiration!

    PS – If we know of low-income families that could benefit from the generosity of your customers, is there a private forum where we can share that info? Or can we name a specific family when purchasing Econobums to donate? Thanks!

  259. Geneva says:

    Really enlightening post!

  260. Jennie says:

    You are amazing! As a low income family I KNOW that using cloth diapers has saved our family sooo much money each month that we use towards other things like food and other necessities. Thank you so much for thinking of the low income families and for personally making such a difference in my families life with your wonderful products.

  261. Tanya says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! you have no idea how many times I have been saying the same thing about the P&G commercials!! I had no idea about your story. I felt the exact same way! As a matter of fact the way I ran into your products w…as because I was struggling back in MAy and a friend had to buy me diapers, we overcame that obstacle and vowed to not be in that position with my diapers every again and Knew I had to get cloth but they were so expensive.. thanks to flips and econobum I have a big stash with less than 100 dollars spent.. the diapers payed for themselves already!

    I am now ok.. financially So I am will be donating this week. I am also going to spread the word.. This is a great idea! disposable diapers for needy families are only a temporary solution.. Cloth diapers are for a long time and they can be passed on! I have even more respect for your company and once again thank you! I am actually a little choked up because it hits home..

    Thank you!!See More

  262. Lindsay says:

    I am so glad to see that you have the option to donate to low income families. I am one of those people that would have been happy and grateful to have someone do such a wonderful thing like for me. I was able to purchase the diapers that I needed to cloth diaper one of my children (I have 2, under 2), by going through my house and finding things that I no longer used or wasn’t a necessity to sell on Ebay;however, I know of many people that don’t even have the luxury of even selling things to purchase CD’s, and I feel so bad for them. I have been trying to get my local Head Start to offer cloth diapering class to talk about the different options and to show how EASY it is! If you have the means please donate and help a needy family! Something like this can change a family’s life!

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