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Published on September 9th, 2010 | by Heather Vaughn


Free Cloth Diaper Week Grand Finale

For the grand finale of Cotton Babies Free Cloth Diaper Week, we're changing the game!

We know all women, especially moms, are powerful, influential people. We also know you are brilliant, creative and talented. You've definitely proven that with your answers this week.
For the final days of Cotton Babies Free Cloth Diaper Week, we want to see how you wield your influence. We want to know who you influence. Demonstrate it to us as you tell the world how much you love Cotton Babies.
The rules are fairly simple, if you can dream it and find a creative way to document and link proof of what you've done to us, it counts as an entry. The entry must reference, "Cotton Babies" or "Cotton Babies Free Cloth Diaper Week".
It can be as simple as a #FollowFriday hashtag @CottonBabies. It can be as creative as a poem posted online. Maybe you like to create humorous videos.
Let's not forget about your real life influences. These also count as long as you can creatively reference Cotton Babies and document it in a manner you can link to in our comments.
We're being purposefully vague because we don't want to put you in a box, we want to see the BEST of what you have to offer.
However you choose to enter, you must come back HERE to the blog and leave a comment with a link to your tweet, photo, blog or other online proof of sharing your Cotton Babies love with the world.
What's in it for you? We will randomly select 15 winners from all eligible entries to each receive a 6 pack of bumGenius 4.0 One Size Stay Dry cloth diapers!
One comment per entry. Duplicate entries of similar type (i.e. 20 identical tweets) will be disqualified. (No one likes spam!) Multiple creative entries are allowed, but they must be different and demonstrate your different spheres of influence.
Please remember to follow all FTC guidelines and note that you are entering a contest.
Contest runs Friday, September 10 through 11:59 p.m. Sunday, September 12. Randomly selected winners will be announced no later than 5 p.m. Monday, September 13.
What are you waiting for? Let your creative Genius shine!

About the Author

Heather is mom to four, born within 40 months (single, twins, single). She writes transparently about her chaotic household to encourage others through the twists and turns of parenting.

906 Responses to Free Cloth Diaper Week Grand Finale

  1. ealta says:

    I blogged about my BumGenius Freetimes a few months ago with the birth of my baby girl!

  2. Andre says:

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  3. Tiffany says:

    I linked to you on Facebook. I love my Bumgenius 3.0 and would love to try the 4.0s!

  4. N/A says:

    I always share info about my BG’s! Here’s the most recent:!/profile.php?id=1411771633

    (Fawn Sisk – fawnsisk at gmail dot com)

  5. I show off my son in nothing but his BG elementals or flips with matching babylegs Henry or William. For me it is a lifestyle as well as fashion statement. Just yesterday at the mall and today at church I got lots of comments/questions. Here a pic of MY cottonbaby:

  6. Anonymous says:

    So, I have a question. My comment/story posted on here after your deadline, but I am in Oregon and it is only like 10:30. I am praying that it still counts. Its not past the deadline where I am. Please! It was the only time I could get on here. Thanks.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Last post was from Sorry!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I will tell you, I am from Portland, Oregon. I am somewhat of a hippie and believe in supporting local businesses, but when I was introduced to, things changed. You guys are great! I didn’t believe in cloth diapering until I did it. One of my friends just had a baby and she didn’t even know that we used cloth diapers. I had to let her in on the whole thing and it felt so good. She couldn’t believe how easy it all was. She has now told everyone she knows and gives them my number and I tell them all about it and direct them to your site. Nothing could be greater than being able to share something so wonderful with others that will help them and their babies. We have used like every different kind of cloth diaper, but love Bumgenius the best. Thank you Cottonbabies!

  9. jdeemarie says:

    I tweeted that today is the last day of the Free Cloth Diaper Week and that people should hurry to enter:

    jdeemarie @

  10. Janice K says:

    Posted a link to on my fb status.!/janice.kampman

  11. I hope I’m not too late! I’m an expecting mom (due date is in 5 weeks!) and very enthused about using cloth diapers for the first time!

    Here’s my blog post about my experiences preparing for baby:

  12. Tammy says:

    I tweeted about your giveaway ttp://

  13. MightyMighty says:

    I always have tons of people ask me about cloth diapering, so I have a cut and paste email that I use. This link is to the text that I’ve sent to lots of people:

  14. Trish Jenkins says:

    A couple months back my family (including my one year-old) went shopping for a new recliner. The salesman, upon seeing my son, mentioned that he had a baby due in just a couple weeks. He also mentioned that his wife was hassling him with decisions such as what diapers (disposable) to use. He said he didn’t know anything about it and didn’t know what to tell her. “Well, I know what you should do!” We spent at least 10 minutes telling him all about Bum Genius diapers and how much we’ve enjoyed using them. We are full of praise for them based on our personal experience, so it’s easy for us to go on and on and on about it! He asked for more details and we gave him Cotton Babies’ website and he was so excited! We didn’t end up getting a recliner that day because we spent our time being the salespeople for bum genius! :)
    -Trish Jenkins

  15. Mariannita says:

    Our four month old Mariannita loves her Bum Genius and Flips so much that we had to stock up on these before venturing south of the border. Here are a few shots of the road trip to Southern Mexico. Oh yeah, everywhere we go folks are all about asking bout these fine pañales/diapers and we tell them that we are flipando para nuestros Cotton Babies, we`re flipping for our Cotton Babies. So we`ve put some shots on PicasaWeb to get friends and family jazzed about Coton Babies too…!!!

  16. Katrin says:

    So excited about the econobums! I’ve been tracking my first order daily…should be here Thursday. Already told 2 friends about them and I haven’t even used them! Also posted my excitement on facebook:!/profile.php?id=10006866

  17. erica hughs says:

    my idea for a bumper sticker :) we influence everyone we come in contact with. and we come in contact with a countless number of people while on the road.!/profile.php?id=839090432

  18. Trish Jenkins says:

    I was keeping up a blog on my son when we lived in St Thomas as many of our family and friends were still on the mainland. In one of my entries (link below) I bragged about my preemie son finally being big enough to wear his bum genius diapers that we were so anxious to try out. Using the bum genius diapers has definitely been one of our favorite choices in products for our son!
    -Trish Jenkins

  19. Barbie says:

    Cant believe I almost missed the giveaway!! Bumgenius are by far my favorite dipes, and is my favorite website to order from! pick me!! :)

    link to a post about bumgenius back in June 2010

    and mention of cotton babies and diapers on facebook

    Aside from that I have convinced my sister to cloth diaper!! She was really worried about the poop aspect , but in comes the Bumgenius diaper sprayer and she is on the wagon!!

  20. Jolynn says:

    Posted on my blog:

    Thank you to Cotton Babies for this week and the giveaways. It’s been fun!

  21. Sarah N says:

    In honor of Free Cloth Diaper Week, I did a really fun amateur photoshoot with my baby boy Rhys (pr. “reese”), and a few kiddos & mommies from my neighborhood this weekend! Got lots of shots of different babies all wearing CottonBabies diapers. Here are the few that I’ve edited so far. There are a lot more that i’ll be posting throughout the week, so keep checking back!


    or here:

  22. Tammy says:

    Here’s another one, we had a great time! My son says he wants to do this every Sunday night!

  23. Tweet about why to cloth diaper & that Bum Genius is the best:

  24. I just mentioned how cloth diapering is going on my blog in my baby’s 4 month update.

  25. Acerbica says:

    I wrote a quick post naming the women I’ve helped to convert to cloth diapering, and tagged them, and Cotton Babies in it.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Jessica says:

    I added a review to the BG 4.0 on Diaper Junction, it is not posted yet, but I took a screenshot of the email I received for submitting.

  28. MightyMighty says:

    I wrote a poem, “An Ode to bumGenius 4.0” and posted it on my blog.

    My email is Thanks!

  29. Tammy says:

    Here is a video my family and I made and posted on YouTube, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

  30. Mama Carvell says:

    I posted about how much we love Cotton Babies products here…

  31. Anonymous says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter!



    My husband and I welcomed Madeline Sabine into this world 3weeks ago today. She has been such a blessing to our family. We want Only the best for her, so we choose, natural child birth, breastfeeding AND cloth diapers.

    We couldn’t be happier with the performance of our small stash of CD. Thanks Cotton babies for the GREAT website! Very insiteful for new families like ours, learning the in’s and out’s of CD.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to win great prizes! Much baby love.

  33. Ginger C says:

    I posted a note on my facebook page about a couples baby shower relay race game that featured bumgenius diapers. And highlighted it in my status.

    facebook profile:

  34. Mama Carvell says:

    I think people are probably getting a little tired of me talking about CDs :-) It is one of my favorite subjects and I like informing people of all of the benefits. I recently borrowed 8 of my different dipes to my neighbor so she could try cloth and she loved it. Her favs by far are the BGs!

  35. I posted my resolution to use only cloth diapers now that we have 2 little ones in diapers on facebook. Hope this works.


  36. Courtney says:

    I blogged about our switch to cloth diapering on my blog here:


  37. Courtney says:

    I tweeted about cloth diapers @cottonbabies. Whoo-hoo! I love Bum Genius cloth diapers by Cottonbabies!

  38. Courtney says:

    I forgot to document my email that I commented about at 9:15 pm. I believe you can find it here: Otherwise, if this is insufficient, I can provide proof of my email.

  39. beckyollar says:

    I posted a plug on my FB profile:!/becky.ollar

  40. Eleise F. says:

    I have influenced several of my friends to start using CDs, specifically BG 4.0s. We are all in love! I also tweeted about my love of CD!

  41. raesalley says:

    I reviewed the BG’s and my love for them here:
    Pt 1:
    Pt 2:

    I wrote these because my cousin was curious about what to put on her daughter who’s three months younger than mine. The cloth, and their ease of use and how adorable she looks have gotten us many compliments. My friends who are thinking of having kids in the not-to-distant future were saying “no wai!” until they saw the little amount of effort required. They’re even jealous of our changing station made out of a wine box we keep in our living room.

    Another fun moment was the “diaper snob” conversation I had with my online girlfriends – three of us independently with children less than 6 months apart all are BG gals.

    My cousin, btw, has already put them on her registry and is in love with the small starter set I sent her!

  42. Vanessa says:

    I’m not sure you will be able to see this or not since my fb page is private, but here is a picture I posted of our youngest in an XS BG Diaper. If I would win-I can let you in to my page on fb so you can verify:!/photo.php?pid=7140061&id=735547418&ref=fbx_album

    jewelsntreasures (at) yahoo (dot) com

  43. ColieJ says:

    I typically post the name of her diapers when I post a pic of my daughter on FB.!/photo.php?pid=66027831&id=2366219&ref=fbx_album

  44. I also posted on my FB since I have a different group of followers there. If I win, let me know and I will add you so you can see the post. I have everything friend locked. :)!/rblomer

  45. Sara says:

    I belong to a local Mom’s forum called “Anti Drama Mamas” and while I don’t think you can access the threads without being a member, I’ve been helping some of the newer moms (including my BFF) convert to cloth, specifically BGs. When I joined the forum before my first son was born, 2 years ago, there were 2 girls using cloth. Now there’s at least 10 of us and we all help each other out with troubleshooting and various cloth diapering support. I link to cotton babies all the time to help the other moms out!

  46. I am new to clothdiapering. I tried BG XS & BG 3.0s first and loved the fit of XS so much I expanded to get BG 4.0s and Organics/Elementals.

  47. Patsy Fincher says:

    My professor in school today posted that she and her husband are going through an adoption process to adopt a little girl that will be born in October. I wrote her an email about cloth diapering and gave her the link to your website, I hope she doesn’t mind :) I’m not sure if this counts as an entry but I would have emailed her about it either way. I am a cottonbabies advocate all the way!

  48. Hope Patterson says:

    I posted a picture of my son wearing his BumGenius and wrote a short poem that I posted on my newly created blog site. I’m not very technically advanced so hopefully I’m doing all this correctly. My site is I love your company! Thanks for all you do.

  49. Here is my blog about why cloth Diapers are better and how we LOVE Bum Genius more than other cloth diapers:

  50. ShortyRobs says:

    tweeted out another photo
    Want to see something that is hotter than Justin Beibers? Visit @cottonbabies to find out the latest trend :)

  51. Mary says:

    I talked on facebook about using the BumGenius Diaper Sprayer from CottonBabies as a way of getting my husband to help with the diaper duties!!/photo.php?pid=30854491&id=1222953340&comments&ref=mf

  52. Courtney says:

    I was trying to sell some used diapers on craigslist, and someone contacted me about cloth diapering. She had a ton of questions and was considering cloth, so she and I emailed back and forth several times and I was able to tell her about my favorite diapers, the Bum Genius Organic All-In-Ones made by Cottonbabies. They are not only super absorbent, and super trim, but super cute=the perfect cloth diaper! And. . . . they fit my 20 month old as well as my 2 month old! Amazing!!!

  53. Mama Carvell says:

    I tweeted about it though I’m not the best at twitter yet and don’t know how to post my link. :-)

  54. ShortyRobs says:


    with an awesome pic :)

    Have u joined the revolution from @cottonbabies? MUCH hotter than the Garbage Bag Dress if ur watching #VMAS

  55. Newzmomma says:

    I tweeted!

    I have a 22-month-old daughter and am pregnant with my third child, due in May. I started late with CD’ing with my daughter but plan to CD full time with my next little one.

  56. I posted about cloth diapers and cottonbabies on my facebook page here:!/profile.php?id=540737086.

    Cloth diapers are awesome! (and some other stuff)

  57. catlizc says:

    I just commented on another post, I hope that works! I love Cotton Babies and really want to try the 4.0!

  58. Robertsons says:

    Because my personal FB profile is private, it’s hard to share stuff there. Also, my blog is private, so that won’t work either.

    But my start-up business could use all the “Likes” I can get. Nursing Covers, Wet Bags, Carrying Slings, Blankets, and even Curtains!!

    I did post on my personal FB page, but I really don’t know how to share it here.

  59. Amanda says:

    I have a photo of my sons in their Flip diapers posted on facebook:

  60. Amanda S. says:

    I posted about my first pocket diaper I ever bought that was from (a BG 3.0)

  61. says:

    Love the new 4.0s and rooting for myself to get randomly chosen! Woot woot! Just raved about them in my FB status update:

  62. Amanda says:

    I tweeted about Cotton Babies products. Your diapers are my favorite.

  63. Laura W. says:

    Updated my FB status!!/lauraloo
    LauraL444 at yahoo dot com

  64. SMALLS says:

    Review of BGs and my own giveaway that I used my own money to sponsor so another mama could share in the BG love!

  65. Anonymous says:

    A tweeted a poem. My husband helped me figure out how to post all this. Isn’t he sweet?

  66. Tiffany C. says:

    I am new to cloth diapers and most of my stash are BG’s.. In the past 2 months of cloth diapering.. I have converted 3 friends! I love it!!!

    I posted on Babycenter cloth diaper board! : )

  67. moussy10 says:

    I’m not a tweeter or facebook guru, but have been chatting you up on the Bump’s cloth diapering board. In fact I just mentioned you guys today!

  68. Ian Wilson says:

    I tweeted about how much we love our Cottonbabies bumgenius seconds!

    hotorihanzosan at yahoo dot com

  69. Christine says:

    I am a mother-to-be, due in late October. I have been researching cloth diapers for the past month or so and have enjoyed the information I found on Cotton Babies. While I am not interested in traditional cloths like my parents used on my brother and I, I am very interested in using hybrid cloth diapers. The Bum Genius is one of the brands which I am interested in trying. I posted a comment on my Facebook profile.!/profile.php?id=1148487335

    I do not have a blog or truly interactive website. My husband and I are missionaries in the Argentine Patagonia.

  70. Kelsey Wall says:

    i honestly can’t say that i have influenced anyone into cloth seeing as i am waiting on my first order to arrive so that i can use them for the first time but i was turned on to them By my friend Victoria! she and i are both die hards when it comes to the best for our babies anything from carseats to feeding and now diapers! i think its very helpful to have sites like yours so mom’s can get the information and not feel so alone when disposable diapers fail them as they have my friend and i and i just wanted to say THANKYOU!

  71. I posted this on facebook :!/profile.php?id=1216165951

    In May we took professional pictures of our daughter Mira. Some of which in her flip diaper. I posted them online on facebook to tell my friends about them. Even if I should not win, the pictures are cool. :)

    That’s the way aha aha I like it aha aha, that’s what aha aha you should wear aha aha! :)
    Cotton Babies is having a contest. They carry great products and as you can see Mira REALLY LOVES them!

  72. I wrote a poem specifically for this contest. I posted it on my blog. I hope you will read it, regardless if I win, because I think it’s pretty cute! Thanks.

  73. Amy Walker says:

    The thing I like best about Cotton Babies, even more than the bumGenius which is so far my most trusted pocket diaper, is the Missionary Grant Program. I think it’s the coolest thing ever!
    Tweeted about it here!

  74. Angie says:

    I’ve talked to many people about how great cloth diapering since we started with it a few months back. But to have some “proof” :) I also posted a picture of my fluffy butt baby and referenced Cotton Babies on my Facebook wall …

    “Our cloth-diapered Kendall! For all you mommies & and mommies-to-be, check out and see how EASY and CUTE cloth diapering can be. There are so many options now — no more diaper pins & plastic pants! Cheaper in the long run and better for the environment … and it’s not as gross as you might think :)”!/photo.php?pid=5455413&fbid=423038416145&id=508026145

  75. Melanie Egge says:

    I posted a pic of my daughter Addison in her new Bum Genius 4.0 on the cotton babies FB page, so now all of my fb freinds will see her and my reference to cotton babies :)!/cottonbabies?ref=ts

  76. FordeFam says:

    Also posted a pic of my daughter in a bumgenius on facebook with an announcement for this contest! :)

  77. FordeFam says:

    Just blogged about the contest and cotton babies! :)

  78. Melanie Egge says:

    I replied to a blog posting about cloth diapering at daycare. I just started cloth diapering and my BG elemental diapers are just as easy as disposable diapers and work great. I couldn’t be happier with my diaper purchases from cotton babies.

  79. Amy Walker says:

    A few weeks ago, I found that the BG makes an awesome swim diaper and posted about it for Wordless Wednesday with an adorable pic of my daughter in it (under her bathing suit) on her first trip to the beach! :)

  80. deezeeamanda says:

    I’m a member of’s cloth diaper group and i added this post to get the word out about cotton babies!There are currently 9,889 members who can see this post RIGHT NOW! I am helping to get the word out!

  81. Mary says:

    I also posted a picture of the handmade CD sorter my mom used for me.

  82. Mary says:

    My mom passed her love of cloth diapers on to me, but…

  83. Angela Shorter says:

    I love showing off pictures of my little one in BumGenius!! Love his little chunkers! :)!/photo.php?pid=30916755&id=1091030789&ref=fbx_album

  84. Heather says:

    Hi! I just posted the link to your blog and about the final hours of the contest in my status update on Facebook.
    Here’s the link:

  85. carlee.henry says:

    The above is a link to the Facebook profile of a pregnant friend of mine! On 9/1/10 she posted about having seen an actual cloth diaper and I chimed right in about how we’ve just finished converting our daughter to cloth! If you scroll to the final comment on that status, you will see where I recommended as a great place to buy diapers and supplies. :)

  86. Bruny Dubon says:

    Im not a blogger but recently met with the Lactation Consultant at the hospital I work and she was interested in CD. I explained how easy/convinient it is. I directed her to the cotton babies website for more information. She called me the next day that she was interested in adding it to her birthing class. I offered to borrow her some of my diapers while she purchased some for demonstration. It would be awsome to win some and donate for her birthing class and hopefully get more mommas out there CD.

  87. carlee.henry says:

    I shared on my Facebook profile about Cloth diapering week!

  88. we were just at a preschool bday party today, and one of the moms commented on my baby’s cute bloomers under her dress… well it was a cloth diaper, so of course i had to give a whole “diaper demonstration”… a few moms with really little ones wrote down diaper names, websites & seemed pretty excited about entering this giveaway! :)

  89. Heather says:

    I think this week/contest is amazing. I’m originally from south of New Orleans and cloth diapering there is almost non existent. I now live in Portland,OR and am raising our first child. I am so thrilled that we use cloth diaper. My husband was rather resistant in the beginning, but the BumGenius Elementals changed him for the better. Now we are both HUGE advocates for using cloth. We always recommend the BGs to people who think that it’s a pain. We decided to make a little movie for our entry.

    Regardless of the outcome of this whole contest, I’m just glad that you’re here to be a source for our diapers!

    Heather and Paul Dalton

  90. I don’t know if this will count as an entry or not, but I am going to share anyway. :o)

    I have now been cloth diapering our son for over a year now, and it has been a wonderful adventure! It brings me such joy knowing that I am putting something so soft and comfortable on my little one’s tush, helping our planet, and lowering our expenses all at once. I have enjoyed our “fluffy world” so much, that I am now in the process of opening up my own little online cloth boutique, and I am SO EXCITED! I have been sharing my love of fluff with all of my friends and those that happen to see me out with my son in his adorable fluff! It has been a joyous adventure! :o)

    I also have this posted on my blog @

  91. Bethany says:

    Last, my cousin is green/crunchy, but afraid of cloth. After she watched me use cloth for more than a year, she is going to at least try cloth diapers for her next baby!

  92. Bethany says:

    I also talked to a lady at the gym, and about got her convinced to use cloth!

  93. Miss May says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. Sarah says:

    Thought I commented.. but not sure if it went through…LOVE bumgenius and as a blogging mom, I blog about it!

    Check it out


  95. Heather says:

    Okay, I just tried to post and can’t find it, so if this turns into a duplicate entry, please, please disregard.

    I have just posted a new Facebook profile picture (that is a duplicate of one in a photo album that I limit to my friends/family list). My little daughter is sitting on the sofa surrounded by books and some of her cloth diapers. My little sister commented on the photo asking if my daughter was wearing leg warmers… and she is! She’s wearing her Baby Legs! Originally I didn’t think that the photo was that creative, but another friend commented on it saying that my daughter was doing yoga. Yoga and reading at 8 months! Wow, that is creative on second thought. I tried to tag Cotton Babies in the photo and caption, but it didn’t work. Here is the link to my profile (is limited to only my friend’s list).

    Also, I have another friend who is due with her first in November. She knows we CD and is wanting to try as well. I gave her a mini-workshop on CD’ing at my dining room table one day when she was over for tea. She asked me which ones were our favourite and I HAD to say BG! We love our pocket 3.0’s! It feels great to share the knowledge with friends that I have gained by just trying things out. My friend is thinking of asking her family to get her some BG4.0’s as shower gifts!

  96. mrsdanigirl8 says:

    I’ve also blogged about cloth diapers in general here ( and specifically about your awesome seconds sale here (

    I am constantly trying to spread the word about cloth diapers to friends and family and have successfully helped at least one mama see the light and start cloth diapering when she welcomed her little one into the world. I’ve even asked a local shop who carries BGs (Agana Baby in San Diego) if they’d carry MORE so more CD mommas could buy locally :)

  97. Mandy says:

    I posted about your contest in my status update on Facebook (and tagged Cotton Babies). (!/profile.php?id=1410428064)

  98. Karolyn says:

    Preachin’ about how awesome it is to contain the poop and pee in the wonderous cloth.

    hennasarai26 at gmail dot com

  99. Bethany says:

    I posted on my organic babysteps blog recently about our cloth diaper picks. We prefer Flips and BG AIO. I also tagged the post with a Cotton Babies label.

  100. L.T.'s Mommy says:

    I am having a baby this Tuesday! I can’t wait I’m a first time mom/ cloth diaper-er? Anyhow I’d love to start off my stash by winning this blog! I am also a new time blogger! I love to craft, sew, and research the best for my little boy. I would be so thrilled about winning. I am posting/ following your blog as of now!

  101. Bethany says:

    I posted on my FB profile and referenced Cotton Babies.

  102. Gwen Tepper says:

    I tweeted my first tweet ever…we’ll see what comes of it!

  103. Heather Dempsey says:

    I posted on my wall about the contest…

    mostly we just share with our kids though, or when someone gets prego =) when I sister got prego with my nephew I told her she needed to CD, he’s almost a year old now, and in cloth diapers, I have a friend who is prego with #3 that’s going to cd for the first time also, after seeing my youngest in cloth

    I think the easiest way to share is by example, I’ll be cloth diapering my #3 when he/she is born (in April)

  104. CFG says:

    I wrote a bunch of posts about cloth diapering, the system we use, and the accessories we have. Cotton Babies and BumGenius are prominently featured – actually, I mentioned that my ideal diaper would be a BumGenius AIO with snaps!

    Here they are:

  105. FordeFam says:

    Posted on my facebook letting people know about this contest!!! :) also posted a pic of my daughter in a bumgenius! :) My profile is private, but we “like” you, so…

  106. I did a demonstration at our local pizza parlor when our family went out for dinner with my extra bumGenius. My husband even got involved and talked about how great they are. It wasn’t even planned, someone just asked us about them!

  107. Kevin says:

    I was very against cloth to start with, and now I am a fan. My wife would be so excited if I won these for our daughter~

    Thanks for being great Cotton babies!

  108. Mike says:

    I’m not too creative so i just did one tweet:
    theaguilars at verizon dot net

  109. miababy says:

    I posted on twitter about how much I love cotton babies!

  110. Melissa says:

    This is a photo I posted on Facebook of my not-so-little man sporting a white bumGenius 3.0 one size cloth diaper from Cotton Babies.

  111. Ivy Freimuth says:

    I posted on FB about how much we love our diapers. Some new ones would just be great, since we just started using cloth recently…


    Posted about this contest on Facebook. Also made plans to go visit the new store in Vancouver, WA! yay!

  113. Lindsayp22 says:

    I wrote about the giveaway on my blog

  114. Lindsayp22 says:

    I sent out multiple tweete

  115. Honey says:

    When I first decided to go with cloth, I was so excited I started a family blog to share with all of our family and friends.

  116. Lindsayp22 says:

    I “Liked” you on facebook !

  117. K. says:

    I tweeted about cottonbabies and bumgenius a few days ago. Not the first time and won’t be the last! I also regularly mention cottonbabies and bumgenius on facebook as well as shown my 3.0s to people at the pediatricians office and in restrooms during diaper changes. People are always so amazed at how *simple* they are to use. I’ve mentioned cloth diapring to anyone who will listen, I can’t imagine ever going back to disposables! THANK YOU cottonbabies for making cloth diapering so easy for every parent!

  118. Miranda says:

    Blogged about it…

    My old blog posts include write ups on my fav. diapers (BGOS of course!) but I guess that’s duplicate so I just entered this one.

  119. Kate says:

    In addition to cloth diapering as much as possible, I love to make quilts for new babies. Here are links to two examples.

  120. LuvsDevil884 says:

    I’ve posted on a parenting forum known as Baby Gaga. I wanted to help others inform themselves with simpler terms and explanations about cloth diapering and how exciting it can be. I referenced Cotton Babies as a great site to inform themselves on more and to start their diaper stash and added the link!

  121. Mamahen says:

    I give cloth and accessories as baby shower gifts

  122. Super excited. I spoke with a woman today at a farmers market and she decided to buy 2 diapers from me that I was going to list on diaper swappers. She is new to cding but saw my son and thought how cute he looked. It was something she wanted to try but she was not sure how. So I had 2 rainforest babies that were too small for Seamus and she took them. I also told her about all the different styles of diapers, showed her some of mine and the websites to check out. She is not on FB, but is thinking about joining so she can learn more. Anyway. I showed her what my wash cycle was, what I used, how I changed Seamus. The works. Her name is Jen. She was already making her own wipes! I am so excited!! My first real convert!

  123. Three weeks after my son was born (July 4th) I posted on Facebook how much I loved my cloth diapers. Quite a few friends commented and hundreds of friends saw the post. I even mentioned the Cotton Babies website!

    I’ve got my profile locked down so you can see the post my checking out the following image I captured and uploaded to my web server.

  124. keea says:

    Here is my tweet by Designbykeea: Are you following @cottonbabies yet? You should be! Cloth diaper is never easier or economical than with BumGenius!

    The pic should be in a public album on my FB until Tues.!/photo.php?pid=34354484&id=51906048&ref=fbx_album

    This was a fun post. Congrats on so many supporters and buzz for Cotton Babies! :)

  125. Jessica says:

    Added picture of my baby in the advertising onsie to the cloth diapering board on BBC.

  126. Jessica says:

    Posted a pic to facebook and linked to cotton babies of my babie in an advertising onsie I made!!/photo.php?pid=50947825&id=10104353&comments&ref=mf

  127. Taisha says:

    Hello, I am currently pregnant with my first baby. I am very interested in using cloth diapers and will probably start out with some of the new BumGenius 4.0’s. I have posted about this contest on my FaceBook page and have let all my friends know how much I love Cotton Babies!

    Here is the link :!/profile.php?id=1479907628

    My email address is

    I love you guys, thanks for hosting this giveaway!!

  128. plainjaymes says:

    One more entry-here’s my post from my own blog, with my poem about Cotton Babies and our CD experience!

    carolynolson at gmail dot com

  129. plainjaymes says:

    I also uploaded an album of a few favorite shots of our bumGenius 3.0 diapers to Shutterfly and shared on a blog. Thanks,!

    carolynolson at gmail dot com

  130. plainjaymes says:

    Here’s a little poem I wrote about our CDing experience with bumGenius 3.0s! :)

    “I’m going to use cloth!”
    I announced at my baby shower.
    And the looks that soon followed
    Nearly sent me to the corner to cower.

    “Are you crazy?” “Don’t you realize?”
    Many of my guests said, mouths gaping.
    “You’ll be up to your elbows in stinky diaper water!
    “You’ve most certainly gone crazy!”

    But despite general shock
    Over our diapering decision,
    When baby Meredith was born,
    We set out on our cloth mission.

    After starting with prefolds,
    Complete with diaper pins,
    I started thinking maybe we WERE nuts
    And almost threw the towel in.

    But alas! After some research,
    And a visit to Cotton Babies,
    bumGenius pocket diapers
    Were exactly what saved me.

    With Daddy-friendly velcro
    And cleanup that was a breeze,
    Our new 3.0 diapers
    Meant we were soon cloth diapering with ease.

    Now, two years later,
    Those same diapers we bought
    Will be used on our new baby
    What a wonderful thought!

    So thanks, Cotton Babies,
    For proving this new mom’s not nuts
    To try diapering a bit “old school”
    We really love your products lots!

    Carolyn Moore
    carolynmoore at gmail dot com

  131. kevin says:

    Love the BG 4.0s! Here is my post on FB:

    and this is what I said:
    Cloth diapering is much easier than you’d think. If you haven’t considered cloth diapering because you think of folding fabric and using pins, think again. :) I use bumGeniusfrom Cotton Babies and love them! Super easy and much cheaper than disposables. Yes, you still have to wash them, but changing them is just like changing a disposable.

    btw, I am using my husband’s google account to post. :)

  132. David says:

    My entry… I have my daughter’s pic posted as my profile pic wearing a bumGenius. In the album & my status update, I reference Cotton Babies as well as provide a link to the contest. Here’s a link to my profile page…

    Here’s a link to my photo album referencing…!/album.php?aid=2078881&id=1039323099

  133. jenn0350 says:

    I posted a review a while back for a retailer —

    jenn0350 (Friday, 06 August 2010)
    These are my favorite, so far!! I’m new to cloth and have tried only a few! But I have the most of these by far! They fit my little (well my 16 pound
    2 month old) man very well! With lots of room to grow with him! Highly recommend this CD! Only complaint…they need prints!! :

  134. Cathy says:

    Please see my entry for Free Cloth Diaper Week by going to my post on Facebook. Thanks.

  135. jenn0350 says:

    I added what I thought about Cotton Babies to this Momma’s site, she is trying to help people who are just starting to cloth diaper and newbies!

    Way to go Momma!

  136. I’m so glad a friend told me about cloth, and that I made the switch! BG’s and Flips diapers are my very favorites :)

  137. Patty says:

    Just today I had a friend over for lunch and she is interested in natural parenting when she has children of her own. I shared with her our love of BumGenius Diapers and gave her a little tutorial about how they work! She is super interested and hopefully will do it one day!

  138. Paula says:

    Posted a Tweet about the contest and my new lot in life due to Cotton Babies as @NeilsonMama

  139. Anonymous says:

    I tell all my friends with babies and I shared on FB!!/kristi.coday

    codaycrew at cox dot net

  140. Anonymous says:

    Please see my entry for “Cotton Babies Free Cloth Diaper Week”

  141. I left this comment on Shutterfly

    Erica G – 3 minutes ago
    “Cotton Babies has been the most helpful to me in my search for cloth diapering success. Advice, reviews, great products, free shipping, and wonderful customer service are combined together on one great website. Basically a one-stop shop for everything I need for cloth diapering and more. They are fantastic! Cotton Babies has contributed greatly to my cloth diapering success for our first child, and I look forward to doing business with them as my family continues to grow.”

  142. MissTeddi says:

    I have done a show and tell with CDs at our baby class at the hospital and sent a few to a friend to try out. I also post online all the time about my CDs. Here is one picture that I posted showing my stash.

  143. Jessica says:

    I made a makeshift bumper sticker for my car. Not sure how long it will last, at least a few days I hope. And yes my car is dirty and old. I like to save money, cloth diapers, ’95 camrys with no payments. :)

  144. ricajean_02 says:

    So i gave it some thought over the weekend and this is what i have!!!

    Posted it on my face book:

    Wrote on both sides of my car and my rear window “My babies are cotton babies HONK if yours are too!”

    I went to four of our local parks and wrote in side walk chalk on the sidewalk around the park “Want a shot at free bum genius? Cotton babies free cloth diaper week” I had some help :):

    I posted it one two local yard sale sites one is closed on sunday so i wasnt able to bring it up but here is the other they were the same post:

    I have also told everyone I know about them LOL When I first started with my son I was so excited about them I wanted everyone to use them actually got my neighbor and my best friend hooked on them! I know this wont count cause i cant link it but I just love BG!!

  145. magooken says:

    i have public pictures of bg diapers on my flickr page

  146. Britney says:

    I changed my profile picture on twitter to a shot of my favorite cotton babies diapers!

  147. Sarah J. says:

    I posted a video collage of my son wearing his bumgenius and flip diapers. I don’t have many followers, but it also posts to my facebook on network blogs.

  148. Sarah Meeks says:

    put a fun little poem/song on my FB page just for BG diapers! whoo hoo!!/profile.php?id=100001410075242

  149. Selena says:

    I shared a picture of my two boys in their flip diapers on facebook and mentioned cottonbabies and the free cloth diaper week!!/profile.php?id=539368369

  150. Here’s my entry. My profile picture & status update both include bumGenius & My status update & profile page include a link to this contest. Here’s a link to my profile…!/anita.hungate

    Thank you again for doing this great giveaway!!!

  151. Nanette Chacon says:

    I wrote a journel on that anyone can see. It included a poem. It had this poem in it:

    Cottonbabies is number one;
    Theyve got the best products to get the job done!
    Diapers, wipes, baby items gallore;
    so many products you couldn’t ask for more!
    So if you want the best;
    go to and forget the rest!!!

    go to for all of your cloth diapering needs!!!

    heres the link. I hope it works:

  152. Tina says:

    I had a whole conversation with a couple of moms in the bathroom at Downtown Disney yesterday!! They saw me changing my son’s BG AIO organics and asked about it :) I told them about my 3.0s and how much I love them all! They were so impressed and said they were going to look into them!

  153. I took a picture of our son in his cloth diaper and mentioned cotton babies in the caption.

  154. zoliepup says:

    We blog and post pictures on our blog of our Bum Genius! My husband is the real Bum Genius evangalist. Every time he changes a diaper when we’re out, he’s got to preach it to someone.

    Here’s one of the pictures he’s blogged!

  155. ddwilson says:

    I posted on a blog this woman listed on your fb wall.
    ***the comment is under desiree w.

  156. Here’s our real life influence: My husband volunteers for a local disabilities organization. The organization has caregivers that go into the homes of disabled children/youth to provide care for them and training for their parents. Many of these families are extremely poor and disposable diapers cost them a huge chunk of their monthly income. Often times they want to conserve diapers so they leave their children in dirty/wet diapers for an extended period of time. My husband (a physical therapist) gives weekly seminars/trainings to the caregivers. He recently took a BumGenius 3.0 into a seminar he was giving to the caregivers and gave a demonstration on how they work, how they need to be washed, etc. We are now putting together some preliminary information and a survey for the families of the disabled children as we’d like to see if they would use cloth diapers if they were provided for them(the survey is to see if they have washing machines, electricity, etc.). We hope to provide them (through donations) with cloth diapers and wipes. We are not only educating the caregivers and families of the disabled about cloth diapers, but will also educate others about cloth diapers by asking them to donate to the cause.

  157. Britney says:

    I posted a review on Bum Genius 4.0s on store!

  158. Britney says:

    We live on a corner and I have a makeshift laundry line in the back yard. Every other day I have my diapers out there and many of my neighbors and friends have asked about them as they have seen them drying. I have been able to tell many people about bum genius diapers this way!
    My diapers hanging on the line…

  159. Michelle says:

    New tweet
    “Cotton Babies-Give me your BumGenius 4.0’s so I may give you all of my love. Give me nothing and I’ll give you a shout out”

  160. Michelle says:

    Left comment on facebook wall.!/sticemichelle
    “Cotton Babies Free Cloth Diaper Week is almost at an end and if I don’t win here is my Christmas list for this year. It reads cloth diapers: Swaddlebees ECONAPPI Diaper, BumGenius 4.0, Flip, and Gift Certificates to Cotton Babies.”

  161. Michelle says:

    Tweet -
    Cotton babies free cloth diaper week. Grand Finale-15 winners-6 pack of BumGenius 4.0. Cloth diaper jackpot

  162. Becky says:

    Not sure how to document it, but I wrote a letter to my senator a while back suggesting government subsidizing for cloth diapers! It makes sense to keep all those yucky disposables out of the landfills!

  163. says:

    I have converted not one, but two cousins to cloth. Here are some conversations I have had with one of them on my facebook wall.

    As you can see, I am a real advocate of the BG’s. I LOVE the 4.0’s and with a second baby on the way, a refresher stash would be amazing.

  164. Carla says:

    I was introduced to old-school cloth diapers by my mother when she had my younger brother, I was reintroduced to them by my sister when I was pregnant with my daughter. I love my BumGenius 3.0 One Size Diapers!

  165. casey says:

    I intentionally put pics up of my clothes dipes on fb to get people to ask about them . When they ask i tell them all the websites that are great for purchasing from and cotton babies is always at the top of my list! I provide them with info why they are so much better for nenviroment, the baby, and so much fun!

  166. casey says:

    hey I left my status on fb about cloth diapering and the fun healthy for your baby obsession it can become!

  167. Justine M. says:


    “I love my @cottonbabies @bumgenius diapers, our AIO’s are simple and easy for the hubby to use love them #clothdiapers”

    j.mcdilda at gmail dot com

  168. jdeemarie says:

    I tweeted about the Free Cloth Diaper Week:

    jdeemarie @

  169. I have blogged about my new adventure into the cloth diapering forrest you can read it here

  170. Jacie says:

    I talk about my new cloth diapering habit, and my love for BG on my blog at

  171. I fb statused cotton babies and your fabulous give away.!/profile.php?id=1495760995

  172. Britney says:

    I don’t feel comfortable posting my blog’s address but I made this collage of bum genius diapers to share on my blog!

  173. Julie says:

    Made a post on our blog about how much we love our diapers:

  174. ShortyRobs says:

    I created a profile picture for facebook that contains BG diapers and has a link to your cottonbabies site. My FB ID is

    I hope you look at it b/c I’m kinda proud of my creation- LOL!

  175. ShortyRobs says:

    I created this picture and tweeted it to @twittermoms status:

    Hey @twittermoms, want to join the revolution? #twittermoms

  176. Cassie says:

    I posted a link to your blog and little plug for this contest on my facebook!

  177. ShortyRobs says:

    I wrote the following Limerick and submitted it to

    There once was a sweet tiny boy;
    That disposables did annoy;
    His bum was so red ,
    He cried out in loud dread-
    But then Bumgenius made him enjoy!

  178. Steve M says:

    Facebook Status to my 196 friends and 22 likes:

    Cloth diapers…because I have a chance to win by letting you all know about the greatest cloth diaper store!!/profile.php?id=1285868391

  179. Patty says:

    I just updated my facebook status so that all 617 of my friends will see a link to Cotton Babies!!/profile.php?id=28301289

  180. Steve M says:

    I added BumGenius to my twitter list!

  181. Steve M says:

    I just did my first twitter about!

  182. Steve M says:

    I posted a review today, 9/11, for Bum Genius diapers on It should post within 48 hours.

  183. ShortyRobs says:

    I created a cloth diaper button for my blog and it links to cotton babies! It’s the first button located on the right sidebar at

  184. I posted my support for Cotton Babies on my FB page on May 7:

  185. jenn0350 says:

    I allowed Jennifer from one of your retailers to use my son’s picture in his Bumgenius 4.0 for her Photo Gallery for mom’s and dad’s looking to see how a diaper fits. He’s 16 pounds @ 2 1/2 months and we are on the medium setting, which gives a good idea as to how long these last!

    I also recommended a friend to her site, and she purchased 8 BumGenius 4.0s for her son! ‘

  186. I influence my family. I tell they need to use my cloth diapers because I’m not supplying anything else! lol


  187. Becky says:

    I am currently signed up to take an early childhood class at the school my mom works at. When I told her about cloth diapers, she told me that I could make a poster to hang up about the reasons to switch to cloth. So, hopefully I can reach out the other moms in this class and recommend they buy some diapers from Cotton Babies! I LOVE your diapers!

  188. Becky says:

    I reviewed Ecocobums on to convince people that cloth diapering is affordable! I also recommended looking at for more info :)

  189. Katie says:

    I referenced Cotton Babies in the post “Why I chose cloth:

    **Need password “cloth” to enter**


  190. Mason & Leah says:

    Posted a picture on my facebook! I wish I had time to do more to document our undying affection for BGOS. They are the best diaper, hands down.!/profile.php?id=660191797

  191. ShortyRobs says:

    I created and then tweeted out this picture at status

    @cottonbabies- modernizing #clothdiapers since 2002. Come check out their #fluffy revolution!

  192. Kait says:

    I tweeted about wanting to try the 4.0 diapers:

  193. Sarah says:

    I posted on my blog about what a great experience I had with Cotton Babies customer service this week!

  194. Tara says:

    I just bought my first cloth diapers from Cotton Babies, for a baby that isn’t even born yet. I am 33 weeks pregnant with my second baby, and have been on bedrest for 13 weeks, with 6.5 of them being in the hospital. My first son was born at 30 weeks, so I am excited to have gotten farther with this one. I cannot wait to use my new cloth diapers with this little guy! As the mother of a preemie and now another almost preemie, I try very hard to make myself aware of the potential health hazards that many parents never think about!
    I am a Physician Assistant, and was astounded when a friend first spoke to me about the chemicals used in regular diapers! I have quite an influence as a medical provider and am now trying to help other mothers understand why cloth diapering isn’t just important on an environmental level, but also for the health of our children!

  195. I posted to my Facebook page how we’re loving Flips on our son and recommended that my friends give them a try!

  196. Toni says:

    A high school friend remembered my long-ago mention on Facebook that I am cloth diapering my daughter and wrote to me because she is interested in doing so for her second child. I replied with a lengthy message describing how we use and care for our bumGeniuses (sizing, spraying, laundering, etc.). Shortly after, a new acquaintance also asked about our cloth diapering experience, and I sent her the same message. I’m very happy to share our positive experience with bumGenius diapers and encourage parents to try cloth diapering with their children.

    (As my friends and I keep our Facebook accounts private, I am unable to meet your requirement that entries include proof via a link. I would be happy to share the message I composed in an email to you folks at Cotton Babies.)

  197. Jessica says:

    I sent an email to a bunch of my friends telling them about the contest. I then screen shotted the sent email and put it up on photobucket. So a double! If they look at my photobucket which is public or the email! :)

  198. Becky says:

    Can’t find my comment, so I’ll try posting it again. I made a new facebook photo album of my boys wearing BumGenius diapers- I even have one of my son wearing them in the Sahara desert! (o: I also put the link for Cotton Babies. I’m always talking to people about how much I love these cloth diapers!

  199. Renee says:

    I created a link on my facebook page along with tagging and bumgenius. Not only did I mention how much I like bumgenius diapers, I also said that I’m excited about them and I wanted everyone else to learn about the more modern day diapers that involve no pinning! Besides posting this on my facebook page, I often tell everyone I can about bumgenius diapers because I’m so passionate about them! Here is the link to my facebook page with my post:

  200. Jessica says:

    I changed my facebook profile icon to a picture of my baby wearing a 4.0 with a link to on the picture.

  201. tweeted an adorable picture of My Matthew in his BG AIO.

  202. Jessica says:

    I changed my twitter Icon to a picture of my baby with the link written on the picture.

  203. Jessica says:

    Not sure if you will be able to view this because your not a friend on FB my fb is Jessica Deratany if you want to friend or verify.!/photo.php?pid=50927164&fbid=927482171232&id=10104353&ref=nf

    But I put a photo of a BG4.0 with a link to in my babies photo album.

  204. Katrina says:

    I like to put our diapers out to dry on the clothes line. We live in on campus housing so anyone who drives by can see our cute diapers. It also is a good conversation started for when people see me hanging my diapers up. A picture of our diapers on the clothesline is on our blog.

  205. Jessica says:

    Posted a pic of my guy in a BG 4.0 in a public group with mention of

  206. Jessica says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  207. Dr Alice says: is amazing.

    I love how they support overseas missionaries with diaper grants. I posted about it on Facebook:!/?ref=home

  208. Alice says:

    I love and have both registered for my baby shower here, and have also posted about it on FB (!/?ref=home) to let all my friends know how amazing you are.

  209. Doctor Alice says:

    I think is amazing. Not only do you promote the use of cloth diapers, but you give diaper grants to overseas missionaries.

    I posted my enthusiasm on Facebook:!/?ref=home

  210. Jessica says:

    I posted on FB and linked to your FB page so you should see it there from Jessica Deratany @ 9/11 12:25 MST!

  211. Jessica says:

    I don’t know if this counts as I don’t have internet proof, but I could provide emails for verification.

    I gave a cloth diapering talk this last weekend to a few of my friends considering cloth diapering. I brought my BumGenius 4.0 as the Pocket diaper example so they could examine them.

  212. Kelsey says:

    I also did a post on how I only use cloth diapers purchased from! There are a couple other blog posts on the same type of thing, but know that I am a big fan!

  213. Danielle says:

    Love Cotton Babies, especially their support of overseas missions. I blogged about it here:

    dfoster (at) nmsi (dot) org

  214. Katrina says:

    I like to let my little boy walk around my mother-in-laws house in just his Bumgenius diapers. This shows off how cute both of them are and let’s me start conversations with my sister-in-laws about cloth diapers. One of the latest pictures is on my facebook page.!/katrina.coffman1

  215. Madeline says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway:

    madelinemiller at gmail dot com

  216. I posted on my facebook page about the contest after talking about what a beatiful day it is here for drying my diapers outside. and posting a picture of my clothes line.

  217. jdeemarie says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway:

    jdeemarie @

  218. put out the word (and a link) on my fb profile…thinking of something more creative next!

  219. I have often posted the link to your page while talkingon the what to expect expecting and parenting boards, while answering oth people questions about cloth diapering. I love your site and I love my BG 4.0, if I hadn’t lost my job while pregnant and leaving my husband and I bank account pretty small I would use only BG diapers, but ended up having to barrow and use prefolds too which are also great I just like my BUMGENius diapers here are a few of the links to conversations I had on the website. I am Sarah133 I have also verbally told people about your website and tell everyone how great I find cloth diapering to be even though most of my family thinks I am crazy.

  220. Leah says:

    I am the coordinator for a local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Group in Tallahassee, FL. We are having our next meeting on September 21st, and our theme is Green Living. I am hoping to have a local business who sells cloth diapers come to do a workshop.

  221. KarenFleischmann Hahn says:

    Thank goodnes for cloth diapers. I used them over 38 years ago on my baby. I knew they went out of style for along time …I’m glad they are back!!! A much better than what I had! Keep up the good work on improving a great product!!!

  222. My blog post all about my son turning 1, our trip to the zoo and OF COURSE, our scheduled stop in to cotton babies!

  223. Anonymous says:

    I took a cute picture of my 15 month old son, Nico, in his BumGenius and posted it on my fb page. I caught ALOT of flack when I decided to cloth diaper and most thought I wouldn’t last. 10 months later we are still going strong. I even convinced my daycare provider to cloth diaper him during the day!
    Lara Chiaverini

  224. jdeemarie says:

    I tweeted about Free Cloth Diaper Week:

    jdeemarie @

  225. I have posted a plea for moms to research and try cloth diapering on Our365’s community blog post titled “Remember the Pampers Dry Max Scare?” This blog was about the chemicals in Pampers possibly causing diaper rash in many infants. Chemicals – next to my babies skin??? No way!! I asked moms to check out for more information. You can read the blog and my comment here:

    My email:

  226. LKF says:

    I helped convince our local La Leche League chapter to host a “breastfeeding happy hour” on cloth diapering. Next week we will all be bringing examples of the cloth diapers we use to share with others and introduce new mamas/soon-to-be mamas to cloth diapering. I already have a stack of Cotton Babies products to show off: BG 3.0 and 4.0, and Flips with stay-dry, organic, and disposable inserts! Can’t wait!

  227. LKF says:

    I always forward the emails announcing your Seconds sale to soon-to-be mamas I know who may be open to the idea of cloth diapering! I tell them that BG are absolutely the easiest way to go and make cloth diapering a breeze – for moms, dads, grandparents, and babysitters!

    Here’s a copy of the latest email I sent to a bunch of pregnant friends:

    Hi soon-to-be cloth diapering mamas :)

    Cotton Babies (manufacturers of BumGenius and Flip) are having a huge sale and I thought I’d pass this along in case any of you are planning to use either kind of diaper. $12 for BumGenius is a fantastic deal (I couldn’t resist buying two even though we really don’t need anymore!). You have to act fast – probably today – to get these prices; people snatch them up. But I’ve bought “seconds” before and you can’t even tell what the minor flaws may be that prevent them from being sold full-price.

    Have fun – thinking of all of you as you wait!

  228. I took some pictures of my diaper covers, did a little editing to really showcase them, and posted them to my blog. I also wrote about my reasons for cloth diapering and why I feel it is the best choice for me!

  229. Rachel says:

    I liked Cotton Babies facebook page

  230. Tutsy A. says:

    I have partnered up with the local hospital to come in to the month childbirth preparedness classes to teach about cloth diapers and I bring a BG AIO, a BG 4.0 pocket, and an elemental to show new parents how cloth diapers are so modern and easy! I don’t know how to link pictures to posts, but I take pictures of the new parents holding the diapers.

  231. Tutsy A. says:

    I have a made a few youtube videos to teach people about cloth diapers, and I teach and recommend BumGenius in my videos.

  232. Tutsy A. says:

    I am very active on the cloth diaper board at and I frequently recommend BumGenius to moms that are new to cd’ing.

  233. Tutsy A. says:

    I make my own cloth diapers and sell them on Hyena Cart, and my store’s facebook page likes Cotton Babies.!/?ref=home

  234. Sarah N says:

    and a major facebook post yesterday too about how much i love using cottonbabies diapers, and to enter the contest!


    I posted on my blog about the bumgenius diapers I bought before my son was born!

  236. Jill says:

    I recently did a post on cloth diapering awareness on my blog and got a response from a new reader–who thought I was putting fancy bloomers over ‘sposies on my kid. She couldn’t believe I was sticking my kid with pins! I won’t copy the whole email–but here’s a snippet: “You’re yanking my chain, right? Have you even looked at the pictures of my kid on the blog? Does it look like I’m using safety pins? Hell no. Today’s dipes are fastened with velcro and snaps. A lot of them are just as easy to use as disposables… My favorite brand is bum genius. I have links to their store and several other stores on my blog. I can even tell you how to get free shipping, and a lot of times there are certain places that do coupons. Not sure if you have a retail store in your area, but it’s easy to figure out. You could also check and see if there is a diaper service in your area…you could use it to try cloth and see how you like it, and they do the washing..” etc

    I’ve done this many times over, through facebook and my blog. Several people have switched and are so happy!

  237. Jill says:

    I posted a notice on the cloth diapering bloggers ning group that announces giveaways- I’m surprised no one else had yet!

  238. Jill says:

    Tweeted out to my followers

  239. Jill says:

    I linked the giveaway on facebook. “Perhaps my favorite dipe is bumGenius and their crew is doing a massive giveaway of a 6 pack of their new ones-to 15 people! You can get in on it, too, just click the link. Great diaper for dads, daycare, grandmas, or on-the-run, it’s also my go-to overnight diaper for K.”

  240. ddwilson says:

    I’ve uploaded a picture I created onto my facebook page.!/photo.php?pid=31069326&fbid=1455313855295&id=1006773762

    this one includes the reference to cotton babies.

  241. Patty says:

    Here is a copy of an e-mail that I sent my cousin to persuade her to cloth diaper…success! She is now planning on cloth diapering both her little ones!

    Hey Sophie!
    I definitely understand your sentiments about cost of diapers! It’s CRAZY, isn’t it? Well, I have a lot to share about cloth diapers, so I will just dive right in. First of all, we LOVE them, and are definitely planning on doing it for all of Anna Kate’s time in diapers and for all of our future children as well. You’re absolutely right about all of the different info online, so I’ll just share with you what we do. We use the BumGenius All-in-One diapers that come in different sizes (S, M, L). We started off by just buying 24 smalls (8-16 lbs). AK was in those from 2 weeks old until today actually! We didn’t use them at first because of the umbilical cord (I liked those little disposables with the cut-out for it). Anyway, we just bought our 24 medium diapers which are for 15-22 lbs. Once she gets to 22 lbs, we’ll get 24 larges which are 22-32 lbs. Buying them one size at a time just worked better for us, to separate out the cost. The BumGenius All-in-Ones are one of the more expensive cloth diapers, but they are also hands-down the easiest (both for Mom and Dad, as well as for church nursery, babysitters, etc.). They really do just go on and off like a disposable with super easy velcro tabs.

    Ok, now, about the cost…one of my best friends from seminary did a ton of legwork as far as research goes, so rather than reinvent the wheel, I am going to e-mail you her findings so you can read them for yourself. Just so you know, since Luke is a big budget guy, he double-checked all of her numbers and found them to be extremely accurate! He also looked into consumer reports which says nearly the exact same thing about how much you will save.

    The company that we order ALL of our stuff from is They really do have everything you need and more! Also, just to list it out for you, here is what we bought for our first purchase.

    24 BumGenius All-in-One Small diapers (you can choose your colors)
    24 Kissaluvs cloth wipes
    2 Bummis XXL Diaper Totes (these are for your diaper pail – we just use a plastic trash can from WalMart). The totes are washable, so you wash the whole thing every time you do diapers. You need two so you always have one in your pail even while you’re doing laundry.
    3 Bummis Size Small Diaper Totes (these are for your diaper bag)
    3 Hemp Babies Diaper Doublers (these are overnight inserts that we stuff in the pocket of the diaper so that we don’t have any leaks even when we don’t change her for 10 hours).

    And that’s it!

    Alright, even if you made it through all of that reading, you still might have questions (I had a MILLION questions when we first started), so please feel free to ask! I am a huge proponent of cloth diapering, so I love to share what I’ve learned. Also, make sure you read the e-mail attachment that I send you as it does a GREAT cost breakdown analysis. And like I said, we did decide on one of the more expensive options, but we are still saving tons of money even just on our first child. Then all our other kids will be virtually free because we’ll just use the same diapers!

    I know that was a lot of info, but I hope it helps! Also, you may have fun just looking around as there is a TON of stuff there.


  242. Patty says:

    Here is a blog post I did back in February when we were first starting our cloth diaper journey. In it I mentioned BumGenius and as the cloth diapers we would be using. And I included pictures!

  243. Vered says:

    I think Cotton Babies products are wonderful – especially now that the BG pockets are bigger (I have a chunky monkey). I actually wanted to become the local distributor here in Israel but just recently crunched the numbers and saw it would be too big of an upfront investment for me at the moment. I am hoping I CAN do it in the near future and that nobody snatches it up first :-).
    Oh and I also posted on my facebook page:!/profile.php?id=100001201974230

  244. Becky says:

    I don’t know if this counts, but whenever people ask me about cloth diapering, I always suggest they go to for any cloth diaper purchases. Not only that, but many people in my life have immune problems that I think may be linked to the dioxins in their feminine products and I always recommend that they switch to mama cloth and suggest your site. I know my mom is looking into it and I hope to convince my sister too! I always tell them that Cottonbabies sells good quality products and when I tell them that they would get free shipping, it is a lot easier to convince them :)

  245. Jessica says:

    I recommended Cotton Babies for my favorite online CD store. “I was gonna say Cotton Babies, too.”


    Tweet Blaming CottonBabies for my addiction to cloth diapers :)

  247. Christian Lopez says:

    This was my profile pic on facebook and quite a few of my friends called me or commented to ask about why we use cloth diapers and where we got them. In my family and friend circle nobody uses cloth diapers and for me it was quite a passionate choice! We are so happy that our little babies barely leave a mark on our beautiful earth that God has given us, they are cloth diapered and 90% of our supplies come from cotton babies! It is the first place that I looked for cloth diapers and the last, I am very thankful there is such an extensive resource that encouraged me to switch! thank you!

    Link to my facebook profile of my 3 month old Kaya!!/photo.php?pid=30236701&id=114000499&ref=fbx_album

  248. I blogged about my bumGenius experience and put a link on Twitter to promote the post:

  249. Juana Melendez says:

    I have personally talked to about 8-9 other young mothers that I know, being young my self, when i first started cloth diapering it was received with skepticism because no one in my family or in my husband’s family had cloth diapered but ive managed to make them come around and my mom has given out cloth diapering information to people that she knows because she sees what a great thing it is and my MIL is proud to say that her fifth grandson is cloth diapered. I wont stop at this, i have great ambitions with cloth diapering and i can only hope that one day i can open my own cloth diapering store here in town to educate people and help others embark on this green and wonderful journey. :)

  250. christine says:

    I posted on fb. I love showing off my cloth diapers and am always happy to tell people about my BumGenius from Cotton Babies!!/profile.php?id=541286063

  251. Rachel says:

    updated my FB status “is enjoying cloth diapers – much to my surprise! I ended up with Flips, made by Cotton Babies, and couldn’t be more pleased. NO blowouts! PLUS they’re having a giveaway right now, which I’m entering just by telling you all how much I like them – how cool is that?”

  252. Pam says:

    I like Cotton Babies! (Both on Facebook and in reality!)

  253. Rachel says:

    Just posted a review where I bought my first Flips (diaperjunction)

  254. Pam says:

    We’re moving to Korea this week and I can’t wait to take our 8 month old traveling around Asia and documenting as many crazy adventures as I can with my beloved camera. I hope that by exposing her to so many different cultures and experiences throughout her formative years that she will grow up to be a well-rounded young woman with a truly global perspective on life. And of course, to become a chopstick master.

    pamela_ann4 at yahoo dot com

  255. KAP says:

    A few weeks ago I posted a facebook picture of
    my 6-lb newborn son successfully wearing a bumgenius 3.0
    onesize. Via that thread, I told with several of
    my expecting friends how awesome onesize diapers are. And yes- they do fit newborns!

  256. Savannah says:

    #FollowFriday hashtag @CottonBabies if you love cloth diapers!

  257. A friend of mine was due to have her fourth child in June. Her youngest was 8 and she had started to green up her family’s everyday life since then, i.e. eating organic, local food, checking ingredients on preducts, etc. I asked her if she had thought about cloth diapering and showed her the wonderful article in Mothering Magazine a couple months ago about cloth. She read it, asked me some questions ( I have now cloth diapered my two kids and plan to do so with #3 from birth). We talked about the use of cloth and what that would mean for her everyday routine. She ended up choosing cloth diapers (yeah!) and choose to use all cottonbabies products! I’ve had great experience with my Cottonbabies products and she wanted a great quality product that was affordable. I might now be reaching thousands of people, but if i can inform my friends one by one, it can make a differnce.

    sarah.robot at gmail dot com

  258. Crystal says:

    I have people asking me about cloth diapering all the time now. I always tell them to go with BumGenius first. I love the OS and AIO. I am spreading the word to everyone! My cousin just had a baby and is asking about them now too.

  259. Tanya says:

    Also did I show you who I carry around with me all day wearing your awesome diapers 😉
    My daughter Orion! we NEVER put pants on her because I love when people ask AND it’s quite often what those “fancy pants” are… when I tell them they are diapers they nearly faint! they still have the concept of the clothespin diapers and of course I go on and on about how easy they are and your website. I should get some cards with your wenbsite printed by the way.. I love telling everyone about you!

  260. Crystal says:

    I posted a picture of my little guy in our new BumGenius AIO. First time using these and I LOVE them!!

  261. tinsleigh75 says:

    i forgot to include the original posted video on and the comments from viewers below:

  262. Jennifer L says:

    I’m a fan of Cotton Babies on Facebook

  263. Jennifer L says:

    Pictures! I know it may sound easy, but I’m always capturing my daughter in all of her sweetness and we finally got professional photos done too!!/photo.php?pid=14475025&id=520940596&ref=fbx_album&fbid=10150254003745597

  264. Lindsey says:

    And I tweeted about you. Because I love you. And cloth diapers, especially free ones. :)

    @bumgenius is giving away cloth diapers on their blog! #followfriday

  265. tinsleigh75 says:

    My friend Linda and I made a video for her baby product review website that was viewed by over 200 people. I was so excited to get to talk about how much I love cloth diapering and Bum Genius. My little Lucas looks so adorable in his BGs and we had a blast making the video and sharing the genius that is Bum Genius with Linda’s viewing audience.
    Here’s the link to the awesome and informational video we made:

  266. Christy says:

    I already posted about several times this week.
    I posted a blog yesterday called “I HEART Econobums” which mentions Cotton Babies and several times:

    I also mentioned at least 4 times, that I can remember, on my FB page this week. Once in the caption of a photo I took of my new Econobums. Once to express my excitment about getting my Econobums. Again when I ordered more Econobums and again at my excitment of recieving a conformation e-mail that my Econobums had been shipped. I have been having a love affair with Econobums this week if you couldn’t tell

    I could only find these 2 on my page because the others are burried, but they are there haha

    Christy Reed WOO-HOO, Just got a confirmation e-mail from cotton babies that my new Econobums shipped. Hopefully they will come by Monday!
    5 hours ago via Facebook for iPhone Friends Only · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (3)Hide Feedback (3)

    Christy Reed I just ordered 2 more Econobum covers, 2 Indian prefolds and 2 Chinese prefolds (wanted to try ea) at! If anyone wanted to try cloth this is the best option! They have Econobums in their Seconds sale for $4.95 ea, the prefolds are $1.75 ea. Buy 2 covers and 6-8 prefolds (enough for 1 day) for the price of 1 package of sposies and if you don’t like cloth you didnt invest too much :)See More

    Yesterday at 1:50pm via Facebook for iPhone Friends Only · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (14)Hide Feedback (14)

  267. jenn0350 says:

    Shared on my local craigslist…looking for new cloth diapering mommies!

  268. Patti says:

    LOVE bumGenius and looking to add to my collection for Baby #2 due in November! I have a boy now and #2 is a girl, so looking forward to getting some girly colors!!!

    I posted a link on my FB account:!/pbuns
    Hopefully I can influence some more of my friends to start CDing. Thanks!!!

    Patti (

  269. J. S. Laurin says:

    Facebooked as well!/?ref=logo

    Thanks for providing wonderful products.

  270. Kim says:

    In my regular, everyday life, I don’t know anyone who uses cloth diapers, except me. I’ve been telling people about what I call “modern” cloth diapers since I starting using them. I’ve flashed my son’s fluffy butt countless time! I have nothing to provide as evidence, but I figured I would post this anyway. I really do love raving about cloth diapers!

    kim_nixon @ hotmail dot com

  271. J. S. Laurin says:

    Tweeted this. twitter name is jslaurin. Following you on there as well.

  272. Kim says:

    I posted a blog on cafemom in May of 2009 stating why I choose to switch to cloth diapers. I’ve added a link to this contest in the comment section of my journal.

    kim_nixon @ hotmail dot com

  273. Kim says:

    I posted about this amazing give away on my facebook page!!/profile.php?id=679936206

    kim_nixon @ hotmail dot com

  274. Elaine says:

    I like Cotton Babies on Facebook.

  275. Priscilla says:

    One more fun one from our family:

    This is a photo my husband took last weekend of our diapers. He thought he was being so funny (and he was:-).

    This is the 12 step program for a cute fluff bottom!

    Check it out on my facebook page and blog! We were able to use it to help spread the word about bumGenius and Cotton Babies!

  276. Tanya says:

    AWESOME! I recently became a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of your flip diapers! It inspired me to write my first blog here: and it took off from there I also switched to cloth wipes and have been raving about it, I got so many of my girlfriends hooked on flips.. I am even planning on doing flip giveaways OUT OF MY OWN POCKET! just so I can get more people to try at least using one diaper a day! ..

    If I win I am not keeping the diapers for myself but I will be giving them out to my blog readers in hopes they can see how simple cloth diapering really is! I am a fan of your company and your products. I hope more people make the change!

  277. Mary-Tyler says:

    Just this past week a lady on my women’s board asked about what to get a new mom and she said that the new mom was using cloth diapers. I told her to check ya’ll out.

  278. Chelyeah says:

    I thought I’d write about this one in a somewhat different forum than I’m used to. I don’t know how the readers will respond to it, but at least it brought cloth diapering and CottonBabies to a place they may not have been talked about before. My post is in the Craigslist Ecology section. lol

  279. Beth says:

    I blogged about cotton babies today in my blog (the cloth diaper entry in my daughter;s blog did not mention CB do I did it in mine :) )
    (jacobsonbeth at yahoo dot com)

  280. Hannah says:

    I hope I am doing this right! I am not so good with Facebook, Twitter, etc. I did make up this blog today, and I love it! Maybe it is all a sign, spread the word about cloth diapers, especially Cotton Babies & Bum Genius!! ?Thanks for making great diapers, and fun giveaways.
    Here is the link to my blog:

  281. Lindsey A says:

    Because I pour over reviews when considering new diapering products, I also take the time to write reviews to help other parents make diapering decisions. I wrote a glowing review for BG 4.0s on the Happy Cotton Tails website, and Cotton Babies is specifically mentioned in the diaper description…so everyone will know just how wonderful CB and BGs are!!!

  282. Sarah says:

    I blogged about cloth diapering and linked to!

  283. Lindsey A says:

    I was on the FB Cotton Babies fan page posting a reminder about my Cotton Babies Free Cloth Diaper Week share site on Shutterfly, when I noticed a mom asking about using bleach on her BG 4.0s. I recently had a need to use bleach on mine for the first time, so I decided to respond to her question and help as much as I can. You can find it on your page (!/cottonbabies?ref=ts) on Sept. 10, but here’s the text of my response:

    Per CB, you can use up to 1/4 cup bleach in the hot wash cycle once per month. This is for both diapers and inserts. I just (very reluctantly) did it for the first time last week to combat odor; it worked like a charm, and my dipes are still in one piece!

    I often participate in online diapering discussions with other moms. I figure it’s a great way to influence them and learn more about CDing at the same time. :)

  284. I don’t think my first attempt went through (I can’t see it here anyway), so here it is again:

    I shared my love for cotton babies on my facebook wall here:

  285. valerierouse says:

    i also posted the link to your blog contest :)
    i hope none of these posts are too similar…i want to winnnnn!

  286. valerierouse says:

    a blog entry i did today after using my first flip cover on my daughter!

  287. Anonymous says:

    I think my comment got lost! I posted on facebook a link to cotton babies and the contest and that I love the site and the diapers. Bum genius diapers are the greatest! But we also use the flip diapers and they are great too! Trying again to comment here, hope it works…
    I posted on my facebook profile:
    RemoveChalia Robyn Anyone else love Cotton Babies cloth diapers? They are having a free cloth diaper giveaway week and it ends today! Trying to win some diapers in their contest…!/profile.php?id=1447372069
    Chalia Robyn

  288. catyrpel says:

    I am always recommending Cotton Babies and Bum Genius to my friends and on the parenting forums I belong to. Here’s an example where I shared how much I love BG!

  289. KatDale says:

    I am a cotton babies addict! I am a photographer and I use bumgenius 3.0 on all my clients babies. They are always impressed and get a chance to see a “real” cloth diaper in action…most of the time they end buying a few (or “borrow” mine). Here is a link to one of my photo sessions:

    Also, as a fellow mommy blogger, I have raved about your products many times and have a cotton babies ad on my blog. Here is a review I did on BGs:

  290. Sarah says:

    Here is a post I made to let everyone know about the giveaway on my Babycenter Birth Board! We have about 8,800 members on my birth board, so that should help get the word out! :)

  291. Patty says:

    We talk about our BumGenius diapers all the time and have actually “converted” 3 other families since we started using them 7 months ago (when our first baby was born). To enter the contest, we created a “Cloth Diaper Rap” today and put it up on our blog. Enjoy!

  292. Not sure how this works, but I referred to Cotton Babies in my Facebook status tonight (, and if I can find time, I’ll blog about you tonight, too, at

    I started using bG! OS diapers just after they were introduced to the market in 2006, and I’ve upgraded to each new version with each new child: 2.0 in 2007, 3.0 in 2009 and I’m getting ready to purchase the newest 4.0 for our next arrival, due in late September. I’ve never used another diaper because I’ve never felt the need to experiment with any other brands — I love bumGenius! diapers, and I adore you, Jenn, and all you stand for as a mother and businesswoman. I prefer to only purchase from you, but I’ve had to venture to other vendors on occassion when you haven’t had something I needed.

    Love you, love your diapers, love what you’re about!

  293. Hope Rose says:

    I got my neighbors into BumGenuis after loving them myself. I uploaded a picture of our babies wearing their Bumies together on Facebook. Here is the link.!/photo.php?pid=55888973&fbid=10100155546460578&id=13727527

  294. Paulina says:

    I started using BG3.0 diapers over two years ago. I tell everyone about them and I have converted 5 friends that have had babies since then, including friends who live in Norway, where they don’t even have a dryer.

    Here is my facebook post:

    It says:

    BumGenious gentle enough for your baby’s most tender area, but strong enough to contain the absolute horror that comes out of there.

    And the in Spanish:

    bumGenious super suaves para las areas mas delicadas de su bebe, pero fuertes para contener los horrores que salen de ellas.

  295. valerierouse says:!/photo.php?pid=31464503&id=1128223851&ref=fbx_album

    i post pictures of my daughter wearing cotton babies products now and then! everyone loves a fluffy butt 😀

  296. I was interviewed for a newspaper story in Fargo, ND when we’d just started using bumGenius pocket diapers (which were a Godsend after starting out with prefolds/covers as a total newbie!!). The article on the Fargo Forum website is found in their archives here:

    Pulling some of the text here:
    Ditching disposables
    Tammy Swift, The Forum
    Published Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    When expectant mom Carolyn Moore announced at a baby shower that she planned to use cloth diapers, she was greeted by a simultaneous gasp of disbelief from her 40-odd shower guests.

    “I might as well have said I was giving birth on the moon,” recalls the young Minot, N.D., woman, laughing.

    Most shocked were the older women, who remember the days of dunking dirty nappies in the toilet, the overripe, Borax-tinged bouquet of the diaper pail and the prospect of trying to fasten pointy safety pins on a wriggling little body.

    But today’s cloth diapers have as much in common with old-school diapers as Supernanny does with Mary Poppins. Sporting cunningly cute names such as bumGenius or FuzziBunz, the new diapers are available in perky prints and trendy colors. They come outfitted with tailored shapes, super-soft fabrics and easy-to-fasten snaps or Velcro. Some have convenient inserts, which can be tossed in the washer or even thrown away. And some high-end diapers contain hemp, bamboo or pure wool – giving them an extra dash of eco-chic.

    Not surprisingly, retailers say more young parents are using them. These parents are motivated by everything from the new cloth diaper’s more user-friendly design to environmental concerns and just plain dollars and cents.

    Moore chose cloth diapers for all those reasons – and also because she believes it’s best for baby Meredith’s tender skin. Her own mother used cloth diapers, so it wasn’t an entirely foreign concept.


    When Moore and husband Charlie first tried cloth, they used the old-fashioned flat diapers. Charlie was completely overwhelmed by the pins and the folding. “In my opinion, they make good burp rags,” he says, smiling.

    Now they’ve switched to easier-to-use pocket diapers, although Charlie still gets frustrated by the tiny snaps.

    And, even if Moore advocates cloth, she understands it isn’t for everyone. “I know I have the flexibility to be able to do it because I stay home with her. But it’s a decision everyone makes, and either one is not wrong.”

  297. Sparx 100 says:

    Posted this on Facebook:
    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    Cotton Babies
    is having cloth diaper week
    and you could be a winner too!!!!
    Michelle Duffy

  298. A friend asked me about cloth diapering, and the following is my ridiculously long response (and link to the post on my facebook wall)! I’m just excited about getting into cloth diapering and am loving sharing it with friends!!/profile.php?id=507044224

    Hey! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you!! I kept typing out a response and then the internet would go down, or my hubby would somehow navigate away from the page and loose my whole response! Lol ok, so I use Fuzzi Bunz and BumGenius pocket diapers, GroVia hybrid diapers, and I have Thirsties and Bummis covers that go over the regular cloth diapers.

    The pocket dipes are really nice, you just stuff them with either the insert they come with or a prefold (which is the old fashioned regular cloth diapers, like the kind most people use as burp rags now). The prefold works best for me, as Leah is a pretty heavy wetter, although I have new BumGenius on the way and have never tried them but am SUPER EXCITED! (Cuz I’m a nerd :) And one of my good friends has told me that they soak up A LOT….and she has an 18 mo old who is also a heavy wetter…they last her overnight with no leaks.

    The GroVia hybrid is really neat and Erik’s favorite. It’s a shell (like a wrap cover) and it’s inserts snap in and out. You can use 3-4 inserts with each shell before needing to wash it, and it’s super easy to change which is why Erik loves it. It also fits nice and snuggly on my skinny girl…some people have a hard time with certain brands if their baby is super trim or shorter. You just have to try out different brands (which is why I have so many lol) and see what you like best!

    I tend to use (at least right now) 2 hemp inserts plus an extra soaker overnight with a regular cover, though I”m excited try the BG overnight!

    2 websites that I’ve bought from and like a lot are and And actually, all my FuzziBunz I bought off ebay used. I just look for the ones that look like theyre in good condition, not stained, etc and they’ve worked great for me! Not all of those come with inserts but I already had all the prefolds (I started out just using prefolds and covers, which worked really well when she was newborn because she didnt wiggle around when I changed her lol now is a different story!)

    I also bought a trash can to use as a diaper pail (cuz you do laundry every other day, and we were going through diaper genie refills like crazy!) and bought a reusable pail liner for it. You just take the pail liner out of the can, dump all the dipes in the wash and throw the pail liner in too! Works great! My friend just got an industrial bucket, like that you find in the hardware section that theyd use for paint or something and she uses that and says it works fine! Neither of us put the diaper covers/pocket dipes in the pail though, just the inserts/cloth diaper. The websites can also give you lists of the right types of laundry detergent to use (you cant use soaps with enzymes, dyes, perfumes, etc.) You can also do cloth wipes that just get thrown into the wash and reused as well!

    It can be a bit spendy when buying everything at once, but then you never have to again! I do have to say, i havent had any more leaks than I would have with disposables, and actually the cloth tends to hold it in better. They also get less diaper rash!! Which was a big reason why we switched in the first place. I did find a great diaper cream thats all natural that actually clears Leah’s up, but she had kind of a perma-rash going on from the gels and such that are used in the disposables. I hope this helped some, sorry if it was more than you were looking for lol

  299. Sparx 100 says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway:
    Checkout @cottonbabies are having a Bum Genius giveaway:

  300. I posted a Cloth Diapering/Cotton Babies shout out on my FB:!/profile.php?id=692994810
    I tagged you in it and I like cotton babies so as long as your logged on facebook, you should have no issues seeing it.

    I’ve been working on a picture blog and hope to finish it by tomorrow but wanted to get something in in case I dont get the chance. Dont wanna post the blog til its perfect.

  301. Sarah says:

    I shared about our love of cloth diapers on my facebook page and tagged cotton babies in my status update. We just got our fluffy mail last week and are thrilled with everything!

  302. Susan Shaw says:

    I posted on my blog about the free cloth diapers at.
    My email is

  303. Katie S says:

    I created a Note on my Facebook page (Katie Farish Stewart) about the things I hope to inspire in my son. I noted that my thoughts were inspired by Cotton Babies’ blog. Thanks for hosting this awesome opportunity to win. This is the most creative giveaway opportunity I’ve ever seen. here is my link:!/note.php?note_id=147249908648650

    katiekstewart at gmail dot com

  304. Katie S says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  305. Heidi says:

    I posted a photo of my baby in a BumGenius diaper and talked about Cotton Babies on my Facebook photo album:

  306. Froggzy says:

    This is where I posted my blog about Cotton Babies!

    You guys ROCK! Thanks for all your awesome products! :)

  307. Sara says:

    I just bought my first BumGenius 3.0 diapers in your seconds sale. I love them!!!! I posted a pic of my little man rocking out on the drum pad in his “ribbit” BG 3.0!

  308. Rendy Tucker says:

    I’ve been emailing back and forth with a few friends helping them get started with cloth diapering. I just blogged one of the emails I sent.

    I’ve also posted pictures of my little lady in her FLIPs on Facebook!/photo.php?pid=5769134&fbid=443205777575&op=4&o=global&view=global&subj=150532589984&id=588937575

  309. Anonymous says:

    I also posted your FB post and wrote the below comment.

    Check out Cotton Babies to win your own cloth diapers or better yet, win them and give them to me. I will be diapering 2 soon. :)

  310. Anonymous says:

    I shared a cloth diapering photo of me and then one of my son in a BG diaper. I mentioned you all and tagged you in it. Below is the actual comment.

    My favorite cloth diaper company is Cotton Babies . They are giving away free diapers this week. In my pic, you will see me in cloth diapers from the 80’s and now my son wears this wonderful cloth diapers.

  311. Jana says:

    I’m part of an online moms community. I talk about Bum Genius frequently. Here’s some links!
    Here I posted a picture showing my 5 week old in her BG 3.0 so other moms interested in CDing could see how well they fit a newborn:
    Here I blogged about a sale on seconds at cotton babies:
    Here I blogged about how fast their shipping is!
    Here I blogged about the flushable liners:

  312. I tweeted about Cotton Babies Free Cloth Diaper Week:

  313. Diaper Dad says:

    I am entering this contest under protest as a very proud cloth diapering DAD. I am also a very active member of the Facebook cloth diapering community.
    The post below is from my main FB account, but I also have a separate profile page specifically dedicated to spreading the word about cloth diapering to the FB community.

    Here is my shared FB post.

  314. Nanette Chacon says:

    I wrote a poem and posted it on

    Here’s the poem:

    Cottonbabies oh cottonbabies,
    What would we do without you?
    You absorb the pee and capture the poo;
    No more diapers and ointments gallore;
    my bumgenius and flips are all I reach for!

    here’s the link:

  315. Heather says:

    I wanted to show you my baby registry at Target because I registered for BG 3.0s there, but it’s no longer available. Instead I can show you a picture of me opening a gift of BG 3.0s that I received off my registry at my baby shower. There were two pregnant ladies and a few TTC there so I told them I’d be glad to give them more info about cloth.

  316. FB post on diaperswappers FB page!

    Allyson Kiesel Long For all you BG mamas out there … check out Cotton Babies blog!!
    2 seconds ago · Comment · Like · Report

    (I linked your FB page to the comment so it should appear on your page too!)

  317. James says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  318. Allison J. says:

    My best friend Megan S. influenced my decision about starting cloth diapers. Whenever I have a question I always ask her first. I feel that the knowledge she has given to me I have been able to share with so many. I talk to moms everywhere, in grocery stores, baby stores, and while out even shopping for clothes. Sometimes someone strikes up a conversation with me about the diapers I am using because they can see when I change my son, that they don’t look exactly like disposables. So it is nice to be able to influence others even in the most unexpected ways. Still other people I come into contact still think reusable diapers are still in the dark ages. It is nice to be able to at least make someone think about this new but old option that is out there.

  319. Mary Beth says:

    Here’s a blog entry I just posted today on how and why I started cloth diapering! I often mention cloth diapering on my FB status. I also get many chances to show people Titus’ diapers in church nursery or when we’re out and about! I’ve even convinced my cousin to start CDing her little one when shes born! :)

  320. Alison says:

    I posted on facebook about it- here’s the link- -and even my husband tried to convert people to use bg’s. When we have guests over he goes and gets out one of our 4.0’s to show them. It’s so cute!
    I have to say that the Flips are my absolute favorite right now-they’re so simple to use!

  321. I tweeted to all my friends and followers:

    Attn CD mamas: have you heard @cottonbabies is giving away BumGenius 4.0’s? Check out their blog-
    less than 5 seconds ago via web

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  322. HeatherMarie says:

    I told you that BG were my favorite! I talk about them ALL the time :) I even gave my pediatrician your information this morning so she can refer clients!

  323. bugsyysgub says:

    I have convinced 3 moms to cloth diaper. I use my Bumgenius for night time diapering. My aunt and my friend now use them as well. Word of mouth is how I get the word out about cloth diapering, Cotton Babies and Bumgenius.

  324. Here is a FB status update for all of my 568 friends and my over 85 ‘likes’!

    Allyson Kiesel Long can’t believe that Cotton Babies is giving away 15 sets of 6 new BG 4.0 diapers!! I would be forever grateful if loved me this weekend!!!
    2 seconds ago · · Comment · Like!/allyson.n.long

  325. Jessica says:

    I posted my two-month success with full-time cloth diapers on my facebook page:!/profile.php?id=1150150962

  326. HeatherMarie says:

    Also, I converted my cousin using BG 2.0’s that I had and I referred her to your seconds sale. Those are in messages on Facebook, so I can get those for you if this is my winning entry :)!/?ref=logo

  327. Maegan says:

    I plugged the giveaway on Twitter. If any of my friends win I might have to take a commission. =P

    Happy Babies FTW!

  328. Christina says:

    I do not blog or tweet but I wrote a poem about cotton babies products that I posted on your facebook page and mine. It’s a little cheesy but I teach science not English.

  329. crsdgwck says:

    My baby wears cloth all day and night long.
    With BumGenius diapers you just can’t go wrong.
    They’re fun to use and pretty to see.
    They never leak out with the poo or the pee.
    They’re easy to wash, and they dry really fast.
    Using BumGenius is really a blast!
    Buy BumGenius diapers at!

    I posted this poem on my facebook page: FluffyRumps.!/pages/FluffyRumps/143546085668226?ref=ts

  330. jdeemarie says:

    I tweeted about the Free Cloth Diaper Week:

    jdeemarie @

  331. Valerie says:

    this is a blog that i started a few days ago- it’s going to be chronicling my journey through cloth diapering- starting with why i cant stand disposbales. i plan to review all of the cloth ddiapering products i try and hopefully google will lead a curious mom to me one day and she’ll appreciate a real-person review :)

  332. Ms. Yau says:

    I talked a friend into using bumgenius and Cotton Babies. She bought a few pairs to try them, and then two weeks later, she told me she loved them and had gotten more. I have a few other friends who are now considering cloth diapering because of bum genius diapers.

    Also, I referenced Cotton Babies in my facebook post about cloth diapering. Yay for Cotton Babies!!/profile.php?id=1226633373&v=wall&story_fbid=142061135809628

  333. Bethany says:

    Posted on beenup2 about your website and linked to facebook.!/bethsco

    I’ve told many people coming to me for cloth diapering advice about, wonderful selection, reviews, info, and accessories, prices, and customer service. Love you guys!

  334. Michelle says:

    I blogged about my cloth diapers last month…here is a link to the blog:

    I referenced, and I’ve also had at least 3 people say they want to try cloth diapers as a result of my using them! Yippee! If I win, I’ll probably give the diapers to my sister (due with her first in November) since I already have so many and only one kiddo!

  335. I made another review at Amazon,this time for the 4.0, because I notice there’s a lot of Bumgenius stuff there without reviews yet, and personally reviews are a really important part of my buying decision.

  336. Jans says:

    I posted on my facebook about surprise benefits to CDing……!/profile.php?id=788615112

    “a surprise benefit to switching to cloth diapers….hearing Craig tell Olivia, as he’s doing up her new BumGenius by Cottonbabies, “oh Livie you’re going to love this new diaper!! it’s like Sh**ing on a pillow!!!” ROFL.”

  337. I shared a photo of my son in his BG 3.0 when he was a newborn to help another mama know that OS diapers DO fit just about right away!:

  338. Jenn says:

    When I first had my son I had no interest and really didn’t know much about cloth diapers. I had some online friends have babies after I did and they started from the beginning with cloth. One of them showed me a photo of her little girl in a bG 3.0 and I was really intrigued and wanted to know more. The more I researched and the more I learned the more I couldn’t wait to make the switch. While it took me until my son was 17 months old, I know now that I will start with cloth from the beginning with my next child(ren). And honestly, it’s never too late to make the switch! When people asked me why I switched one of my first comments is always “I wish I would have done it months and months ago!”

  339. Jenn says:

    I just had a nice long talk yesterday with my son’s daycare provider about switching to cloth. She has never used cloth with any of the kids she’s watched. I brought the bG 4.0 I have with me to show her what they look like and how super easy they are. Once she felt how soft it was and how easy the snaps are she was totally on board! She said, of course I’ll do it! Stop buying disposables to use here and start bringing these. I was beyond excited that she’d do it for me. Yay for spreading the good news about cloth!

    jennifer_atchison at hotmail dot com

  340. Colette says:

    I am still new to cloth dipering, just started last week and i trying to get other mothers interested too. I posted a link on my facebook page..

  341. Jenn says:

    I posted on a cloth diapering forum about the giveaway! :)

    jennifer_atchison at hotmail dot com

  342. Jenn says:

    Just posted a photo on FB with the cottonbabies link!!/photo.php?pid=34223269&id=46100659&ref=fbx_album

    jennifer_atchison at hotmail dot com

  343. Nanette Chacon says:

    I posted a comment on my wall in facebook letting everyone know about the contest!!/profile.php?id=100000375650986

  344. jdeemarie says:

    I tweeted about the fit of BGs on newborns:

    jdeemarie @

  345. Fine For Now says:

    I announced today in the baby brunch group I attend every Friday that cottonbabies was having these contests this week/end and gave about 30 women, many who cloth diaper already or are considering it your URL! I let them know cotton babies always has free shipping with no minimum purchase and how wonderful and fast the diapers always arrive! Love you guys!! :)

  346. not sure if this counts…I did a cloth diaper demo at a local free clinic…500+ people were helped at the event, it was awesome. Anyway, in addition to the demos, I gave out flyers about cloth diapering that had CottonBabies info.
    a post on my blog about the event, although I don’t reference cottonbabies directly in the post itself, jsut the actual event

  347. Jenn says:

    Here is a blog post I posted about Cotton Babies diapers. We love our Flip and bG 4.0 w/snaps! I’d LOVE to get more. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    jennifer_atchison at hotmail dot com

  348. Heather says:

    We had our little one’s newborn pictures done in a BG AIO.

  349. (I apologize if this is a duplicate, didn’t see the first one being posted…)

    I started making our own cloth diapers after about 10 months of using them. Our stash was mostly consist of BumGenius 3.0 along with few other brands. We loved our BG, however wished there was more variable styles to choose from, and that was why I started making them.

    Everytime there was someone pregnant at work, my husband would ask me to put together our stash and bring it to work so he could show the cds to the expecting moms and hoping they would use cloth diapers :)

    thanks for #freeclothdiaper week, it’s been really fun!

  350. I mentioned this fabulous giveaway on Facebook!
    Yay cotton babies!!!/profile.php?id=605924950
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  351. I tweeted about this fabulous giveaway!!
    Tweet Tweet
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  352. kgquinn says:

    I tweeted!

    @KarolQuinn #followfriday @cottonbabies Free #Clothdiapers Week!!

  353. Jeannine says:

    I #followfriday you today :)

    mellanhead74 at

  354. I don’t know if this counts or not, but I posted a blog a couple of days ago (before I even know about this contest!) telling my friends of cloth, why we use, and our favorite products. (BG FLIPS!)

    I’m okay if it doesn’t count, but I would feel silly writing again if it doesn’t, so this is my entry. :)

  355. Carrie says:

    I posted about my switch to cloth diapers and raved about BumGenius and put a link to the Cotton Babies site. It can be found here but you have to scroll down towards the bottom. I update my blog for friends and family back in St. Louis so they can see what’s going on with my daughter. I also have links on the side of my blog to my favorite websites, and the Cotton Babies blog and a link to the BumGenius 4.0s is on there. I also posted about the BumGenius diapers on Facebook and posted pics and had lots of people asking questions so I will post that link when I get home from work since FB is blocked here.

  356. The Jones' says:

    & found a pic I posted way back of my now 3 1/2 year old (then 2 year old- in Jan 2009) sporting her bumGenius 3.0. & another of my 5 week old wearing a bg 3.0 for the first time!

    I for sure mentioned bumGenius in the photos captions.

  357. I reccomended to my older sister while she is trying to potty train her 3 year old. I talked to her about the benefits of cloth diaper potty training pants as opposed to disposables. She bought some waterproof covers and is trying it out!

  358. Carrie says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  359. I’ve had several FB status upadtes the past month on cloth diapering my 18 month old. We started cloth diapering again after one too many blow outs of disposables. I have had several people comment and ask how I do it. I’m always happy to give tips!

  360. I am a military wife and mother of 2 boys (ages 2 years old and 8 months). I used disposable diapers on my eldest son until he was 1. I won a Fuzzi Bunz diaper from a blog giveaway and this event changed my whole world. I had always thought of myself as being green and frugal, but just could not fathom how I could make the switch to cloth diapers…. the mess, the cost, the difficulty in caring for cloth. My mind was transformed when I tried that first cloth diaper. My interest sparked and I began my journey to cloth. I devoured information about cloth diapering. I researched brands and cost. This is where Cotton Babies comes in. I scoured your website for information! Once I had enough ammunition (information) to back my reasoning behind wanting to cloth diaper (it really was affordable, not as difficult as I had thought to clean and care for) I set my sights on him… My beloved husband of 7 years. As a military man, my husband is a matter of fact kind of guy. When given the choice, he chooses the most logical one. At first mention, he was TOTALLY against cloth diapering! I printed out several articles, and discussions that I had found on Cotton Babies, and with my hopes high and my new-found passion for cloth diapers, I approached him!! I argued that cloth diapers were so much more affordable than disposables. (I actually calculated our disposable cost):
    Pampers = .25 each, we were using on average 7 diapers a day, which came to a whopping $630.00 a year! My husband and I had just recently been trying for baby number 2 (which added more value to my argument that cloth diapers were so much more economical). With two babies in diapers, I respectfully argued that we would be spending at least $1260.00 a year on diapers. After digesting the words from my mouth, he came back with “well, who is going to clean up all those messy diapers, and what do you do with them anyways, you don’t wash them in the same washing machine that we use for our clothes, do you??”
    This is when I turned to the BumGenius website. I showed him the following information:
    “How many diapers do I need?” “How do I wash my new diapers?” “Do you have any other washing tips?” found on the BumGenius Customer Support page:
    I convinced my husband that we could get by on 24 cloth diapers that could cost us anywhere from $250.00-$350.00 depending on the quality and style of the diapers we bought. I then pulled out a printed article from Time Magazine titled “Diapers go Green.”,9171,1702357,00.html
    It was this article that sealed the deal. My, oh so analytical husband poured over this article and after reading and re-reading it, and looking again at my figures, he looked up at me and simply said “you win.” I could not believe it, I had convinced him to let us cloth diaper our baby!!
    The article in the Times gave a direct quote from the founder of Cotton Babies, Jenn Labit. She stated “They don’t leak or sag or get stinky” when talking about modern cloth diapers. This statement supported my argument that caring for cloth diapers (and the children you love that wear them) is not so difficult. We then made the switch. Our stash consists of a mix of Fuzzi Bunz, BumGenius, and a few Econobums. All of the information given on the Cotton Babies website, the article in the Times, helped me gather the tools I needed to convince my soldier that making the switch to cloth diapers was not the battle he thought it would be!
    One month after going all cloth, we found out we were expecting our second baby. All I could do was to look up at my husband and say “these diapers are going to save us another $630.00 a year.” He just looked at me and smiled!
    Thank you Cotton Babies!!!
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  361. The Jones' says:

    Posted on FB too with security changed to “everyone”…

    Status: I ♥ bumGenius diapers! Better for your baby, better for the enviornment, better for your budget!
    Attached link to:

  362. jdeemarie says:

    I tweeted about my excitement of trying an Econobum:

    jdeemarie @

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  364. This comment has been removed by the author.

  365. This comment has been removed by the author.

  366. Jessica A says:

    Someone reccomended your store for flushable liners + free shipping and I mentioned your great giveaway

  367. quickie “check out cottonbabies” post on FB…gotta come up with something better, but this will do for now.

  368. elliepumpkin says:

    I just gave econobum a 5-star review on amazon. I’ve really grown to love this diaper and have just ordered 3 sets (1 cover, 3 prefolds) of the limited edition colors – moonbeam, zinnia and ribbit. I’m excited!

  369. I hope this works :) I just told all my friends about it and I brag about my diapers everywhere we go :)!/?ref=home

  370. The Jones' says:

    I made a blog post when we decided we were switching to cloth & why we chose BG 3.0– with hyerlinks to bumgenuis & cottonbabies!

  371. elliepumpkin says:

    I sold some of my used BGs to another mama on craigslist and we stood there on the street talking about BGs for half an hour! She was pregnant (due at the end of October) with her first baby and was purchasing a little bit of everything to try out on her baby when she arrived. At the end of our conversation, she was sold on BGs! Sandra,

  372. elliepumpkin says:

    I wrote on my facebook wall that I love bumgenius diapers.!/profile.php?id=714077619 A lot of my real-life friends know about my cloth diapering obsession, but this is a great way for all of my on-line/facebook friends to find out too! I’ve really never had one single blowout/leak in a bumgenius diaper, and that is a very cool thing. Sandra,

  373. jdeemarie says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway:

    jdeemarie @

  374. Kim says:

    I posted on Facebook about trying out cloth diapers (BumGenius) and then ultimately buying them. A friend from high school asked what all the hype was with cloth diapering. I answered and suggested she visit the cotton babies site. I found out a few days later that she’s expecting her 2nd, so we may have a future converter!

  375. as says:

    I also posted something on my personal facebook profile: Some of my favourite cloth diapers have included my bumGenius diapers that I had since my little guy was a baby. They have held up through many washes & have saved me a ton of $$$. I also feel good knowing that I don’t have to worry about which chemicals are in my diapers & about how much garbage & human waste we are throwing into our landfill.

  376. Amy says:

    I tweeted that I love BumGenius diapers from Cotton Babies.

  377. as says:

    I posted it on my business facebook profile: Head on over to Cotton Babies blog to enter to win a 6 pack of the new 4.0 bumGenius diapers!

    Cloth Diapers… by Cotton Babies: Free Cloth Diaper Week Grand Finale
    Jimmy is a full-time dad with lots of experience with cloth diapers. He takes care of the technical side of Cotton Babies when he isn’t juggling kids.

  378. I have twin 5 month old girls and the best way I’ve found to influence people is to take the girls out in public. You wouldn’t believe how many people say that if I can do it with twins it must be great!

  379. Amy says:

    I posted a note on my facebook and published it to my wall about my cloth diiaper journey and how much I love BGOS! ^_^!/note.php?note_id=427405113387

  380. jdeemarie says:

    I tweeted about my love for Flips:

    jdeemarie @

  381. Heidi Lewis says:

    AtMother’sBreast dot com photo shoot. Katrina wants to show everyone the normalcy of breastfeeding. I wanted to participate and I put my baby in CottonBabies BumGenius!!!
    Enjoy :)
    Many people have seen this sight and my photos.

  382. Sasha says:

    Im a youtube mommy vlogger and just started cloth diapering not to long ago. I wish I would have started sooner because its amazing! I made a video on cloth diapering basics and linked cotton babies website :) Since posting I have received several emails from moms switching to cloth! Here is that video! I also convinced my close family members to try it out :) they are hooked! I love my Fuzzibunz and plan on trying out some Bum Genuis soon!

  383. Mary says:

    I am also organizing an event in my moms group that will be a cloth diaper buy/ sell/ trade, and learn about it!! We don’t have a date set yet, but I hope to educate and convert some of our moms group to cloth!! It is a passion of mine!! I can link you to our group but it’s private so I don’t know that you will be able to see it.
    I also have a friend that is thinking about cloth for her 10 month old and wanted to see if it was too late. I told her no way!! You can still get your $$ worth if you switch now.

  384. My daughter is currently 7 months and is a BumGenius baby, through and through — thanks to Cotton Babies. We displayed pictures of her wearing them on our blog. Whenever we take her to the pediatrician and her specialists, they all comment on how wonderful her diapers are. We have converted many of my Indian friends and family to try them out….Thank you!!

  385. We love our Bum Genius. The decision to start and stay in cloth was easy for us. When we use the occasional disposable when traveling we can’t wait to get back into cloth. Always reliable and never smells like disposable. What I love most is the ease of use. When we started I thought it would take forever to wash and put together but now we have the process down and by morning we have a fresh new supply.

    Here is my fb link:!/photo.php?pid=316842&fbid=151023221586695&id=100000370555961

  386. Mary says:

    You can also see my daughter’s cute butternut fluff peek in this photo of her onsie that Talks about her Aunts love!!

  387. This comment has been removed by the author.

  388. Nanette Chacon says:

    WOOHOO!!! I just convinced 2 people to go to with my poem that I posted on my facebook wall! I am so excited! I tell everyone about it. I even convinved a mama that I didnt know to leave the store she was at and not purchase another brand of cloth diapers and to go to and order some bumgenius diapers! I love your diapers! I wish I had the money to try the snaps!!!!

  389. Mary says:

    Updated my fb status to tell about your giveaway, and tagged cotton babies in the post! Don’t know how to link my post here. I love cloth, and own a Bunch of bg 3.0s and would love to try the 4.0s because I want SNAPS!! I don’t care for the velcro!

  390. The Carrolls says:

    I’m attending a CD workshop hosted by my postpartum doula tomorrow. DD2 can model our BGs. I love showing expectant parents the wonderful world of CDing.
    my fb ID = becky carroll
    bcarroll9494 AT yahoo DOT com

  391. carO__ says:

    i forgot to link up to my last comment

    i updates status b/c i cannot wait for my order to arrive!

  392. erinb80 says:

    I posted on my facebook page about the contest!!/erinbecker80

    p.s. I accidentally posted this same entry under my husband’s login (ebeckersplace). I can’t tell if it deleted or not. I’m so sorry, I’m not trying to cheat!!!

  393. carO__ says:

    I posted a status update about cotton babies/ bumgenius because honestly i cannot wait for my order to arrive!!

  394. amybmoss says:

    I blogged about my stash and mentioned my love of Flips!

  395. Mary says:

    I am the cloth diaper forum leader of an online mommy group. I am always talking about my favorite diaper combo… flip covers with trifolded flats.


    I referred over some cloth lovin friends!! Most important thing about cloth, sharing 😀
    Thanks, Jenny

  397. This comment has been removed by the author.

  398. Frank says:

    I love my BG’s so I do a number of things to promote them. I work part time and whenever someone at work is expecting I make sure and share my cloth experience with them. When we are out with other mom’s and babies I like to let other mom’s see me use my BG’s. They usually asks questions and it gives me an opportunity to give my little speech on cloth without being pushy.

    I like to support other cloth moms by answering questions on the cloth board. I also will post pictures of my son Karsten in his BG’s on my facebook page. Having Karsten show off his BG’s usually gets some questions from my facebook mom friends and gives me another opportunity to share our experience.

    Here is one of many examples:

  399. TEAM LINDSAY says:

    Oh yeah, and my kids are wearing their BG Organic OS AIOs and Babylegs in my profile picture on Facebook (as well as throughout each of their photo albums):

  400. TEAM LINDSAY says:

    Last, but not least, we have Cotton Babies linked under our “Favorite Links” section of our blog, where we send everyone to shop :)

  401. TEAM LINDSAY says:

    And finally, here is our “Stash” blog post, where we show off all our BGs and FLIPs! Of course, now we own 2 more FLIPs in Ribbit, 6 FLIPs in Blossom, 6 FLIP Organic inserts, and 2 BG 4.0s. I guess I need to take a new stash picture…

  402. TEAM LINDSAY says:

    This is my blog post where I decided to use FLIPs instead of gDiapers, for 2 reasons: they have zero leak issues (we always had problems with the gDiapers at daycare), and they are less expensive. We’ve all (including daycare) been loving the switch! And they fit well on my 12 lb newborn, who started daycare just this week…

  403. Louise says:

    I have had this post in my head for a while. It includes a pic I took as I was sunning my daughter’s xs BG AIOs before I returned them to a friend. Outgrowing her baby diapers was bitter sweet for me.

  404. TEAM LINDSAY says:

    This is my blog post where I talk about how we had to switch overnight dipes. We went from FuzziBunz to BG 3.0s and we’ve been leak-free and dry-skinned and happy ever since :)

  405. TEAM LINDSAY says:

    This is my blog post where I sweetly asked my friends and family NOT to buy us any sposies for baby #2 because we would be cloth diapering her as well, starting from day one. It was also my not-so-sneaky way of telling them I wouldn’t be registering anywhere, but that I wanted BG Organics in pink for my baby girl!

  406. VirtualM says:

    Here’s the blog post about it. I talk about Bum Genius diapers because they are my favs. :)

  407. TEAM LINDSAY says:

    This was my first blog post about cloth diapering, back when we switched to cloth when my son was 5-months-old (he’s 18-months-old now). He’s been in the BG Organic OS AIOs since day one, and surprisingly, he still wears them on the same settings (tiny waist, but big belly)! This is the post that helped me convert 3 friends and 1 family member to cloth diapering, so I’m pretty proud of it!

  408. The Shindels says:

    I commented a few times on a friend’s picture of her cloth diapers line drying. Commented on how soon we wanted to start with our newborn, who will be a month old in 2 days. Also commented referencing Cotton Babies and the website and our favorite diapers. A mutual friend who was considering cloth diapers wound up purchasing some Flips per our recommendation! The comments were left on a friend’s FB page, who happens to be a fan of Cotton Babies. Hopefully this link will get you to the picture with the comments.!/photo.php?pid=6402406&id=736735627&ref=fbx_album

  409. TEAM LINDSAY says:

    I blog about cloth diapering ALL the time! One of my more recent posts was about how my newborn outgrew her prefolds and I was finally able to move her into her BG Organic OS AIOs, the same dipes that her brother uses. They are so cute in their matching dipes:

  410. Meaghan says:

    Tweet Tweet

    I am on the quest to start CD’ing and then I can influence my other non-cd mommies to switch.

  411. Sam says:

    Just a quick blog post today showing off a Bumgenius CD!

  412. Mary says:

    I tweeted about the CottonBabies contest!

  413. I blogged about my love story for Bum Genius diapers today. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, and you gave me a reason to do it now!
    Enjoy! I have posted on FB about diapers a few times, and have had multiple friends ask me questions about getting started. I’ve converted a few! I’d say that’s success! Hopefully my blog will convince a few more!

  414. I blogged the beginning of my journey with cloth diapers about a week ago!
    I have encouraged several of my friends to give cd a try, and have always mentioned that is my favorite website! At least one of my friends has chosen to start using cloth diapers!
    However, the most important people that I influence on a daily basis are my husband and my son. I am a stay at home mom, and loving every minute of! I am hoping to be the best mom that i can possibly be, and I feel that using cloth diapers is a great start. Not only am I contributing to his health, but am also helping keep the landfill from filling up. It has taken me awhile to get the hang of things, but every day, I find myself using them more and more! Thank you Cotton Babies for influencing me so that I can influence others!

  415. Anonymous says:

    Here is my fun and interesting facebook post to let all my new mom friends know how much I love the BG4.0. Thanks
    Christine Kamp

  416. Anonymous says:

    I spread the word to my twin moms club on our forums page becasue twins are double the fun and double the diapers. Not sure if you can see it because you have to be a member of the club to login but here is the link justin case.
    Christine Kamp

  417. Nanette Chacon says:

    I wrote a poem about my love for bumgenius and I posted it on my wall on facebook. Here’s a copy of it and the link to my wall is below it:

    Fluffy butt, oh fluffy butt, What would I do without you? Oh how I love my bumgenius 4.0, I want the whole world to know! is where you should be, they have great prices and the shipping is always free! With color choices like bubble, noodle, blossom & sweet, You’ll love your bumgenius so much, you’ll be dancin in the street!!

    the link to my facebook wall is if it doesnt work Im also a fan on the cottonbabies page on facebook so you find my page by clicking on my name under your fans list.

  418. When we started cloth diapering, I spent countless hours searching for reviews one what to buy, and my head would spin with all the cloth diaper lingo and trying to understand what all the different styles were. I’m part of a local board on and there were only a couple of mom’s who cloth diapered locally when I started, so I spent most of my time on a national Eco Friendly Board. Although I got tons of information from there, it’s nice to have resources close to home and other local moms who are supportive of something you are passionate about. I’m proud to say that there are now tons of moms on my local board who cloth diaper, and cloth diaper questions are now occur very regularly! There are many responses and people we can rely on when we have questions. So happy to have such a supportive group of women and for us to be making such an impact on cloth diapering in our area!

    Link to one of our discussions (my screenname is doodlebug914):

  419. Anonymous says:

    I have talked to many friends about cotton babies and bumgenius diapers specifically in person, and over facebook since we have been using them. I have also talked to lots of ladies over bathroom changing tables lol. I just wrote a little note/poem to show my cotton babies love! Hope yall like it!!! Because we REALLY need some more diapers!!! :)

    Thanks for reading!!!

  420. Danetta Jensen says:

    I made a poem about why I started using cloth diapers… also I have a best friend who I encouraged to use BG diapers… SUCCESS!! She is going to love them! Here is the link to the comment on my FB page:

  421. jdeemarie says:

    I raved about Flips (jdeemarie) on this post on DiaperSwappers:

    jdeemarie @

  422. gina w. says:

    My sphere of influence is mostly my circle of friends, family, and the Luna Moms Meetup group I’m a part of. I’ve successfully shown 5 Moms how easy it is to cloth diaper… and 4 of them have found Cotton Babies to be one of their favorites! Recently, my group of friends gave one of the Moms a big package of Flip Diapers (her favorite) – she got 4 covers and 10 inserts! :)
    I also love to share cloth diaper info via Facebook and Twitter.
    I have also written articles for The Cloth Diaper Whisperer Blog!
    I may not be super creative about my means, but I try to influence the best I can! :)

  423. Melinda says:

    Check out my facebook post trying to sell some of my old ones, I talked about how amazing they are and plugged your website for those who are not second hand diaper people.!/album.php?aid=2196434&id=40603872

    Melinda Britton

  424. This comment has been removed by the author.

  425. Aria says:

    Just getting started with motherhood and the blogosphere, but wanted a chance and gave ya’ll (and cloth diapering) a shutout!

  426. Francine Miranda says:

    I shared with my friends on facebook and I have already had a few friends ask me about cding :)

    Francine Miranda ‎#Free #ClothDiaper Week Grand Finale! We’re giving away 15 @bumGenius 4.0 six-packs this weekend. See for details and entries!
    2 seconds ago ·
    Friends Only
    · Comment ·LikeUnlike

  427. Sarah says:

    I have shared info via word of mouth and facebook numerous times as well as the blog post I mentioned in a previou comment…Here are some of the things I mentioned on FB (these were done through messaging, so I’m not sure how to link them or if that’s possible. If this doesn’t count, oh well!)

    “I think I like customer service better, though to tell you the truth. I ordered my flips from cottonbabies…”

    “…the Flip stay-dry inserts are excellent at pulling the moiture away. The stay-dry insert with the flip actually does feel dry when you touch it, but the back (the part that touches the cover) is soaked. So the baby’s bottom does not collect moisture/wetness. Same with fuzzibunz- the fleece pulls the moisture away and the insert feels soaked, but not the part that touches the baby. I’ve never had any issues thus far with rashes…”

    I think the two woman who were asking qestions went on t order from and I noticed her fb status a few weeks ago was “stil excited about my decision to cloth diaper!” – That made me excied just to see I had positively influenced her! : )

    I’m always willing to share any input on cloth. People who once thought I was crazy for using cloth quickly chane their minds when they actually SEE the diapers. Word of mouth and first-hand experience go a long way!

    Thanks again, cotton babies for a fun week!

  428. jenrepetto says:

    And I like to think I’m influencing my daughter most of all, by doing the right things for her from the very start!

  429. Rachael W says:

    Growing up as a child, I remember my mother using cloth diapers on my younger siblings. I thought it was the regular way to keep baby bums tidy and clean. I have one memory of walking down the diaper aisle at the grocery store. I looked around in awe of shelves filled with disposable diapers. I remember pondering important questions such as- Why would you throw a diaper away? What are they made of if they aren’t made of cloth? Why would someone spend $10 on diapers they can use once, when they could spend $10 on a toy? I am now pregnant with my first child, impatient to try the next generation of cloth diapers that are now offered. I hope that my children will grow up asking the same questions I did as a young child.

  430. jenrepetto says:

    I’ve convinced 3 friends (so far) to cloth diaper. One of them I gave our newborn stash. All 3 are still going strong That’s how many diapers out of a landfill??

  431. Leah says:

    on FB profile:!/profile.php?id=137000870
    We like our cloth diapers a bunch!
    We wear them for breakfast and lunch!
    They’d be a great gift for any new mom –
    You can find them at!

  432. Dessia says:

    I pics and my love for Cotton babies BG diapers.

  433. Elizabeth says:

    I also started a blog when I found out we were pregnant that deals with issues a college mother goes through;

  434. Saharan says:

    I don’t have a blog but I do love and promote BG all the time.
    I have convinced alot of my friends to try cloth using the BG’s as a great example for how easy, cute and just plain wonderful cloth diapering can be. I had one friend who was in search of something thin for her daughter to wear under jeans so I showed her my BG AIO and she fell in love and ordered around 20 of them. I have a few other friends whom I convinced to try cloth by lending them a few new BG OS diapers to try because I find that they are the easiest to stuff and put on. They could not believe that you could just put them on like a disposable minus the stuffing and washing. They were hooked and I gave my Mothering magazine code from a few months back to one of them who ordered 24. My other friend ordered a few as well.
    A friend and I might be starting an online CD/natural baby store in the near future and we will most definatly be carrying the BG 4.0, elemental and sized AIO. I only want to sell brands that I love and trust and that I can give true reviews about and BG in #1 in my books.

  435. Sharing the news on our decision to start using BG3’s, and figuring out how to make my own cloth wipes:

  436. Elizabeth says:

    I started a project called Earth MOm. IT is still in the beginning stages but here is the jist of it!/note.php?note_id=121695857880488

  437. Jill says:

    Who doesn’t love a parody? Weird Al I’m not, but I think you’ll like this all the same. It’s been rattling around in my brain for a while, glad to have a GREAT reason for it to come out! Posted on my blog.

  438. Sarah says:

    I blogged about my decision to cloth diaper a while back. I referred to Cotton Babies, flips, and bumgenius in the post. I got quite a few comments and emails from the post and know of two people for sure who switched to cloth (spcifically bumgenius & flip) because of the post. Since then, I have had several people approach me with quesions about cloth to which I’m always happy to share any info! I openly admit I am a bit obsessed with cloth diapering! But it’s a pretty good addiction to have (my sweet babies think so too!) : )

    Here’s a link to my blog post:

    Thanks Cotton Babies, for a fun week. Even if I didn’t win anything it was a lot of fun trying!

  439. Eliza says:

    My husband and I live on a graduate student family (2 kids with one on the way) budget while he finishes up his PharmD degree and not buying disposable diapers has been a HUGE help, plus it’s been fun.

    I shared the love with a facebook status update:
    “(My name): I know I’m on a cloth diaper kick today with my updates but seriously, all you fellow grad-student (or any income level, really) families with kiddos in diapers… consider cloth! They are cheap, easy, and adorable. It’s so worth it! A great place to start for information:!/profile.php?id=757270491

    Thanks for the chance of winning such an awesome prize! elizachallis AT hotmail DOT com

  440. And how funny that this morning my friend just emailed me that she had her baby! Her name is Suzannah and I asker her if she thought of CDing? So I asked her to enter this giveaway, which would be great for anyone just starting out. I also am mailing her all of my newborn diapers. I really hope she tries them, and she said she would. Her mom is staying with her for a month so hopefully she will not feel like laundry is an issue. I am a little sad, I had to get rid of my itty bitty diapers. I hope she has the time to enter your giveaway and I really hope she makes use of the diapers. I also mailed her my glass bottles that I never really needed. She wont be bfing :(

  441. I posted about this on facebook. My profile is private so I’m not sure if the link will work, but I posted a link to your website and talked about the cotton diapers and my recent order with cotton babies!

  442. Anonymous says:

    Just posted a tweet for #FF @Flipdiapers b/c Cotton Babies can do nothing wrong!


  443. carO__ says:

    I tweeted a #FF for @BumGenius!


  444. Nicola says:

    Check out my profile and see what I’ve done! It was Wesley’s idea really.!/profile.php?id=511184064


  445. Lindsey says:

    I rave about our Bum Genius 3.0 diapers on my facebook page often. Oh how I’d love to try the new 4.0’s!!! Here is a post I made with a picture of our Bum Genius baby….!/profile.php?id=543445742

  446. Lindsey A says:

    I created a new email address for myself (lindseylovescottonbabies at yahoo dot com)…so that everyone I email will know I LOVE Cotton Babies! This will be a great conversation starter and will provide me with many opportunities to share my CB love! :)

  447. StephanieU says:

    sumpleby What is white (goes with anything, soft, and can save you a ton of dough? @Econobum from @CottonBabies!

  448. t says:

    here’s a link to my facebook page!!/micahsmomma

    i’ve already converted 2 other mommies to flips. who could resist???? 😉

  449. Jessica Hennigar says:

    I am a big supporter of all the products I have tried. I don’t mention cottnbabies in my post but the thread was talking about the new econobum covers with the colors and this is my post
    “Oh, I did not know that. Kind of cute. I have like 8 of the just plain white covers. Its my basic cover. Its also been the cover that has worked the best for us”

    I don’t know if this link will work or not but here it is

  450. Mary says:

    I was determined to breastfeed my daughter and cloth diaper her since I was unable to with my son. I unfortunately was unable to breastfeed my daughter any longer then three months and was about to give up on cloth diapering too because I couldn’t find the right diapering solution for her. In a last effort to keep my cloth diapering dream alive I found and tried bumGenius pocket diapers. These diapers were the answer we were looking for…awesome fit, super comfy, stay dry inner, no leaks and to top it off they are super cute!

    I know tell everyone about bumGenius and how wonderful of a product they are. I even lend out some of my diapers to friends with new babies and have converted a few to cloth diapering.

    Thank you for making such a wonderful product and allowing me to keep one of my dreams ALIVE!

  451. Jessica Hennigar says:

    I facebooked about the contest and how much I love cotton babies!/Hennigar.J

  452. kathleen says:

    If you look at my blog sidebar,, I have a picture of my son in a BG with a link to all cloth diaper related posts! (Picture is under the title “crunchified”).

  453. Just promoted you to my Facebook friends (lots of Moms). Hope that counts. “Shamelessly trying to win free cloth nappies. We use bumGenius and after use on Jade, and 6 months with Gian the elastic is finally starting to go on our bG2.0, so we do in fact need a few new ones. They’re having a giveaway of their new bG4.0 for people who promote them online. :)”

  454. kathleen says:

    I reviewed, posted pics, and expressed my love for BG organic (elementals) and AIOs right here:

  455. Tori says:

    I wrote a blog a couple months ago about how much I love the suedecloth on my bumGenius dipes: Check it out!

  456. kathleen says:

    One year ago I blogged about buying Bumgenius diapers for our impending arrival… sparked a discussion!

  457. Laura Stern says:

    Thanks for doing this contest!

    I wrote a blog about Bum Genius 4.0 here…

  458. Emily says:

    An older post on my Facebook:

    Emily N Chris Petronella Best cloth diapers are the Bumgenius!!!! LOVE THEM!
    June 16 at 3:21pm · Comment · Like
    Emily N likes bumGenius (Consumer Product).

  459. Robertsons says:

    Well, it’s not much, but I’m in the process of starting a business making Nursing Covers, Baby blankets, Wet Bags, and maybe someday Diaper Covers in an area that is NOT open to BF’ing or CD’ing. I am very alone, but trying to get others to join in.

    All we currently have is my recently started FB page, you are more than welcome to check it out! I’m making Wet Bags this weekend in honor of Free Cloth Diaper Week at Cotton Babies!

  460. AndiDurall says:

    I have posted numerous times on my Facebook account.!/profile.php?id=1596800446
    I have also talked about them on CafeMom.
    I have told women about them in the WIC clinic.
    I have told women and my son’s Dr. about them at his appointments.
    I also will tell anyone about them that I see looking at them when I’m changing him when out and about. I tell them that I too used to think that cloth diapering was gross and old fashioned but I’m hooked now. Ben only has flips from you now but we are planning to get more for him and for the new baby when I get pregnant again. Thanks!

  461. Natalie says:

    Yay for Cotton Babies! Such an easy transition into cloth.!/profile.php?id=2322824

  462. natasha says:

    we would love to win!!! ive heard rave reviews about the bum genius 4.0s…bum genius is pretty much the fav diaper when you ask CD mamas!! i never win anything online…but have done some giveaways for my own stuff online and its so much fun, the random winners get so excited…well i think this time its our turn to get all excited :) thanks!!! (kaelkaed@ gmail)

  463. Maria says:

    I reviewed bumgenius on amazon

    I’m assuming you can’t write 10,000 reviews on different sites for entries, or get entries for several blog posts? You use the 20 tweets example…I’ve written many blog posts about BG over the last few months…saw someone else enter for every blog post but wasn’t sure?

  464. carO__ says:

    I just wrote a blog post this week telling the world we are cloth diapering and purchased our first set from Cotton Babies!

  465. Kevin says:

    Posted on my facebook page, too.

    Darcy McKeown

  466. carO__ says:

    I wrote a blog a while back when i first discovered your site and which ultimately lead me to purchase cloth diapers!

  467. Riggslacey says:

    I posted as my facebook status

  468. I influenced my friend to use cloth with her kids. The first diapers in her stash last year were BG3.0’s! Now she uses those along with a few other brands. Here’s a blog post she wrote a couple months ago about using cloth for her new son…

  469. Kevin says:

    Here’s my tweet:

    Our small part to keep some waste out of landfills. We love our cloth diapers from @cottonbabies

  470. Sara says:

    I’ve had so many friends of mine get into cloth diapers and have educated so many!!!!/sara.and.emma

  471. Emily says:

    I teach baby sign language classes along with a class called a “potty party”…I use the bumgenius 3.0 and Flip diapers in this class and show parents how easy it really is to cloth diaper…we go over some potty sign language also….

    I also started a website that reviews products so parents from my classes and the parenting communities online can comment on their favorite products…I have mentioned :-) Check it out…hope to win some for my classes!

  472. Super Treesa says:

    Blog post I made about our love of BG. I make sure to talk about her diapers with everyone. I know that quite a few people have looked into cloth diapers and BG especially because of our conversations.

  473. Shannon says:

    I am so happy that Cotton Babies has blessed so many people with the gift of Cloth diapering. I being one of those people..thank you for all you do!!!!

  474. Michelle P. says:

    I left a post and comment with <3 @

  475. The Heidens says:

    Best cloth diapers…and to think someone my age is behind it all. Inspiring. Posted a sale ad on a local FB mommy swap shop for my first BG AIOs that my infant grew out of.!/group.php?gid=120191011324335&ref=ts

    Jessica Heiden I have a few gently-used bumGenius all-in-one (AIO) diapers, size S to sell. So far, these are my favorite cloth diapers! Used only a few weeks before my baby grew out of them. If interested, please leave a comment! WINNING! bumGenius 3.0 DELUXE All-In-One Cloth Diapers – Cloth Diapers – Cotton Babies Cloth D
    Color and Size Blossom / Extra Small (-$3.00)Blossom / SmallBlossom / MediumBlossom / LargeButternut / Extra Small (-$3.00)Butternut / SmallButternut / MediumButternut / LargeClementine / Extra Small (-$3.00)Clementine …

  476. Anonymous says:

    I tweeted a #FF the Cotton Babies Blog!


  477. carO__ says:

    I tweeted a #FF your twitter account!


  478. JesaDMon says:

    I don’t blog, but I posted on facebook :)!/profile.php?id=758523569

    I also have a cousin interested in trying cloth diapers with her daughter due in January. I’m passing to her the part of my stash too small now for my four month old, and plan on getting her two bumGenius 4.0 OS for overnight use. This six pack could go a long way in helping those of us that CD without a lot of money :)

  479. christy ross says:

    This is my follow friday today on twitter. I saved it as a favorite so I could get the link easier (and because cotton babies *is* a favorite):

  480. Taci says:

    I mentioned @CottonBabies on twitter for Follow Friday!

    iammotherhood @ gmail dot com

  481. nichole says:

    now I tweeted… my second tweet ever :) Gotta start somewhere!

    listed as lobdelluniverse in twitter…. now all of my husband’s MMA friends can check out our cloth diapers :)

  482. Sara says:

    I also posted on Facebook, linking to my cloth diaper blog BG rave! (Friday at 9:05 am)

  483. Megan says:

    I just posted on my blog! Here’s to the hopes of winning!!!

  484. rnfitz says:

    I responded back to a mom about cloth diaper, here is the link:
    Rn. Fitz
    Posted 05/22/2010
    We have a combination of Flip systems and bum geniues 3.0, and I prefer the bum genius by far. The FLIP is a cover and a stay dry insert but when my 13 month old has a poop explosion it can leak, that does not happen with the bum genius. Once you get used to it, they are really not that different from disposables. Two things you will need though if you are going to cloth diaper, is a diaper sprayer and a carbon bin to put the dirties in!
    Report thisPost a comment · Edit · Delete

  485. Sarah says:

    I wrote a couple of posts on my blog about Bum Genius. I have now converted 5 people to cloth and a couple more are saving up for them. I also posted a couple of pics of my son in his bg 4.0 on fb.

  486. Leslie says:

    Our daughter was born at the end of 2008, and we had just moved to a new city, and were trying to get settled. Prior to her birth, I thought about using cloth diapers, but just didn’t have time to do my homework. Two months after her birth, I was sickened about the money we were spending that was just ending up in a landfill! So, we took the plunge into cloth diapers, and have LOVED it ever since. I blogged about the switch, in February of 2009, and referenced Cotton Babies as the very first link of resources! Check it out:

  487. nichole says:

    I am always trying to convert :) Here is my latest facebook pic along with my comments…. plus if you scroll through my page, you’ll see my husband make reference to my diaper addiction every month or so.!/photo.php?pid=1023591&id=1635854455&ref=fbx_album

    Nichole Lobdell

  488. says:

    I’ve been using bumGenius cloth diapers for almost two years, I give you free advertising all the time! :) Here are a few recent examples.

    After seeing our diapers at family events and hearing us rave about them, my sister-in-law converted to bumGenius diapers for her youngest daughter earlier this year. She loves them, too.

    I posted the video link of the Today Show activities on my Facebook page. I included a note stating that these were the diapers we used and that I’d be happy to share more information with anyone interested in learning more about cloth diapers. Two of my friends who were expecting their first children asked me for more information. I emailed them links to Cotton Babies and shared many tips about cloth diapers.

    Another pregnant friend just ordered her first three cloth diapers when I sent her a link about the seconds sale. She’s very excited. We’ve been chatting about diapers since before she was expecting. I received her baby shower invitation in the mail this week, and they’ve included a link to Cotton Babies asking people to purchase bumGenius instead of disposable diapers.

    I post about my diapering experiences on parenting message boards and I tell everyone I know how much we love our bumGenius diapers. My second child was born this summer, and I’ve posted several photos of him at various sizes in cloth diapers on my Facebook page to help my pregnant friends and new mommy friends see the diapers in action.

  489. Sara says:

    I have personally influenced 3 other moms (one in Arizona, one here in Iowa, and one in New York) to cloth diaper, and have recommended BumGenius to all of them! My cloth diaper blog isn’t widely read, but several people have used it to help them get started, and it is linked from my personal blogs, which has a lot of visitors. I blogged about BumGenius specifically today!

  490. Priscilla says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  491. Here, I wrote an article a few months ago about why cloth diapering makes sense and I broke down the different types, washing, environmental studies etc. I also said that my favorite place to buy was Cotton Babies and I referenced Bum Genius as well. Love Cotton babies and Bum Genius!!!!

    Anyway, I had SO many emails of people wanting to switch or who read my post and decided to switch. That is an awesome feeling, knowing that I’ve influenced someone to do something good for their babies and the environment!

  492. Priscilla says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  493. Lindsey says:

    I also like to comment on other people’s blogs about cloth diapers. Here’s one I posted over at when there was talk of buying new diapers or having BumGeniuses converted to snaps because the velcro wore out:

    “Guys! You can buy BG refresher kits for A BUCK FIFTY. You get new velcro and elastic pieces. If your velcro wears out before it’s been a year (another good reason to wait to buy them until you’re actually going to use them), SEND THEM BACK AND GET NEW DIAPERS. I just had 15 of my BumGenius 3.0s replaced for FREE because the velcro wore out. And I do mean replaced: soft, sparkly, brand new diapers. For the two diapers that I couldn’t find the receipts for I bought new velcro (and it’s their New velcro) for THREE DOLLARS total. Guys. One hundred and fifty cents per diaper to replace the velcro and elastic is way cheaper than new diapers. And it comes with really detailed instructions and a template for sewing. Sorry for all the CAPS LIKE WHOA; I get a little emotional about cloth diapers.

  494. Dr. Maureen says:

    I also just Tweeted about your giveaway!

    @DocMaureen Hey everyone. @Cottonbabies is doing a free diapers week, and I love me some BumGenius diapers! #ff @cottonbabies

  495. Jessica Hennigar says:

    I tweeted my love of cottonbabies

  496. Beth Y. says:

    I just sold some used Cottonbaby prefolds on ebay – my baby’s growing so fast!. In my listing, I posted a link to your site and commented on how much we loved those diapers:

  497. Dr. Maureen says:

    (I am having trouble posting this comment; I only mean to post it once.)

    Hey, I already did this years ago! I wrote a “Cloth Diapering Manifesto” on my blog. It’s in four parts, but part II (describing diaper types) links to, as does Part IV (describing diapering accessories).

  498. Lindsey says:

    In addition to sending my pregnant friends extensive emails and talking at length about my beloved BumGeniuses (hey, they asked!), I recently blogged about cloth diapers:

  499. Anonymous says:

    I do not have a blog (yet), facebook, or twitter, but I did write a review on the Cotton Babies website for BG 3.0s. I hope this counts…I really do love BG 3.0s from Cotton Babies, and can’t wait to add the BG 4.0s to my stash.

    Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
    Reviewed by Taryn on Friday 10 September, 2010
    I love my BG 3.0 so much that I cringe at the thought of using disposable diapers now. I used disposables on my first two children, but with my third baby I really wanted to try cloth diapers. She is now 8 months old and there is no turning back. We use them all day everyday, even at night and just add an extra insert (she sleeps 12 hours). My husband is even on board. I have converted my sister too, who is due with her first baby in December. Now I have my eye on the BG 4.0. Can’t wait to add a few of those to my stash one day.

  500. SCMOMOF2BOYS says:

    I wrote a post about nighttime cloth diapering featuring your sock insert. I think it gets overlooked and it’s a perfect inexpensive solution to making any insert soft and stay dry.

  501. Dr. Maureen says:

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  502. Priscilla says:

    This is a different way I shared Cotton Babies with people I love–outside of the bounds of the internet!

    I am a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Coordinator for Grace Community Chapel in St. Peters, Missouri. Last year, our MOPS theme dealt with “Life on Planet Mom”, in keeping with that idea I wanted to have a day about how we could go “green” as moms. Part of my idea for the day was to share about modern cloth diapering! I was able to contact Cotton Babies and talk with KC Brandt about sending a rep to speak to our group. On October 13th, 2009, two wonderful ladies from Cotton Babies spoke to our group of 50 moms. They not only showed us the different diapers–including the new Econobum and Flip diapers (I was so thrilled to get to see them!), they also gave out great information, very nice books about BG diapers, and showed us several other great baby products including a wrap and Sophie!

    At the end of our meeting, several moms bought diapers and were really excited to try them! The meeting got a great response, even from our mentors (older women who help with our group), who couldn’t wait to tell their daughters and friends about how different cloth is now!

    I was so excited to share the bumGenius brand with my moms and I think, more than anything, they came away with an idea of how awesome Cotton Babies is as a company. One thing that impressed our group more than anything was how Cotton Babies got started and how they do diaper donations to missionaries, etc. This was really special to several of our moms, as they have served or have families that serve in a missions field.

    I had loved Cotton Babies for awhile, but after that morning, I was smitten! I couldn’t believe that Cotton Babies took time out of a busy work schedule to drive, bring products, and speak to my group–all for free! I truly think that the most effective sharing of cloth diapering begins with one mom sharing with another and Cotton Babies proved that they are a personal, loving company who wants to reach each individual family about the importance and ease of cloth diapering!

    Thanks again for speaking to my group and allowing me to share you with my MOPS “world”!

  503. K says:

    I talked about Cotton Babies Free Cloth Diaper Week on my Facebook status:

  504. tnt71206 says:

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  505. SCMOMOF2BOYS says:

    I blogged about using cloth diapers while vacationing. I try to encourage and promote cloth diapering wherever I go and it can be done AWAY from home just as easily as using disposables. I wrote this so other Mom’s would not choose disposable just because they were on vacation. I don’t have a diaper sprayer at home and so it was a cinch not using one while traveling.

    Here’s my link:

  506. Laura L says:

    I facebook’d the event and tagged CottonBabies in my status. I also put the link to this blogpost!

  507. tnt71206 says:

    I talk about our cloth diapers on our blog, and with everyone we meet with kids in diapers, fairly often.
    blog entries:,,

    (email to a friend)

    I really do love our cloth diapers!… I definitely prefer the bumgenius! … We have the one-size diapers, which means you need to stuff the inserts into the shells after washing, but they still fit Parker, who’s having a hard time potty training. It’s fantastic to not have to ever buy diapers, no matter how the kids are growing. They’re also big enough to fit a few doublers in with the regular insert for extra night time absorbency. … We’ve loved the bumgenius! cotton babies ( also sells a sprayer that you can attach to the toilet to spray poo off of diapers as the kids get bigger. We’ve never had any problems with the diapers coming clean, and our washer comes out clean as well. We bought the additive free detergent at Costco, as well. The bumgenius are just as easy to use as disposables, although they are bulkier in the diaper bag. We just bought a reusable zipper wet bag so that we don’t have to carry a plastic bag around in our diaper bag. As far as how many to get, it probably depends on how often your baby urinates and poos a day… I’d probably recommend 12, so that you have enough to wash and still have some to put on the baby. More diapers also means less wear and tear on them. My kids definitely prefer the cloth to anything else. cotton babies is having a seconds sale right now, selling diapers with cosmetic defects, for $12… ( Bumgenius, Flip, and Econobum diapers also come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee ( Our only regret with the diapers is that we didn’t switch sooner! I still like the econobum, which are much less expensive, but they’re not nearly as convenient, and are a little less comfy for the boys. The velcro on the bumgenius can leave irritation on the kids’ legs if baby’s just wearing a diaper and the velcro isn’t on straight, but we haven’t had any big problems. Honestly, the boys do spend a considerable amount of time just in their diapers!!!

    I hope I answered your questions, despite the rambling nature of my email. I could talk about cloth diapers forever! We really do love them, and from everyone I’ve talked to, bumgenius are the best! Other diapers have comparable prices for comparable products, but they’re not as good! You can go less expensive, but you might run into more hassle. The econobum aren’t bad, but since you’re starting with a newborn (or still pretty young) you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of the 4.0s, or even the 3.0s on the seconds sale!

  508. Newlife09 says:

    I have been working on my best friend (for a year) about converting to cloth diapers and finally a few weeks ago she called and asked me to bring over some cloth!!! I brought her FLIP covers with organic inserts, Organic AIO’s, and 3.0 pockets! NOW SHE IS CONVERTED! Thanks COTTONBABIES!!!

  509. Fluff Party!

    Just this week I gathered 7 mama’s, either expecting babies soon, currently doing cloth or wanting to do cloth diapering. I made a simple brunch for them, left the children to play in the yard and we gathered around a table in the yard filled with different types of cloth diapers. Everyone shared their love of cloth diapering and what worked for their little the best. The new mamas asked questions and we were able to answer their questions and encourage them cloth diaper. I called it my Fluff Party and it was a success!
    This is a great way to see what all us stay-at-home and working mama’s are really about. Cloth diapers is so much more than just saving the environment and money. It becomes a passion for us. I started just a year ago and knew of one other mama that did cloth diapering. Now a year later so many of my friends have been inspired by me to explore cloth diapering for their little ones. I never set out to convince or inspire others, I just love doing it myself and other mama’s can see that love.
    Here is the link to my invite and our cloth diapering discussion ….!/?page=1&sk=messages&tid=1429133099515

    Thanks for running a great business Cotton babies! We love ya!

  510. Eileen says:

    See my facebook status? Encouraging people to come to the blog and to try cloth diapers!

  511. Melissa N. says:

    Posted on twitter:
    #ClothDiaper Week Grand Finale! @CottonBabies is giving away 15 @bumGenius 4.0 six-packs this weekend, #FollowFriday

  512. Louise says:

    I started this post the day after this news report but I never got a chance to finish it. Thanks for inspiring me to finish my post and get back to blogging!