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Published on May 7th, 2010 | by Jennifer Labit


While you are working on your contest entry…

While you are working on your contest entry, like this post and then tell us what you're doing for Mother's Day! I'm going to give away one bumGenius One-Size Organic All-In-One to random commenters all weekend!

I'll start... for Mother's Day, my mom and dad are going to be visiting us. I'm sitting in the basement next to the bed they will be sleeping in. As I type this, I'm realizing that I can't remember the last time that I spent Mother's Day with my mom. It might have been the year that I left home (and I was 17). I'm really looking forward to spending some time with her this weekend.

So, what are you doing?

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Jenn is the founder of Cotton Babies & creator of bumGenius, Flip, and Econobum, worldwide leading cloth diaper brands. She has four children (Andrew, Oscar, Elsie and Louis) and holds an MBA from Washington University. When she's not working full time, she enjoys teaching business leaders how to implement sustainable economic & social change.

368 Responses to While you are working on your contest entry…

  1. Guess I missed this, but we just relaxed at home mostly. My little guy had soccer class and a little shopping. Dad made burgers. (took me out Saturday for sushi)

  2. megntom07 says:

    We had his family and my family over to grill out and we gave our moms a picture frame that announced we were expecting baby #2!

  3. Daisy83808 says:

    We went to the Outer Banks of NC!

  4. Jenn says:

    Semicrunchymama @7:26pm
    Hollyecat @9:38pm
    Sara @ 8:52am

    Email libby at cottonbabies dot com with your contact information! Congratulations ladies & Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. Heather says:

    It was an awesome day! Work up early enough to get a work-out in (preparation for the food I would be eating ;)). Headed to church to watch a friend’s baby get baptized then met my family for a late brunch. Stuffed ourselves silly, then ran to my grandmother’s house for a visit (she was just released from a rehab center, so it was great to see her at home!).

  6. Sara says:

    We spent the morning in bed lounging with our newborn Jackson. He even offically smiled at me for the first time this morning and stole my heart once again. Couldn’t of asked for a better Mom’s Day present. Packed up and headed to lunch with my mom and dad to celebrate as well. Nothing fancy just good family time!

  7. My husband and 18 month old son gave me a wonderful day with lunch out, a shopping trip, playing and letting me do what I wanted all day :)

  8. Emily says:

    We spent the weekend in an awkward place. Just told the family last weekend that we are expecting in November…this weekend was a weekend-long memorial celebration for a good friend of my MIL and wonderful person in mine and husbeast’s lives. We spent the weekend mourning the loss of a lovely woman and being congratulated by all of her family and friends for bringing new life into the world.

  9. heathorock says:

    Hanging out with my hubby, our son, and parent-in-law. Meeting in small town midway between our house and theirs.
    Tending to the garden.
    Playing hugs & kisses with little boy!
    Calling important moms in my life too.
    SO FUN!

  10. Heather says:

    We spent time as a family going to Grant’s Farm, spending lots of time outside, and roasting marshmallows and making s’mores on this fall-like night. Hope all had a fabulous Mother’s Day. I am so thankful for my mom and my amazing kiddos.

  11. Erin says:

    Sewing a new wetbag for our diaper bag (full of Bum Genius dipes!) and having a nice dinner with my husband, daughter and brand new 4-week-old son. Lucky mama!

  12. kstar says:

    I went to brunch with my mom, aunts and grandmother and then took my husband to the mall where he wasn’t allowed to whine or make faces while I said “isn’t this cute?” lol

  13. Tami says:

    Spending with mom, grandma, and several aunts.Mom’s b-day is also tomorrow so we always do something for both!

  14. Missy van Ee says:

    I am writing the last paper for my masters degree! I will have to have a late celebration for my first Mothers Day with my 5 month old, Pieter.

  15. Melissa Unruh says:

    We dedicated our infant daughter at church today and then had our whole family over for a brunch! After the mess was cleaned up, and the company left, I finished up the day finally painting my kitchen!! What a great day it was!!

  16. Rebekah says:

    Celebrating my first mothers day with my favorite baby Logan. Had friends and family over for dinner. nice and relaxing

  17. Kristen says:

    Spent the morning Walking for the cure in Pittsburgh PA in memory of our Aunt Linda.

  18. Kristen says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Celebrating my son’s first birthday! He turned one… Today! Hooray!

  20. Sherrie says:

    Spent the morning with my kids in my bed, brunch with my baby sleeping in her Moby Sling on my chest, and helped the oldest with homework before bed. A great day!

  21. Hollyecat says:

    Well, I’m a little bummed. I thought I posted something yesterday. But oh well, I used my Mother’s Day “chips” to get a lot of undone chores completed. My hubby did everything I asked him to do today. He got me some donuts for breakfast too. :)

  22. jenn says:

    Was surprised with breakfast by my husband and 8 month old daughter this morning, had lunch with my mom at a French bakery in our neighborhood, went to a cookout at my husband’s mother’s house, my husband took me to my favorite clothing store to shop for a summer dress (with no luck, but the experience and thought were wonderful), then back to my mother’s in my pj’s to watch desperate housewives! it was a terrific first mother’s day :)

  23. Church, playing with baby, dinner cooked by DH.

  24. Chell says:

    My hubby let me sleep in a bit (7:30 is sleeping in in my house) and I woke up to “M-O-M” pancakes. My hubby had my son paint a terra cotta put (he is 18 months old) and planted my favorite flower in it. It was the best gift ever. We went out to lunch with my hubby’s parents and brother and then we spent the rest of the day just lounging around and being lazy because my son has been sick with a stomach bug all week.

  25. junkmels says:

    We took our kids to their first indoor waterpark, a book sale and then brunch with the Great Grandma! It was a fabulous day! Such a blessing to see Great Grandma with her little miracles.

  26. Jenaze says:

    Well we usually spend Mother’s Day at my Grandma’s house with my Parents and my Sister and her family. But this year I did something special for myself and hopefully for someone else! I went to Jcpenny’s and got my hair all cut off so I could donate it to locks of love! I’ve been waiting 3 years to grow my hair out to do this so its been a long time coming! The girl cutting my hair kept laughing because she couldn’t believe how thick my hair was and how much there really was to cut! So after 3 years I finally can say I dontaed all of my hair to someone who needs it!!

  27. Bri!!! says:

    Spending time with my boys! PICK ME! I would love to get the diaper!

  28. shannon bear says:

    i slept in thanks to my wonderful husband, and spent the day with my kids! it was a nice day. i wrote out the contest entry and read it to them :) stirred up some emotions, and it made me really realize some of the best moments of being a mommy! thanks!

  29. Meghan says:

    We had a BBQ.

  30. Shanna7313 says:

    This is my 3rd mother’s Day and I spent it relaxing with my family :) My husband was extra helpful and sweet and my 3 year old picked out an awesome card. It was nice!

  31. Lexi says:

    Woke up, went to iHop and spent the day with family. I also got $30 of diaper fabric to make some for number 2. :)

  32. Christy says:

    Aw, sounds like fun! We had a baby dedication at church this morning for Esther, my four month old. The rest of the day we just hung out as a family and DH cooked dinner (read: ordered pizza). :)

  33. Victoria says:

    Lunch at my mom’s, then I watched my husband wash the cloth diapers (I always do them) and for dinner, we went out to my favorite organic pizza place — Flatbread company!

  34. Bethany says:

    I got my mother’s day present last weekend (my husband got his weekends confused ;)) I got a tshirt with a picture of a wine glass that says “mommy juice” below! I took care of two whiny kids with several potty training accidents and diaper explosions…but at the end of the night remembered why I love this kiddos sooooo much! Happy Mothers Day!

  35. Melissa N. says:

    For my first Mother’s Day (my son is 6 weeks old) we had him baptized, the best mother’s day gift I could asked for.

  36. Lauren says:

    My husband and daughter made me homemade buckwheat pancakes and I got breakfast in bed!!!

  37. What I am doing (did)for Mother’s day is went to church, then after my daughter’s nap, my husband and I took Kentucky Fried Chicken to my mom and grandmother’s house, and had a delicious dinner with them, and with my brother. A quiet, but nice, day.

  38. The Mamma says:

    I had breakfast delivered (my hubby worked all night last night and didn’t want to stay up for another hour and a half- can’t blame him) and then went to church with my mother and grandmother.

  39. I got to sleep in (such a wonderful luxury!), then my husband, son and I spent the morning hiking and searching for letterboxes together. It was such a wonderful way to spend the day!

  40. genie_lmd says:

    spent the day at the park with grandma. My 3 year old had fun playing while we tried to teach my 7 month old to say MaMa. Hasn’t said it yet.

  41. Michaela says:

    I got to spend the day with my beautiful daughter! Hubby had to work, but that is okay!

  42. After a VERY LONG week with sick littles (1, 3), a wonderful Mother’s Day brunch was welcome.

    {I’d love another diaper for my stash. Love BG!)

  43. hannah says:

    My inlaws are visiting, and this afternoon I got one hour to read or sleep while they help hubby take care of the baby. Then I’m getting foot massage from my husband later on!

  44. Jessy says:

    Nothing fun and exciting for me today. I made breakfast for the kids, did some laundry,and cleaned the house. We went out to lunch, then came home, sat around for a little while, and I made dinner. Just a normal day for me…. =(

  45. Becca Hintz says:

    With my husband working weekends, I spend the day enjoying my daugher. (And washing diapers;) )

  46. Today is my first Mother’s Day! My husband started the day by making me breakfast and coffee. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out with our daughter and relaxing. We then went over to my parents house where my dad made me stuffed shells and chocolate cake to celebrate. I’m now putting the babe to bed. Perfect day!

  47. Rachel W. says:

    Had a great first Mother’s Day- lunch with hubby and baby and a little shopping, and playing with baby. Family walk with dog too. And hubby cooked me dinner!!

  48. Alaina says:

    We went out to breakfast and then had a nice and casual day working on our new house! It was a great way to spend the day.

  49. VirtualM says:

    Our home was in a ‘parade of homes’ type of thing today in a transitional in-town neighborhood (meaning: homes are old and always in some state of renovation), so I spent mother’s day showing strangers my house. :) It was a lot of fun and nice to have my husband around all day. Almost time to call the grandmas!

  50. Sarah says:

    I will be spending my weekend sewing some baby items for an upcoming baby shower.

  51. Phenom1293 says:

    Today I am spending the day sleeping in, taking a long relaxing bath, and doing homework. Well at the least the first 2 were nice. We’ll also be going out to dinner provided the sweet 18 month old (in his BG AIO Organic OS of course!) is being a sweetheart as usual.

  52. I just got off work so our typical Mother’s Day plans were put on hold today. Instead we are celebrating tomorrow when my hubby takes the day off work and we are going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This is our Mother’s Day tradition and I look forward to it all year long!

  53. ShellyLynn says:

    I am in labor! Woo hoo! This baby is 6 days late and I’m scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday, so we’re hoping and praying she makes it today or tomorrow!

  54. Corri says:

    I am spending Mother’s Day cleaning my house. In the words of my mother “spoken like a true mother”. At least my husband is helping though. :)

  55. Nicole says:

    My husband daughter and i went out to breakfast with my mom. Then we came back to our house and put the diapers out on the line (smile). Took a walk. Then my mom went home and we started preparing to have my husbands family over for dinner. My MIL, FIL, BIL, SIL , niece, and nephew came over for dinner. Now i am giving my daughter a bath while my husband cleans up. I am going to stuff some diapers tonight and relax.

  56. Mike says:

    Every Mother’s Day we go to church and them we all have dinner with my parents, grand-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. They are all invited. Sounds like a lot of people, but my family is fairly small, about 15 will make it this year. I am lucky that most of my family lives close and we all enjoy a nice family dinner, pot luck style!

  57. Amanda says:

    8 weeks to go until little Colleen arrives! Spending Mother’s Day with my wonderful husband and anticipating the fun we have coming our way… oh yeah, and pre-washing all the bumgenius 3.0s I got at my shower! :)

  58. erniemcg says:

    Spending the day with my beautiful boys, loving hubby and wonderful mom. Such a great day!

  59. alinatmom says:

    Church the the afternoon with my two girls and my husband.

  60. Becky says:

    I cooked, I cleaned, did laundry. Watched the kids. Hubby is sick, so I didn’t even get a break today :(

  61. Kimberley D says:

    We spent all day shopping for Daddy! LOL Sounds strange, I know. But we bought a miter (sp?) saw and new weed eater. The miter saw will get a lot of use for projects with the kids – building a birdhouse, planter boxes, etc. And the weed eater was needed because our old one died and out yard desperately needed it! LOL
    Oh, we also got stuff to redo the kids bathroom in monkeys! :)

  62. jodi says:

    No special plans, just enjoying having my whole family back together again- my husband got back from Afghanistan yesterday!

  63. Mary says:

    I got a prenatal massage and my husband took me to brunch!

  64. Michelle says:

    Last Mother’s Day I was welcoming my adorable son, Sean, born on May 10th. This year we are enjoying the sunshine and relaxing! I’m also getting ready for my little one’s first birthday!

  65. La Yen says:

    I am taking a nap. A well-deserved nap. The best day ever…

  66. *Mandy* says:

    For Mother’s day I spent the day with my husband and sweet baby boy. They made me breakfast, we went to church and then we went to the hospital to visit with my mom. It was nice and relaxing.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Spending the weekend with family fishing and playing with all the kiddos!!

  68. Gwenn says:

    We spent the day together as a family.My hubby made us all sausage and egg biscuits and now is off to get us dinner. The kids made me handmade card too.. It has really been a lovely day :)

  69. themitchells says:

    My husband surprised me with a prenatal massage, pedicure, & manicure on Saturday! It was amazing! After that, we went and picked up our little lady’s nursery furniture. She is due to arrive in about 4 months and we’re eager to set everything up! My husband is in the military and having him here for my pregnancy is not something we were always guaranteed. Luckily, we found out he is non-deployable for 2 years, just in time for our daughter’s birth! I laid on the floor last night watching him put her crib together and thought to myself how blessed I am to be able to share this experience with him. God truly takes care of us!

  70. For Mother’s Day I am being loved on by my one and only husband and dear son!! We have gone out to breakfast, to church and to get our morning coffee. Right now it is nap time, and I am getting some peace and quiet. Later, we shall visit Disneyland for a little while… I think Mickey has missed us!

  71. I went to a baseball game with my husband and my 5 month old yesterday! And this morning my husband made me bourbon vanilla french toast and gave me a card with the baby’s hand and foot prints in it :-)

  72. jgrebowiec says:

    We have had lunch with my family and are going to have dinner with my husband’s parents. Trying to just relax, though!

  73. Tara says:

    I spent today, my first Mother’s Day, with my 2 month old daughter and my mom. It was nice to share it with both of them, even though we’re far away from home for another 2 weeks! We went to Mass this morning and then had a champagne brunch with some friends. And our rental apartment is just filled with flowers from our family. :)

  74. My husband is working so it’s just me and my 7 month old son. So far we have just been cuddling!!!

  75. maresi says:

    Oh, it’s been interesting to say the least – awake since 1:30am with food poisoning, in charge of a pancake breakfast at church, and now I’m sitting on the couch watching a baseball game. My kids did give me some sweet cards, though…

  76. Jodi A says:

    Took the family to the farmer’s market to pick up some plants. Went for a great walk too.

  77. I am spending the day with my beautiful baby girl Keelyn. She just turned 7 months old yesterday. We will be missing daddy. He’s in Iraq right now. We hope to get to talk to him! :) Looking forward to many more wonderful Mother’s Days with my sweet baby girl!!!

  78. Strawberry puff pancake breafast, sushi lunch and dinner with my parents!

  79. Went to church this morning. Had a little bit of a nap this afternoon (necessary, as I am 22 weeks pregnant!) Now I am relaxing on the couch while watching my two beautiful children play with each other. My sweet husband surprised me this afternoon with flowers!

  80. Denise G (CT) says:

    We went out for a yummy breakfast and a quick trip to the carosell in the city!

  81. Spending time with my kiddos!

  82. melodybeaty says:

    Whatever I want to do! Today I am taking it easy. I have been to church, played with the kiddos, picked up toys here and there, probably going to cook. It has been a great day thus far, thanks to my sweet husband and the ones who make me a mom, my babies!

  83. Bethany says:

    We went to church and I got my first piece of church art from my 10 month old! It was so cute, it was a poem with his footprints on it…LOVE IT! My husband is cooking burgers and we’re having apple pie for dessert. Then we’ll call our moms. I love a low-key day!

  84. My husband and I took our son to the park earlier today. My son and I will visit my grandmother later. Meanwhile, I’ve spent some time being rather annoyed with my mother who is maybe in Ireland, maybe in Germany. I really have no idea. Needless to say, I’ve grounded her and my dad from seeing their grandson when they get back for worrying the family to death about their whereabouts!

  85. Carrie says:

    For Mothers Day, my husband and our children went to church, then came home, had lunch and are just enjoying spending time with each other! :)

  86. Sarah says:

    I’m 38 weeks pregnant with our first child. I will call my mom who is over the moon about her first grandbaby and spend the rest of the day puttering about the house getting things ready for the baby.

  87. Jessica says:

    We went and visited my Mother-in-law and my mother this morning and now I am just spending the day playing and cuddling with my little boy!

  88. taking care of mr. fussypants and ordering in mexican, the watching the mothers day episode of 19 kids and counting

  89. Shaun says:

    We have a cookout with my mom, her 5 sister and all their kid and their kids’ kids. It’s so much fun! Hopefully my 2 munchkins will go to sleep early and I can spend a little time alone with my husband. The best part of the day is that I don’t have to change diapers, even the poopy ones, all day!

  90. Vanessa says:

    We went to church and then out to eat with my MIL. Now the kids are napping and we are enjoying time together as a family!

  91. Hannah says:

    Spending some quality time with my family, hitting the park and enjoying laughs and smiles. One year ago we were facing the real possibility of losing both our twins to premature labor, today we are celebrating having healthy amazing children!

  92. Nancy Mosier says:

    Today I am doing nothing. I’m sitting on the couch messing around on the internet. My son is playing on on the computer next to me. We’re sharing some grapes and juice. Hanging out. That’s my favorite thing to do with my son.

  93. My husband made breakfast for me this morning and then we skipped church and are just relaxing. Tonight my mom is hosting dinner for us, my grandparents, and my in laws. Wishing my siblings were here though! My sister lives in NC and my brother is in Africa.

  94. Meg says:

    DH made me breakfast and we went out to lunch. This afternoon I’m just relaxing :)

  95. Kelli Z. says:

    We’re sharing time together as a family.

    kelli417 at gmail dot com

  96. Kelli Jane says:

    Since it’s raining here today in Northern Cali, my husband and daughter surprised me with an indoor picnic…it was delicious and a lovely way to spend time with them. Also, getting some good rest in today since I’m 9 months pregnant! Happy Mothers Day!!

  97. Anonymous says:

    Took a nap yesterday and one today!! I could get used to this LOL. ;-P

  98. brittanypb says:

    We spent the morning with my mom and are spending the rest of the day at home, doing homework! It’s been a nice quiet, non stressful Mother’s Day here though!

  99. My 13month old “decorated” the kitchen with pink streamers while Daddy made breakfast. It was a really special morning for the three of us. Now we’re just enjoying the day together.

  100. saders says:

    Went to a Birthday Party for a 1 year old, then baby had a nap time and a nice dinner at home with the family :)

  101. wrotens says:

    An early breakfast out, then relaxing!

  102. Anna E. says:

    hanging out with my daughter and my mom watching the cavs game!

  103. The Taylors says:

    Were spending time as a family playing board games. Its one of our favorite things to do. We cant wait till our daughter is old enough to play, we already got a few board games for her when she reaches about 3-4.

  104. helenlam says:

    I’m letting the baby and the husband sleep in, and then we’ll go over to my parents’ house so my mom and my brother can see the baby! I think I need to go shopping at the drugstore too…

  105. Jaime says:

    spending time with my wonderful baby girl! :) (oh, and my dear husband too LOL) 😉

  106. Jenn says:

    Lindsey Weisbruch at 12:21
    Katrina at 11:42

    Congratulations!!! And happy Mother’s Day to everyone. More winners later today, we are on our way out the door to church.

  107. carlaboo11 says:

    we are going down to have dinner with lots of family members… should be a full house with lots of fun! Next week as an extention we are having a crawfish boil!

  108. We will be visiting our mothers today. I was greeted this morning with “breakfast in bed” The kids brought me cold pizza, Yogos & a cherry Coke. lol They were soooo proud! I can hardly believe that they are already nearly 1, 3 & 5. It goes so fast! I am a blessed mother & just adore my babies. <3 We just got our first Bum Genius Organic OS the other day, I am in LOVE! I only have 3 & would love a dozen more, they even lasted overnight without a doubler.

  109. I am spending the day with sweet husband and son.

  110. I am spending the day doing NOTHING with my mother and my 2 daughters

  111. Anita J says:

    I will thank God for blessing me with wonderful kids and a wonderful husband. The day will start out as usual. I will prepare the kids favorite breakfast in the morning, feed them and then I will go for a jog.
    Later we will go to the park if the sun’s out. While they are playing, I will marvel at them and thank God again :)

  112. Beccalynn says:

    I don’t know what we’re doing yet! My husband is surprising me and my daughter is too young to be in on it 😀

  113. The Crocks says:

    I am going to church with my family and then, I am coming home and taking a much needed nap! In peace!! :)

  114. Katrina says:

    Having a relaxing day. I don’t get to spend it with my mom this year, but it is my first mother’s day! =)

  115. I am going to church and spending the day with my church family and of course my mom and all my other “moms” for the day. AND the men are cooking lunch for us! Can’t beat it! =)
    garyandalesha at cox dot net

  116. Earth mama says:

    I will be at home with my two boys and my hubby and I wouldn’t have it any other way… Well maybe a trip to the beach would be nice but that’s like 17 hours away! SO my wonderful home will do :)

  117. Well for mothers day we are going to get our camper ready to go camping soon, because we are ready to go. Also my papa is in the hospital and not expected to come out so we are going to go and see him.

    Happy Mothers Day to all

  118. Arual says:

    I don’t know yet. My husband has chosen to surprise me!

  119. shannon b says:

    I plan on spending a nice quite day with my 3 boys. Nothing is really planned but they have been giggling all day so I think they may have a little something special up their sleeves. I am really looking forward to getting my first handmade mother’s day card from my son who is in J/K this year. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  120. Vermont Mommy says:

    Expecting Mommy here… excited for my 1st Mother’s Day! Working the night shift as an RN in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with all the little ones… feeling my baby (28 weeks) kick everytime I hold another baby at work! Excited to use my BG 3.0 and all in one newborn size in August!
    To all the Mom’s and expecting Mom’s to be Happy Mother’s Day!

  121. Hollyecat says:

    I am not sure what I’m doing for mother’s day. My husband isn’t the best at planning for special occasions, so I just keep the pressure very low and see what happens. However, I do really need to do some more yard work. That wouldn’t be the worst thing I could do on Mother’s Day.

  122. Ida Mae says:

    this is my first Mother’s Day as a Mom. I am not quite sure exactly what we’ll be doing. It will be cold, rainy and windy outside, so that cancelled out plans for a hike. I think my husband is planning to make me breakfast in bed with our son..shhhh. don’t let on I know 😉
    ~Ida Mae

  123. Anonymous says:

    I’m getting over the fact that my mom, who is visiting the area from over 1,500 miles away, has decided to spend mother’s day with my brother, who is an hour and a half away. It’s my first mother’s day as a mother (and my mother’s first as a grandmother) and she’s going to be so close, yet still so far.
    After my pity part (!), I’m going to relish some quiet time with hubby and the most darling baby ever – but I think that my husband said that he’d do all the diaper changes. 😀

  124. Anonymous says:

    I will be starting my day at church with my pew full of children. (I “only” have 4, our pews are short!!) And I will be quitely praying that I don’t get the “momma with the most kiddos” prize. I don’t have THAT many….do I? Then I’m hoping my sweet husband takes me out to eat or cooks for us;)

  125. Tea says:

    My 3 month old daughter and I will be attending an “Afternoon Tea” at our church!! I’m really excited to dress up and wear a hat and gloves :)

  126. rbkincaid says:

    I pouted when I found out that my husband’s family scheduled a birthday party for one of the nephews ON MOTHER’S DAY… ummm, seriously? My husband very sweetly told me to get over it, and that we’d find other ways to celebrate.

    Last night, he let me pick out a ceiling fan for our living – something I’ve been asking for. Today, we took the kids on a tour of a CSA farm one town over. Then we picked strawberries at another farm near our house.

    We had a delicious dinner with all of the produce we got today, and I noticed the bottom drawer of the fridge was stocked with breakfast foods, “for Momma’s Mother’s Day breakfast tomorrow!” I feel so full right now – literally and figuratively :)

  127. Christine says:

    We will be enjoying a family breakfast at home, going to church, and relaxing together. It sounds like a wonderful day to me!

  128. Shelly says:

    I’m taking my 6 week old little girl, Evie, to church for the 1st time. Then, we’re having lunch with my mom:-) I’m excited to be celebrating my 1st Mother’s Day.

  129. We just went to a friends Birthday Party and now we are watching Toy Story 2! Tomorrow we will have crepes and probably go to the beach! Chicken Fried Steak for dinner bc it is a family favorite, only tomorrow I don’t have to clean up =)

    Amanda @

  130. My mother and sister are coming over and we’re having breakfast. Then afterward, my husband, kids and I are going out to lunch with my mther in law.

  131. jdeemarie says:

    My sister and I are going to make my mother dinner tomorrow. I’m hoping that my husband and children will help me out in the garden (the weather is beautiful and there is so much to do).

  132. Mom of FIVE says:

    This Mother’s day I get to celebrate being a mother of five wonderful children at my Mother In-law’s house who is a mother of six! We like our families big here! The guys are doing all the grilling.

  133. adilzell says:

    Daddy’s working all day tomorrow so the baby and I are having a Mommy-daughter picnic in the park!

  134. Courtney says:

    I think we will be doing some relaxing for Mother’s Day. We will go to church in the morning, hopefully have an easy lunch, like frozen pizza, and then everyone will take naps. Mmmmmm! Then I envision us playing with the kids for the afternoon and evening, and maybe a little trip to the lake for a ride on the boat.

  135. Aubrey says:

    Sleeping in and having breakfast in bed! Then spending a quiet day at home with my husband and baby boy!

  136. Amy B. says:

    Today we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday and my mom and family was in town to celebrate. We exchanged cards for mother’s day today since they had to leave to go home. Tomorrow I’m hoping to enjoy a nice lunch with my husband and baby.

  137. Christa says:

    I’m making breakfast for my mom and grandmother, and then just relaxing the rest of the day! I think I’ll probably take a long hot shower and a nap! That’s luxury!

  138. JK says:

    Going to the zoo today with my sister, her two kids, my 20 month old and our parents. Going to church tomorrow, then to my husbands large family lunch to celebrate his mom. Hopefully I’ll get a nap in the afternoon! (I’m 6 months prego, so really enjoy nap time!)

  139. Jennifer says:

    We are going to my parents house for a very relaxed brunch then DH and I are going out to do something just us, because Monday is my birthday :)

  140. This has been a very difficult last 5 weeks. My husband is a medical school student. He just completed his second year. He had 5 weeks of testing that he finally finished but required a lot of sacrifice for the both of us. So I am a mommy to 3 with one on the way, I was in desperate need of some mommy relax/sleep time. So my husband took the kids for the weekend to my inlaws house. Which happed to fall on mothers day weeked. And I am here for a quiet weekend of rest and relaxiation. Today I am going to go see the movie Babies. Then off for a pedicure, and closing the day with shopping which I havent done in over a year. I might buy my self something.

  141. Alycia says:

    This is my first Mother’s Day as a mommy so I’m super excited!!! The In-Laws are coming over in the morning, then we’ll be going to see my family in the afternoon. Lots of mommies in one place :-)

  142. Peyton says:

    We are going to spend the morning at church and then have a barbecue with my wonderful hubby, sweet baby girl and great in-laws. I’m looking forward to beer can chicken and my favorite food, watermelon. We should have a beautiful day!

  143. KatDale says:

    We just moved from Montana to Idaho so my mother’s day will be spent unpacking and celebrating our new adventure in a new state!

  144. Karine says:

    We will most likely be spending Mother’s Day with my husband’s family. My husband already built a custom setup for my desk so I can begin designing again as an early gift and he has already said he is going to be cooking dinner for us. So nothing big planned, just spending the day together as a family.

  145. We’ll be visiting both Moms and hoping our little girl decides she would like to join… I’m 38 weeks and would love to have her as a Mother’s Day present!

  146. Sara says:

    Hopefully, we’re going to go to the farmer’s market and maybe the park.. Just have some good family time. :)

  147. Wehaf says:

    Surprisingly I have the house to myself, so I’m having some friends over and we’re trying out some new recipes.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  148. Cherie says:

    Going to spend some much needed time with my hubby and baby girl. Daddy works very hard for us with long hours so that i am able to stay home. I am truely blessed to have such a sacrificial husband.

  149. thewalshfam says:

    We’re going to church and brunch and then to dinner with dinner at my aunt and uncle’s. My mom lives out of town (and we’re going to visit next week!!!) so it will be nice to celebrate with relatives! Maybe if I’m lucky I can sneak out to the yarn store during naptime :o)

  150. TEXAUS MOMMA says:

    Probably nothing! I did find a hilarious book to send my mum…had me laughing at the store.

  151. Kristy says:

    For Mother’s Day we are meeting my in-laws for brunch. After that who knows.. my husband has promised (threatened?) to go all out since it is my first Mother’s Day as a Mother. We went and surprised my mother last weekend for an early Mother’s Day visit. She lives 2 1/2 hours away.

  152. Momma L says:

    having my family come over for a mother’s day bbq.. and when i mean family, i mean: dad, mum, sister, sister’s hubbie and their 3 kids, my other sister and her two kids. and that’s not even counting my hubbie and 2 kids in the mix. it’ll be a FULL house! 😉 but what could be better than being surrounded by loved ones?

    hope you have a wonderful mother’s day!!

  153. I am spending it with my husband and son. Last mothers day I was pregnant and my husband was in Boot camp so he had arranged for flowers to be delivered to me. This year im just glad to be able to hold my little boy and spend the day with my husband.

  154. Darcy says:

    Spending the day with my husband and kids, and then getting together for dinner with my mom!

  155. kate says:

    After church, we are going to have lunch with my mom and grandma. 4 generations of ladies, laughing and eating together. I am so excited! This is my first Mother’s Day…unless you count last year. I went into labor at 1AM the morning AFTER Mother’s Day!

  156. simplymerry says:

    Don’t know what all we’ll do for Mother’s Day yet, but I’ll be spending it with my in-laws and we’ll be having cheesecake for dessert! That’s good enough for me. 😉

  157. Cindy / Rooh says:

    I’m hoping to go to a Mommy & Me Tea at a local centre with my six year old girl. Just her and me, without her brothers. We’ll sip juice (we don’t drink tea), have our biscuits and whatnot, and feel like princesses together. I’m also hoping to catch up with my mom on Sunday, and we’re having my MIL over for dinner on Saturday.

    May everyone have a nice Mother’s Day!

  158. Ashley Mc says:

    I wish I could say I have something cool planned for my first Mother’s Day, but I don’t! Sunday is “waffle day” at our house, and after that I’ll be studying because I have 2 HUGE tests coming up.

  159. B and K says:

    Well, I have to work, but I will spend it with a lot of other people’s moms. I will get to spend the morning with my family – and I think my husband will be making dinner. So no cooking for me, and if I’m lucky – no dishes either!

  160. Amy says:

    Going to my inlaws for dinner and then calling my mom!

  161. AEK says:

    For Mother’s Day, I am going with my family to church with my mom and stepfather at her church. Afterwards, we will spend a relaxing day together just enjoying each other’s company while the kiddos play.

    Happy Mom’s Day to all!
    angiedkelly at gmail dot com

  162. Hull2319 says:

    This is my first Mother’s Day with my little man on the “outside!” I’m so excited that my husband will be home to celebrate with me and not traveling for work. We are going to church and then out to lunch and we will probably stroll our handsome little man around the park and enjoy lots of quality time together. Yay!

  163. Francesca Abernathy says:

    My family, siblings and I are going out for lunch to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom. I have no idea what my husband has planned. (I think he’s leaving it up to me to decide what I want to do, but I wouldn’t mind it if he surprised me with plans!)
    Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommies!

  164. Megan says:

    I am spending my first mother’s day with my hubby and my son! We don’t have anything special planned, but it will be nice to spend the time together. I’m so excited to have had the pleasure of becoming a mommy this year. Being a mom is the most rewarding job!

  165. Celebrating my first Mother’s Day as a mom of TWO!! Although we won’t be meeting #2 for another few weeks…it still counts!

  166. Dani says:

    Planting my veggie garden, and then visiting my mom, and then mother-in-law with the hubby and kids.

  167. Minka says:

    Going to church, going to my husband’s grandmother’s, then to my in-law’s. I’ll be visiting with my mum tomorrow (Saturday).

  168. Kari says:

    Getting our 3D/4D ultrasound on Saturday!! Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday!!

  169. Lolly says:

    Nothing too special, just going to church and relaxing with my husband and two kids. We’ll probably be on the phone with our moms and families.

  170. Libby says:

    We and the kiddo are spending Saturday at my in-laws, and then heading home on sunday because I have church nursery duty. 16 babies and two adults — soooo exhausting. But one of them is mine :)

  171. Erynn says:

    Going to church. Other than that, I let my husband decide. So probably nothing out of the ordinary. We try to stay away from restaurants that day…

  172. I will be spending the day with my 7 month old and my hubby. My first Mother’s Day will be a relaxing day at home with my two favorite boys (with lunch I don’t have to make, of course!)

  173. Michelle says:

    This will be my first mother’s day! We’re going to church, then having lunch with my mother. This will truly be the first mother’s day where I understand why mother’s deserve their own day!!!I just got a Flip camcorder for mother’s day (early), and we’ll be taking lots of videos with it! I think it’s fun that my new diapers and my new camcorder are both called “Flip.” I love them both!

  174. TaraB says:

    I am getting to experience my 1st mothers day. We are going to meet my parents for lunch. Then we are going to my mother in laws for a cookout. Eric has been cooking up some plan that I don’t know about. I love surprises.

  175. Sarah E says:

    We are going to church and then out for lunch with my in laws. This is my first mother’s day!

  176. Kayla says:

    We’ll be staying with my parents and celebrating my first Mother’s Day with my family :)

  177. Jill Cruz says:

    My mother and I have had 30 rough years. We never got along. In the past few weeks I have been feeling really bad about it, and have decided to do something to fix our relationship. We hardly ever talk, we aren’t very connected. I have decided to propose a weekly get-together with her, and want to try to talk to her and get to know her better. This mother’s day isn’t so much about myself being a mother (although I do love that my husband and baby will celebrate me!), it’s more about me doing something for my own mother, which is long overdue :)

  178. Bree says:

    Tomorrow we are going out to eat with my MIL and Sunday we are celebrating my mom’s birthday and mother’s day with a BBQ at my parents house.

  179. Starrinite says:

    Not sure, but I think now it may be a bit of a Mother’s/ Father’s as we prepare for another cancer sugery for my Father-in-law. It’s been a year since the last, and he is doing great! Cancer helps you learn to celebrate every day as Mother’s and Father’s, and families day! Every day as a blessing! So Sunday will be a Parents day for us, and will hopefully include someone other then me cooking lol!

  180. Leah says:

    Going for a hike with my husband & our 11 month old and then relaxing with a lovely meal he is cooking us! I can’t wait for my first mother’s day!

  181. aja reeser says:

    I am spending the afternoon with my mom and two daughters at the nature center.

  182. HollyC says:

    After church we will go to lunch with my mom and mother in law. I am so blessed that all of the family gets along and we can all go together!! Then we will likely take a trip to the pet store to get those new fish that were promised to my little girl!

  183. Mere says:

    Having a bridal shower for my best friend and then celebrating with my daughter and husband….

  184. HPTeach says:

    For Mother’s Day this year, we (my husband, children and parents) are all heading out to eat after church. Then it will be rest time at home with nothing to do except enjoy each others company.

  185. susan says:

    I’m going to be presented with a mothers day present that my toddler picked out all by herself, and is super proud of, and my husband warned me that he couldn’t dissuade her from– a pink potty!

  186. Anonymous says:

    breakfast in bed and then a trip to the park

    amandamdaley at yahoo dot com

  187. Lindsay says:

    We’re going to the MN Zoo – unless the weather doesn’t hold up, then I expect a nice day of relaxation at home!

  188. Stacy says:

    We are going on a picnic with the whole family. My very first mother’s day! yay!

  189. Kelly says:

    I’m spending Saturday with my husband’s family (at his grandma’s house) and Sunday with my family.

  190. Cristen Hyde says:

    We’re staying home just the three of us, and testing cupcake recipes for my daughter’s upcoming first birthday! Yum!

  191. Amy says:

    My husband and I are going to spend Mother’s day with my family. And my son gets to meet his Great Great Grandma for the first time. And I’m super excitied for this. Lots of fun times!!

  192. Courtney says:

    County Park! Lots of trails and big playground :)

  193. My husband and I are spending Mother’s Day working on the nursery for the new baby we have due in a few weeks. I can’t wait to get our other children involved in preparing for the new baby; hopefully it will become more real for them. I can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day than preparing for our expanding family!

  194. Linda says:

    I am going to spend it with my daughter who just came home from the hospital today with our new grandson, Racer!

  195. momof2qtpies says:

    We will probably take my Mom out to brunch & then spend the day with her.

  196. anne says:

    Something simple, like muffins and tea in the park. I’m a week from my due date with my second babe … hanging out with my little family outside on a beautiful morning sounds just about perfect.

  197. Super Treesa says:

    I love that this is my first mothers day I get to spend with my husband and wonderful little girl.

  198. Rosemarie says:

    My mom, my MIL, and I all decided we are exhausted and all just want a day in our own homes to ourselves! Haha! We were all thinking it but I was the first one (at 35 weeks pregnant) to open my mouth! We figure once the baby arrives we’ll all be together anyway – so we’ll celebrate then. :)

  199. Stephanie says:

    The 6 of us are going out to eat with both sets of grandparents and then out to see a movie! I will NOT be doing any housework at all, no matter what!!

  200. Tori says:

    My mom is out of town :-(

    But I’m looking forward to spending Sunday with my husband and 2 girls. Don’t know what we’re doing yet, but I hope it involves yummy food!

  201. skgaff says:

    We are going to have our son Jayce dedicated at church in the morning, then a cookout with friends/family and just spending time with my little ones

  202. Nancy says:

    My mother-in-law came into town yesterday and we are going to have a good meal on Sunday together. She is getting to know her new grandaughter Lilly :)

  203. clunymph says:

    we’re going to brunch with my mother in law, and grandmother in law! there’ll be 3 moms and 4 generations celebrating 😉

  204. Molly says:

    Spending most of the day with the kiddos, my Mother-in-Law and Grandmother-in-Law. Monday we’re going to the zoo which has been our Mothers’ Day tradition in the past but it’s just to busy now so we’ve moved it back a day. 😀

  205. Jendbp81 says:

    We are spending the day with 3 generations of Mothers!! Having homemade spaghetti sauce!

  206. brittany says:

    This is my first mothers day and it’s just me and my beautiful baby girl. Lily(my daughter) and I are having a relaxing picnic down by the river. All I need this mothers day is my little angel baby : )

  207. I am newly pregnant (with my first) and wondering if my husband will think to tell me happy mother’s day! haha.

  208. Amy says:

    We are going to a birthday party on Saturday and then on Sunday are dedicating our daughter at church with a small reception at our house afterwards.

  209. Liz says:

    I plan on spending the day with my husband and my baby girl playing outside and enjoying the sunshine.

  210. Vanessa A says:

    I am going to be moving in to our new house! We are due in less than three weeks with baby 2 and have been working on building our house all year…this will be a mother’s day I could not forget!

  211. We will just be taking it easy and going to church. I think my husband was going to cook for the day and let me sleep in a bit. I’m sure he’s got something else up his sleeve, but I’m really looking forward to relaxing and just spending time with my husband and out son Andrew! He’s such a cutie!

  212. Jenn says:

    Hey Christina Pond @ 3:09…. you won yourself a bumGenius diaper!! Email libby at cottonbabies dot com with your contact information. Congratulations, mama! I hope your baby is born safely and easily at home on Mother’s Day.

  213. Cherie says:

    i am celebrating this mothers day which is my first with my family( my mom and sister)we are making brunch together on Saturday then i am not sure what my hubby has planned for sunday but iam sure it will be something good. He is always surprising me.

  214. Anna M. says:

    I think we may be going out for breakfast, and then possibly to the park. My husband said we’re definitely getting out of the house this weekend, though! He’s been studying for his ASE Certification exams all month, and we haven’t had any family time AT ALL. He took the exams yesterday, so we’re FREEEEE!!! We WILL be doing something fun!!

  215. Barbie says:

    Saturday some of my other mother friends and I are going out to dinner, sans kids. On Mother’s Day I’m sleeping in a little bit, which I dearly need. We’re going to the movies in the afternoon with the boys, and hopefully it will be warm enough outside for some outdoor fun. My oldest (4 yo) told me he wanted to get me a beautiful ring. :)

  216. Jackie says:

    We’re heading to church, out to eat & then I’m hoping for a simultaneous nap from the girls so I, too, can snooze!

  217. Jens says:

    This will be my first mother’s day with my little girl who is 4 months old. Unfortunately, my husband has an exam on Monday morning so I think that we will have a mellow day. I’m planning on taking my daughter to a bakery in the morning to get some treats.

  218. greenmtn mama says:

    We will be having a picnic lunch at a local lake and then we’ll be taking my son to his soccer practice. We’ll also be going to the farmer’s market and to the children’s zoo tomorrow. :)

  219. Kelly says:

    We are going to church, then to the restaurant of my choosing for lunch. Then I am relaxing and spending time with my little guy and my hubby.

  220. Pamela Cassidy says:

    Trying this for a third time – it doesn’t seem to be working!

    I’m sending my hubby to his mom for Mother’s Day! Every year he works away from home for a number of weeks. We will attend church, have a quiet dinner at home while he packs, then take him to the airport.

    ~Pamela Cassidy (Facebook)

  221. T Rex Mom says:

    We’re hitting the zoo and feeding the giraffes! And I’ve been promised a day in the next week to shop at the fabric store minus kids and sew as much as I want. But I think the zoo with the kids and hubby will be the best!

  222. Sarah says:

    We’re going to spend Mother’s Day with my In-laws this year. But on Saturday, we are all doing a 5K as a family! My husband is a runner, and I’ve been desperately trying to learn not to hate running, lol. So it will be MY first 5K, and for all four of my kids it will be their first as well. We’re just doing the walk, since I have a 7 month old and a 3 year old, and they need to go in strollers, BUT, they will get to wear a number bib! :)

  223. Ali says:

    We are going to my MIL’s for lunch and my hubby is taking me shopping for flowers for the garden. Its become our tradition =)

  224. montacki says:

    I’m sleeping in that morning, then we’ll just go out for dinner :)

  225. Lisa Stuart says:

    Grilling in the backyard and swimming in our new pool!

  226. Alison says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  227. Lisa Stuart says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  228. Well, this Mother’s Day will be a little different…not necessarily for our family in particular…but in our city! We live in Nashville, TN, and although much of the world is just being introduced to the fact that we had a major flood here this week, Nashville is beginning to put pieces back together! Today, my friend and I took our almost 2 and almost 1 yr. olds out and decided to help where we could. We started at the Farmers Market and then made our way to an area of town where there was severe flooding in a residential area. As we saw the devastation of seeing house after house with pieces of their homes and lives being stacked up on the sidewalk for the garbage truck to carry away, I was profoundly reminded how much importance we put sometimes on material things and how quickly that can all disappear! So this Mother’s Day, I will be extra grateful for the blessings in my life..the ones that mean the most…my family…both immediate and the one in my community!

  229. Melissa says:

    Actually this may be weird to most people but I would like a couple hours with the house to myself on mother’s day! I figure a couple in the morning while my hubby takes them to the part will enable me to clean out my mind a little…and be able to take on the rest of the day. The perfect day to me would be to just let the girls play and goof around in the backyard and have my husband BBQ something that night.He always does awesome dinners…so anything with him cooking is great to me! :)

  230. Lindsay Mills says:

    I am celebrating my first mother’s day first with my husband and 9 month old son… apparently they have a surprise planned for the three of us! Can’t wait!

  231. Ashley says:

    Seeing how I woke up this morning with the flu, I think I’ll be spending my weekend in bed. If I’m lucky, my wonderful husband will take care of our daughter and maybe I’ll be feeling well enough to read my book.

  232. We are not doing much but relaxing. I am excited as it is a day to do what I want which is nothing. YEAH!

  233. Going to my husband’s concert.

  234. Lacie says:

    It’s my first mother’s day! :o) So my mom is coming to visit and we are going to share our first mother’s day as a grandma and mom. We are planting a magnolia tree to celebrate the beauty and growth of a mother’s love.

  235. Dana says:

    We will be going to church first thing and then maybe out to breakfast! Not sure what other surprises my guys have in store for me!!

  236. April says:

    RELAXING! On Sunday that is. I am starting the weekend by going out with some great ladies for dinner. This is significant because I never go out without kids, especially for something fun! Tomorrow we will volunteer as a family, planting a community garden at our church, which provides food for our food pantry. Hopefully Sunday will bring calm, rest, and appreciation of all the beautiful things surrounding me, especially my children!

  237. Joy says:

    For Mother’s Day we’re having our daughter dedicated at church! :) Then we will have family over afterward for cake and lunch.

  238. Tara says:

    I’m hoping to sleep in a bit and then later Mommy & daughter pictures!! Since this is my first mother’s day I’m thinking about planting a tree or a plant that my daughter and I can have our picture taken by every year!

  239. Rebecca says:

    I will be spending my first official Mother’s Day with my husband and our beautiful baby girl, Penelope! I’m just hoping for a nice, quiet day of snuggling with my lovies :)

  240. Ham123 says:

    I’m going to spend the morning with my three girls and than we are going to see my mom and my husbands mom and than we will go out to eat.

  241. Sarah says:

    On Mother’s Day, I’ll be at church in the morning getting to see Baby Dedication that I helped to plan. Then we’ll come home (hopefully take a nap) and spend the day with my son and husband and then visit our parents in the evening.

  242. Patricia says:

    I’m looking forward to my very first Mother’s Day! For Mother’s Day I will be spending the day with my husband and our baby boy! We will probably go to the park and walk around a bit, maybe go to the pool, and make a nice dinner. Wish we could visit my mother and mother in law but we live so very far away!

  243. Andi says:

    We’re celebrating with my parents, brother & sister-in-law & our children. And, hopefully I’ll be able to sleep until I wake up on my own!

  244. I have no idea what I’m doing for Mother’s Day. Truthfully, I never know what we’re doing until the last possible minute. Because that’s the way we roll here. I’d love to say I was going home to be with my mom, but we’re all too worn out around here and need some major “down time.” I’m thinking we’ll go to church as usual and then perhaps,if I’m lucky, we’ll go out for lunch. Relaxation is a wonderful gift!!!!

  245. Heather says:

    We are spending it with family at my parents… throwing in celebrating my husbands birthday too :) A yummy meal and family time are the ticket!

  246. BloomyMommy says:

    It’s my first Mother’s Day as a mommy! We are going to my grandma’s and all helping to make breakfast! Yeah for Mommies!

  247. MomMcKinnish4 says:

    We are going to Virginia to meet up with my mom, and surprise my 85 year old grandmother by taking her out to lunch at her favorite restaurant. She’s in a nursing home and doesn’t get out much, but she will LOVE seeing her great-grandbabies!!

  248. jessica_0413 says:

    MY hubby and I are taking our 11 month old and going to spend the day at the zoo. It should be alot of fun! Its my first mothers day and I just wanted to spend time with my little family doing something fun. I think we picked the perfect activity. I cant wait!

  249. .Heather says:

    I have to split my weekend into fun and work.

    Next weekend our subdivision is having a yard sale. I’m going to price my items to get ready for that.

    As for fun, I’m not sure. The hubby has a surprise! I can’t wait!

  250. says:

    I’m looking foward to spending time with my 2 boys, my husband,and my mom and dad. I’m so lucky that we can all be together! Family is the most important thing in my life and I’m thankful for everyday that I have with them! I can’t wait for sunday it’s going to be a real fun day!

  251. Chels says:

    I get to spend the day with out any cooking! Hurray!!
    (granted there will be house work that will be waiting until Monday, lol)

  252. Jennie says:

    I will be spending the day with my 3 kids. My son has a soccer game in the morning and then we don’t have any plans for the rest of the day, just sitting at home and enjoying eachother and maybe do a little baking with the kids! Whatever we do it will be special.

  253. Christina said…

    Hopefully giving birth!!! Having a homebirth, and so excited about it… I was due on May 6… have been having some contractions here and there… Had my first baby on Labor Day, so it would be fitting I have this second baby on Mother’s Day ;-D

  254. Dan and Jess says:

    we will be spending a nice, low-key weekend together as a family. my husband and i are going out with some friends tonight, and we have absolutely no plans for tomorrow (which i think is so fantastic). sunday we are headed to my in-laws to celebrate with my husband’s family. my boys are still really little (2 1/2 and 5 months), so just having my husband around on the weekend is the best mother’s day gift :)

  255. Beth says:

    We’re heading to my mother-in-laws house Saturday to enjoy some time with the kids’ grandparents and great-grandma! Luckily, my husband is home right now, which is so nice as he was gone for Navy training last year for Mother’s Day.

  256. tasha-riot says:

    for mother’s day i am taking my 3 daughter’s to the lake for a picnic.

  257. I’m a little sad that my mom is spending her first mothers day alone. The last few years I have been able to visit, but this year money is tight. Her babies have grown up and moved away. My brother and his wife are stationed over on the west coast in Cali, and my husband and I are stationed over here on the ease coast in NC. Hopefully next year we can surprise her! This year is my second mothers day, and I am 8 months pregnant. Hopefully my hubby will wake up with our 1 year old and let me sleep in!!! (That’ll be the day.. lol!)

  258. Jill says:

    We will go to church and then just hang out and enjoy being around eachother :)

  259. Christina says:

    Hopefully giving birth!!! Having a homebirth, and so excited about it… I was due on May 6… have been having some contractions here and there… Had my first baby on Labor Day, so it would be fitting I have this second baby on Mother’s Day ;-D

  260. Allison R. says:

    DH and DD are taking me, my mom and MIL out to a nice brunch. Being 35 weeks pregnant with #2, I can’t do much more than sit and eat :-) It will be nice to see both our moms.

  261. Jessie Y says:

    I will be celebrating my 1st mother’s day at a fundraiser dinner at my church. Sunday I will be spending the afternoon (between church services) with my husband and daughter! And hopefully I’ll get a nap!

  262. Caroline says:

    I actually have no clue what we are doing for Mother’s Day… but I get to celebrate 2 mother’s days b/c my son was born in Costa Rica and is a citizen and they celebrate in August… Oh, the perks of cross cultural living! I suspect my husband has a little something planned. :)

  263. Brendacthom says:

    For Mother’s Day, and my birthday (the 8th) we are taking a long weekend and visiting my wonderful Grandmother in Olympia, WA. Wish I could be with my own mother in So Cal but its just too far!

  264. Lauren says:

    My husband is getting off of work early and we are going to brunch with our 20 month old son, my mom, and my sister. Then the rest of the day I get to relax and not worry about poopy diapers! :-)

  265. Jen says:

    We’re going to my mother-in-law’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day, since my mom lives in FL.

    I’m due in August, and I’m hoping that my husband will surprise me with something on Sunday morning. I’m too chicken to talk to him about it, but I feel like I’m already a mom even though I haven’t given birth yet.

  266. ... says:

    We may go to our local carnival “Rooster Days.” I also requested lots of naps. :)

  267. I’m going to hang out with my hubby and keep waiting to go into labor!!

  268. Jenna says:

    I’m getting exactly what I asked for – a meal I DON’T have to cook! :) Other than that, spending the day with my other half and our crazy toddler.

  269. Shannon says:

    My husband is deployed, but my daughter and I are going to go sit on the beach and make sand castles and then come home to a totally backwards dinner starting with dessert first.

  270. Ginger says:

    This is my first Mothers Day as a mother. We don’t have big plans. The best gift would be an extra hours sleep while DH gives our 11 month old twin girls breakfast.

  271. daydreamer says:

    I don’t know of any plans for Mothers’ Day yet, but I am sincerely hoping it will be a day where I don’t have to do any cooking or changing of diapers!

  272. Julie says:

    I have no idea what we will be doing. It is my first Mother’s Day and my husband it not saying a word. Whenever I bring up the fact that it is Mother’s Day this weekend he just looks at me and goes oh yea that is this weekend. But even if we don’t do anything it will be so much fun just to spend the day together since my husband has been working overtime on most weekends and he will have this one off.

  273. Sarahsewta says:

    I actually celebrated Mother’s day with my mom today! We went shopping and ate some Chinese! It was a nice relxing visit, and the best part was she forgot her cell phone at home so I had her all to myself for once! :)

  274. bbright16 says:

    My husband is working, boo! So my mom and I are taking my 3 kids ages 5,4, and 1 to visit my little sister in her college town about an hour away. We’re going to brunch, a walk around a lake, and I’m definitely visiting the local cloth diaper store “Simple Cloth”. Maybe I’ll get to treat myself and my little one to a new diaper, or two…

  275. Beth says:

    I’ll be going to my mom’s house with my kids and husband. We’ll take the girls to the park near her house (a favorite of ours) and I’ll get a precious mocha (don’t have many of those now that I’m breastfeeding).

  276. Anonymous says:

    My husband is out of town for two weeks, but will be coming home for the weekend. We are hosting brunch at our house with our three beautiful kids, my mom and sisters and their significant others.

    –Kelly K.

  277. shawnee says:

    My family will be going with my Mom to a local petting zoo and then bbqing at our house. It’s become a fun tradition for all of us :)

  278. Kristen says:

    It’s my very first mother’s day!!! I’m so excited to celebrate with my husband and baby girl. He’s got the day planned and is keeping it a surprise :)

  279. mommy2b08 says:

    We’re visiting with my parents and my grandma on Sunday. DD is excited!

  280. Beth says:

    I’m actually not sure yet what we’ll be doing. I might go see the Babies movie and there’s a concert in the park on Sunday evening. I have a 6 month old nursling who won’t take bottles or milk from a cup so my “me time” is limited, but that’s okay because I know this won’t be forever!

  281. kathryn says:

    I am unfortunately not doing anything for mother’s day. I am going to feed my mom’s cats while she is out of town. Boo. That is so depressing.

  282. jrose says:

    Hopefully spending some time with my mom and my 1yr old daughter, going to church for a special mother’s day service and relaxing!

  283. I will be going to church and then having my inlaws over for dinner.

  284. Nisha says:

    I’m going to have a relaxing day at home (and hopefully outside) with my family! Can’t wait!

  285. rudechack says:

    We’re spending tomorrow with my mother and my mother-in-law, and Sunday is my first Mother’s Day! I’m hoping the mister has planned something special! :)

  286. Sarah says:

    Enjoying the beautiful weather! Be it the zoo, park, or just our backyard, we will be outside!!

  287. My 1 year old and I made mothers day cards for all the grandparents this morning. There is nothing exciting planned that I know of but as long as I get to spend the day with my daughter and husband I will be happy. Ooooh maybe I will sew too!

  288. Jenn says:

    Jenny @ 2:43 — you just won a bumGenius Organic One-Size AIO!! Please send your email address to libby at cottonbabies dot com so we can get your diaper out to you… have a great Mother’s Day (the goat farm sounds like a ton of fun)!

  289. This Mother’s Day I will be studying for my final exams next week. I am a stay at home Mom of an amazing 15 month old, with number two on the way. I attend law school in the evenings so that I can help provide a better future for my family. So, I will really be spending it grateful for the health and happiness of my family. . . and looking forward to our future!

  290. Jenny says:

    We are going to our local goat farm (me, my daughters, my mom and her mom) for their spring festival to play with the goats tomorrow! Should be fun. Maybe church on Sunday.

  291. I am going to be praying that I go into labor so I can put all those wonderful new BG 3.0s to use with our first baby!

  292. We don’t have many plans (that I know of…maybe my dh and lo will surprise me) but we will go see my mom after she gets out of work on Sunday and potentially bring her dinner and a little something to say, “Thanks for being so great!”

  293. Jen says:

    My husband and I are taking my mom out to brunch and we’re bringing the baby along.

  294. Maria says:

    Just the usual…cooking cleaning dishes laundry ec

  295. Rene says:

    My first “Mother’s Day” was 14 years ago. My oldest daughter turned 14 today. I wake her up every year on her birthday with a birthday cake made just for her regardless of parties scheduled at other times. Today I picked her up from school for a lunch date together before returning her back to her regular routine of volleyball practices and band rehearsals. My first “Mother’s Day” I didn’t feel like a mother at all, I had just given birth, and didn’t yet relate to what a Mother’s Day was supposed to be. Now, every year Mother’s day is the day I get to celebrate really becoming a mother, and how the birth of my daughter was the biggest definition of that. Mother’s Day for me is really about the precious lives I have been a part of, and the honor I feel to be that person in my daughter’s lives.

  296. Val Hawker says:

    I am very excited for Mothers Day this year! My oldest 2 are participating in relay races the day before so we will be spending the whole day cheering them on and on Sunday we will be attending church and have the missionaries from our church over for family dinner that evening. It should be a weekend of family fun and my youngest hinted at a fun surprise I have yet to hear about!

  297. Mandy says:

    Sleeping in tomorrow, church on Sunday, and the rest of the weekend is wide open for whatever I want to do – this is my second Mother’s Day and I’m now convinced it’s one of the best days of the year :)

  298. RachelB says:

    I am spending Mother’s Day with my mother in law and family, she is throwing me a baby shower!

  299. Jessica says:

    I’m going to spend Mother’s Day with my husband and adorable 18 month old son. My plan (weather permitting) is to go to the zoo and then work on our family garden!

  300. It will be low profile around here. We’ll go to church Sunday morning and serve other mothers by working in the nursery, then home for lunch and naps (maybe one for mom, too), and then celebrating mothers with our small group from church. Spending the day with hubby and the kiddos is enough gift for me. But we might do lunch or dinner out on Saturday.

  301. Alicia E says:

    This will be my first mother’s day as a mother as well to a sweet little girl 3/22. We plan to go to church, hopefully take a nap when we get home, and then go to my MIL’s for supper–which I’m not allowed to cook for. =) DH wants to take me out to eat as well but it will be a different day than Sunday.

  302. Stephanie says:

    I get to sing at church this Mother’s Day! Then I plan on making some “healthy” baskets to give to my mom, mother-in-law and step mom. I’ll bake some healthy treats and maybe include some recipes too!

  303. Robyn Orme says:

    I will be calling my mom and grandmothers, but other than that I don’t have any slid plans. This will be my first Mother’s day and I really don’t know what to expect. I’ll be happy with a lazy day cuddling my husband, daughter, and puppies!

  304. I will be celebrating my first mother’s day! We will go to church and then go out to lunch with my in-laws! And then hopefully the hubs will cook dinner and give me a footrub :)

  305. Robyn P says:

    Ooops! My url wasn’t connected…..Comment just above this one. :)

  306. Heather says:

    I let my husband and kids surprise me on Mother’s Day, so I can’t really say for sure. They usually cook me breakfast in bed. My husband takes diaper duty all day long, and he cleans the house and my car for me. As long as I’m with my family for a relaxing day, I don’t care what we do. Oh, and of course I get to sleep in too.

  307. Robyn P. says:

    I am looking forward to spending this Mother’s Day with my beautiful 17 month old daughter and wonderful husband. We most likely will just be spending the day at home, enjoying each others company. Forcast is calling for snow! Mother’s Day had always been hard for me, since losing my mother 13 1/2 years ago, but since the birth of my daughter, things have changed, and I look at it as a wonderful day knowing that I am completely blessed.

  308. My Mother’s Day will be spent with my babies, and probably my mom, who lives right behind me.

  309. Casey says:

    Last year we celebrated good news, and this year I’m spending my first Mother’s day as a mom with my dad, grandparents, and little girl. We’re gong out to dinner on Saturday, then I’m sleeping in late with baby and her dad on Sunday.

  310. Carly says:

    I am going to sleep in. My husband will get up with the 1 year old and 5 year old. Then we will head Downtown for Lunch and maybe a Musseam Trip.


  311. Jenny says:

    I’ll be going to church and then just cuddling my hubby and two littles the rest of the day. We just found out, (unexpectedly!) That #3 is on the way. I’ve been so sick and all I can eat is mashed potatoes. My sweet hubby always cooks me a big fancy meal for mother’s day. He asked what I wanted this year, and he wasn’t surprised with my answer. . . .Lots and lots of mashed potatoes!! I am so grateful for these little ones that call me Mama!! 😉

  312. Mama says:

    We are hosting my husband’s family at our new home….these plans were made 7 weeks ago WHEN I HAD JUST GIVEN BIRTH and my husband called his brother to announce baby Jake’s arrival…”Hey we’re having Mother’s Day at our house, ok?” my husband says and I say “whatever, I’m kind of busy here!”

  313. Dakotapam says:

    I’m not sure, church for sure…maybe Chinese food after?

  314. Swansons says:

    We (meaning me) haven’t decided yet, b/c my Hubby is working all day and I don’t think my parents will be visiting. I am trying to thing of a nice brunch spot for me and the munchkin that won’t be ridiculously busy!

  315. amy taylor says:

    This will be my first Mother’s Day. We will start the day by going to church and getting our picture taken with our 4-month-old girl (mother’s day photos are a yearly tradition at our church), and then my husband thoughtfully made reservations for brunch at the Hilton. We’ll see how that goes with our daughter! I usually spend the day with my mom, but she was quite understanding about the fact that this day if for me too now!

  316. Heather says:

    We’ll go to church and then go to my grandparents for lunch…it’s the same thing we do every Sunday…I love my family!

  317. Rayna Miller says:

    We will all go to church as a family. Probably eat dinner out. And just enjoy the day. Happy mothers day to you great moms out there!

  318. Jenny says:

    For Mother’s Day, I’ll be helping the 2 and 3 year olds at church make cards for their mommies. Then I’ll enjoy time with my children and husband in the afternoon. I think my husband is planning a special dinner because he went grocery shopping on his own last night and there are wrapped packages in the fridge. :)

  319. Tami says:

    this mothers day (my first as a mom!) we are having a big family brunch at my parent house and probably doing some gardening. hope the weather is good!

    tamipearson at gmail dot com

  320. Lorraine says:

    Well my mother’s day starts today, my husband works Sunday-Thursday, So we are going to lunch with the kids today. Tomorrow we are having a bar b que with my family & Sunday going to breakfast with my husband’s family. Happy mother’s day mamas!!!

  321. QueenB says:

    This is always “my” weekend. My birthday is May 10th so its always my weekend to be spoiled by my husband. This year is really emotional for me. A friend’s baby girl who was 2 weeks older than my baby (9months today!) died from a rare liver tumor in January. In the morning on Sunday we are going to bring the family a bright pink butterfly bush and a card to honor baby Jamie.

    This is also the first Mother’s Day without my mom. She died 13 days before Riley Jane was born (my mom was Janet Lee, Ri is named for her) and to be honest, I’m kind of having a hard time thinking about mother’s day as a celebration this year. Its just really hitting home that I won’t have a picture of my mom holding Riley like I do of my other kids and its just hard. So likely while I am enjoying my children and having key lime pie (my mom’s favorite treat) in honor of my mom, I will be shedding some tears and missing her like mad.

    I know, I’m Debbie downer today. Sorry. Tough week.

  322. Melissa says:

    We’re going out for brunch in the morning and then will probably take the kids to the park in the afternoon. The kids make gifts at preschool…my five-year-old wanted to tell me what he had made me. I explained I really wanted it to be a surprise and he told me I should just forget what it was after he told me. :)

  323. Katie says:

    This will be the second mother’s day for me as a mom! We are going to spend a good family weekend together. We plan to go to the local farmer’s market, then an art show on Saturday. On Sunday, we are going to my mom’s house, going to hear my sister speak at church and then lunch with the family. Looking forward to some good family time and beautiful weather!

  324. Maren says:

    I love to garden, so for mother’s day my husband is taking us all (myself, our two young daughters, and our soon-to-be-born son) to an enormous plant sale to buy some vegetable plants for our garden! It’s become sort of a tradition since Mother’s day is right at the start of the growing season here for us. If it’s not raining, we may dig in the dirt a bit and plant some things–my perfect idea of a mother’s day well spent! :)

  325. sarah m says:

    We will be attending a street fair. Hoping it doesnt rain and shopping for flowers! sbmock at g Mail DOT com

  326. Rachel says:

    We will be going out for dinner to celebrate my b-day which just so happens to be the same day!

  327. We’ll be spending a quiet day at home. My husband is planning to make lunch for me (with the help of our 2 year old).

    He usually works on Sunday evenings, but he’s not working! Yay!
    es1237 at gmail dot com

  328. Melissa says:

    My husband has drill, so we’re spending the whole weekend in the barracks on base. I’ll be spending Sunday packing up the car and trying to find something interesting for me and my son to do (for the 6 hours between checkout and the time my husband gets out of work) before we can make the drive home.

    But, my husband mentioned to the girl who checks us in at the barracks that I was here and it’s going to be Mother’s Day, so she put us in the officer’s barracks. The cute thing about that is that we were in this exact same room 3 years ago (well, the Mother’s Day weekend 3 years ago) when I found out I was pregnant. I teared up a little, and my husband just laughed at me. :o)

  329. Justine M. says:

    I have no idea. Hubby may surprise me. But hopefully its nice out so we can go have a picnic on Sunday. Other then that I have no idea other then family time.

  330. Jesca says:

    My parent’s, in-laws, grandparents and brother will all be celebrating with us as we dedicate our 5-month-old son to the Lord and ourselves to raising him in the Lord. After the dedication service we will be having a BBQ at our house to celebrate moms.

  331. We are taking a drive to a small town about an hour away for breakfast and lots of photos! My three favorite things: my family, food and photography! I can’t wait :-)

  332. Adrienne says:

    This weekend for Mother’s Day, I’m going to ask my hubby to let me sleep in. Although I’ll end up awake when my son decides to wake up (usually before 7), it’s nice to just lay in bed, undisturbed for a while. We’ll end up having breakfast at home. Then, lunch is at a local Italian restaurant with my extended family (my grandma and mom will be there). Next we’ll be off to my in-laws house for a visit. For dinner, my hubby will be grilling us some yummy steaks and shrimp! :)

  333. Heather says:

    We’ll be celebrating my sister-in-law’s birthday with a grillout. Maybe seeing the movie Babies, if I can convince my husband.

  334. Linda says:

    This Sunday we will be washing our daughter’s new clothes and new diapers to make sure we are ready for her arrival. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Mother’s day.

  335. Mama Lungo says:

    We are having a BBQ on Saturday to break in our new house and deck. and then going for a bike ride on the green belt with the kiddos on Sunday.

  336. Ann says:

    We’re living with my in-laws for the time-being. (We had been living across the country from ALL of our family and wanted to be closer as we started a family of our own… this was the temporary solution.) We are building an apartment above their garage, but things have not gone exactly “according to plans.” SO… we will be FRANTICALLY working on the apartment in order to get it done and get moved in before our little one makes his/her big debut!

  337. Row's Mom says:

    I will be at my mother’s house, spending time with her and my little man!!! We will most likely go out for lunch, as long as my lo is being good :p
    Can’t wait!

  338. Jill says:

    My husband didn’t do anything for my first mother’s day. I’m still not real happy with him for that. This year we will visit my mom again, and I plan to ask my husband to at least let me hang out in bed for a few more minutes on Saturday morning (tomorrow) and ask him to get her diaper changed and breakfast started before I have to get up, since Sunday we will be traveling, EARLY.

  339. Malinadock says:

    I’m not sure. It’s my first Mother’s Day and I was told to keep the day free. My husband is not one for surprises or romance so I’m pretty excited that he (and Miles I’m sure at 11 months) thought of me.

  340. Jen M. says:

    This is my first Mother’s Day with my daughter outside of my belly. :) I’ll be singing in church in the morning and then meeting up with the in-laws to take my MIL hanging basket shopping (it’s our annual tradition), and then to an early dinner at my favorite local restaurant. A full day with the fam…I only wish MY mom lived closer so she could come too.

  341. Hannah says:

    We’ll be going to church, then taking some family pictures (that was my Mother’s day gift request), then packing up to travel and see MY mom (and family) later in the week.

  342. Katie says:

    We are headed to the beach tomorrow for an early Mother’s Day outing! I love the beach and my boys love the beach, everybody wins!

  343. garrettrobin says:

    Every year on Mother’s Day for as long as I can remember my whole family (and then some) would get together at my mom’s house. We would have a big pot-luck style lunch and then spend the afternoon playing games and just hanging out. This year for the first time we aren’t getting together on Mother’s Day. My brother is graduating college so my mom decided to throw him a party on Saturday and skip the Mother’s Day lunch. The whole family will still be together so it will still be special.
    So, for the first time in 7 years we get to spend the entire day with my in-laws. I don’t think my mother-in-law knows we will be able to be there all day. She is going to be very surpirsed!
    The holidays have become harder since our son was born because we feel like we have to rush off to be somewhere else. This Mother’s Day the best gift I will get is not having to decide how to split time between both sides of the family.

  344. Sara says:

    We are going to church. I actually told DH I didn’t want him spending any money on me for Mother’s Day, because I’ve been spending so much on diapers for our little bundle of joy due in June… and I enjoyed that more than random gifts! We will go out to eat the day before, and he will cook us all dinner that evening. Probably clean the kitchen up, too. Yay!

  345. princessami says:

    My aunt and I get together each year and have our oldest kids (they are both 12) cook breakfast for us. It’s usually pretty gross, but we love it. :)

  346. Miranda says:

    I’ll be spending the day with my 3 lovely daughters and my father. My Father raised my as a single Dad along with my Grandma (his mother). She passed away last Feb 2009. My father and I don’t have a Mother to celebrate so we celebrate together now. It’s a day to appreciate my Dad who was not only Dad but he played the Mom role as well. Not only does he still play Dad & Mom to me he does the same for my daughters even though they have both parents. I’m so very thankful for my Dad being one of the few Dads who stepped up when my mother walked out on him and I. I’m not 100% sure what we will be doing since today is also my Dad’s birthday… Something where we all can enjoy the family we do have.

  347. Andrea says:

    Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom (she lives in MI, I’m in IL), but this will be my first Mother’s Day as a mommy myself! My husband works a lot of weekends, although he has this weekend off so my husband, son and I will go to church Sunday morning and then just spend time together the rest of the day. If the weather is nice, we will probably go to the park and maybe dinner out. Just a relaxing weekend with the fam! :)

  348. Mrs. B says:

    I don’t know what we’re officially doing for mother’s day. This is will be the 1st yr in a few that I won’t be traveling back from a wedding (yeppie!) I think a nice relaxing day with my little dude will be plenty for me.

    Next year I have a wedding the Saturday before Mother’s day again. So I know what I’ll be doing next Mother’s day

  349. Jenn says:

    Newfiemum is our first diaper winner! Congratutulations Newfiemum! Please send your email address to Libby at cottonbabies dot com! Thanks!

  350. Britney says:

    Just staying at home with my family! My DH will probably make breakfast and dinner – yeah! – and I get to listen to my 3 year old son sing in church with the other kids for their moms!

  351. Nicole Poest says:

    For Mother’s Day I we will be spending the day at my parents house. We always spend Sundays over there after church. The kids will be outside playing, hopefully if it’s not raining. My husband and Dad will make dinner and Mom and I will get to just RELAX! :)

  352. Jannette L M says:

    for mothers day this year: we’re having a b-b-q tonight with a group of friends then on sunday its church and lunch there I think. then maybe a nap, a walk to look at the gardens and maybe if my husband is nice he’ll put the kids to bed for me. I may even get a moment to re-paint my finger nails.:}

  353. My awesome Sister-in-law (who is not a mommy yet) will be hosting a cookout for all three mommas (me, my mom, and mother in law) We’ve been told we are NOT allowed to cook, only come and sit by the pool and eat! It will be a great, relaxing day!

  354. Newfiemum says:

    This mother’s day we are heading in to Boston for the Duckling Day Parade. It’s held on Mother’s Day every year and is based on the book “Make Way for Ducklings”. The parade is made up of little ones dressed as their favorite character from the book along with their family as they trace the same route through Boston that the duck family takes in the book.
    Afterwards we’ll probably head over to Mike’s Pastry for some yummy cannolis!

  355. LeighSabey says:

    I already celebrated with my mom last week by going out to lunch while my sister was in town, so I am planning on just relaxing and hopefully getting a cute homemade card from my 2-year-old…maybe I should drop another hint to her daddy!

  356. Christine says:

    Planning and pulling off luncheon for our mothers and families. It’s more important to me that our Moms feel special on that day than I do.

  357. Jen says:

    This will be my first mother’s day and one I am so grateful for, as last year at this time, I was saving up for IVF. I plan on loving up my little one and my husband and contacting my friends who continue to struggle with their fertility.

  358. Kate says:

    This Mother’s Day, I will be celebrating my daughter’s 1st birthday. She was born last year on Mother’s Day, so her birthday isn’t actually until Monday. Two days of celebrating is always a good thing, though! When she was born, I thought to myself that no Mother’s Day would ever compare to my first. What better gift could a mom ask for than a perfectly healthy 9 lb baby?! But I know that spending this weekend celebrating the last wonderful year of my daughter’s life, all of her accomplishments and growths, will be even better!

  359. Rhiana says:

    I REALLY wanted to go to the store and get some flowers for my pots on the porch, but its supposed to be very cold, so we may have to hold off until next weekend.

  360. Andrea says:

    Sleeping in is my only request for Mother’s Day. As a bonus, I get to attend an afternoon wine tasting with my mom and sister!

  361. Elizabeth says:

    Mother’s Day this year will also be my son’s 2nd birthday! We’ll be celebrating him as well as mother’s day with our families at my mom’s house. Nothing like big family brunches! Then maybe a trip to the zoo for the little guy :)

  362. regan says:

    We are going to plant our garden for mothers day :) I can’t wait!

  363. I really don’t know… dropped the hint to my husband about breakfast in bed and no dish duty, but we’ll have to see. :)

  364. SAPsMaMa says:

    For mothers day I will be moving into our new apartment and finishing projects as well as studying for finals…being a college mother is not the most fun :( Hope DH will do something, he did mention a candlelight walk in our local campus reserve :)

  365. Tami D. says:

    This year, Mother’s day and my birthday are one in the same so I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with my hubby and 3 little ones! We have no specific plans other than going to church in the morning. Tonight, my hubby will be taking me to a special dinner and tomorrow my parents will be driving in to spend the day. It should be a wonderful weekend!

  366. Jenny Z says:

    We’re going to the Dallas Arboretum, then the movies to see Babies!

  367. Julie says:

    Our first Mother’s Day (last year) we spent bringing our daughter home from the NICU so this year we plan to celebrate by going out for a nice walk in the park and having brunch at a local fresh foods restaurant.

  368. brownch6 says:

    I plan on sleeping in, then going for a long walk/jog with my son and dog. After that, lunch out with my mom and family. Definitely no cleaning!

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