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Cloth Diapers


Do people really still use cloth diapers?

How many do I need?

What does everyone else buy?

What about overnight diapering?

Yes! As a matter of fact, cloth diapering has become quite the vogue thing to do especially among environmentally conscious parents. All the new choices in cloth diapers have made it as easy to use cloth diapers as it is to use disposable diapers.
If you plan to cloth diaper full time we recommend 24 cloth diaper changes. A newborn can easily go through twelve cloth diapers in one day so we recommend purchasing 12-24 cloth diapers in the newborn or small sizes for laundry rotation every other day. An older baby doesn't need quite as many diapers, but you should still plan for 8 diaper changes and an overnight solution. Once you've picked out your diapers, don't forget to get cloth baby wipes and, if you have an older baby, a Diaper Sprayer is a must-have.
Our best selling newborn cloth diaper is the bumGenius Newborn although we're seeing a strong trend towards bumGenius one size diapers. Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds (made from natural hemp and organic cotton) are fantastic for heavy wetters. If you are cloth diapering on a tight budget, consider using prefolds and cloth diaper covers.
Our top selling overnight cloth diapers are the nearly leak-proof bumGenius combined with two of our ultra-absorbent Cotton Babies microfiber terry inserts or our 6-layer Hemp Babies inserts. bumGenius will keep your baby dry overnight.

Not sure where to start? You'll feel better after reading our Cloth Diaper Basics information sheet. In addition, our extensive resource article database includes a wealth of cloth diapering resources! Have more questions? Call our customer service line at 1-888-332-2243.

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